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Free at-home workout services to keep yourself active while social distancing As the coronavirus outbreak continues to grow, cities and states are shutting down recreational spaces like restaurants, movie theaters, and gyms. Sitting on your couch while you're quarantined sounds like a good way to lose all motivation to get back in the gym after the pandemic gets under control. Instead, turn to virtual workouts that you can do at home. You'll still get your sweat on while also being a good citizen by practicing social distancing. Go you! Here are a few services offering free trials or access to video and audio exercise content right now. ClassPass While ClassPass has ceased all operations in physical locations, the service is offering unlimited access to video and audio workouts. ClassPass has a two-week free trial, but you can actually access some videos without completing your membership or putting any credit card information in. Pricing after the free trial is up depends on your location.  Read more...More about Health, Fitness, Workout, Mashable Shopping, and Coronavirus

This crowdfunded tentacle phone mount is on sale for just $24 One part functional and one part quirky, the wonderfully weird Tenikle now has a 2.0 version – and it's on saleWe've talked about its impressive versatility and slightly humorous take on tech accessories before, but that was back in 2017 when it was still on Kickstarter. Since then, it raised over $107,000, which is seven times its original goal, and even launched an updated version. The Tenikle underwent a massive engineering overhaul after receiving constructive feedback from its backers and improved its longevity, ease of use, quality, and suction strength, leading to the Tenikle 2.0. In case you forgot, this odd little gadget looks like the lovechild of a starfish and an octopus, is covered in extra-strong suction cups, and has super bendy legs. Its use cases are practically endless, but here are a few ideas to get you started: tripod, selfie stick, car mount, GoPro mount, or guitar stand. Even if you just want something to prop up your phone while you watch ASMR clips to help you fall asleep during these trying times, it can do that too. Easy peasy. It's also virtually indestructible and waterproof and can roll up into a tiny 2.5-inch ball, so you can take it with you wherever. Read more...More about Tech Accessories, Mashable Shopping, Tech, and Consumer Tech

Facebook, Google, Twitter and others join forces to fight coronavirus fake news Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Reddit, Twitter and YouTube are joining forces to fight misinformation related to the coronavirus outbreak.  "We are working closely together on COVID-19 response efforts. We’re helping millions of people stay connected while also jointly combating fraud and misinformation about the virus, elevating authoritative content on our platforms, and sharing critical updates in coordination with government healthcare agencies around the world. We invite other companies to join us as we work to keep our communities healthy and safe," the companies said in a joint statement, posted on Facebook's website.  Read more...More about Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, and Coronavirus

Coinbase Card now works with Google Pay Coinbase Card, the Visa debit card that lets you spend cryptocurrency directly from your Coinbase account, now works with Google Pay.  This makes Coinbase, a U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange, the first company that enables users to make mobile payments with crypto, Coinbase claims.  The new option is live as of today, in the following countries: United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Belgium, Finland, France, Italy, Slovakia, Spain, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Support in other European countries is coming later this year, Coinbase claims. The physical Coinbase debit card is accompanied by a mobile app, on both Android and iOS. And while Google Pay support is a nice addition for Android users, Apple Pay still isn't supported. We've contacted Coinbase about that and a company spokesperson said there are no updates about that at this time. Read more...More about Bitcoin, Coinbase, Tech, and Cryptocurrency Blockchain

'Birds Of Prey' joins the list of movies coming to VOD early As major films slated for release over the next few weeks are bumped due to public health concerns around the spread of the novel coronavirus, movies released earlier in the year are coming to VOD earlier than originally planned — depending on your level of cynicism, either to capitalise on the huge numbers of people responsibly staying home to slow the spread, or to selflessly add to the vast catalogue of streaming entertainments people can access from their couches. Birds Of Prey, aka Harley Quinn: Birds Of Prey, aka The Movie Formerly Known As Birds Of Prey (And  The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn), will be made available on demand on Mar. 24, alongside Guy Ritchie's The Gentlemen, according to Fandango. Read more...More about Dc Comics, Streaming Video, Birds Of Prey, Coronavirus Measures, and Entertainment

Please don't be this guy Please stop partying.  Over the weekend, cities cracked down on large social gatherings. Los Angeles shut down bars and dine-in restaurants. New York banned gatherings of more than 500 people. On Monday, Trump took it a step further and recommended against gatherings of more than 10 people.  And yet people keep! going! out! YouTubers Gus Johnson and Eddy Burback are showing people just how selfish they are when they go to parties in the sketch above. Determined to go out, Johnson tells Burback, "Yeah, I'll go be around my friends and drink and touch 'em all."  Burback explains that even if Johnson is young and healthy, he can still expose more vulnerable people to the virus. Those who are elderly, immunocompromised, and have chronic health conditions are especially at risk.  Read more...More about Viral Video, Coronavirus, Social Distancing, Culture, and Web Culture

