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FAVOR AIN’T FAIR “Pastor, the plane is boarding, are you on your way sir?” Came the voice on the phone. The real question was where was I? Hmmmmm…. So I need to reverse a bit and start from the beginning. I was pastoring in the northern part of Nigeria. That day, we were meant to be on our way to Lagos for a crucial meeting with Pastor Chris. For some reasons - I think it was the weather, there were issues with flights and there was this crucial flight we couldn’t afford to miss. I didn’t have enough information on arrival and departure because things had become all mixed up at the airport end. Anyways, all the other pastors had gone to the airport. The idea was to inform me when the flight was ready. So that’s the background story. Now for the present story of this before story. While waiting for them, I decided to take a shower and go through my morning rituals. Now, there is just something about bathrooms that I can’t explain. I also don’t know if it happens only to me… some of my best ideas just happen to come in the bathroom!! Just seating on the toilet bowl, turning on the shower or getting ready to brush my teeth can trigger an avalanche of innovative ideas. Sometimes it could just be something that has been on my mind and I need clarity. Suddenly, the solution just comes like a flash. It is not like I don’t get ideas from elsewhere oh!! before someone starts to think that my primary angel is called bathicus. But this bathroom idea something is kinda weird. So you understand how it is for me in bathrooms. My average bathroom time is about 1 hr. Pre Ipad days, I had all sorts of magazines in the bathroom. These days, I go with my IPad. Everyone close to me knows that you don’t disturb me when I am in the bathroom. So you can imagine that as I had just settled into 20 mins of my 1hr, I got the call. Shuoooo, plane is boarding!!! Jessooooosss!! What do I do? I still had to brush my teeth, I still had to take a bathe, I still had to dress up and most importantly, I still had to get to the airport 😅😂🤣. I quickly despatched angel bathicus to go hold the plane. Ahh ahhh, shey it is kukuma him that caused the delay. If he wasn’t gisting with me in the bathroom, I would have been at the airport since. Hmmmmm… the way I showered, bathed and got ready is still a mystery to me. All I know is that I was ready in record time. I am sure if my mum was around, she would have looked at me with one eye and would have shouted “Tony get back into the shower!! Scrub that ear!!” Choi!! African parents!! 🤣😂😅. I remember my dad once scrubbing me so much that I turned 3 shades of lightness in 10 mins. Anyways, back to my narrative. I saw several missed calls on my phone. As I picked it up, another came in. “Pastor, the plane has finished boarding. It is about to leave” “Pastor Victor, you better hold that plane. I am on my way” “Yes sir! came the voice on the other side” As I dropped, I wondered what kind of assignment I had just given the brethren. We don’t own the plane, we don’t own the airport. I was still at least 20 mins away. Ahhhh but thank God for trained brethren and evangelism. We did own the airport and we did own the plane. We had done lots of evangelical work at that airport. We had lots of brethren that worked there and we had great relationships with the administrators of the airport. Anyways, in my jeans and T shirt, we raced to the airport and I finally got to the tarmac to meet a plane that had been delayed almost 30 mins after scheduled departure ( I know ehhh… my bad😣). My brethren had divided themselves. Some were on the flight while others had disembarked and were on the tarmac waiting for me. As I came, they told me of all the hilarious tactics they had deployed to hold the plane. As I entered the plane, mehnnn… come and see hissing!!! Jesooooos!! It immediately reminded me of psalm 23. If eyes and hissing could kill… but you know how it is.. no weapon!!! La la la la ( that’s me dancing makossa). You see, the pilot had announced a delay on the grounds that there were waiting for one important dignitary. So they were on the look out for this great dignitary when slim, thin, T-shirt wearing me appeared. I didn’t even have a small pot belly 😅😂🤣. At least a pot belly would have improved the situation. Choi!! I am really a spoilt child!! Favor isn’t fair. The brethren did try but favor and grace were at work. If God hadn’t sanctioned it… God does unusual things not because we “deserve it” but because He just wants to show us off!! Enter into the mindset of the graced… everything is possible and anything is possible!! …………………. Oya, click assignment for the week. I need to grow our @ln247 kingschat Superuser to 1000. Please add yourself to the LN247 Superuser and invite friends and family to help. If we hit 1000 this week, I will do a part 2 of favor isn’t fair. This my plane journey ehhhh!! It is a wonder. That’s