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RHAPSODY AWARDS 2019: ARE YOU READY? Get Ready for the prestigious Rhapsody Awards at the International Pastors and Pastors Conference 2019. It's a NEW LEVEL! Watch the video, comment, like and share widely! God bless you. #rhapsody #ippc2019

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LOVEWORLD AWARDS 2019 WILL BE HOLDING AT THE LCC AUDITORIUM!!! DATE: 11th - 16th Nov. 2019. TIME: Immediately after the morning sessions! It’s going to be fun and exciting as we celebrate our dear partners. See you there! #LoveWorldAwards2019

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LOVEWORLD AWARDS 2019 WILL BE HOLDING AT THE LCC AUDITORIUM!!! DATE: 11th - 16th Nov. 2019. TIME: Immediately after the morning sessions! It’s going to be fun and exciting as we celebrate our dear partners. See you there! #LoveWorldAwards2019

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Supernatural Healing through Rhapsody of Realities in the Kambari Language! #RON2019 #Reachoutcampaigns

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BREAKING NEWS!!! Rhapsody of Realities is now available in 1,547 languages of the world and still counting! GLORY!!! 2008 LANGUAGES IS A REALITY BECAUSE OF YOU!

New releases from the North-West and Central regions With your sponsorship of a language or more, we can make language barrier a thing of the past in getting the gospel around the World. Let's shine the Light of hope through languages this ReachOut Nigeria season. #RON2019 #Reachoutcampaigns

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SHINING WITH LANGUAGES! Cheering our Churches who acquired new languages this month of October, making it possible to have Rhapsody of Realities in more languages of the world. JOIN US IN LIGHTING THE WORLD THROUGH LANGUAGES BEST UNDERSTOOD BY PEOPLE. REACH US NOW @ OR CALL +2348025013716

TNI CONFERENCE IN CAMEROON In the apostle Paul’s letter to Timothy, (2 Timothy 2:2); he (Paul) admonished him to commit the teaching of the gospel into the hands of faithful men who would be able to teach others.  The Translators’ Network International is charged with the mandate of taking the LoveWorld Message into every living language on earth; which essentially is the work the Lord has committed to our trust. Holding recently in Cameroon, was the Regional Translators’ Network International Conference, where members of the network, including translators, distributors, online church coordinators, partners and ministers gathered to be upgraded and inspired for the work ahead. Currently, Rhapsody of Realities is available in 139 Cameroonian Languages, and this year, by divine inspiration, members of TNI Cameroon are set to bring the total number of Rhapsody of Realities Translations to 255 living languages. This requires not only sending labourers into the field but faithful and well trained men who will be able to teach others. This was the focus of the just concluded TNIC Cameroon; to train and equip the labourers, instilling in them boldness, speed and tenacity in carrying out this God-given task.  Some of the highlights of the conference was a training session on “How to deliver with excellence”,  “Flawless audio recordings”, and a glorious super session with the Esteemed Pastor Mercy Omoregie; Group Pastor, Christ Embassy Bamenda. It was truly their set time for upgrading, uplifting and strengthening. Join us in taking this gospel to every home in Cameron by adopting 1 or more Cameroonian Languages so that more and more people can receive the message of salvation in the language of their hearts. For more information about our regional conferences or sponsoring a Rhapsody Language, kindly send an email to or call +2348025013716 #TNI #TNIC #TNICCAMEROON

