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It's beautiful youuu!!!! Love world ladies ready for the next big thing. Gloryyyyy!!! Have you registered? Pls join me #LLNBeautifulyou #loveworldladiesnetwork #nextbigthing #cephzone2 #iamready

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#LLNBeautifulyou #NextBigThing #Loveworldladiesnetwork #CESAZONE1 It was such a pleasure as we beheld the beautiful single ladies officially launch the BEAUTIFUL YOU!😍😍😍😍.

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Get ready for a most impactful week! #yourloveworldspecial #loveworldladiesnetwork #llnbeautifulyou

See who is on the set; Sister Doreen. She has registered, what are you waiting for? #lln #beautifulyou #cecanada

Listen as Sister Ugonma explains what to.expect at the BEAUTIFUL YOU program. It is time register if you have not. #lln #beautifulyou #cephzn2

πŸ“Œ PRAYER POINT FOR MONDAY 26TH JULY β­•Pray in other tongues to condition the spirits and get thoughts of our single ladies aligned rightly with the Word of God concerning this program. Proverbs 1:8-9 #LLNBEAUTIFULYOU #loveworldladiesnetwork #lln

πŸ“ΈHighlights as Talkshow panelists inspire Loveworld Ladies to be a part of the exclusive upcoming "Beautiful You" program for Single Ladies. #Cemidwestzone #Cebowen #Lln #Loveworldladiesnetwork #BeautifulYou

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The spread is across nations of the world; don't be left behind, REGISTER NOW. #lln #beautifulyou #cekenya

Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! The fire is spreading Register NOW #lln #beautifulyou #midwestzone

Hear what Pastor Tonye has to say #lln #beautifulyou #ministrycenterwarri

The excitement is building up so fast as we anticipate a new wave of the supernatural among our Single ladies across the ministry. Register NOW and invite all the Single ladies in your world of contact. #lln #beautifulyou #midwestzone

Happy Sunday everyone...

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"I have registered, you have to register too", says Pastor Tonye. So, register NOW #lln #beautifulyou #mcw

πŸ“Œ PRAYER POINT FOR SATURDAY 24TH JULY Declare healing and deliverance to everyone who maybe hurting and will be attending the program. Proclaim that there shall be outstanding testimonies.2Cor 9:8-10 Declare that you have seed to sow at this time and we have more than enough for this project.1 Cor 14: 2-4 #llnbeautifulyou #lln #loveworldladiesnetwork


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βœˆοΈβœˆοΈβœˆοΈβœˆοΈπŸ€ΈπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸ‘οΈπŸ‘οΈπŸ‘€πŸ‘€Watch out for the biggest News Breaking Event, Coming up in the Loveworld Ladies Network.... πŸ’žβ€THE BEAUTIFUL YOUβ€πŸ’ž (Exclusively for All Single Ladies) πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ Hurryyyyy, Register NOW with our Ministry Centre unique Link at πŸ“Save the date: August 14th & 15th, 2021 at 3pm daily. Stay glued to this space for more UPDATES! #lln #loveworldladiesnetwork #beautifulyou #CalMC #TeamCalabarRocks

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πŸ“Œ PRAYER POINT FOR FRIDAY 23RD JULY OUR PRAYER TIMES ARE: 11am, 1pm and 4pm local time for 15 minutes each time 1 Corinthians 2:4 Β And my preaching was very plain, not with a lot of oratory and human wisdom, but the Holy Spirit’s power was in my words, proving to those who heard them that the message was from God. Pray that as our facilitators, minister the anointing of God's Spirit that comes forth from them will get right into the Spirit of every attendee to produce great wisdom that will perfect all that concerns them. #lln #loveworldladiesnetwork #beautifulyou

*BEAUTIFUL YOU - 2-DAY SEMINAR EXCLUSIVELY FOR SINGLE LADIES* βœ… REGISTER yourself βœ… INVITE ALL the Single Ladies you know to attend with you βœ… PREPARE with prayer and *REGISTER & SEND YOUR QUESTION* 🌐 #BeautifulYou #LLN #WEZ4 #CEGermany

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BEAUTIFUL YOU - SINGLE LADIES CONFERENCE BY LOVEWORLD LADIES NETWORK πŸ’ƒπŸ’•πŸ’ƒπŸ’•πŸ’ƒπŸ’•πŸ’ƒπŸ’•πŸ’ƒπŸ’• I am excited about it. What about you? πŸ—“ 14 & 15 AUG 🌐Register now: #BeautifulYou #LLN #LoveworldLadies #BeautifulYouWEZ4 #CEGERMANY #WEZ4

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πŸ“Œ PRAYER POINT FOR THURSDAY 22ND JULY PRAYER TIMES: 11am, 1pm and 4pm local time. For 15 minutes each time πŸ“Œ Daniel 5:12 Forasmuch as an excellent spirit, and knowledge, and understanding, interpreting of dreams, and shewing of hard sentences, and dissolving of doubts, were found in the same Daniel, whom the king named Belteshazzar: now let Daniel be called, and he will shew the interpretation. πŸŸ₯Pray for all the officials that will be involved in the Program; that the wisdom of God is working in them in all they do such that they carry out their work with excellence, resulting in a glorious program. #lln #loveworldladiesnetwork #beautifulyou

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