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What a joy it is to celebrate a great blessing to our LW Nation. Thank you Sir, for all you do for the Kingdom, for our dear Man of God and for our dear Nation. Your impact and results are extraordinary and supernatural. Our hearts are filled with gratitude to God for the special example of Patience, Persistence and Perfection that you are. Happy Birthday, Highly Esteemed Pastor Sir, We in Tanzania, love you dearly Sir. #CETANZANIA

Happy Birthday to the love of my life . You radiate God's glory and beauty to all around you. Thank you for your commitment to your family and the work. You let love glow through you always and We love an appreciate you deeply. Much love dear. For and on behalf of the family.

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Happy Birthday to a woman whose passion for God is so deep, Her love for the brethren so much, Her love for our Man of God and his vision so great, Her love for her family so wonderful and sweet. You are an epitome of grace and beauty. The entire nation of Tanzania, your family and the church salutes you.Thank you for all your support for the work. We love you dearly.

With Shouts of Praise, we celebrate our Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor Sir!!! We thank you Sir for all you do for us in the LW Nation and EWCA Region. Thank you for loving us specially in CE Tanzania & teaching us to follow our dear Man of God. Your stand in the gospel and audacious faith is worth emulating. We love and appreciate you dearly Sir. #PerfectPAI #CETANZANIA

Happy birthday to our Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor, Pastor Ambrose Isesele. Thank you for your kindness and fatherly affection. The nation of Tanzania salutes you Sir. We love you dearly Sir. #PerfectPAI #Cetanzania

Happy Birthday Sir. Tanzania salutes the General.

CELEBRATING A SUPER STAR, OUR BELOVED CEO AND GRACE PERSONIFIED, HIGHLY ESTEEMED PASTOR DEOLA PHILLIPS. We celebrate you Ma for the immense contribution and endless love you have for our LW Nation. Thank your for your inspiring leadership and exemplary followership of our dear Man of God. We love you so dearly our Highly Esteemed CEO. #CETANZANIA

Dearly Beloved, Happy Wedding Anniversary, you shine as stars, together always, showing forth God's love to your world. You're perfected & blessed as a family. Your lives are from Glory to Glory. We love you dearly. #CETANZANIA

Thank you Sir, for your exemplary followership of our Man of God. We are honoured to join the host of heaven to celebrate a wonderful and caring personalty like you. Happy Birthday Sir.

Happy birthday to the Highly Esteemed Pastor TT. The nation of Tanzania salutes you. We love you dearly Sir.

Wahoo Faith Currency.

Happy perfect birthday dearly beloved Bro Tony. Thank you for your steadfast commitment to the work of Ministry and all you do in the choir department, venue department and cell Ministry. You're a blessing. Greater accomplishment and outstanding testimonies always in all you do. We love and appreciate you dearly. #CETANZANIA

Happy Birthday our dearly beloved Dcns Sophia. We join the host of heaven to celebrate you. You're a treasure. Thank you for your relentless service and unwavering commitment to the vision of our dear Man of God. Of your increase and strength there shall be no end. We love and appreciate you dearly. #CETANZANIA

Happy Birthday dear Sis Jestina. We celebrate you today, grateful to God for His love & faithfulness. Thank for being a helper in the house functioning in an amazing way. Greater accomplishment abounds, even as you continue to flourish from Glory to Glory. Congratulations. We love you dearly. #CETANZANIA

Happy Birthday Esteem Pastor David Sir. We rejoice with you on this special occasion. You have been a great support to the advancement of the kingdom work. More Grace to greater accomplishment abounds. Your scope of influence has increased. You walk in Unexplainable increase & favour and it's from Glory to Glory, Congratulations!!! We love you dearly Sir. #CETANZANIA


#ROTAN #Highlights #CEARUSHA Mass Evangalism through the Dostribution of the ROR in streets and Towns


#photos #ROTAN Reaching out Tanzania with the ROR

#LiveNow, Its Reach out Tanzania

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