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Me and God are the Eternal Winning Team! I'm a God - carrier! In the Spiritual realm, the principles are: - .. Find out more from today's ROR devotional about the operational dynamics of This Life we have in Christ. What a Message! Thank you our beloved Man of God, Pastor Chris for loading us with these life transforming revelations.

Most Excellent Pastor Kay. Happy Birthday my greatly beloved brother and dear friend; His Excellency, The Sec. Gen. of our great nation, Pastor Kay. How do we begin to describe you with human vocabulary! I've known you for decades as a man of the word, ever filled with the Spirit, of humility, forthrightness and passion. You're audacious, effective, dependable, helpful, an excellent team player, and a dynamic minister of the gospel. Thank you for being a great blessing to me and many. Your commitment to the vision of our ministry and your legendary followership of our dear Man of God over several decades is exemplary. Shine on my brother and comrade. I love you dearly.

What a blessing! What a great reminder on the 'Power Of Your Mind' Refuse to be a dumping ground for junk. Don't be a slave to the wrong thoughts Make your mind your student and your project to train and develop. Thank you Pastor sir.

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Celebrating The World's greatest Teacher You have the special privilege to meet my Teacher and Life Coach. Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome. #MMTCelebration #Pastorchrisismyteacher #Thankyoupastorchris #CEAMC

Celebrating The World's greatest Teacher You have the special privilege to meet my Teacher and Life Coach. Rev. Dr. Chins Oyakhicome. #MMTCelebration #Pastorchrisismyteacher #Thankyoupastorchris #CEAMC

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my Darling Precious. Celebrating you is celebrating an embodiment of our Exceptionalism and Perfectionism. You're a special package of blessing to me, your mum, and sister. You're full of God, hence you're so excellent, meticulous, loving, kind and very caring. You'll shine ever so brightly with the wisdom and glory of the Lord. Thank you for the joy, fun and laughter you bring. Thank you for all you do for me, especially the unique touch you give my room each time you make it up. I love you Precious girl, You're blessed for life. Happy Buthday darling.

Celebrating my Brother, Friend, and Colleague. There is unending Jubilation in the Celestial and Terrestial realms stirred by a special man named Rev. Ken Oyakhidone. The Angels have learnt some new steps from men on this occassion. What a man you are! Full of the Holy Ghost with a peculiar, hilarious, but inspiring style of communicating the word of God. You never lack unique words for expression. A Spiritual and Legal Luminary. Never a dull moment with you. The brother, but a true son and a mighty man of our Father and Man of God. A true soldier of Christ. A valiant warrior. An epitome of Royally, Excellence, but clothed in humility. You're always so kind, hospitable and generous, Thank you for your kindness and help to me each time we are with you. From SA, to the US and now in Canada. Thank you for the laughter you bring. The trees of the field shall clap their hands as you takes strides of greatness and honour in the Spirit. I love you dearly my brother. Happy Birthday

GOD IS INTO SUPPLY... What a revelation! He is not just providing what you need, He supplies all you require... There's a daily supply for you: Have you drawn from your heavenly account today? Start now. Meditate on today's devotion and swing into action. Thank you my dear Pastor sir, for this great blessing of the ROR

Your Loveworld⭐⭐ Watch this inspiring video showing our Man of God and Highly Esteemed ministers of the LoveWorld Nation discuss the importance of Christians preaching the gospel🌟 Watch LoveWorld TV on LoveWorld TV 3.0 Mobile App Sky 585 Freeview IPTV Channel 258 To Partner/Contact us Call: +442075115830 Email:; #MostImpactfulStationofTheYear2018 #LoveWorldTVStationOfTheYear2017 #LoveWorldTVStationOfTheYear #LoveWorldTV Spreading Love, Changing the World

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Pastor Chris: What do you do when you preach to difficult people who say I'm not interested in religion? _____ Rev. Tom: ... _____ The showtimes this week (Eastern Time): Tuesday: 5am-7am, 3:30pm-5:30pm and 8pm-10pm & Thursday: 5am-7am, 3:30pm-5:30pm and 8pm-10pm

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CELEBRATING AN EXCEPTIONAL GIFT. My beloved Pastor Freida I celebrate you today with joy and thanksgiving to God. You're an exceptional gift to the body of Christ. What a blessing you're to me and many others. You're an epitome of Love, Gentleness, Kindness, Faithfulness, Loyalty, Generousity, Selflessness and all that is righteous. Your love for Christ and the saints is peculiar and exemplary. There's no one else like Pastor Freida. You're ever so peaceful and patient. I testify of God's unusual Grace and Favour in you. Thank you for all you do for the Ministry and especially for me. What a helper you've been to me. A true daughter of consolation. A dependable helper of the war. A special daughter to my father Pastor Chris. The years ahead of you shall be filled with even more grace and favour. The Lord will keep you in His love always. Everywhere you turn shall be blessing, blessing, blessing. I love you very dearly. Happy Birthday!