Democratic Party's donkey symbol replaced by a rat in Google search As we approach the 2020 U.S. presidential election, more and more Americans are turning to Google with important questions about politicians and policies. And, as of the time of this writing, if one of those questions involves looking up the term "Democratic Party" on the popular search engine, then those Americans would be led to believe that the party's symbol is that of a rat.  Like, literally a rat. The Democratic Party's symbol is, of course, a donkey. You would be forgiven for thinking otherwise, however, if you came across Google's so-called Knowledge Panel which, on Monday afternoon, displayed a multicolored rodent in all its red-white-and-blue glory.  Read more...More about Google, Democratic Party, 2020 Presidential Election, Tech, and Big Tech Companies

YouTube tells creators to expect more video removals during coronavirus pandemic YouTube is warning creators of coronavirus-related moderation changes that could impact their livelihood. On Monday, the company announced policy enforcement changes that will come about due to the company’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  According to YouTube, as it prioritizes employee health, the platform will, in the short term, rely less on human moderators to review content uploaded to the site. In their place, the company will lean more heavily on its automated review systems. “Our Community Guidelines enforcement today is based on a combination of people and technology: Machine learning helps detect potentially harmful content and then sends it to human reviewers for assessment,” reads the statement. “As a result of the new measures we’re taking, we will temporarily start relying more on technology to help with some of the work normally done by reviewers. This means automated systems will start removing some content without human review, so we can continue to act quickly to remove violative content and protect our ecosystem, while we have workplace protections in place.” Read more...More about Youtube, Creators, Youtubers, Content Moderation, and Coronavirus

A 'RollerCoaster Tycoon' park sent out a perfect statement about how they're handling coronavirus As the nation takes measures to limit the spread of COVID-19, companies are trying to assure customers that they're taking steps to stay safe.  If you've ever interacted with a business — whether it's joining their mailing list or taking a spin class one time — you're bound to receive a statement about the coronavirus from them. It's every company, from gyms to meal prep services to car insurance providers. People have been pointing out how ridiculous it is on social media.  Ok I don’t need an email statement about COVID-19 from every single business I’ve ever even slightly interacted with in my existence lol — Big Meesh (@LoveMeeshaa) March 12, 2020 Read more... More about Rollercoaster, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Culture, and Web Culture

'Saturday Night Live' suspends production because of coronavirus Saturday Night Live will postpone its return to the airwaves due to concerns about the spread of coronavirus, reports Variety.  The show was scheduled to return March 28 with host John Krasinksi and musical guest Dua Lipa. Krasinski was originally intended to host the show while promoting A Quiet Place Part II, but the Paramount film's release has also been delayed because of COVID-19. A Quiet Place Part II is one of many films pushed back because of coronavirus, and SNL is among many productions to halt in order to keep its cast and crew safe and socially distant at this time. Other shows that tape in front of a studio audience — late-night shows in particular — have either dispensed with the audience portion or taken temporary hiatus. Read more...More about Entertainment, Nbc, Snl, Saturday Night Live, and Coronavirus

Hop aboard the Microsoft Azure train with these prep courses and mock exams TL;DR: Upgrade your developer skills with The Ultimate Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Prep Courses and Mock Exams Bundle for $29.99, a 94% savings as of March 16.  Just a few years ago, if you wanted an IT cloud systems expert position, you needed to learn Amazon Web Services (AWS) – the undisputed number one cloud services provider in the world. End of story. But there's a new kid in town called Microsoft Azure and it's quickly inched its way up to the number two spot, becoming AWS' biggest competitor. Heck, it even beat out AWS for a $10 billion contract providing cloud services for the U.S. Department of Defense.  Read more...More about Online Learning, Mashable Shopping, Microsoft Azure, Shopping Onlinelearning, and Tech

Australians poke fun at how Tom Hanks is eating Vegemite while under quarantine Fortunately, they are in good spirits and recovering from relatively mild symptoms. Read more...More about Australia, Mashable Video, Tom Hanks, Coronavirus, and Covid 19

Apple might launch a budget-friendly 'iPhone 9 Plus' It looks like Apple might not only release an iPhone 9 (or iPhone SE 2), but an iPhone 9 Plus as well. According to 9to5Mac, the iOS 14 code contains hints of a larger version of the phone. The iPhone 9 has been rumored for a while now, with recent reports suggesting it would launch in March of this year. But a "plus" size version of the phone hasn't been mentioned until now.  Considering the iPhone 9 might replace the iPhone 8, it makes sense there would also be a new version of the iPhone 8 Plus.  With a rumored starting price of $399, both phones are supposed to be budget-friendly alternatives to the iPhone 11 (which starts at $699) and the iPhone 11 Pro (which starts at $999). Read more...More about Iphone, Budget Phones, Iphone 9, Iphone Se 2, and Tech

