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*BREAKING NEWS!* The *Kingspay* solution finally lands in Francophone West. - Now you have a choice. - Now you can use your local (CFA) Card on KingsPay. - No need to convert to USD. What are you waiting for? Get on the train. Use Kingspay now, whether you want essentials or more; visit *Kingspay,... Payments just got even easier*

Welcome to Informational Wednesday! What is it you would like to know about KingsPay? See below our FAQ's, buzz us up if you still didn't find what you looking for. FREQUENTLY ENCOUNTERED ISSUES AND QUESTIONS BY KINGSPAY USERS WITH CORRESPONDING ANSWERS TO HELP OUT FOR RESOLUTION. 1. HOW DO I USE THE APP • Install and launch the app on your device. • Enter your preferred recipient code. • Tap on the institution to enter Amount. • Tap next for the purpose of the payment • Then proceed to link your card or select already linked card for your transaction. • Enter the 3-digit CVV pin on your debit card. • Proceed to enter your 6 or 7-digit OTP sent from your bank to complete your transaction. 2. HOW DO I LINK MY CARD? Kindly link your card by tapping on the MENU tab on the top right corner of the screen to select the My Cards option to link a new card or modify already linked card(s). 3. HOW DO I FIND MY TRANSACTION HISTORY? Your transaction history is displayed on the home page of the app once launched, under the field for entering your preferred recipient code. 4. IT SAYS I SHOULD VERIFY MY EMAIL ADDRESS? This would require you to add and verify your email address via the settings page of the KingsChat app to proceed with your transaction on the Platform. 5. IT SAYS MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS ALREADY TAKEN This notifies user that the email address entered is registered with another account on the platform; user is advised to add and verify another email address. 6. IT SAYS MY CARD IS DECLINED? This is usually an issue with users’ bank. User is advised to contact his/her bank to know why the card was declined and also advised to proceed with payment using another card. 7. I CAN’T LINK MY CARD ON THE APP? This could be as a result as different issues which could include poor internet service at users’ location, however users are advised to send screenshot of the error message to for investigation and resolution. 8. IT GIVES ME SERVER ERROR CODE: 500, WHAT DO I DO? User is advised to try again after a few minutes as the error message could be as a result of poor internet access at present location. 9. I WANT TO CREATE A RECIPIENT ACCOUNT FOR MY BUSINESS, HOW DO I GO ABOUT IT? Users are advised to create Business accounts via the KingsPay app by tapping on the Create Business Account tab in red found on the home page of the app or contact the KingsPay team via 10. COMPATIBILITY ISSUES… KingsChat products are designed to be compatible with android devices having android version 5.0 and above and iOS devices with iOS version 12.0 and above. Any android or iOS version less than that would be considered incompatible with the app, alternatively user could give via For any other enquiry, kindly contact our support team via

Highly Esteemed Pastor Ma, today we celebrate you and the wisdom of God in you; we are grateful to God for the association and fellowship of the spirit we enjoy with you ma; may this new year be the best till date. We rejoice with you, thank you for all you do for us and through us, KingsPay wish you a HAPPY SUPER DUPER BIRTHDAY!

On a day like this, we would like to wish you all a Happy May Day! #team #teamplayer #kudos #greatjob #inspirationalleader #teamwork #leadership #thankyou #like #teambuilding #management #culture #agile #success

How do you pay? What do you pay? When do you pay? Hassled with the rigour of payment? Payment made easy with our KingsPay Google and iOS app or the, you never have to miss out on any of your essentials. However you pay, Cashless is better with KingsPay!

Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! With so much thrill and boundless joy, KingsPay celebrates and rejoice with Sister Sharon and Brother Philip Frimpong on the arrival of their baby girl!

Gaining momentum and increasing usage at the CELVZ (Christ Embassy Lagos Virtual Zone) was sublime, many were taken through how to use KingsPay and many with technical error and issues got a resolution to the problems. Using KingsPay is peace of mind for collection and payment, whether it is for your offerings, tithe, partnership, seed etc, KingsPay is fast, easy and safe for every transaction. Are you a business owner and would like to engage KingsPay as a Service? Kindly send us a message and one of our product managers will contact you immediately; you don't have to carry cash around, just KingsPay it! Next stop is CELZ3 (Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 3). Download our App on iOS and Google store, you can also log on to; follow us on the KingsPay Superuser for more.

