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The LGN CHRIST EMBASSY ABA ZONE CONNECT!!! Impact stories keep brewing as the graduates in the Christ Embassy Aba Zone joined in the networking success train. A specific graduates connect meeting geared towards awakening the passion for impact and relevance for the sake of the gospel. #LGNRules #LGNConnectAbaZone #LGNAbaZone

LGN CHRIST EMBASSY ABA ZONE CONNECT!!! Meet our well-seasoned Facilitators, speaking on the various topics which fired up our graduated for great exploits, Raising impact conscious millennials for the gospel. #LGNConnectAbaZone #LGNAbaZone #LGNRules

SPECIAL APPRECIATION FROM THE CEMC ABUJA LOVEWORLD GRADUATE NETWORK We are eternally grateful to you Sir, Most Rev. Tom, for believing in us, for loving us and for trusting us to make impact in our world. The just concluded Ministry Centre Abuja Loveworld Graduate Network Connect was a huge success, Sir, all because you believed in us. We love you so dearly Sir. #CEMCABUJA #LGN

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Words will fail us to express our gratitude to you Sir, the Esteemed Rev Tom Amenkhienan, for your love, support and commitment to the Loveworld Graduate Network. The LGN Abuja Ministry Centre Connect was a huge success and we are out to change the world with the investment of our personality. We Love you so much Sir #LGNConnectAbujaMinistryCentre #AbujaMinistryCentre #LGNRules

We are deeply blessed to have you SIR, The Esteemed Pastor Niyi Moyede, Zonal Pastor Christ Embassy North Central Zone 1, for your unwavering support and love for the Loveworld Graduate Network, thank you for hosting the just concluded LGN CONNECT JOS. It was a high success We love you Sir!! #LGNConnectJos #LGNRules

#LGNConnectAbujaMinistryCentre #AbujaMinistryCentre #LGNRules

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THE LGN CONNECT MINISTRY CENTRE ABUJA A time if Inspiration, impartation and invigoration. And in the words of the members of the network who attended....."watch out for the next big thing in Abuja" Ideas were birthed and inspiration for expansion of businesses where received. #LGNConnectAbujaMinistryCentre #AbujaMinistryCentre #LGNRules

The LGN CONNECT MINISTRY CENTRE ABUJA was a huge success as the graduates were inspired and stired to impact their world with the investment of their personality. We had in attendance members of the network who professionals in various field who left the meeting the the inspiration for impact. #LGNConnectAbujaMinistryCentre #AbujaMinistryCentre #LGNRules

The epochal LGN MINISTRY CENTRE ABUJA CONNECT WAS A HUGE SUCCESS Thank you so much High Esteemed Rev Tom Amenkhienan for loving us so dearly and for loving the LGN. #LGNConnectAbujaMinistryCentre #AbujaMinistryCentre #LGNRules

HAPPENING LIVE AT THE LGN CONNECT ABUJA MINISTRY CENTER. Great joy and expectations from our graduates here at the abuja ministry center whilst receiving the Highly Esteemed Director of the Network. #LGNRULES #LGNCONNECTABUJAMINISTRYCENTER #CEMINISTRYCENTERABUJA #NETWORKINGSUCCESS

Happening live at the LGN Connect with the Highly Esteemed Pastor Niyi Moyede. No one was born the way they were, the reason why a man is the way he is, is as a result of the investment he has made in his personality. In life everyone pays school fees,its either paid when we learn or when we make mistakes. Success begins when God talks to a man. #LGNRULES #LGNCONNECT #NETWORKINGSUCCESS

LOVEWORLD GRADUATE NETWORK CONNECT JOS Happening Live at the Connect meeting CE Jos with the Highly Esteemed Pastor Niyi Moyede. #LGNRULES #LGNCONNECTJOS #NETWORKINGSUCCESS

LGN CHRIST EMBASSY MINISTRY CENTRE ABUJA CONNECT: Sunday; 8th Nov, 2020 by 3pm Stay connected.... #LGNRules #Monthofpraise #LGNConnect

