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Gloryyy! Are you ready!! The May Global Service with Pastor Chris is just 9 days away! Download the Cloveworld App on this👇link to connect live on your mobile anywhere across the globe

The gospel of hope to that man/woman in Syria, who is broken and sad by the loss of his entire family to a war he/she knows nothing about. The gospel of light to that young man in Iraq who has resigned himself to ending his life as a suicide bomber The gospel of salvation to that boy in Libya who is thinking of joining a terrorist group. These and more, are what you do when you send your seed for the "LOVEWORLD MENA BASE STATION SET-UP IN EGYPT" For details and inquiries Kindly visit the LTM partnership stand in your local Church. You can also call +2348123445783, +2348123445790 or send an email to

Discover the mind of the Spirit of God for the month of May, in the GLOBAL SERVICE with PASTOR CHRIS. It's going to be airing live on the Loveworld Television Ministry Networks, accessible on the go via the CloveworldApp. Click 👇 to download

Anticipating The June Global Service With Pastor Chris Streaming live simultaneously on the web, TV, and Radio platforms. On Sunday the 2nd of June 2019 Accessible on go via the Cetunes and the Cloveworld Apps. Available on the Google play store and the iOS App store

THE LOVEWORLD MENA - BASE STATION SET-UP IN EGYPT Impact over 380 million lives in the Middle - East and North - Africa with "The Gospel In Arabic" by giving financially toward the "Loveworld MENA - Base station set - up in Egypt. The time for the Middle East and North Africa is now!! For details and inquiries Kindly visit the LTM partnership stand in your local Church. You can also call +2348123445783, +2348123445790 or send an email to

ENJOY THE BEST OF RADIO ON THE CETUNES APP Access over 200 Radio stations on the go - via the Cetunes App Click here to download👇

The Opportunity We've Been Praying For - Is Here! As children of 'Light', we recognize and take full advantage of opportunities for the good of the gospel. 'THE LOVEWORLD MENA BASE STATION IN EGYPT' - a product of the intercessory prayers of the saints for the Middle-East and North-Africa. Is a special project gear toward reaching the entire region of the Middle-East and North Africa with the gospel of truth via a dedicated 24/7 Television station broadcasting to all the countries in the "MENA " region in the Arabic language. Your seed toward the Loveworld MENA base station set-up in Egypt is your tool to change the narrative in the Arab world For details and inquiries kindly visit the LTM partnership stand in your local Church for information on Participation & Sponsorship. You can also call +2348123445783, +2348123445790 or send an email to

Cloveworld - Much More Than A TV App Gone are the days where the man with the loudest voice was made a town crier. The human society has evolved over time, in ideas, trends, style, and innovations. it's quite glaring that to be relevant in today's world you must be up to date with the latest innovations. Cloveword App is not just measuring up to what is obtainable today in the world of modern Television, but it is blazing the trails into the future of television. With the Cloveworld App on your mobile device, you are equipped to access live TV channels from the LTM networks on the go. What are you still waiting for? Download the Cloveworld App for free now on the Google Play store or the iOS App Store. .....and enjoy a whole new world of possibilities. eh! One more thing, don't forget to tell a friend ...

The Time to Act is Now!! Stamp your feet on the ground, raise your hand in the air and declare this to yourself boldly " I won't stand by and watch evil prevail in any part of the world including the Middle-East, I will do something, because I am the light of the world, I will send my seed for THE LOVEWORLD MENA BASE STATION SET-UP IN EGYPT. God is counting on you to make a difference in the lives of over 380million people in the Middle-East and North Africa. For details and inquiries kindly visit the LTM partnership stand in your local Church for information on Participation & Sponsorship. You can also call +2348123445783, +2348123445790 or send an email to

A CALL TO ACTION When you hear of terrorism, wickedness and the resultant numbers of souls wasted on a regular basis in the Middle-East, what comes to your mind? History has it that when the need called for it, certain Christian journeyed all around the world armed to do battle in defense of the Holy-Land of Israel from invaders. Our man of God told us that- This Gospel we now enjoy today freely, was preserved and delivered to us at the cost of blood, sweat, and tears of saints that came before us This is your day! What you do, is up to you! We are matching again, but this time around, we are matching at the entire Middle-East and North-Africa armed with the strongest armory "The Word of God" but you can take sides, either to be among the warriors on the offensive with their seeds or to be among the reserves who will applaud when we return with heads of giants in our bags. This is a vision, not just a one-off mission. This time around the objective is setting up our base in the Middle-East, by erecting a 24/7 world-class TV station in Egypt, to broadcast our message to all the countries in the Middle East and North-Africa in the Arabic language. Don't hesitate! Let's go up at once!!! Don't be left behind!!! Give what is in your hands, don't wait!!! And plan for more!!! Call today to give toward the set up of "THE LOVEWORLD MENA BASE STATION SET-UP IN EGYPT" +2348123445783, +2348123445790 or send an email to Kindly reshare this message to everyone in your contact, we're mobilizing our forces as a unit. God bless you!!!

