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The Happy Girl’s Guide To Smashing Monday! I would say that about 35% of the ladies you will walk by tomorrow morning will wish it was Thursday already. Partly because they want to rake in a couple more hours of couch time but also because they probably spent half an hour deciding whether to go with the pink top and the purple skirt or the regular black gown. Ever heard someone say ‘You look happier in bright colors’? it an urban fashion myth but injecting a couple of light shades will definitely elevate your mood. On the last day of April, I stood in front of my closet and analyzed it. I had a couple of dark clothes, skirts that have been washed so often they’ve faded into a French navy and trousers that are hung over from the good ol’days. So I spring cleaned, had a much needed closet refresh and when I look at my closet now, I see a lot of sorbet colors: blush pinks, pistachio greens, taupe neutrals and basically an array of clothes that I look forward to throwing on and walking out of the door.

Okay! Okay! I put my hands up. There are just some exceptional Fridays that you’re not ready to fuss about your outfit and you literally feel you can throw on a sack of potatoes and rock it - 🙋🏽‍♀️ - I put my hands up (been there, done that but decided to leave that behavior in the past 😃). However, when you do decide to be casual with a big ‘C’, there’s a way to do it. I have a trusty pair of joggers that gets me through these kinds of days and the key to styling them is to go one size up - so that you have that loose, effortless, ‘not trying too hard - but I put in my best’ kind of vibe. I whacked on a paid of trainers...just because...and voila! Friday on a 💯

Move over! I’m coming through in not your basic ‘Friday Casual Glam’! Lol - but you know how we all have the pre - conceived notion that Friday is dress down day so you’re allowed to whip out your old pair of jeans, a raggedy top, flat shoes and be out the door without attracting a fine from the fashion squad? I also love the look on my friend’s faces when I walk into the office and the jaw drops like ‘Yo! Why do you look like Tuesday on a Friday’ and my response is always: Everyday is a fashion show and there’s never an excuse to look boring 😉!

#3 - One of my personal favorite, the cat eye! Trendy, quirky and a favorite of several fashion influencers right now.

#2 - High Key Aviators Aviator sunglasses were originally designed for pilots to protect their eyes while flying, since the name. Now one of the most iconic sunglasses styles, it works with most face shapes and is ideal for those with good oval, square or heart shaped (👽) faces.

After what seemed like the longest winter ever 🥶 the sun is out and the weather is finally warming up! Time to whip out all my favorite spring/summer accessories, especially sunglasses. Here are a few of my fave styles - #1 The Wayfarers - classic, unisex and universally flattering.

Spring florals and oversized denim is a classic combo

One fashion trend that didn’t expect to love is the comeback of the fanny pack. I really want to not like it but it’s so cute and functional 🤦‍♀️ What do you guys think? Keep it or lose it for the upcoming spring season?

Hey guys 👋🏼 So there was a time that I was given a last minute invite to an event. Like 3 hours before heading out the door kind of last minute and I had not the slightest idea what to wear. I’s 2019 and fashion has evolved to levels where there’s no reason to not show up & slay. So what did I do? I decided that two words - Classy Comfort - would guide my final outfit. So I reached for my trusty sophisticated sheer white blouse that sends boujee vibes all the way through and paired it with wide leg trousers that had enough going on to keep the naysayers at bay. I slapped on my strappy sandals, reached for my purse, stood in front of the mirror and gave my self an A++ for timely effort.

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