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TUNE IN TO LOVEWORLD PLUS NOW... The InnerCity Mission Kids Can Dance Team commemorating Nigerian Children's Day with a special Dance Presentation.

JUST IN!!! BACK TO SCHOOL, MAC INITIATIVE IN JAMAICA A big Thank you to the Esteemed Pastor Emeka Eze and Partners in CE Lagos Zone 2 for sponsoring and organising a #Backtoschool distribution for indigent children in the inner-cities of Jamaica. Working the InnerCity Mission, the Mentor A Child [MAC] Initiative affords YOU the opportunity to adopt and sponsor at least ONE indigent child back to school in your immediate environment. To send a child back to school costs $100 or its equivalent in your local currency and this cover a full school session, providing; school uniforms, school shoes, writing materials, school bags, textbooks, tuition. To sponsor a child, click this link🔹️ #EveryChildisyourChild #EndChildpovertynow

HAPPENING TODAY- CLEAR YOUR SCHEDULE Now in its 5th Edition💃🕺💃, the LOVE AND LAUGHTER CONCERT, proudly organized by partners in CE Sapele in conjunction with the #InnerCityMission takes place today by 3pm prompt. Ministering are world Class Ministers like Rozey, TBI, Agent Snipper and a host of others. Tell someone about it! #EndChildpovertynow #EveryChildisyourChild

VIDEO ALERT📹 HEAR THEIR CRY After Ebola virus claimed the life of their Father and breadwinner...things fell apart and became very difficult for Elisiana, Williams and their Mother. They could no longer afford school and even having at least a meal a day was a great struggle. Watch this partnership classic to see how your partnership restored hope and be inspired to hear the cry of many more indigent with your partnership. To give, click this link ➡️ #EveryChildisyourChild #EndChildpovertynow

And its a wrap! Our deepest appreciation goes to our Life Coach, Teacher ,Mentor, Man of God #PastorChris for transforming lives through sustained interventions like the Family Support Program. Thank you Partners for sponsoring the VISION always. The Household heads who have just graduated from the Family Support program, would do exploits. #EveryChildisyourChild #EndChildpovertynow

NEWS UPDATE ... ONE MORE TIME...THANKS TO YOU DEAR PARTNERS 👏 For the last time, 258 graduating beneficiaries of the #InnerCityMission 2018/2019 Family Support program at the graduation ceremony, received food rations as part of the parting gifts from our partners.


VIDEO ALERT📹 NEWS FROM THE ONGOING 2018/2019 FAMILY SUPPORT PROGRAM, GRADUATION AND INDUCTION CEREMONY 500 Inductees at the Family Support Program pledge to give their all, to produce remarkable results through the program. #EveryChildisyourChild #EndChildpovertynow

NEWS UPDATE!!! FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FOR FAMILIES AT THE FAMILY SUPPORT PROGRAM, GRADUATION AND INDUCTION CEREMONY... Selected graduating household heads, receive grants to help boost their small scale businesses, moving them to the next phase of their lives. Thank you to our dear Man of God #PastorChris for showing us how to demonstrate God's liquid love to to indigent. #EndChildpovertynow #EveryChildisyourChild

HAPPENING NOW!! Special Prayer for the Graduates of the Family Support the highly esteemed Director of the #InnerCityMission -Pastor Omoh Alabi "The wisdom to make wealth is working in you, you would never want for anything good. You are blessed with God's Word...favour everywhere for you. Poverty is far from you. In your community, you are shinning as lights. God has caused you to laugh today and all those who hear your story will laugh with you in Jesus name! #EveryChildisyourChild #EndChildpovertynow

MORE UPDATES..HAPPENING NOW FAMILY SUPPORT PROGRAM GRADUATION AND INDUCTION CEREMONY 🎉 Exhortations by the Esteemed Director of the #InnerCityMission- Pastor Omoh Alabi to the graduates... "We send you forth with the blessings of God so that through you, others in need would shine". To the Inductees... "There is hope for you" #EveryChildisyourChild #EndChildpovertynow

