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Food Drive in the Slums of Gaborone, Botswana. HVN Gaborone Chapter, Botswana spreads love through the Food Drive initiative to Indigent Children in Old Naledi, a slum in Gaborone. Groceries were donated to the Tsholofelong Children's Centre where meals will be prepared daily for 54 children. Join us to send food parcels to orphanages and families who are in dire need or sponsor food on the Give a Meal application: To get it on the Apple App Store, VISIT โžก To get it on the Google Play Store, VISIT โžกย 

HVN volunteer, Emmauel Mbawazi, identified 3 indigent families whose livelihood has been affected by the lockdown in Zambia and gifted them food parcels to support their households in Shamasembe Village and Nkondo Community, Copperbelt Zambia. You can help spread joy this month by identifying and gifting food to poor families. Reach out to us via email:

Stella Okifo is a proud volunteer of the InnerCity Mission for Children. For her, distance is never a challenge in making a positive impact in the lives of indigent children. She reached out to the pupils of Doyisem Best School, Makako community, Lagos and organized a Spelling Bee competition for the children. She also gifted them with story books to help improve their literacy skills. You can join our growing volunteer network to reach poor and vulnerable children in the inner cities. Please send us a mail:

Family Support and Strengthening Program in Burundi ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฎ The sound of abundance of Joy filled the homes of indigent families as HVN volunteer, Eddy Irakoze and his team supported 200 widows with food parcels in Southern Bujumbura, Burundi. We celebrate the work of our volunteers in Burundi who work tirelessly to help poor children and families.ย  To volunteer or support our work in Burundi ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฎย  kindly send us a mail:

The responsibility of raising children can be difficult without a livelihood. For many families, Mafia community was home to them before the Boko Haram insurgency. This left the residents homeless and without livelihood. Through the Family Support and Strengthening Program of the InnerCity Mission for Children, we are providing support to these families who have been affected by the insurgency. Grinding machines was donated to two of these such families to help them begin a small scale business so they may support their children. See what our volunteers are doing in other communities and join our growing network of volunteers:

For some girls in Nigeria, their menstrual periods means missing school sessions. In some places, menstruation is associated with stigma; the girls feel embarrassed, often excluding themselves from social activities. With this in mind, HVN volunteer, Ruth Egbedi, hosted a Menstrual Hygiene Sensitization program in Anwar Girls High School, Lagos, Nigeria. 150 students were taught basic health hygiene and the use of sanitary pads. You can join the train of change makers on the Humanitarian Volunteer Network today. Please sign up here:

GLOBAL IMPACT NEWS! - NEW CHILDREN CENTER KICKS OFF IN CAPE VERDE ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ป Remember the orphanage where our partners celebrated their anniversary and the caregivers gave approval to use the facility as an ICM children center? Guess what? The children center activities have kicked off!!! ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿผ Through this center, the InnerCity Mission would carry out learning activities, mentor the kids and develop them in God's word. Thank You partners for this laudable impact! For more information on sponsorship of Children Centers and School building projects in underserved communities in Nigeria and around the world, kindly send us an email ๐Ÿ“ฉ โžก #EndChildPovertyNow #everychildisyourchild

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GO2INC 2.0 IN DEPTFORD SOUTHEAST LONDON What glorious joy was caused in heaven by our partners who reached out to people in Deptford, Southeast London through the #GO2Inc evangelical outreach. They preached the Gospel and gave each person copies of ministry materials, packs of food items, and many received the precious gift of salvation. Through the GO2INC phase 2, we are reaching men, women, and children in slums, villages, IDP camps, orphanages and inner cities with the message of Christโ€™s love. Be a part of it and together we will reach our 6Billion Mandate! For more information, click - If you would like to sponsor and organize GO2Inc in your community, contact us today for the toolkit - #EndChildPovertyNow #EveryChildIsYourChild

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With the insurgency being experienced in north-east Nigeria, gender-based violence (GBV) has escalated dramatically in the region. According to the Nigeria Humanitarian Response Plan, about 30% of women in this region reported experiencing GBV since 2013. Over the years, the InnerCity Mission Volunteer Network has carried out campaigns to empower the girl child. This month, our volunteers in north-east Nigeria conducted a GBV campaign across 5 communities in Maiduguri reaching 119 girls. They taught on menstrual hygiene and gifted hygiene kits to encourage good hygiene practices. You can be a part of the volunteer network today to empower the girl child in the inner cities. Sign up here:

LightUp Children is one of the 3 strategic initiatives through which we would be executing the #GO2Inc Phase 2. GO2Inc is a global Gospel Outreach to the inner cities, Slums, orphanages, street corners, IDPs, it is our divine strategy to prepare the poor and deliver them from the clutches of poverty into their inheritance of prosperity in Christ. Through GO2Inc LightUp Children, we will be fulfilling the 6Billion mandate by reaching EVERY INDIGENT CHILD around the world with the Gospel. Be a part of the biggest evangelical outreach to the inner-cities today! For more information, click โ€“ #EndChildPovertyNow #EveryChildIsYourChild