NORTHERN REGION ARE YOU READY!!!! LGN CONNECT JOS: Saturday; 7th Nov, 2020 by 10am Stay connected.... #LGNConnect #LGNRules #MonthofPraise

VITAL INFORMATION ON IPPC 2020 As we count up 19 Days to the IPPC 2020 from Monday 16th to Sunday 22nd October 2020, please note, and watch the video below to obtain some vital information on the conference. DETAILS OF THE IPPC GROUP OF PROGRAMS • International Pastors' Conference : Mon 16th - Wed 18th November 2020 • International Partners' Conference: Thurs 19th - Sun 22nd November 2020 • Loveworld Exhibition : Mon 16th - Sun 22nd November 2020 •Loveworld Awards : Sat 21st November 2020 • LIMA Awards : Sun 22nd November 2020 REGISTRATION Check your Kingschat and Email for the Invitation to IPPC, and click on the link provided to proceed with your registration. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE • Morning Sessions : start at 7am • Break : after the morning sessions • Evening Sessions : end at 6pm FOOD COURTS Numerous Food courts will be available to provide you with a wide variety of sumptuous Intercontinental and African cuisine, drinks, snacks, finger foods, etc, at affordable prices. CHILD CARE SERVICES Services will be provided for delegates with children from 24 months - 10 years. Pre-registration is required through the Zones. BUS SHUTTLE SERVICES Scheduled Bus Shuttles will be available throughout the conference. Buses will run to and from the hotels and the IPPC Campus. You require an IPPC Bus Shuttle Pass for the shuttle services CAR PARKING There are designated Car Parks within and outside the IPPC Campus. To park on the campus, please register your vehicle & obtain a valid IPPC Car Park Sticker. #ippc #ippc2020

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IPPC CHAIRMEN'S CHAT - WHY YOU SHOULD ATTEND THE IPPC 2020 Did you know that the IPPC 2020 is the biggest and best Ministry Program ever? Where you'll be seeing our Man of God, Pastor Chris LIVE, at a time when the world thought that such a meeting would never hold again. Oh Praise God! Watch the video below as the IPPC 2020 Chairman, along with previous IPPC Chairmen inspire and enlighten you on why you should attend the IPPC 2020. IPPC 2020 is: 👉A special time of repositioning 👉A time to receive divine strategies 👉An agenda setting meeting 👉A time to receive the blueprint and motivation for greater impact 👉A time to celebrate our exploits and victories in 2020 👉A time to recieve the inspiration to dream big & accomplish those dreams 👉A time to receive the grace & ability to do more 👉A time to have a personal encounter with God 👉A time to receive the special Word from our Man of God that comes with an impartation of Grace 👉A time to be established in the present truth of God's Word 👉A time to receive insight & foresight that'll position you ahead 👉A time to enjoy the fellowship of the brethren, and 👉A time to receive new visions and revelations Remember to plan for the IPPC 2020 from Monday 16th to Sunday 22nd November 2020. Take the right permissions from work, book your flight and accomodation, and make the necessary arrangements with/for your family. See you at the IPPC 2020. God bless you. #ippc #ippc2020

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Welcome to the month of praise. A special month to offer Thanksgiving to God for a beautiful year of perfection and also a special month to proclaim in praise all that we see in the spirit for 2021. Stayed praised up. God bless you #LGNRules #MonthofPraise #Praiseourweapon

Welcome to November the Month of PRAISE. #LGNRULES

Are you a Blw Alumnus or Alumna? Did you graduate from any of our Campus Fellowships? Or are you a graduate in the Loveworld Nation? The Graduate Network is for you.....Join a network of Global Influentials today? Register @ And follow us on Kingschat @Lgn

The Loveworld Graduate Network LTP (Leadership Training Program).....a gathering of mighties and a strengthening of the workforce. A 2days of impartation for all our leaders across the zones. Oct 31, 2020 & Nov 7, 2020. Save the date. #LGNLTP #LGNrules #Proclamations #Gettingset

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