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White House Takes New Line After Dire Report on Death Toll Federal guidelines warned against gatherings of more than 10 people as a London report predicted high fatalities in the U.S. without drastic action.

European Markets Wobble After Wall Street’s Swoon: Live Updates Oil rises and bond prices fall in signs that investor confidence is beginning to creep back.

Falls Short of Enacting Limits That Other Nations Required Wall Street Plummets Despite the Fed’s Support: Live Updates

America’s Economy Begins to Shut Down as Pandemic Measures Take Hold The fast-spreading virus has put an end to movies, date nights and other economic activity, prompting some economists to call a U.S. recession.

Trump Urges Limits Amid Pandemic, but Stops Short of National Mandates President Trump issued national guidelines that included closing schools and avoiding bars, restaurants and groups of more than 10 as he prepared for months of upheaval.

Trump Gives New Guidelines for Containment in the U.S. Wall Street Plummets Despite the Fed’s Support: Live Updates

Stocks Plummet as Grim Economic Outlook Grips Markets: Live Updates Stocks dropped even as central banks tried to prop up economies, indicating the tactics that helped in past financial crises might not work against a global pandemic.

New York City Shuts Schools, Restaurants and Bars as Coronavirus Spreads: Live Updates “It’s time to take more dramatic measures,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

Markets Unsteady as Fed Signals Urgency: Live Updates Asian markets are mixed as investors try to parse the response to the global economic threat.

Coronavirus Live Updates and Coverage Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders called on the National Guard to help in the outbreak, and the Fed cut rates nearly to zero. For the first time, the rest of the world has more cases than China.

Fed Cuts Interest Rates in Bid to Protect Economy: Live Updates The Federal Reserve cut interest rates to near-zero and said it would buy up huge amounts of government and mortgage-backed debt in an effort backstop the United States economy.

Coronavirus in N.Y.C.: Pressure Mounts for Bigger Shutdown Schools are closed in N.Y., Westchester and Long Island, and some officials push to shut bars and restaurants.

Fed Slashes Rates to Near-Zero and Unveils Sweeping Program to Aid Economy The central bank cut rates by a full percentage point and announced a giant bond-buying campaign to insulate the economy against coronavirus fallout.

Live Coronavirus Updates and Coverage A top U.S. health official urges personal sacrifices to avert a ‘worst-case scenario.’ Passengers returning from Europe are waiting hours at U.S. airports for health screening. Italy’s cases and deaths jump.

New York Live Coronavirus Updates and Coverage Bars and restaurants are still attracting crowds, alarming some elected officials as the number of cases in N.Y. tops 700.

White House Seeks Financial Crisis-Era Powers to Buttress Economy Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says he will ask Congress to reinstate authorities that were scaled back by the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act.

Free Access to Coronavirus Coverage The Times is providing free access to our most important updates and guidance on the global coronavirus crisis.

‘It’s Totally Ad Hoc’: Why America’s Virus Response Looks Like a Patchwork For centuries, the United States has resisted a centralized public health policy. This week, as protective measures against the coronavirus varied county to county, Americans saw the cost.

Pressure Grows for Broader Shutdown of New York: Live Updates Bars and restaurants are still attracting crowds, alarming some elected officials as the number of cases in N.Y. tops 600.

Mapping the Social Network of Coronavirus To slow the virus, Alessandro Vespignani and other analysts are racing to model the behavior of its human host.

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