how one day I bounced the current Vice President of Nigeria off his seat on an international flight!!! You want to hear that story abi? We have to reach the 1000 super user first 😅😂🤣. ……………………. Discovery of the week A new kingschat handle @loveworldsingers Get a scoop on all ministry songs. Get to know all the lyrics. No need to be doing hmmmmm hmmmmmm hmmm when you get to the parts of songs you don’t know. Now you can copy all the words and create your own song book. ……………………. Your loveworld specials with Pastor Chris. Season 3 phase 6!!!! Pastor instructed us to tell everyone we know and invite them to be a part of the program. Something special is going to be released. There is grace available in obedience. Take advantage of the features of other social media. Paste the banners on your social media status. Every day, use it to tell a story and drive people to the program. Create a way for them to interact with you. Intentionally invite people and follow them up to make sure they come. Make plans to be a part of the program. Don’t get into front of the Tv and fall into deep sleep 😅😂🤣. We are not part of the deep state!! ………………… Finally…. News is all around you. Information would come to you even if you don’t want it. It is however very important that you know whom your news source is from. Loveworld news 24/7- LN247 is our 24 hour news channel. News, reviews, business, lifestyle and entertainment amongst others. Please watch and let me know what you think. Catch ya next week. Muah!!!

STUBBORN GOAT CHRISTIANITY Part 2 Aka do you know who I am? Lol!! Yo!! Yer… I am back. Thanks for the comments, the shout outs and the begging 😅🤣😂. That way I know you are reading. So, one day we had a program in one of our southern African countries. I drove myself but my wife had the protocol person attached to her drive her to the venue. Anyways 40 mins after I arrived, I see my flustered wife walk up to me exasperated. “Tony you wouldn’t believe we are just getting here” ( they had left before me). She proceeded to tell me how each time the gps told the lady to go left, the lady went right. If the GPS said right, she went left. When she asked the lady why she wasn’t following the gps directions, the response was “ah pasta, that is the way to use eeet, I know what I am doing” “Tony, I had to finally shout on her to follow the GPS before we found ourselves here!!” I didn’t know if I was to laugh or cry. I sha just gave her a hug. To cut a long story short, for the return journey, my wife jumped off that journey and followed me home. Incidentally, the lady was behind us. True to type, at the junction as I turned left based on GPS instructions, the lady turned right. I said to myself… “today na today, truly not everyone is normal” 2 hours after we arrived at our hotel she called my wife “Pasta, your IPad is with me”. Apparently after driving her strange way for 1hr, our dear sister realized she might find her self in Zimbabwe or Lesotho so she carefully advised herself to follow the GPS properly. After that experience, I realized some people actually do process the Holy Spirit’s signals differently from the rest of us. One young teenager in my church refused to further her education. She had good grades, we were ready to fund her but sister no gree. “God is training me to trust him”. The annoying thing is the way they set their eyes and their faces when they are telling you these things. Not to talk of the voice. I truly wonder why it is always American accent they use. “Gawd is training me to thrust heem”!! Then they have this look like they are pitying you for not being able to hear from God like them. It is like they all go to the same school of the spirit. With time, I learnt not to beat myself up over all these stubborn goat Christians. Me, I should leave the work that God gave me and be drinking somebody else’s panadol because the person refuses to hear word - God forbid the madness of a prophet!! I can use my prayers and counseling more productively!! Once someone says “the Holy Spirit said to me”, ahhhh that’s my cue to back off. Me, I should argue with God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit? Fa fa fa fowl!!! That’s how I had been counseling this brother against some habits of his. I counseled and counseled to no prevail. One day they brought him to me that the brother was going mad. I took one look at him and told them to take him back to where they had found him. The madness was still forming, it was still doing press up, when it had come full circle, when the thunder had fully fired him, they could bring him back. Truly, some people no dey hear word!!! Then they would be giving the rest of us work!! “Dear brethren, let us pray for brother so so and so. The other day, we had to pull him off the trees in the parking lot. He said God told him he was a spiritual Tarzan” “sister Tanshi has changed her name to sister Zipporah. She says the uncut