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#GO2Inc STREET is one of the 3 unique ways through which we would be executing the #GO2Inc Phase 2. Through this strategic initiative, we will be shinning the glorious light of the gospel in every street reaching the street boys and girls with the message of Christโ€™s Love. Be a part of it today! For more information, click โ€“ #EndChildPovertyNow #EveryChildIsYourChild

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VIDEO ALERT ๐Ÿšจ Watch this video to see the 3 ways you can bring in all the EXTRAS to the InnerCity Mission for distribution to the poor in this month of Joy ๐Ÿ˜„ For more information, kindly send us an email to #EndChildPovertyNow #EveryChildIsYourChild

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#volunteerspotlight Meet Somefun, a volunteer with the InnerCity Mission. In celebration of his birthday, he organized a noodle drive where he got his friends and family to donate boxes of noodles instead of gifts to support his drive. Through this drive, he raised 200 cartons of noodles which he donated to the InnerCity Mission Food Bank to support our school meal menu. What an amazing act of kindness! As a volunteer with the InnerCity Mission, you can help us reach the needy in your community and around the world with much needed Food in this month of Joy, Sign up today - #EndChildPovertyNow #EveryChildIsYourChild

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THE GOSPEL OUTREACH TO THE INNER CITIES (GO2Inc) 2.0 KICKS OFF! SHOUT GLORY!!! We are ready for the biggest evangelical outreach in the inner cities! During the first phase, in collaboration with the Loveworld Church Growth International and Loveworld Cell Ministry, we reached thousands of indigent children and their families in 100,000 locations, and 13 countries of the world with the gospel and humanitarian aid. ย  In this second Phase of the GO2Inc, we have repositioned for greater impact to achieve the 6Billion Mandate, as we would empty the inner cities, slums, orphanages and IDP camps and more, for our Lord Jesus Christ, leaving no soul behind at the sound of the last trump. Be a part of the GREAT COMPANY to publish this glorious good news. For more information, click โ€“ Stay tuned on our page for more details #EndChildPovertyNow #EveryChildIsYourChild

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Distribution of Scholastic ๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ–Š๏ธโœ๐Ÿ–๏ธMaterials in Obadore Community, Lagos Nigeria. Scholastic materials are very important in the learning process of a child as they promote active learning and allow the students to explore knowledge independently. We celebrate our HVN Volunteer, Stella Okifo, for distributing educational materials to 50 children in her community. These children also benefit from the weekly mentoring classes that she coordinates in her centre You can be a part of the amazing work our volunteers are doing around the world. Sign up on the HVN network today:

Do you know we have multiple mobile Learning Centers in India, Cape Verde, Zambia, Uganda, Nigeria and other countries around the world? Our Learning Centers provide opportunities for learning, socializing and recreation among indigent children. You can be a part of our work as a Humanitarian Volunteer with the InnerCity Mission for Children. Send us a mail today: hvnadmin@theinnercitymission

LIVE UPDATE FROM OUR HEALING CENTERS Healing streams and food distribution organized by our volunteer Olajumoke for patients in General hospital ring road Adeoyo, Ibadan. #EndChildPovertyNow #EveryChildIsYourChild

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SKILL ACQUISITION AND EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM FOR INDIGENT WOMEN IN MAIDUGURI, NORTH EAST NIGERIA. Thanks to our volunteers, the lives of Mrs. Victoria Jaman, Mrs. Ruth Adamu, and 20 other women, have been transformed through the InnerCity Mission Skills Acquisition and Empowerment Program in Moduganari Community, North-East Nigeria. They were empowered with money-making skills such as Soap Making to get them started with a small-scale business. In addition, two of these women were gifted grinding machines and others received startup materials to begin their soap-making businesses. You can be the reason for JOY in the life of an indigent child or family, this month through your partnership. Send us a mail if you would like to make a difference:

HVN Maiduguri Chapter organised a Cloth Drive in Moduganari,Maiduguri, North-East Nigeria.ย  Giving is an act of love and what better way can you express love than giving to those who may never be able to repay you. We celebrate the work of our volunteers in Maiduguri who identified 40 children in Moduganari community and gifted them with clothes.Spread love today by helping indigent children. You can contact the InnerCity Volunteer Network:

HVN CONFERENCE 2021 IN UGANDA Our Volunteers in Uganda are preparing to host their first ever HVN conference online. This annual conference is aimed at showcasing, celebrating and expanding the work of the InnerCity Mission by giving everyone who wants to make a difference in their world through volunteering an opportunity to join our workforce. We look forward to a most successful HVN Conference in Uganda. To sign up as a volunteer with us, click โžก #EndChildPovertyNow #EveryChildIsYourChild

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