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Watch the inspiring story of how LMAM artiste; Buchi led Nigerian Reggae legend Majek Fashek to Christ! Amazing story! Watch the full episode on our Web TV via http://bit.ly/Majek_Buchi #loveworldplus @buchibwai @buchi2 @celvz #celvz

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There is no other God who lives and never dies..! Jesus is alive! Hallelujah! Deacon Buchi ministering now! Watch Your Loveworld Phase 7 with Pastor Chris, showing on Loveworld Plus. www.loveworldplus.tv Spread the News! #yourloveworld #loveworldplus

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Featured the awesome Ada Ehi on this one! Enjoy this beautiful sweet song written to express yourself to God in a very special way! https://youtu.be/qhIG4Bk4FKg

Farewell, Champ! On this day, September 16, 2018, Majek gave his life to the Lord Jesus and even attended Foundation School at the #CELVZ The Lord be praised!

Thank you so much Dcn Buchi for these kind thoughts and prayer. I love you.

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Heaven on ma mind! Imagine arriving heaven, doing a headcount, and finding your family and friends complete! None missing!! Such joy!!! Imagine seeing the people you led to Christ and hearing them say THANK YOU! Imagine hearing the Father Himself say to you, THANK YOUUU!! Glorryyyyy!!!

Goshen! The Lord sure does know how to protect His own. Don't give in to fear and perplexity; you dwell in the secret place of the Most High, and where you are, you are divinely protected! There was plague in Egypt but His children were kept safe. God knows where you live and how to keep you safe. Trust in Him. Let your eyes be on Him always. Don't let the Newsmedia tell you the opposite of what the Word says! Whose report would you believe? Happy weekend ahead! #reggaeForTheSoonComingKing #Lastdays #reggae #reggaemusic #christianmemes #christianmusic

We cut off the influence of the assyrian from the nations, we mute the voices of his servants and they have lost the battle and the congregations of the Lord will yet gather again , the crusades must hold! More souls for Jesus! #victorydance #loveworldday #loveworldplus

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Jesus is not coming for an escaping church. No! He’s coming for a victorious church. We are praying from a position of advantage, against this satanic gang-up against the church. It makes no difference who is on the other side, we are sure of victory! When we’re done, we’ll leave here victorious. You can’t mess with the church! Mash dem!!!

If you've ever opened your eyes to see, it should be now; not your physical, but your inner eyes; the one that sees when your eyes are shut. What are you seeing about the things going on around us? Are you seeing with the eyes of the Media, Government, fear, despair or with the eyes of the Spirit? We are in special times, and in the past two months, this song has resonated with many people around the world. I've received texts from so many about how apt this song is at this time, and I thought to share it now with you again. So much is happening my friend, Don't be deceived that 'these things happen from time to time', no! These are the days prophesied of by the Prophets, and our Lord Jesus Christ. This is a time to listen to the true prophets of God. Lyric video: https://youtu.be/uHbPmXoTvXc

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Global Prayer and Fasting with Pastor Chris holds from Monday 11th - Wednesday 13th May, 2020. Share with all your contacts.

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Not every eye shall see death, we carry in us Life; the very Life of God! Watch this insightful episode of Kingdom Kulture with Deacon Buchi on Loveworld Plus Web TV via 👇 https://bit.ly/kk_buchi Download Loveworld Plus Mobile App Today! #kingdomkulture

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The economies of nations, companies and individuals have taken a fatal blow from this COVID nonsense. Many are wondering how to survive in the coming days. Be of good cheer!😁 Faith is a currency, and so is Favour. We live above the world economic system. You will yet flourish! AMEN?

Street children are particularly hit hard during any crisis with no roof over their heads and in most cases no parents to cater for them, they are counting on us to protect them especially now! In commemoration of the International Day for street children, join us to spread the Easter cheer by sponsoring meals for distribution to needy children ➡ https://icm.ngo/donate #endchildpovertynow #everychildisyourchild

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Still On Trial A man stood trial several years ago A victim of power play and envy From court to court they marched him Faced with trumped up charges Deep within, they knew he meant no harm But they lied against him anyway And many who benefitted from his kindness Stood aside as injustice had a field day Content to watch from the stands Holding their peace against the cry of their conscience. They heard the farcical charges And they knew the truth themselves Yet they kept ominously quiet Where were the five thousand men? Where was Bartemaeus and the lepers, ten ? As the Truth stood on trial None of them dared speak for him He fed them and healed them He loved and cared for them And defended them to the very end But when they had the chance To speak up in his defence They turned and looked the other way Yet with all their treacherous silence Pilate still found Him not guilty And then came their opportunity To begin to right their wrong When called upon to pass the sentence On the man declared not guilty They all with one voice Demanded his death: “Crucify him”, they bellowed To the bewilderment of the Governor Who was bent on freeing him He heard he was popular with the people And was sure they'd be his allies When we heard their story We shook our heads in disgust At their ingratitude and gullibility Wishing we were in their shoes Yet in our own day...today He still stands on trial Paraded in more courts than then And we all have the opportunity To speak up for Him in our world And give evidence of his goodness He stands trial in senates and parliaments Where laws and bills are passed In company boardrooms and meetings where commercials and sponsorships are decided In lecture rooms and laboratories Where ideas and knowledge are shared In homes and among friends When life's everyday choices are made We are each given the opportunity To re-write the story of the crowd And state what difference He’s made in our lives It was very typical of Him To believe in man till the end He knew He would give them a second chance And so He told them ahead of time That they would be His witnesses In life's various courts around the world Where He would need a voice To speak up in His defence So He stands trial again When people cry “where is God?” Or in frustration ask “where was God...?” And, “If God cares, why did He..?” They blame Him for all their pains He looks to His chosen witnesses To prove to them that He cares For which reason He sent His Spirit With benefit of hindsight We know the truth will prevail So to speak up in this trial Is to line up with the winning side The choice, however, is yours to make For you stand in the witness box As He watches on from the dock Will you speak up or be quiet? Osondu Atuonwu.

The loudest name on earth is still JESUS! ...He who rose from the dead. Let’s celebrate Easter on radio tomorrow, Sunday, April 12. House Of Judah! 6am - 7am. Rise up early! +2348025562000.

The siege is over! We have taken back our cities, states and nations! Our churches, businesses and schools are reopening , in the name of Jesus! Satan fails again. Glory to Jahh!!

. The flight to heaven is not without turbulence, my friends. Suspense! Perplexity of nations! Keep your eyes on the destination Your seatbelts fastened For this shaking in the land Which brings fear to many Has brought us nothing but glory!! Some ah dem vex Some ah dem flex But in Christ WE REST !!!

GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn - A glorious call of the Spirit at this time, with a special message for you! Date: Friday, March 27, 2020. Time: 7pm GMT+1; 2pm Eastern Time. You can participate via Loveworld TV and Radio Networks, Live TV Mobile App, Ceflix App, Loveworld Ministry sites and all Social Media platforms. Plan to not only participate, but invite everyone you know from around the world to be a part of it; share with all your contacts, and on all Social Media platforms. SPREAD THIS GREAT NEWS!!! #globaldayofprayer

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It’s my wife’s birthday today Let’s sing and dance Jump and prance Lift up our praise and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Empress Jane!!! More life! @dcnsjaneat31386

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