foreskins of her ancestors is responsible for her lack of progress”. Na wah!! Pastor has kukuma told us that not everyone would make first flight. Maybe some people need to stay behind to form revolutionary force against anti Christ. Yes nau!! What do you think!!? These are serious times, the war is hotter than ever, this isn’t the time to be forming stubborn smelly goat. Just too many things are happening… see what God is doing with us as a ministry. We just finished healing streams how were you involved? Your loveworld with Pastor Chris is coming up in a few days, what are you planning to do with it? All our programs are now fully evangelistic. Setup a projector, God will send people. Setup a viewing center, use your home, God will send people. Use your social media pages, invite someone, post something, disturb some people… sha make some noise!!! Oya… let me stop here for now. -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. Assignment:- The new year message - year of preparation. Listen to it 7 days in a row and make fresh notes. We have done 6 months of the year already. What’s up? How are the plans coming along? -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. My songs of the moment. -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. Shoutout News is propaganda. That’s why it is important where you get your news from. is the news site and channel endorsed by Pastor Chris himself. It is manned by award winning broadcasters. It also has a 24 hour live channel. Sports news, entertainment news, movies, news around the world etc. You can get more through the kingschat super user Oya, join me to hit our first 1000 fans on kingschat super user click here - /p/eUoyVGR

STUBBORN GOAT CHRISTIANITY (Aka do you know who I am?) So, ( how do you know I am the one writing if I don’t start with so? 😅😂🤣 pastor says I start all my conversations with so!!) One day I was on my way to Asese. Hmmmm… in those not too distant days, your journey to Asese would start with a prayer. Infact, prayer and fasting. This is because It can either be a 20 minute or it can turn into a 5hr journey. Hint on how to gauge Asese traffic: look at what is being hawked. Pure water:- 0-1hr traffic ; gala, meat pies:- 1-2hrs; house furniture:- uncle, don’t bother counting the hours 😅😂🤣. I had been in this traffic for like 1hr when finally I got to the beginning to see what the problem was. Two rickety cars had hit themselves and blocked everywhere causing so much pain to other motorists. You need to have seen those vehicles!!. As I looked, there were so many scratches that I was wondering how one more medal of honor abi dishonor should have been the reason for so much traffic pain. Infact, the vehicles looked ashamed to be there. Meanwhile the owners had dumped these cars in such a strategic part of the road leaving almost no room for the rest of us to pass. Infact sef, “where are the owners?” I thought to myself. I looked to see a crowd formed in front of the vehicles and two men obviously looking like the owners pointing and jabbing fingers at each other. As I drove closer, I could hear them shouting. “Do you know who I am” shouted one to the other. “Do you know who I am” shouted the other in response. Ahhhh now I knew what the matter was. I had wanted to intervene but no need, life was already intervening on my behalf. If they were anybody remarkable, they wouldn’t have such rickety cars. Time would also be so important to them that they wouldn’t be wasting it on the freeway. I wound up my side glass and moved on lost in thought. Have you ever wondered how the bulk of these “do-you-know-who-I-am” folks are always on the wrong side. Owing rent, not having good jobs, always asking for transport, always having these huge money dreams that never happen, hungry looking ( Choi like Scar, lion king’s uncle😅😂🤣). We meet them in church. They are the ones who just have a mind of their own. Pastor says “Speak in tongues” that is when they start singing. “Stand up to worship” they invent a different style. They have a history of being at loggerheads with everyone and they are proud of it. They are after all, warriors of righteousness, defenders of the right causes. The embodiment of the right way, the… (Tony… we get it, just continue the story🙄). “Do you know who I am?” Is their favorite slogan. They reel off their years in ministry “I have been in this ministry since camp meeting 1962!!” “I was there when the veil tore into 3” “we were the original youth for Christ!!” These are stubborn goat Christians. Goats on their own are stubborn but amongst goats, there are those that are exceptionally stubborn. Errrr, yes you know them. Those uncle’s that are short, black with bia bia 😅😂🤣. Yes those ones!! Black and short and mehnnnnn… they can smell for Afrika!!! Those ones that even after you kill them and cook them, the smell would still be on your fingers. Infact when you belch, the smell would be reporting from deep inside your belly. Stubborn goat Christians don’t realize that stubbornness smells. They also don’t realize there is a difference between “Do you know who I am” and “I know who I am” So at this point, I put a …to be continued. What this means is that errrrrr, the story hasn’t finished and there is more. But you also should know I am the writer. I can decide to continue the story when I choose to or I can just end it here. But if you beg me enough in the comments, I might change my mind. ********************** Top of the mind!!! 1: We have entered the half year of 2021!!!! Gloryyyyyyyy. Mehn, this year has been so fast. It is like the year is racing towards being raptured. It too want’s to go by first flight!!! 