ON GOING PROGRAM UPDATE The Family Support Program Graduation and Induction Ceremony has kicked off. The #InnerCityMission through the Family support program, is working to achieve Sustainable Goal 1- which is to eradicate poverty in all its forms and Goal 5 -gender equality and women empowerment. Currently, 95%of our beneficiaries are women. #EveryChildisyourChild #EndChildpovertynow

HAPPENING NOW!!! It's a happy and joyful day for beneficiaries of the #InnerCityMission Family Support Program as TODAY, 285 families graduate and 500 families ready to be inducted into the program. After a period of food support and skills aquisition for economic empowerment, the 258 households in Lagos are ready to take on the world. Also, with the support of our partners, we are reaching more families. For this new cycle in Lagos, a total of 500 families would benefit. #EndChildpovertynow #EveryChildisyourChild

PRAY FOR VENEZUELA 🙏 Since 2014, Venezuela — once the richest country in South America has experienced a socioeconomic and political crisis that has caused an unprecedented and man-made humanitarian crisis. Rising violence and inflation in Venezuela have left families without food, medical care or basic services. Many are making desperate journeys to leave their home country entirely to find safety and hope in neighboring countries like Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and other countries in the region. Families still inside the country, are struggling to survive, putting thousands of children at risk of suffering from malnutrition or dying from hunger and hunger related issues. Psalm 9: 17-18 “Because the poor are plundered and the needy groan, I will now arise,” says the Lord. “I will protect them from those who malign them.” Today we lift Venezuela in prayer, that peace and tranquility reigns. We also pray for the safety of humanitarian aid workers so that much needed aid from various humanitarian organizations like the InnerCity Mission are allowed to reach the needy and vulnerable . Do join us on the Praying for the needy network here ➡️ every Friday, God bless you! #EveryChildisyourChild #EndChildpovertynow

Have you heard⁉️⁉️ The Mentor A Child [MAC] Initiative is NOW in your neighborhood The Mentor a Child [MAC] initiative is a platform where you work with the #InnerCityMission to help send indigent children in your environs, #BacktoSchool in communities near you. Your sponsorship of $100 or its equivalent in your local currency here➡️ would provide your sponsored child with the necessary educational tools such as school uniforms, school bags , writing materials, textbooks, exam fees and in some cases, tuition. #EveryChildisyourChild #EndChildpovertynow

DID YOU KNOW? That according to World Bank, one year of education for a girl child yields as high as 25% increase in income later in life? Now this is remarkable! Imagine what the economy of a nation would be like in years to come if much attention is given to the girl child as much as it given to the boy child. As we gear up for the #Backtoschool campaign, you can make that desired change in your nation today by sponsoring at least one child back to school giving both BOYS AND GIRLS equal opportunities here ➡ Join us to change the status quo today!!! #everychildisyourchild #endchildpovertynow

The #InnerCityMission celebrates a great LIGHT💡 Happy Birthday esteemed Pastor Akin Oketunji, thank you for your unwavering support in spreading God's love to the indigent. Because of you, the InnerCity Mission Global Missions Initiative is prospering. We are penetrating Nations and transforming the lives of the indigent. We also say a big "THANK YOU" for spending YOUR SPECIAL DAY with the children of Destiny Home Orphanage, Duoala, Cameroon. Their lives would never remain the same again. We love you dearly Sir #EveryChildisyourChild #EndChildpovertynow

VIDEO ALERT! BIRTHDAY GIFTING UPDATE🎊🎂🎉 Hippie!! Today, esteemed Deacon Bamidele Onalaja, a Star💥 partner with the InnerCity Mission visited the #InnerCityMission facility with his beautiful wife, family and friends to celebrate his birthday with the InnerCity Mission School pupils and to also donate much needed food items to the Foodbank. #EveryChildisyourChild #EndChildpovertynow

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