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TESTIMONY! TESTIMONY!! TESTIMONY !!! Weeks prior to yesterday's Healing and Worship Service with our Man of God pastor Chris, I had been experiencing this excruciating back pain . T'was really bad! My medical knowledge had played various music tones in my head and I had countered every tone with the WORD. I noticed the pain was getting really uncomfortable with every step I took , when I would bend to wear my shoes or sit for long it was sooooo difficult. I did all I could not to make it visible , not even my wife noticed cos I hid it well as I declared the word daily. On Saturday while we rehearsed 6 hours at the LCA one of our choir members came and said "PeeYuu sorry I noticed when you came you sat with a lot of effort; I know you must be tired sorry ehnnn" . I thanked her but in my mind I said "hmmm she doesn't even know how bad I'm feeling here!" Fast forward to Sunday and we are in the Healing and Worship service with Pastor , and I'm sitting on the keyboards these hours playing and no one knows the extreme discomfort I'm experiencing on my seat, not even Bro. Isaiah. I did all the manipulations on that seat and it didn't work . Pastor went on and on and I'm like I can't leave here without this pain coming to a permanent riddance. So as we ministered alongside I was speaking to my body constantly. Then Pastor said " PeeYuu will be singing JESUS IS HERE" . I stood up , went to the stage and ministered the song . While I sang I noticed the careful movements I had been taking were no longer necessary. I could move effortlessly. In my mind I'm saying " oya finish this song first and you will know whether it's true" . So I got done , went back to the keyboards and forgot I was in pains. Later, Pastor said some of you have noticed some degree of change from the way you came in here . That's a sign ! What you need to do now is "seize your healing". That was when I realised the pain had reduced markedly. So I spoke loudly while on my keyboard and seized my Healing!!! By the time the service ended I didn't even remember the pains. I got home , bent to take off my shoes and there was no pain. I screamed " yesssssssssss". It's overrrrrrrrrrr!!!! I woke up this morning and no single pain Phwwwwwwwww!!!! Praise God !!!!!!! What a day to live in . To know we are not helpless. It's beautiful. Thank you Pastor Sir for helping us see God's word as REAL and seeing the RESULTS of the WORD in our Lives. No room for illness in my body anymore...kpam!!! sealed !!! It's a new day !!!!!!!

It's my birthday. Many many things I want to say. I celebrate His grace and blessings on my life . He's really done me well no doubt about it . I'm totally grateful for a perfect year . We're going up up up

Ohh the facial expressions of those who love Jesus , SON OF THE LIVING GOD. We Go Live On This Track Later Today At 12Noon Nigerian Time. God bless you

Happy birthday Pastor Sir. Thank you Sir for showing me the way. I love you eternally

What a Father . One like no other. Your eyes are full of love . I see it . Thanks for everything Sir


Happy birthday again to my big brother. The one who believed in me when no one else knew me enough to do so. You have continued to lift and push and inspire the best in me and I am totally grateful. What we have achieved together is unquantifiable and I love you for that . Happy birthday bro Isaiah. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤. The future is clear and largeeeee.

BIRTHDAY shout out to you Bro Isaiah from wifey and me....With spoons et al..We are cooking for you 😂😂😂😂 Happy birthday to you man of God . And thank you for inspiring and for leading aright . God bless you today and always . Greater heights. WE LOVE YOU ❤

With the lens of God's word, the blurry image becomes clear. That's where the solution is . The WORD!!! #PeeYuu ##WW #withoutwalls .

Happy birthday dearest CEO Ma. Thanks for being so inspirational and a perfect example of being a follower of our Man of God and the Word . I love you Ma.

Happy birthday highly esteemed Pastor TT Sir. What a delight to know you personally Sir. Your words and prayers and prophecies are always uplifting and life changing . Moments with you are priceless. I love you Sir . Greater heights Sir

Tomorrow in Ghana. It's gonna be a different kind of meeting with my man of God pastor Chris. Black square.... See you all there .❤❤❤❤ God I'm excited !!!!! #bigannouncements #celebratingimpact

What's that scripture that makes you SHOUT when you read it? Share it with us and let us be blessed by it ... One of mine is 2 Peter 1:3-4 "According as His divine power has given unto us all things that partain to life and godliness , through the knowledge of Him that has called us to glory and virtue . Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature having escaped the corruption that is in this world through lust. WHAT IS YOURS ? PLS SHARE ----------------- #PeeYuu #celebratingimpact #bigannouncements #withoutwalls #WW #peeyuulive #

TESTIMONY!TESTIMONY!! TESTIMONY!!! My name is Bro. John Emmanuel Omenka. I was at WITHOUT WALLS Concert, and as PeeYuu was ministering, in the midst of the intense worship and fellowship with our Father, I was led by the Spirit to lay my right hand on my right knee which was swollen, due to an injury sustained through a strenuous exercise about two months ago. I laid my right hand on it, spoke in tongues of the Spirit, and declared myself healed. After having a restful night sleep, I woke up this morning to discover that the swelling and pain had disappeared. Glory to God! Truly, the word of God is working in my life. I also want to say a big thank you to our Pastors for all you are doing for God in Karu Church. You have taken us to an enviable height. May God reward your labour of love. Glory to God!!!

What are the adjectives you use to describe God in your language? In Hebrew one that strikes is Elohim In Urhobo one that strikes is Agbada gburu ru which means MIGHTY GOD. Another is Ovie novie ivie which means KING ABOVE KINGS. How do you describe Him in your language ? ______________ #withoutwalls #WW #PeeYuu #celebratingimpact #bigannouncements

WITHOUTWALLS ...Deep calleth unto deep.Worship liberates. It puts you on a pedestal where things are on a cruise control and your view to life is from the perspective of ONENESS with HIM. It doesn't start on the stage . Neither does it end there . #PeeYuu #withoutwalls #bigannouncements #celebratingimpact #PeeYuulive

Worship is not only on stage or in Church. It's an attitude and a lifestyle. Our moments with Jesus revolutionise our personalities. What a life ....oh what a life with you Jesus. #withoutwalls #WW #peeyuulive #PeeYuu #celebratingimpact #bigannouncements #withoutwalls


What a night we had at WITHOUT WALLS CONCERT IN ABUJA NIGERIA. Thank you Pastor Eloho and Pastor Loretta for your love and support. We love you forever . ❤❤❤❤ . #PeeYuu #peeyuulive #bigannouncements #celebratingimpact #withoutwalls

With a grateful heart I lift my voice to say thank you Jesus. We are in a movement that cannot be stopped. For all your support and love shown to me thank you. I thank My Man of God Pastor Chris for the upbringing in the Word. Thanks to my music Director Evangelist Kathy for the leadership, prayers and prophecies. #withoutwalls went beyond imagination Glory to God #PeeYuu #celebratingimpact #WW #WITHOUTWALLS #bigannouncements #

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