🤣 The plans you set at the beginning of the year. Go back to them. Look through then. Listen to the new year message again. The key to unlock your plans are there. 2: Healing streams with Pastor Chris 9-11th July 2021. Add to your medals. Set up a viewing center. It is so easy. #everymanaviewingcenter *************** Shoutout: We have a new 24hr news channel. Yup. Loveworld news 24/7 also known as LN247 There is a content site and a livestream. It is important you follow the news. How do you know what to pray for if you don’t read news? It is however more important to follow news written from the ministry’s perspective. You know the perspective would at least favor the gospel. is the content and live site. You can also watch via Cloveworld. Let me know what you think. ***************** Assignment: Message of the year 2021

Yup, it is still our year of perfection. One day a young woman stopped me just after services. “Pastor sir, I would love to see you” “Ok... went I” And so she started to tell me about how things were tough for her and her husband after they had gotten married. They had several issues after issues, quarrels; they were trying to have a child, she couldn’t get a job, finances seemed tight even though he had a good job and several other things. Firstly, I was surprised because as far as I was concerned, she didn’t look more than a child. It wasn’t just in her physical look, it was just something about her. I also discerned that the matter was far deeper than what she was saying. “Where is your husband?” went I “He didn’t come to church, he is at work” “I need to see both of you” “Hmmmm pastor, he is very busy oh! He hardly has time for anything apart from the work” “I need to see both of you. The matter before you both is serious, when he has time, you both should come”. It took a couple of weeks and she finally dragged her husband to church. Tall, nicely built light skinned and handsome. I took one look at him and I went Chai!! Please who committed this crime against humanity by allowing the two of them to get married. He was even more of a child than she was. Anyways... counseling must go on. It has happened, it has happened. Interviewing him revealed that he had a job with an expatriate firm not so far from church. The job paid quite well considering his level of education. He also supplemented by doing extra time at work. So as I counseled, I saw ominous clouds. The type Jesus said only came out through prayer and fasting. “So guys, this matter is a bit more serious than you think. You would need to spend time in prayer and fasting. I suggest you choose a 5-day period for praying and fasting. I will pray and fast along with you” went I. “Thank you sir” went the lady enthusiastically, “I think that...” she started before being cut off by the guy. “Pastor, 5 days praying and fasting!! That’s too much. I cannot do eet!! You want to kill me? I gats to eat oh! 5 days ke!!” And that is how the negotiation began. “Okay can we do 3 days 6-6pm” went moi. “6-6pm? hahahahaha” went our brother. “Pastor I know myself, I cannot” And that’s how I found myself doing Abraham and God over the soul of Lot and the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah. “What of 6-3pm?” “Not possible, I know myself oh” “Are you a laborer?” As I was asking the question I knew the answer from his smooth face and hands. “No” “So what is the problem? Do you have an ulcer? A medical condition? Why can’t you fast? “Pastor, I know myself. I can’t stay away from my food that long. I gats to eat nau! Is it me that killed Jesus? How can someone go that long without eating?” At that point, I could literally see his village people tying red cloth on his banana tree. I could see the choir of demons singing the song they had just composed for him ... 🎶 He is coming home, he is coming home!! Oh yes he is coming home! 