How to manage kids' screen time during coronavirus isolation Read more... {"player":{"description":"It's fine. Everything is fine. We're all fine!","image":"","mediaid":"xVnZ42OWo3","preload":false,"title":"Getting coronavirus may be easier than we thought","sources":[{"file":""},{"file":""},{"file":""},{"file":""},{"file":""}],"player_id":"hrrl7x1B"},"options":{"disableAds":false,"disableSharing":false,"nextupAction":"autoplay","embedUrl":"","standaloneUrl":null,"post":{"url":"","date":"2020-03-14T20:58:42.028Z","bp_id":112020,"wp_id":null}},"advertising":{"params":{"keywords":"science,mashable-video,culture,healthcare,coronavirus,covid-19","sec0":null,"sec1":"","prc":""}},"analytics":{"labels":"science,mashable-video,culture,healthcare,coronavirus,covid-19","videoSeriesName":null}} More about Screen Time, Small Humans, Coronavirus, Tech, and Kids

Park rangers are still exposed as coronavirus spreads California closed down its 4,765 bars and the NBA suspended its season. The CDC recommends canceling all events with 50 or more people. But many heavily-trafficked areas in national parks, like visitor centers, are still welcoming visitors. So park rangers and other employees are inevitably exposed to the potential of coronavirus infection — during a time when top U.S. epidemiologists say its unknown how many Americans are infected, but the number is certainly "many times" higher than reported infections. Only on Sunday did the National Park Service make its first closures of crowded places, shutting down the likes of tourist-packed Alcatraz Island and Muir Woods National Monument. Closure of the Statue of Liberty followed Monday morning. However, most visitor centers are operating normally, as of March 16. Read more...More about Science, National Park Service, National Parks, Coronavirus, and Science

'Core' is much more than a game, it's also an impressive game design tool The concept of Core — a game that allows you to create your own game modes and play/share them online — is not new. But its execution is really something impressive. I was able to view a demo of Core via a video call on Friday with Manticore Games CEO Frederic Descamps and CCO Jordan Maynard, who spent about 45 minutes showing me tons of different ways people can use Core to create some really unique experiences, easily share them with the community, and hop into multiplayer games surprisingly quickly. The game is available to try for free now in open alpha.  Here's a trailer that gives a bit of an idea as to how it works: Read more...More about Game Design, Entertainment, and Gaming

These hypnotizing kinetic engines combine art and mechanics — Future Blink Morris Models engine kits combine art with mechanics while reflecting gear-head styles throughout history. Read more...More about Science, Art, Mashable Video, Kinetic, and Laser Cut

Google's coronavirus testing site just launched and it's already overwhelmed That was fast.  On Sunday, Verily, a subsidiary of Google's parent company, Alphabet, launched a new website hyped by Donald Trump. The goal? To schedule and make available coronavirus testing in two Bay Area counties. By Monday morning, however, the site had already blown past its capacity. "Unfortunately, we are unable to schedule more appointments at this time," reads the site after users answer a few questions. "Appointments will continue to expand through this program as we scale capacity in the near future. Please check back later." This reality — that the Verily program is unable to handle a national or even Bay Area-wide influx of testing requests — is in stark contrast to the mostly baseless claims made by Donald Trump on Friday.  Read more...More about Google, Coronavirus, Tech, and Big Tech Companies

Need new kitchen knives? Get this three-piece set for 60% off. TL;DR: Upgrade your kitchen tools with a Sukasu Osami 3-Piece Chef's Knife Set for just $39.99, a 60% savings as of March 16. There are a few things every aspiring chef needs: the right environment, the willingness to learn, and proper tools. This includes sharp, precise knives. Whether you love to cook or you're famous for ordering DoorDash five times a week, this Sukasu Osami 3-Piece Chef's Knife Set can make things flow better in your kitchen. Knives matter more than you think and this set might just reignite your love for cooking. Or, at least, it might cut back your DoorDash addiction down to three times a week. Read more...More about Cooking, Kitchen, Mashable Shopping, Culture, and Work Life

Snag these 9 productivity Mac apps for just $30 TL;DR: Stay productive with The 2020 Mac Productivity Essentials Bundle for $29.99, a 97% savings as of March 16. There's no denying your Mac is already capable of great things. But, when you have the right apps, it's capable of so much more — and so are you. Premium apps can help you save time and effort, optimize your internet connection, and ultimately boost your productivity. There's just one problem: most of the good Mac apps out there will cost you a pretty penny, but they deliver better features, privacy protections, and fewer ads than free versions, so they're totally worth the investment. And you're in luck because we've got nine of these premium productivity apps — for everything from desktop management and organization to photo editing and speed reading — on sale for just $30.  Read more...More about Productivity, Apps And Software, Mashable Shopping, Tech, and Work Life

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