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A special invite for you! Get ready for this life transforming event We will also be live on CEFlix: #SNOBA2020 #ceabakaliki #snoba

#SNOBA 6Days to go


Snoba is 8days to go

News Alert! Fresh winds of glory engulf Dubai as the man of God, Pastor Chris arrives for '2 Days of Glory Dubai'. February 27th and 28th are dates with destiny. Dubai and the entire Arab community will never remain the same again. Stay glued to LoveWorld News for more exclusive updates!

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Happy birthday to Esteemed Bro Isaiah Obi. 9days to go! #SNOBA2020

SNOBA2020 Countdown 10days to go


#CEABAKALIKI #SNOBA2020 #SNOBA Thanksgiving. Honour God with your supplement.

#CEABAKALIKI #SNOBA2020 #SNOBA Ex 28 vs 1(MSB,AMP) When you have the fullness of God, there is a life expected of you. You have to maintain a certain level for you to be constantly full in God. (Garment of glory and beauty). What are you wearing? The garment you wear portrays a lot about you. There should be something glorious about you all the time. Consider the calling of God in your life,your garment should be glorious and beautiful. You've a duty to constantly cause the holyspirit to overflow in you.

#CEABAKALIKI #SNOBA2020 #SNOBA. John 1 vs 26. We' ve the fullness of grace,be conscious of the grace of God in your life. Maintain your fullness of grace because it is already in you. NB:You grow in grace by increasing your knowledge of God,participate in the things of God. Grace are of different levels. I' ve a lot of Grace. #GLORYY!.

#CEABAKALIKI #SNOBA2020 #SNOBA Sunday service Ministration by pastor Eunice. Topic:fullness of God. Text:John 7 vs 37-38 Evidence of believing in Jesus is, out of the belly of that person shall rivers of living water flow. Eph 3 vs 16-19(fullness of God) John 10 vs 10. The life of Christ,holy spirit and word of God must be in abundance. The totality,fullness of God must be in abundance. If everything about God dwells in you,you re 100% fulfilled,when the totality of God is full in you,it will affect all the areas of your life. Let people see and experience God in you,your presence should draw people to God,talk because you want to make a spiritual sense. Every man who has the wisdom of the word of God,will function effectively in all areas of life. As Christians,we've been called to live the life of faith,therefore,we cannot function without faith"Christ may dwell in us by faith".you cannot walk by faith except you ve the holy spirit. Align yourself with the things of the Lord.

Live service with pastor Eunice #CEABAKALIKI #SNOBA2020 #SNOBA Talkshow on #SNOBA. #SNOBA is here again! Gloryyyy!

#CEABAKALIKI #SNOBA2020 #SNOBA RHAPSODY OF REALITIES STAND UP AND STAND STRONG And he said unto me, Son of man, can these bones live? And I answered, O Lord GOD, thou knowest (Ezekiel 37:3). In your journey of faith, there could be times of difficulties, when you face serious challenges. But at such times, don’t loathe yourself or gripe that you’re going through such tough times; refuse to be discouraged. Don’t make the mistake of running helter-skelter, seeking help from man, no; talk your way out of it. This was what the Lord told Ezekiel to do in the valley of dry bones (Ezekiel 37:4). Ezekiel found himself in a valley full of dry bones and the Lord asked him, “Can these bones live?” That was an impossible situation, but God told Ezekiel to “prophesy to the bones.” As he prophesied, a great miracle took place: “…there was a noise, and behold a shaking, and the bones came together, bone to his bone” (Ezekiel 37:7). If you’ve found yourself in a situation where everything around you seems “dry,” there can be a change; and you’re the one to effect that change with your words. Remember, words are “things,” they have energy and spiritual tangibility. What you say, becomes. Therefore, the challenges you face are your opportunities to demonstrate your faith in the Lord, and prove His Word. Rather than being overwhelmed in the hour of crisis, declare your health, success, prosperity, and victory in Christ Jesus. The Word in your mouth is a creative force; it’ll bring forth miracles. God’s Word created everything, and as such can create anything. Use faith-filled words to frame your world, and programme your spirit for success and victory. CONFESSION I flourish like the palm tree; I’m fruitful and productive. I grow like a cedar in Lebanon; majestic, stable, durable and incorruptible. I’m bearing fruits unto righteousness, established on the path of success and glory forevermore, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Live service with Pastor Eunice #CEABAKALIKI #SNOBA2020 #SNOBA Praise the Lord oh! my soul.

#CEABAKALIKI #SNOBA2020 #SNOBA Prayer session. 1 Thessalonians 5:16.

In anticipation of #TheNextBigThing: Special Night of Bliss Abakaliki with Pastor Eunice! Save the date: 6th of March 2020. #SNOBA2020 #ceabakaliki #snoba

In anticipation of Special Night of Bliss Abakaliki with Pastor Eunice on the 6th of March, several projector outreaches have been carried out to raise the expectations of invitees. #SNOBA2020 #ceabakaliki #snoba

5 SIGNS THAT WILL OCCUR BEFORE THE RETURN OF CHRIST - PASTOR BENNY. In ministry news today, Pastor Benny talks about the listed 5 things that will happen before the coming of the Lord, four has already happened and the fifth is currently happening. Find out more as you watch "AM LIVE" at 6:00 am (GMT+2) on LoveWorldSAT. _ _ #loveworldsat #amlive #news

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