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WATCH ETHS IN YOUR CHURCH THIS SUNDAY. Sunday, the 22nd of September 2019. Get ready to be inspired with this amazing testimony of great faith.

*7 DAYS TO GO* It's 7 days to the Global Miracle Faith Seminar. Learn more about the soundness of the spirit and body, to pilot you for life in absolute health and prosperity. Get started here: Share, like and comment.

PRAYER IS THE ANSWER! Take healing to the nations, make power available. Let healing flow through your intercessory prayers. Get ready for the Healing School Weekly Global Prayer Session holding in a few hours, from @7pm - 7.30pm (GMT +1).  To participate, kindly use the link below. 👇👇👇 Invite your friends and loved ones to join in. God bless you.

*8 DAYS TO GO* It's 8 days to the Global Miracle Faith Seminar. Be ready to receive as we count up to a most beautiful experience. Get started here: Share, like and comment.

*9 DAYS TO GO* It's 9 days to the Global Miracle Faith Seminar. What to do? Step 3: Write down your expectations Step 4: Prayerfully prepare Get ready for a time of uplifting. Get started here: Share, like and comment.

THE GLOBAL MIRACLE FAITH SEMINAR It is with great joy that the Healing School invites you to another uplifting moment of the supernatural at the upcoming Global Miracle Faith Seminar. Your participation in this program is vital. To register, please use this link. Get ready to receive as we count up to a unique, life-changing experience at the Global Miracle Faith Seminar. God bless you. Healing School Partners, together taking healing to the nations

After four years of being childless, Stella shares the invigorating testimony of her miracle baby. Get the full story in the September 2019 Edition of the Healing School magazine. Download here 👇👇👇 Remember to like, share and comment. God bless you.

A SPECIAL VIDEO FOR YOU. Sandra had an extraordinary encounter with the healing power of God that cleansed her from all infirmities. Previously, she was diagnosed with cancer of the uterus, hypertension, insomnia and a terrible skin ailment that defied medication, resulting in a life of frustration and depression. Today, her life is full of the glory of God and she’s a living testimony of the efficacy of God's healing power at work in the Healing School. Click here to watch her accounts:

BECAUSE YOU GAVE Because you gave, the Soyeles have a beautiful baby boy, a miracle of love and joy, after 11 years of childlessness. Thank you for partnering with the Healing School and sponsoring the Summer Session.

SEPTEMBER EDITION: THE HEALING SCHOOL MAGAZINE Inside; The Overcoming Life “Ye are of God…” This is John’s testimony to Christians, that their origin is in God. In other words, the Christian is born of God and, therefore, has the same life and nature with God. Read more in September 2019 magazine. Download here 👇👇👇

PARTNERING THROUGH PRAYERS Exercise your priestly ministry today as we pray at the Healing School Weekly Global Prayer Session from @7pm - 7.30pm GMT (+ 1).  Get ready to make power available. Participate using the link below: @,

DOWNLOAD THE SEPTEMBER EDITION OF THE HEALING SCHOOL MAGAZINE Download your free copy now for your favorite articles and more. Remember to bless others by sharing this edition with them. Also like, share and comment. Download here

TESTIMONIES FROM THE HEALING SCHOOL ONLINE PRAYER NETWORK "I was uplifted during the prayer sessions. I was taken to another level and received new tongues as a result of the meeting. I have also expanded in my business, praise God" Promise Muzemb from Pretoria shares. Join us every Saturday for the weekly Global Prayer Session of the Healing School Prayer Network, @7 pm - 7.30 pm (GMT + 1). Sign up today: @ Remember to invite your loved ones to be a part of it. God bless you.

My body is indebted to the Word of God at all times; my life is regulated by God’s Word and every part of my body aligns to what God says. Click here to listen to the audio of today's faith's proclamations of healing and health 👉👉👉

THANK YOU, OUR DEAR ESTEEMED PARTNERS The 2019 Summer Session with Pastor Chris was an extraordinary success, replete with uncommon miracles, signs and wonders. Indeed, it was a triumphant parade of God's marvelous and mighty works. Thank you dear partners, for taking healing to the nations, for keeping hope alive and for spreading the Gospel around the world. God's grace flourishes in you and His favour is at work in your life. You are daily uplifted and your seeds are multiplied over and over, in Jesus Name. Amen. God bless you.

HEALING TO THE NATIONS EXHIBITION - HIGHLIGHTS Enter visitor, exit new convert. Soul winning at the HTTN Exhibition. #healingtothenations

HEALING TO THE NATIONS EXHIBITION - HIGHLIGHTS Signing up to influence every man's world with the Healing School experience. #healingtothenations #healingschool

HEALING TO THE NATIONS EXHIBITION - HIGHLIGHTS Visiting ministers at the International School of Ministry stand #healingtothenations #ism

HEALING TO THE NATIONS EXHIBITION - HIGHLIGHTS Interested volunteers at a special presentation for the Volunteer Medical Corps #healingtothenations #vmcorps

HEALING TO THE NATIONS EXHIBITION - HIGHLIGHTS Visitors learn more about Healing School networks and how to join in. #healingtothenations

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