STILL BASKING IN THE JOY OF A VERY SUCCESSFUL VIEWERS' AND LISTENERS' NETWORK CONFERENCE PAKISTAN Lord, we thank you for this mighty harvest of souls, over "400 souls gave their hearts to Christ" yesterday in the VLNC Pakistan. Many had their hopes restored, miracles were recorded, above all, a mighty fire was kindled in the hearts of the Pakistani brethren for soul winning and evangelism in their nation. We're much grateful to our man of God, Rev.(Dr) Chris Oyakhilome, for the opportunity to be relevant in the plan and purpose of God. Thank you, Pastor, sir for teaching us the word God, a message that is celebrated across cities, nations, and continents of the world. Thank you Pastor sir! #PakistanForJesus #ChristEmbassyPakistan #ltmradioministry

STPPL BENIN DAY 2 Loveworld Radio and LTM Strategic session in pictures.... #Stppl2019 #LoveworldRadioNetworks #LTMNetworks

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Halleluyah!!! This is where we bring today's live broadcast coverage to a close. But before we go let's leave you with this soul-lifting and Holy Ghost inspired thought from Pastor Steve Munsey -Jesus never takes you back!! Jesus never takes you back brethren and so it's a wrap on our live coverage for today and a wrap on this special edition of "Your Loveworld" with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny. Thanks for following our live feeds. God bless you!! #yourloveworld #ylw #ltmradionetworks

YOUR LOVEWORLD LIVE ON THE LTM/ LW RADIO NETWORKS We are in the closing moments of "Your Loveworld" with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny. Tune in now to partake of the grace of this unique program #yourloveworld #ylw #ltmradionetworks

YOUR LOVEWORLD THE GRAND FINALE STREAMING LIVE ON THE LTM/RADIO NETWORKS Join us by tuning into any of our Radio or TV station. You can also participate on the Cloveworld or the Cetunes Apps. Downloadable on the Google play store and the iOS store

GLORY! GLORY!! GLORY!!! VLNC PAKISTAN PRAISE REPORT!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!!! This victory report is worth all the celebrations, Hallelujah!!! We recorded over 4000 people in attendance in the 'VLNC Pakistan' packed out two halls... Many participated outside the venue... Rejoice because the Lord has given us victory in the South-Asian nation of Pakistan, so let's celebrate, tell everyone that cares to listen..... Gloryyyyyyyyyyy!!!! #PakistanForJesus #ChristEmbassyPakistan #ltmradioministry

VIEWERS' AND LISTERNERS' NETWORK CONFERENCE PAKISTAN Truly, Pakistan is fully a harvest ground for us to take for Jesus Christ; with Over 4000 people at the conference, 3 halls packed out with people on the street at the just concluded Viewers' and Listeners'Network Conference Pakistan. Truly Jesus Christ still pulls the largest crowd. Thank you Esteemed Partners for making a great difference with your partnership. For more information on how to participate in the global evangelical work, please call +2348123445790, +2348123445783. or send an email to

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STILL ON VIEWERS' AND LISTERNERS' CONFERENCE PAKISTAN... Hundreds of people received salvation today. The Lord is with us, confirming the works of our hands with signs and wonders. We are grateful to our Man of God for the opportunity to be relevant to our world for Jesus. Pakistan truly belongs to Jesus. #LTMNetworks #PakistanforJesus

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WISDOM NUGGETS FROM "YOUR LOVEWORLD" STREAMING NOW ON THE LTM NETWORKS. There Are Three Ways People Try To Get A Miracles. But The Only Way is one -Opinion -Relative truth(Truth base on experience and culture) -The word of God (The absolute truth and the only way) Pastor Dan Willis #yourloveworld #ylw #ltmradionetworks

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