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Soa is a small village in Yaoundé, Cameroon, where most of the learners are French speaking. The education of indigent children in Soa has been on hold since the lockdown imposed by the government. Children from this village do not have access to online learning making it difficult for them to be mentally engaged as they await the reopening of schools. Inspired by the #EducationinEmergency Initiative, #HVN Volunteer, Jeanne Mefere Mepha, is giving 3 hours of her time weekly to teach children in her community. An average of 16 children attends her class weekly Just like Mefere, you can help take education to indigent children in the Innercities. Send us a mail today -

The #EducationinEmergency Initiative has been very impactful and engaging for indigent children who do not have access to online learning like their richer counterparts. #HVN Volunteer, Blessing Okere has been actively involved in this initiative, reaching an average of 32 children weekly at Dopemu Community, Lagos, Nigeria. She holds classes 3 times a week and this has been ongoing in the past 5 weeks. Educational materials were gifted the children and the testimonies from this intervention has been amazing. Blessing is a great example of what volunteering entails, giving and helping. Send us a mail today to find out how you can volunteer with the Innercity Mission for Children -

Motswakhumo JSS is located in the small village of Lentsweletau, 61km from the capital city Gaborone. Most of the students in the school are from poor background, hence cannot afford basic necessities. Among the many needs that the school and the students have, is the need for blankets considering the cold weather in Botswana reaches very low levels of 0°C and below. Most of the students have only one blanket each, which is used as both base and cover, hence the need for blankets to protect them from the cold. We celebrate the work of the HVN Gaborone Chapter who took up this challenge to provide 41 blankets to some of the boarding students. Volunteer today with the InnerCity Mission for Children

Humanitarian Volunteer Network and Corpers Loveworld Strategic Partnership Impacting Communities! CLW Kebbi Chapter carried out a special orphanage visitation to Patrick Abuser Home, Birnin Kebbi State, North West Nigeria. Food items, cloths and educational materials were gifted the children, bringing Joy and hope to the home. We celebrate the work of CLW Kebbi State. Your group or organization can make impact through the Humanitarian Volunteer Network. Send us a mail today- #SpecialCommunityProject

Joy Kisekka is a volunteer with the #HVN who is actively involved in the #EducationinEmergency initiative. Indigent children in Wakiso Town Council, Uganda benefit from her weekly intervention classes. Story books, study guides, textbooks and writing materials were gifted to the children to aid their learning. She had a mathematics workout class and she narrated how these children could barely remember subtraction lessons. She plans to teach at her local community until schools are fully opened in Uganda. Joy is a great example of what volunteering entails - giving and helping the most vulnerable in our society. You can make a difference just like Joy. Sign up today at 👇👇👇


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In commemoration of the Director of the InnerCity Mission for Children's birthday, HVN Maiduguri Chapter delivered relief materials to Pompomari IDP Camp. Led by the Chapter Coordinator, Deaconess Maryam Zakka, 5 households were reached with food parcels, toiletries and clothes. You can also gift your special days or commemorate special events by reaching indigent households in your community. Send us a mail to find out how👇👇

CELEBRATING GOD'S PERFECT GIFT TO US! Happy birthday to our esteemed Director of inestimable Value #ExceptionalPOA Today we celebrate, A great Visionary with an inspiring life of service. An exemplary leader who produces astounding accomplishments. Ma, Your determination and dedication serves as an inspiration to us. We are so grateful for all the insights you continue to share and the wisdom you exude. It can only be from one level of glory to the other.... We love you dearly ma! #PerfectPOA #June630 #AgelessPOA

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Humanitarian Volunteer Network and Corpers Loveworld Strategic Partnership Impacting Communities! CLW Ebonyi Chapter organized WASH Campaign, HandWashing Demo and Distributed Personal Hygeine Products to over 30 girls at Okposi Ezza North. We celebrate the work of CLW Ebonyi state. Click link👉👉👉 to find out how your group or organization can make impact through The Humanitarian Volunteer Network! #SpecialCommunityProject

Humanitarian Volunteer Network Guyana Deliver Parcels of Hope and Love to Orphans at Joshua House Children's Center Guyana! We celebrate HVN Guyana team for reaching vulnerable children in isolation with food and groceries Join our growing Global Network of Humanitarian Volunteers Click here👉👉👉👉👉

