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Happy birthday ma, I remember your prayers, your love, your kindness, care and most of all the foundational training you gave me. I want to thank you so much for believing in me. Thank you ma. I love you dearly.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ESTEEMED REV TOM SIR! Happy birthday to the esteemed Rev Tom Amenkhienan. Thank you sir for your exemplary leadership and for inspiring millions of youth around the world. Thank you for your role in building the future. We love you Sir. #gylf

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As a child of God, you ought to always think of what you can do to make the world a better place. Success is making the world around you better than you met it. There’re those who only think of what others can do for them, not realising they’re debtors to the world—they owe the world the investment of their personality. Always, ask yourself, “What can I do to help?” “How can I contribute to the development of my world?” That’s the mentality of a champion! The world needs visionaries: Young men and women who will step out from the crowd, find a need, and reach out to meet that need. That’s one of the principles of success—when you’re challenged to make things better than the way you met them. Instead of being the one asking for help and waiting for others to give to you, you should become the helper! Become the one to meet other people’s needs. Be the blesser and the giver, for that’s your calling. Before long, God will expand your vision and increase your inspiration! Follow this Superuser For Daily Updates linktr.ee/lwmv #r815 #stillpraying #pclprayathon2020 #iamapriestinoffice #loveworldmediavideos #pastorchrisworthhearing

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Happy Fathers' Day Pastor Sir. We love you dearly. #lwsadi #fathersday

Thank you for your step by step guidance Sir

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Happy Fathers' Day Pastor Sir. We love you dearly. #lwsadi #fathersday

Happy Fathers' Day to the Best Dad in the Whole World. To the Most Excellent Personality in the whole World. We love you DAD. #lwsadi #fathersday2020

PROFESSIONAL DOCTORS SPEAK UP!! https://apple.news/AcZ3Eg21qQa6Lcqk05ILZ2g #whoiswho Read this article. Truly covid is a fiasco of deception and deliberate misguidiance. Fear mongering at unprecedented levels. WHO should be held accountable..

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PROFESSIONAL DOCTORS SPEAK UP!! Read the article below. This has some correct information. The fear mongering misinformation campaign going on is damaging unlawful and unprecedented. WHO will give account for the loses? #whoiswho https://apple.news/AcZ3Eg21qQa6Lcqk05ILZ2g

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PROFESSIONAL DOCTORS SPEAK UP! WHO said lockdown is the model. WHO said no lockdown is the model. WHO said facemasks are useless WHO said facemasks are to be used WHO is confused, compromised, non scientific and should be abrogated and brought to book. #whoiswho

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PROFESSIONAL DOCTORS SPEAK UP!! Lockdown is Most disturbing event in recent human history. MUST NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN Violations of the bill of rights. Non medical, non scientific. Draconian and intolerant to truth. Supported by selfish big tech and I.T corp. #whoiswho

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🥁🥁🥁🥳🥳🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻Gallantly celebrating an icon of excellence and perfection ... 👏👏👏Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Vale Odu-Thomas ...Thank you for your passionate commitment to the spread and impact of the products and services of the Pastor Chris Digital Library...💃💃🥳 We love and appreciate you dearly 👌

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Happy 60th Birthday Sir. Congratulations on this new and glorious level. Thank you for being a great blessing to many the world over, and to me. Thank you for your great feats in the gospel that continually speak. I celebrate you today and always. I love you sir.

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21 gunshot salute to the one and only Pastor Vale Odu-thomas @odu-tee , sixty[60] sure looks good on you. #HappyBirthday Thank you for being an inspiring example of service in God's house and devotion to our man of God. I love💜 you personally.

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Happy 60th birthday to the Highly Esteemed Pastor Vale Odu Thomas. I thank God for the impact you are making in ministry, you are indeed an inspiration. Thank you for being ardent follower of our man of God, and a dependable son in the house. I love you dearly.

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Happy Glorious birthday to God's General, our amiable, excellent, wonderful and dearly esteemed Pastor Sir!!! I join the host of heaven and the Loveworld Nation to celebrate your gloriously impactful life in the year of Perfection!!!.We love and appreciate you dearly Sir!!!

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To the highly Esteemed Pastor Vale, you are an example of a true disciple in truth and indeed. May your light continue to burn and shine so brightly till the coming of our Lord & Master, Jesus Christ. I love you dearly.

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Celebrating a great steward of faith and dedicated soldier in God’s army, dear Pastor Vale. Thank you for your phenomenal exploits and impact in the ministry, most especially for training and raising many leaders by precept and example. Thank you for your consistent availability and stalwart support in many areas of our joint assignments. Your fervour for souls is exemplary. It’s your season of supernatural accomplishments!!! Happy 60th Birthday🎆✨🎇. I love you.

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