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UPDATE: CEO for One Day commissions and supervises the renovation of security offices in the Loveworld HQ facilities. #CEOForOneDay

Blessings indeed locate you on the Staff Portal!! This was that phone call that changes your generation forever! It was a great privilege and honor to speak with our President personally today!!!🎉🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️😩 Thank you Esteemed CEO #CEOforOneDay

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And oh the joy that floods my soul!Thank you so much Pastor for the opportunity to speak with you!Thank you Esteemed CEO for one day! God is gracious and kind🙌#MyExactPostureWhileISpokeWithThePresidentOfTheLoveworldNation😊

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Thank you our so beloved Man of God. It's our honour you just spoke with us. Your appreciation and prayer so tender and spurring. We have moved!!!#FSD,NigeriaHQ,#OnedayCEO-Thankyou#

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And we have moved. Speaking with the President is a blessing unquantifiable. We love you Pastor. Thank you to our CEO of One Day...See how many lives transformed. #CEOForOneDay

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I spoke with the President. Thank you to our esteemed CEO!!! #CEOForOneDay Thank you Pastor for blessing me. I love you sir

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Blessings will locate you on the staff portal!🎉 What a privilege and honour I had to speak personally with The President of our Nation. My goodnesssss 🥳🔥😩❤️💃🏽 I HAVE MOVED!💨💨💨 Thank you Esteemed CEO! #CEOforOneDay

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Congrats @lawrettaamber Yr 1 day tenure ws worth the while. U made it possible 4 my staff community to speak to d President & express their gratitude to him. Wow! Who could have thot of this? The prayers & prophecies over us was smth to shout about. #ceoforoneday #cebayelsa

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Thank you Pastor Sir for the opportunity to speak with you... I love you sir💃💃💃 #CEOFORONEDAY

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Yippeeee.... Just had an opportunity to talk to the President now. You can do the same too. Am so excited😆😆😁😂 For more information visit the staff portal.

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Updates from the Office of the CEO, for 1 Day: CEO for 1 Day specially recognises the important work of the janitorial and security staff of the Loveworld HQ Staff Community at a special meeting held this morning. "You're not just a janitor. Through your work, you help send people to heaven. Your passion for your work should come from the confidence that your work is eternal." - she said, in a special address to the Janitors and Security Staff of the Loveworld HQ Staff Community. Thereafter she led them in taking a special pledge: "I will discharge my duties excellently well because Pastor is depending on me, the Ministry is depending on me, Heaven is depending on me". Special gifts were also presented to better aid them in discharging their duties.

The Effect Of Talking To Your Man of God Is Simply Indescribable!!! Many all around the world have had the awesome opportunity to speak with our Man of God, Pastor Chris, and have had their lives totally changed. The testimonies are numerous and we are grateful to Pastor for being so gracious and kind. We love you so much Sir. Your #CEOForOneDay Daughter, Loretta Odii

Happening Now! #CEOForOneDay

Happening Now...

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR CEO FOR 1 DAY Hearty Congratulations to our CEO for 1 Day in the person of Sister Loretta Odii of the OFTP Nigeria HQ. We congratulate you on this glorious appointment and for the opportunity to make global impact! Have an excellent day in office. God bless you.

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CEO FOR ONE DAY Important Announcement Warm greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. On behalf of the President LW Incorporated, please be informed that Sister Loretta Odii; OFTP Nigeria HQ, is appointed the CEO for One Day. Her tenure starts from 7am Eastern Time (12 noon GMT+1) 8th July 2019 to 7am Eastern Time (12 noon GMT+1) July 9th 2019. Thank you for your esteemed cooperation in the execution of her responsibilities. Pastor Ifeoma Chiemeka Director of Corporate Affairs

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