GOD’S ONLY SAVING POWER Nepal is a deeply religious country, Hinduism being the main religion practiced by over 80% of the overall population. This was where a High School Teacher, Mr. S. Bahadur was born, and practicing Hinduism was the only life he only knew. In 2010, he went to the United Kingdom in search of a better life. While on the streets of Dockland in London, he was approached by a group of people and one of them handed him a copy of Rhapsody of Realities. He was very withdrawn because of his strong religious background, but he eventually agreed to the invitation inviting him to Christ Embassy Dockland. After months of consistently attending Church and reading Rhapsody of Realities, he accepted Jesus Christ as his only Lord and Savior! GLORY!!! In 2012, he returned to Nepal a very prosperous man; with faith in his heart and Rhapsody of Realities in his hands. Thus began the journey of spreading the saving message of the gospel to his world; starting with his immediate family, relatives and friends. One after the other, they gave their hearts to the Lord. Glory to God!!! Today, Brother Bahadur is a member of the Translators’ Network International, committed to taking Rhapsody of Realities to the Nepalese Communities in Nepal and around the world. In his words “I thank God for choosing us; also I thank God for Translators’ Network International, for giving us such an opportunity, and the Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome; we need this message for Nepal Nation.” To sponsor copies of Nepalese translation of Rhapsody of Realities, click on OR call us now on +2348025013716; You will be glad you did! #TNI #sponsorarhapodylanguage

BREAKING NEWS! Check out the newest releases of Languages spoken in the South West Region of Nigeria! We can reach the whole region in the language of their hearts by taking this gospel to them. Be a part of ReachOut Languages by SPONSORING and DISTRIBUTING Rhapsody of Realities in these languages: · Ekiti · Okeogun · Ijesha · Ondo · Ilaje · Owo · Ijebu · Ondo Ijaw · Ikale · Oka Akoko · Egun #RON2019 #Reachoutcampaigns

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TRANSLATORS' NETWORK INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (TNIC) MYANMAR  It was a phenomenal time of training, impartation and expansion for members of the Translators' Network International in Myanmar, at the just concluded TNIC. Gathered at the conference were Translators, Distributors, Sponsors and Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ from across the nation. The highly impactful conference featured ministrations in songs, dance, inspiring talk shows, testimonies and an Exhibition of LoveWorld materials available in the Myanmar language.  This year, members of the network are set to have Rhapsody of Realities in all 120 languages of Myanmar, and the conference was designed train the Translators, whilst enlisting more workforce for the great work of taking over Myanmar and Asia for Jesus Christ. We celebrate the harvest of laborers, partners & new doors of opportunities that have opened to us as result of this conference. Myanmar is a country of over 54 Million people and only 6.2% are Christians. An estimated 5% speak English as is their second language, thus, the conference concluded with an urgent call of the Spirit to use the materials in taking the nation for Jesus Christ and we're so grateful the Network has been positioned to do this in its fullness.  Join us today to reach every man, woman, boy and girl in Myanmar with the message of salvation by sponsoring the free copies of Rhapsody of Realities and LoveWorld Materials all across the Nation. For more information on our regional conferences or to give towards the sponsorship Myanmar languages, visit or send an email to #TNI #TNIC #TNICMyanmar #Sponsorarhapsodylanguage


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TNI Conference Switzerland... Changing Seasons Everywhere Light is that which makes manifest; Light is for illumination, leadership, empowerment, and for Signs and Season. This has been the Network's guiding principle in this glorious Year of Lights.  Holding this past weekend, members of the Translators' Network International in Switzerland held its Regional Conference at the prestigious Deltapark Vital Resort, situated in the heart of Switzerland. It was a convergence of Translators, TNI Distributors, Media Connectors, Online Church Coordinators, Ministers, Partners and sponsors of Rhapsody of Realities across Switzerland.  The inspiring conference showcased the impact of Rhapsody of Realities within and beyond the nation, whilst also elaborating on strategies to make more inroads across the Europe Continent.  By the end of the conference, their minds were recharged, enlightened and strengthened to take up more until the name of Jesus Christ becomes a praise in Europe and around the world. Special thanks to our Esteemed Pastor Erika and the TNI leaders in Switzerland for an inspiring conference, your lights will continue to shine brightly to the glory of God. You can be a part of the TNI Regional Conferences by sponsoring existing or new languages of Rhapsody of Realities so that the impact of these conferences are further amplified. To know more about TNI Regional Conferences or TNI sponsorship, please send an email to translatorsnetworkintl@loveworld36com #TNI #TNIC #TNICSwitzerland #Sponsorarhapsodylanguage 