🎵 I broke away from my visions and continued the negotiations. “Ok, can we do 6-12pm? I mean you would only skip breakfast” “I will try. That one is very hard but I will try. I will not promise that I can do the 3 days but I will try. It is not this week sha, you will give me time to prepare” I felt very sad as I found myself almost reverting to my Roman catholic training and doing a benediction over his soul. Anyways, I never heard from them again. That was a period we didn’t have mobile phones so I couldn’t get in touch. Several months later, I was walking into church on a week day when I was stopped by a greeting. “Good afternoon pastor!!” Went this enthusiastic greeting like someone who knew me and whom I should know. I looked very well and to God, the creature before me was totally unknown to me amongst my several brethren. Tall, extremely thin and looking in despair. He looked like he hadn’t had a bath, clothes were ruffled, his color drifted between dark and light skin and yes he kinda looked very hungry. “Don’t you remember me?” Went he “Ahhhh, please forgive me, I don’t? I am also sure you are not my member” went I. And there began the story. So this was our guy who couldn’t fast even to 12pm. Months after the counseling episode, he lost his job. They couldn’t pay their rent and eventually got kicked out. At the moment, his wife was staying with her parents. Her parents house couldn’t take both of them. He had been squatting from place to place with any friend that would take him in. As he spoke, my mind drifted to pharaoh’s dream of 7 fat cows swallowed by 7 gaunt cows. The person in front of me was definitely the gaunt cow that had swallowed the fat cow that I had counseled. I was quickly brought back from my reverie by his next words. “Pastor it has been really very tough!! Some days I barely get one meal to eat!! Infact today, since daybreak (6am) I haven’t had anything to eat and right now, it is past 6pm!!” Gbam!!! 🎶 Ending Soundtrack goes like this... oti ooooooooooo!!! 🎼 ewoooooooo....!!! - End credits - Eph. 4:11-14 11 And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; 12 For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: 13 Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ: 14 That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive; Yup! 2020 is our year of perfection. What did you think? Go listen to the message again. Some of us need to have some nonsense and ingredient literally panel beated out of our heads. I believe the year is doing that for many. Life isn’t only just about haleloooooooooyah! Praise da gawd!! Praise master Jeeeeesssoooooos!! We are in series 7 of your loveworld with Pastor Chris. If you like don’t watch it. Trust me, your village people would be looking for the yellow and red rope to tie around your own banana tree. Ahhh I forgot, they will upgrade your own from banana to plantain tree. Sayonara **word study** Perfection Perfection means to bring something to completion. God perfects us via His word. Mat 5:48 Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect Jesus said it is possible so yes it is. Eph. 4:11-14 gives the process. We are in the end times. God is speeding up the process of our perfection. We must be first flight ready. *** assignment of the week** Year of perfection by Pastor Chris. Audio and video on the PCDL app. ** playlist of the day *** Ada Ehi - Settled Evang Kathy - Blessed be the Lord T-Sharp - I got the Victory

First flight!! So I am not quite so sure what happened previously but it must surely have been that I was very very tired and I slept off. Before I slept off I remember that my wife and kids had been all over me. Some screaming, shouting and generally happy family things and then I finally got to sleep. Now... that wasn’t the story. The next events are. I got up much later to extremely very eerie silence. I lived in the quiet part of a quiet part of Lagos but this quietness was kinda off a hmmmmm... sort of quietness. No generator sound, no sound of people, cars or beast. Everywhere was eerily silent and there was this slight ringing in my ears. I picked up the phone and dialed my wife. It rang out severally. Hmmmmm! I got up and I went to the bathroom, looked into the mirror and I recognized that it was myself. For extra measure I pinched myself to make sure it was me ( not sure why but I do that once in a while). I used style to check my neighbors through our bathroom window... silence!!. Shuoooo!!! In this Lagos? I opened my door, went from room to room no kids no wife. Now I started getting alarmed. I ran downstairs. Went to the kitchen, living room, guest room - nobody. It wasn’t just the fact that there was nobody. There was just this very heavy silence about the place and this deep feeling of being alone. “Ahhhhhhhh!! They have raptured!! I have been left behind”! Those were the first thoughts that came to my mind. Why those thoughts came at that time, I don’t quite know. But I seemed quite convinced. Hehehehehe! so as regards my wife, she was so SU and so keyed in that I kinda always joked that before the trumpet would have touched the angel’s lips, she would have gone fiam!! But first she would have gone to the boys “Jason, Christian” Oya let’s go. Your Dad would meet us later” “Tony