At mainstream, business has gone beyond the usual. You have a business and you need simplified payment, KingsPay is your pathway to a fast easy and safe collection. Experiential business combines elements of innovative products with hands-on point to point delivery to receive payment in new and creative ways is what we offer you at KingsPay. Whatever your collection or payment need is, Just Kingspay it! Download our App at the iOS or Google store, or log on to Follow our Kingspay Superuser Account for more.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ESTEEMED PASTOR RITAAAAAAA! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUU. We celebrate your exceptional life, your brave life and your many accolades with which you have created and added value to the work of the ministry and to many around the world, thank you for being you; this new year is beyond exceptional, we love and appreciate you even as we rejoice with you always. HIP! HIP! HIP! HURRAY.

Resourceful, Independent, Tactical and Advantageous. Today, we celebrate a woman of great PASSION and ACTION, a serial ACHIEVER, a SHINING STAR, one who is absolutely given to the PURPOSE of our GOSPEL. HAPPY EXCEPTIONAL BIRTHDAY Esteemed Pastor Rita Ijomah! KINGSPAY wish you the best in this new year and beyond.

What can you do with KingsPay? Can you make global payment? Can you make payment locally with KingsPay? Can you accept or receive payment with KingsPay? Can you save your card on KingsPay? Can you use the 6 or 7 digits OTP on KingsPay? Can you download KingsPay app on the iOS and Google store? Is KingsPay web platform for payment? The answer to all questions above is YES. #payment, #paywithkingspay #offering, #çivng #seed #partnership #haven #yourloveworld #pastorchrislive

The Power is in the Partnership! The Energy is in the Collaboration! The Scaling is in the Networking. We are opened for business, whatever it is that you seek in receiving and in payment; let us discuss. KingsPay... An innovative and efficient driven solution. Download our Application on the iOS and Google store, you can also visit us on the web: KingsPay - fast, easy, safe.

You never have to worry again about the one time password from your bank when making payments, whether it is six or seven digits; KingsPay has got you covered. Our seamless and simple to use interface will always have you coming back again. With so much changes in the way the world is making payment, KingsPay is your number one fast, easy and safe solution. #paywithkingspay #kingspay #fasteasysafe #giving #downloadnow

No pen or paper, but we still draw attention. It was an excellent outing at the CELVZ Church, the praying church, the award winning church, the cheerful church, the prosperous church and the God given Effizy church, when giving and payment calls for more, KingsPay is right there; whether you want essentials or more, KingsPay is right for every moment. #paywithkingspay train is on the move, where is the next stop? #kingspay #celvz #giving #offering #tithe #seed #partnership #payment #pastorchrislive #yourloveworldspecial #ministrygiving #innercity #pcdl #loveworldschools #haven

Welcome to KingsPay Superuser Space. Through our several products at KingsPay we help you simplify your giving/payment in a simple and secured process hereby harnessing the power of technology to deliver to every institution value for their services and goods. On our Superuser space, you will learn, unlearn, and relearn the several opportunities and privileges KingsPay has come to deliver to our world. Our sustainable business model: a. The use of new technologies and digital platforms. b. Innovative and low-cost financial solutions designed specifically for our clients. c. Big Data and non-traditional methodologies. d. Offering the same customer experience on any channel. Whatever it is, wherever it is, whenever it is; whether you are regular or first time user as a business owner, a philanthropist or a buyer; the latitude for payment, collection, and giving is non exhaustible, with KingsPay, we got you covered all the way. KingsPay offers a variety of payment solutions, including credit card, debit card, EFT, as well as online, recurring payments, etc. With every payment, you get in-depth reporting. Our range of payment methods is extensive, and there is no setup fee, just KingsPay your payments. Download the KingsPay App on Google or iOS store, you can also login to the web platform; You are at the right place, follow us on this resourceful space to know more and be more with KingsPay!

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