27 years ago I read a book, “Revival in Indonesia” an account by Dr Kurt Koch of the amazing revival that broke out in 1965 in Timor Island and spread all through the 70s in several other islands of Indonesia! As a Teenager I was taken by the amazing testimonies of salvation; people coming to the Lord in their thousands, evangelical teams going from island to island preaching the gospel with signs following, including miracles of healings, walking on water, Supernatural transportation, and even raising the dead! This was the early 90s and you can imagine the shock i experienced when I found out that Indonesia was now the most populous Muslim country in the world! For many years I pondered on this. Then I heard the Man of Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome talk about “windows of Opportunity “ for countries and peoples to receive the gospel and how that such windows could be shut if the church didn’t take advantage of the opening. Sadly the church didn’t take advantage of that window for that move of the Spirit faded by the end of the 70s but praise be to God for what the Lord is doing Now in INDONESIA! I dare say that the Lord has opened yet again for this nation a window of opportunity! See what the Lord is doing today through Rhapsody Of Realities and the Translators Network International! ROR Is in Over 200 Indonesian languages already in one year! A network with over 20,000 ministers in various teams going from island to island preaching the gospel with power! I had the privilege of meeting 100 of these ministers and I tell you they are on fire for the Gospel! We saw over 2,000 people give their hearts to Christ in just two nights, with great miracles of healings and every we went we saw great hunger in the people! Today we heed the warning of the Man of God Pastor Chris and we fully take advantage of this window of opportunity by increasing our partnership with the Rhapsody Of Realities as we continue to bombard this beautiful nation of 17,000 islands with the Gospel of Jesus until as Pastor would say “the Knowledge of the Glory God covers this land as the waters cover sea” Hallelujah! #liftchallenge #monthchallenge #lightupindonesia #rhapsodyofrealities #thephenomenallifewithpeeay #festivalofloveandmiracles @pastorchrislive

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TRANSLATORS NETWORK INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE IN INDONESIA Today, Indonesia held its Regional Translators' Network International Conference, TNIC Indonesia. It held in the city of Kuala Kurun with the highly Esteemed Pastor Amaechi Udeaku, Zonal Pastor of Christ Embassy Port Harcourt Zone 1, and was truly a time of Inspiration, training and equipping for members of the Network; whilst raising more work force for the spread of the gospel in Indonesia. Indonesia is known as the largest Muslim country in the world, with over 17,000 islands all separated by sea, and speaks over 700 languages. This year members of the Network in Indonesia pledged to make Rhapsody of Realities available in all the Indonesian languages and have been at work by the power of God Spirit. This conference was therefore a strategy to reinforce their energies, especially in this special month of Uplifting. The Conference was also holding after the epoch mega crusade tagged "A Festival of Love and Miracles", a program characterised by the power of the Holy Ghost and had over 20,000 Indonesians in attendance. With the October edition of Rhapsody of Realities, the devotional will be in 406 Indonesian languages of the world and still counting! You can be a part of this God-inspired dream by SPONSORING or ADOPTING 1 or more Indonesian languages. For more information, kindly send an email to #TNI #TNIC #FESTIVALOFLOVEANDMIRACLES #PORTHARCOURTZONE1

Happening Now! Festival of Love of Miracles Crusade Indonesia with over 20,000 natives in attendance, including the Mayor of Gunung! The nation of Indonesia will never remain the same! #TNI #Festivalofloveandmiracles #PortHarcourtZone1


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Ongoing preparations towards the biggest crusade ever in the nation of Indonesia. #TNI #Festivalofloveandmiracles

Translators' Network International, in conjunction with Christ Embassy Port Harcourt Zone 1 introduces Missions' Trip Indonesia!!! After seeding the nation with new Indonesian languages, Partners of Christ Embassy Port Harcourt Zone 1 are embarking on a Missions' Trip to Indonesia, where thousands of natives are expected in the biggest crusade ever held in nation. The blind will see! The lame will walk! The lepers will be cleansed! The deaf will hear! The dead will be raised! The nation of Indonesia will have the gospel preached to them! GLORY #TNI #Festivalofloveandmiracles

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