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#YourLoveworld Specials Season 2 Phase 7 will be showing live on our website at 7pm GMT+1 Don't miss it! www.volunteermedicalcorps.org/globalprayer #vmcorps

#healthyliving Showing now on www.healingstreams.TV

#vmcgooddeeds #vmcstories A special medical outreach was organised by VMC Port Harcourt Zone 1 chapter who seized the opportunity of a women's conference to educate them on common medical and reproductive health matters. They were also taught God's word and ministered to, so many received healing and salvation and new medical personnel were recruited into the VMC. Praise God! www.volunteermedicalcorps.org/gooddeeds #vmcorps

#vmcgooddeeds #vmcstories #ghoc VMC Burkina Faso visits CMA DE PISSY, OUAGADOUGOU VMC Volunteer Esteemed Nurse Cydelle and her team members reached out to over one hundred doctors, nurses and patients. The word of God was shared and over 30 beneficiaries received salvation! Glory to God! Hallelujah!!!!!! www.volunteermedicalcorps.org/gooddeeds #vmcorps

ONGOING VOLUNTARY BLOOD DONATION DRIVE AT CHRIST EMBASSY LAGOS ZONE 5 Thank you CE Lagos Zone 5 and members of the Volunteer Medical Corps @vmcorps for partnering with us to make blood available for complications associated with medical and surgical procedures. These efforts will safeguard the availability of blood at health establishments in the region. #CELZ5 #safebloodforall #TCIFBloodDonor

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#vmcgooddeeds #vmcstories VMC Onitsha Zone donated blood in partnership with the Trauma Care International Foundation. The need for safe blood has increased globally and this team has risen to meet the need in their community. To sign up for the VMC Good Deeds Campaign; visit www.volunteermedicalcorps.org/gooddeeds #vmcorps

#WorldTraumaDay The Volunteer Medical Corps celebrates her volunteers who are actively involved in emergency medicine, intensive care, surgery, nursing, allied health and the support staff who work together as a team to assess and manage trauma patients. Their efforts make it possible for patients to be rapidly resuscitated and stabilised, transported safely and managed effectively at the site of definitive care. Thank you for #savingliveseveryday www.volunteermedicalcorps.org/gooddeeds #vmcorps

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#vmcstories Special thanks to the VMC UKZone 2 chapter for participating in the VMC Global Hospital Outreach Campaign through which Bibles were presented to health workers. One of the beneficiaries testified that this outreach was a very significant blessing to her as she had never owned a bible until that day! To sign up to take part in this campaign, do visit www.volunteermedicalcorps.org/gooddeeds Kindly follow this SuperUser for more updates on the VMC's exploits. #vmcorps #vmcgooddeeds

#vmcstories Special thanks to the VMC UKZone 1 chapter for consistently providing both medical and nutritional support to underserved families within their constituency since the lockdown restrictions began in March 2020. At the most recent outreach the team organised; 20 families were catered to, with one of the beneficiaries getting saved and receiving instant healing for back pain. We appreciate your support for the #vmcgooddeeds campaign. #vmcorps #savingliveseveryday Sign up to take part in this campaign by visiting www.volunteermedicalcorps.org/gooddeeds

#vmcstories Thank you to our amazing volunteers in VMC Essex for their successful hospital outreach! In spite of the restrictions surrounding access to hospitals, the team were inspired to minister the Gospel, and to share Christian literature to both patients and health workers alike. They also presented the health workers with gifts to appreciate them for their efforts in caring for the sick patients. Thank you VMC @ukzone2 for making the #vmcgooddeeds campaign a success! #vmcorps #ghoc

#vmcstories VMC LW Zone B; as part of the #vmcgooddeeds campaign visited the Aguata Minimum Prison Ekwulobia in Anambra State, Nigeria. It has been reported that lack of portable water, inadequate sewage facilities and severe overcrowding have resulted in dangerous and unsanitary conditions in Nigerian prisons and these conditions are usually associated with in-breeding of communicable diseases. The need for health care services inspired the members of this VMC Chapter to carry out a program that impacted 57 prison inmates and no less than 10 prison officials. This outreach resulted in 36 souls being won to the Lord. In addition, they received free medical consultation, screening and and treatment. Sanitary hygiene packs were also handed out which contained Christian materials for their sustained spiritual nourishment. Thank you VMC LWZone B!! www.volunteermedicalcorps.org/gooddeeds #vmcorps #savingliveseveryday

#healthyliving Tune in now to watch today's episode on Prevention of Back Pain. www.healingstreams.TV #vmcorps

#vmcstories Thank you VMC Kuwadzana Zimbabwe for carrying out a special medical outreach to the elderly people living with diabetes mellitus; a disease linked with abnormal metabolism of sugar in the body. It has been discovered that over time, poorly-managed diabetes can cause many serious health problems in the elderly including heart disease, stroke, and nerve damage that may lead to amputation. This is the reason for this #vmcgooddeedsproject which was of direct benefit to over 50 diabetic patients. The word of God was also lavishly shared with them and many received salvation and healing. Hallelujah!!!!! Visit www.volunteermedicalcorps.org/gooddeeds to sign up today #vmcorps

#vmcstories Our volunteers in Loveworld Southern Africa Zone A participated in the ongoing #vmcgooddeeds campaign by partnering with the Trauma Care International Foundation for a voluntary blood donation drive. Thank you LWSA Zone A for joining us in #savingliveseveryday Together, we are preserving many lives for the Gospel. #vmcorps #myproclamations www.volunteermedicalcorps.org/gooddeeds

#YourLoveworld is Live now! Season 2 Phase 6 Day 3 Log on to www.volunteermedicalcorps.org/globalprayer to participate #vmcorps #proclamations

Our #volunteers demonstrate the #love of #christ and are committed to saving lives everyday. Have you done a good deed today? #photohighlights #vmcgooddeeds #vmcdouala #vmcorps Sign up here: www.volunteermedicalcorps.org/gooddeeds

Happening Now! #YourLoveworldSpecials with Pastor Chris Join the saints as we pray fervently by visiting our website; www.volunteermedicalcorps.org/globalprayer #vmcorps

#vmcgooddeeds #vmcstories The VMC Buea chapter carried out a special hospital outreach at the Buea Regional Hospital as part of the ongoing VMC Good Deeds Campaign. The team visited with over 70 people patients, ministering to them the word of God and distributing gifts to the sick and even the health workers present. This resulted in 57 people giving their lives to Christ. Glory!!! www.volunteermedicalcorps.org/gooddeeds

We are Live!!!! Log on to www.volunteermedicalcorps.org/globalprayer to join the ongoing broadcast of #YourLoveworld Season 2 Phase 6 with Pastor Chris. #vmcorps

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