Borno State has a high number of orphans due to the Boko Haram insurgency which rendered many children homeless. With this situation, the effects of the lockdown following due to the COVID-19 pandemic has made life difficult for these children. In response to this challenge, the Humanitarian Volunteer Network, Maiduguri Chapter led by Deaconess Maryam Zakka took relief items to Fati Ali Sherriff Orphanage Home, Maiduguri Metropolitan Council. The team also donated hand washing equipment to the orphanage and taught the children how to wash their hands. Remember the poor today and be a part of the impactful work the Humanitarian Volunteer Network is doing around the world. Signup to get started:

Mr Liman Jacob , a senior citizen residing in Borno State is an active Volunteer in the InnerCity Mission Humanitarian Volunteer Network, North East Nigeria. Concerned with the need to help indigent children in his community, he took up the challenge to teach children who do not have access to online learning in Molai community, Maiduguri. An average of 27 pupils attend his class weekly and he is committed to engaging the children until schools reopen .  Mr Liman is a great example of what volunteers is all about.  Join the Humanitarian Volunteer Network to help make a difference in your community.  #EducationinEmergency

Ensuring continuous educational provision in North East Nigeria is paramount to keeping northern children mentally engage until schools reopen. HVN Volunteer, Bara Ajiya is volunteering her time at Pompomari Community, Maiduguri to teach indigent children Literacy and Numeracy subjects. She reaches an average of 25 children weekly. The children are always excited to learn and they were specially gifted educational materials to aid their learning by HVN Maiduguri Chapter Help spread the Impact of the Education in Emergency initiative and sign up to be a volunteer

Education in Emergency with #HVN HVN Volunteer, Ruth Egbedi, is very passionate about helping indigent children. She has been participating in the #EducationinEmergency initiative by teaching indigent children in Suberu Oje Community, Alagbado Lagos. Ruth engages the children weekly and she plans to do it until school reopens. You can help make Education in Emergency possible for many more children by giving towards this initiative.

The #EducationinEmergency initiative is a strategic way to promote continous learning among children living in the inner-cities until schools reopens Janet Idemudia, is volunteering her time with the #HVN to teach indigent children at Agbado Ijaye , Lagos. Her classes holds on Mondays and Fridays and she has an average of 14 children at her center every week. Click the link below to be a part of this initiative

#EducationinEmergency with HVN #HVN Volunteer, Farayi Sanyika has been engaging children in Windsor, Johannesburg South Africa for the past 2 weeks . He is committed to revising their school work with them until schools reopen in South Africa. You too can participate in the Education in Emergency initiative. Signup as a Volunteer today

#EducationinEmergency with HVN  #HVN Volunteer, Vera Idoko started teaching children between age 2- 6 years in Damboa Community, Bornu State. Her first class was very exciting and full of live. She revised Alphabet A-D with the children and they all had materials to go home with for continous learning. It was indeed a great learning time with all 11 children.  Just like Vera , you too can volunteers in North East Nigeria to make a difference. 

#EducationinEmergency is a critical response that helps to protect children's right to education.  #HVN Volunteer, Jil Wafudi is helping to bridge the educational gap for indigent children in Bornu state . Working with the HVN Maiduguri Chapter,  she is volunteering to teach English Language and Mathematics at Damboa Community.  She had 12 children in her class and also gifted the children writing materials to aid learning.   You too can volunteer with the Humanitarian Volunteer Network in the Education in Emergency initiative. Sign up here 👉

#EducationinEmergency means providing schooling in any crisis.  #HVN Maiduguri Chapter, North East Nigeria is committed to mentally engaging indigent children until schools reopen. Ezra John and Donatus Stephen are volunteering their time to teach children in Moduganari Community who do not have access to online learning. During their classes, these children were gifted with writing materials to aid their learning and Rhapsody of Realities for early readers for their spiritual development.  You too can volunteer with the Humanitarian Volunteer Network Today.  Sign up here today ➡

Poverty is one of the greatest driving force impelling children into workforce. Statistics show that 152 million children are in child labour, 72 million are involved in hazardous work. This year’s World Day Against Child Labour focuses on the impact of the current crisis on children. Schools are shut and the switch has been made to online learning but this is not so for every child especially in the inner cities. These children are now at even greater risk of engaging in all forms of work just to help support their parents/guardians. By commemorating the “World day against child labour”, the InnerCity Mission is advocating for inclusive education at this time, through the Education in Emergency initiative. This is our approach to mentally engage children and provide continuous learning despite the crisis. This initiative will provide psycho-social services, health education, promote literacy skills through reading, and give children the opportunity to express themselves in art (recycling, drawing and painting), while getting them ready for when school reopens. Click here to sponsor a child's study kit today ➡ #EducationInEmergency #ChildLabourDay

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