WELCOME TO THE MONTH OF THANKSGIVING!! At all times and for everything giving thanks in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God the Father.  Eph.5:20 WE HAVE MOVED!!! But you, beloved ... [make progress, rise like an edifice higher and higher], praying in the Holy Spirit; Jude.1:20 We have moved in the Spirit We have moved Addresses We have moved in Capacity We have moved in Ability We have moved in Graces  We have moved in Function  We have moved in Ranks And the man waxed great, and went forward, and grew until he became very great:  Gen.26:13 We have transcended that level we were at, in the yesterdays! Hallelujah!

Happy Birthday my shining angel of a Daughter; Pastor Ebose Amenkhienan I bless the Lord for the precious gift and blessing you are to me and our entire family. Thank you for your special care for me, mum, and your younger sisters (Praise & Precious) You're always full of the Spirit, of life and of love. Look, what an excellent lady you've grown to become. You're a true leader with sterling qualities. Diligent, Prudent, Sagacious and Audacious. You're a precious angel - exceptional in every way. Your life of discipline epitomises God's word (standards) This new year, Lord has blessed and launched you into a new phase of greatness and His glory shall be seen in you more than ever, as you flourish in extraordinary abundance. Dada loves you sooo dearly. Happy Birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELOVED AND FAITHFUL PASTOR BOLAJI AKINBORO Dear Pastor Bolaji, It is a wonderful time to celebrate the great blessing and inspiration that you are to us in the gospel. A true son and a mighty man of our father, Pastor Chris. You have been a faithful and most dependable helper of the war. Through the years, you've proven your love for the Lord by your lavish and outstanding partnership 'as one man'. Your humility and regard for the anointing, your unique faith and response to the Word are some of the many endearing qualities that set you apart. Little wonder you have such amazing testimonies. I pray that in this new year, you will experience greater heights of glory, and your loftiest visions will be exceeded by the grace of God working in and for you. The Lord perfects all that concerns you, and His wisdom in your heart brings you honour beyond all you've ever known, in Jesus' name. Amen. I love you dearly. Happy Birthday!

This is a word of admonition /instruction from Holy Spirit through our Man of God. It takes revelation to know the times we live in. Remember the words of the Master in Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Thank you sir.

IT'S 5 DAYS TO D-DAY - #GOHPWITHREVTOM, AND EBEN IS EXCITED ABOUT IT!!! 💃🕺🥁 The very air reports it...the birds sing it, the wind whispers it...that #GOHPWITHREVTOM will be a program like none other... You are in for an encounter with the Lord that will transform you forever. Don't let anyone miss it! Tell everybody - at home, at work, in your neighborhood, everywhere!!! IT'S TIME FOR THAT TESTIMONY!!! #gohpwithrevtom #amcgohOHP2019 #GOHP2019 #CEAMC

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JOE PRAISE IS READY!!! With 6 days to 'The Glory of His Presence with Rev. Tom', so much is happening for your blessing. Angels are mobilised and circumstances are aligned for your testimony. Tell somebody...there will be shouts of JOY!!! #CEAMC #GOHP2019 #GOHPWITHREVTOM

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EVEN THE LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENTS ARE COUNTING ON #GOHPWITHREVTOM TO CHANGE THINGS The expectations are heightened; angels are showing men pictures of new possibilities arising from this program...they just know that their lives will not be the same as they attend, and even the invitees are now inviting...🙌🕺💃🕺💃 So, don't be quiet about it! Tell everybody!! Shout it on the mountain top!!! There's a testimony prepared for everyone at THE GLORY OF HIS PRESENCE WITH REV. TOM!!! GOHP Faith Clinic registration link: #GOHPWITHREVTOM #AMCGOHP2019 #GOHP2019 #CEAMC #AHEADSHIP

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HAPPENING NOW - FIESTA OF LIGHTS 🌟⭐🌠 THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE CENTER ABUJA OVERFLOWS WITH STUDENTS FROM PRIMARY AND JUNIOR SECONDARY SCHOOLS ACROSS THE FCT Christ Embassy Abuja Ministry Centre in partnership with the Universal Basic Education Board (UBEB), UNESCO and Trauma Care International, convenes students across Primary and Secondary Schools in the FCT to educate them on child safety measures, media literacy and impact them with the undiluted word of God contained in our ministry materials. It's been insightful, educative, fun and most of all, inspiring. Stay glued for updates. #CEAMC

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