it is rapture time oh, leave that laptop alone!” I sat on the couch and held my head. All of pastor Chris’s teachings from “the terminal generation”; Elder T’s LMC eschatology classes came into my mind. I remembered the Tim Lahaye “left behind” series and the movies. When I remembered the mark of the beast, the tribulation, I shouted to myself “Mo gbe” Ehn!! Olorun maje!!! God forbid!! Yup I can sure be a drama king sometimes!! “God where did I miss it?” I quickly ran a spiritual check: soul winning? check; partnership? Check; Christian living? Check; apart from not visiting my mother regularly as I should, and one or two vexing with someone here and there, everything else checked out fine. “God is it that you want me to be part of the revolutionary force during this period”? ( 🤦🏽‍♂️🙄 seriously? Well, that is what you get from too much movie watching plus added drama kingism ). I dialed it up for extra measure. “God, not my will but yours be done”. It is okay!! I steeled myself for the pain and suffering to come. All this while, I kinda felt disoriented. I felt whoozy and tired. Most of all, My ears had a slight ringing. I thought to myself that maybe it was the part of the sound of the trumpet that I didn’t quite finish hearing. Anyways, I ran into the compound and then I realized that true true they had gone. Yup they had but they had used physical means... her car wasn’t in the garage!! At least I was lucid enough to realize that cars don’t rapture. Just then, I heard my phone ring... I ran to where I had left it. “Heyyyy what’s up” came the familiar voice at the other end “Where are you all, mehn I thought you and the kids had raptured” “Hehehehehe” came her voice in that her usual half laughing half talking manner. “It must be the drugs the doctor gave you. You needed to rest. Tony it is Sunday, we were in church, I couldn’t pick my phone. We are on our way back” Apparently there is something called malaria psychosis. It is defined as “neuropsychiatric reactions producing paranoid delusions” That was my test run. You could call it a fire drill. Drills simulate a real event. When the real event happens, would you be found ready? That, is the real question. Pastor Chris has been releasing some valuable end time revelations these past weeks. We are on part 3. You do yourself irreparable harm if you don’t key in. *** Yes you are at home One of the big tendencies is to let yourself go. You get so indisciplined in your eating that you add so much weight. 1. Watch your portions. You really don’t need more than literally a handful of food to live well. Weigh yourself everyday. 2. Eat healthy. Avoid soda and junk food 3. Exercise - walk around your compound, exercise within your home, climb up and down the steps. If where you live is conducive, run, jog, walk for at least 1hr daily. 4. Exercise your mind. Develop it. 5. Pray and study 6. Create a schedule that mimics your regular work schedule. 7. Build your relationships. Call up people. Find out how they are doing. It also creates opportunities for soul winning. *** playlist T-Sharp I got the Victory SeOk War Ready Sayonara.

Perception: Covid:19 or Covik: 1-9? Final part The big problem here was that we stuck to our own perspective of the issue. Here was someone telling us the matter with “insider information” and we were refusing to listen. It suddenly hit me “I do not always have the final answer on all information. I must learn to open my mind and think”. I thought to myself on how much I had missed by being closed minded. From that day, I started to train myself to ask questions, to probe. To not accept everything verbatim. But... that’s simply said than done. So I have these two lovely kids. Yup love them with all my heart and soul. I passed that mantra of questioning everything to them. Sometimes at my detriment. Me: “Jason don’t give me stuff with your left hand again” Jason: “why” Me (in exasperation): if I slap that your face, you will see if you still have mouth to be asking me why. You will think that’s the end of the matter. 2 hrs later here comes Jason. Jason: “dad, I searched the internet and this practice of no left hands is purely Nigerian. No one seems to have an explanation on why that culture exists. You know I am a teenager right, I always have a phone in my right hand so the free one is the left” My answer was first to shake my head and then calmly explain that for the sake of some Nigerian uncles and aunts, we should respect this culture that has absolutely no meaning. Now you need to meet Christian. So one day, I am taking Christian to school. Along the way, we stopped over to buying fuel. This is in the US. He was on his phone when I pulled in by the gas pump. Me: hey, cut off the phone call. Christian: why? Me: what kind of silly question is that. We are at the gas station man! Christian: and so? Me: there is a law against using mobile phones at gas stations. Besides haven’t you seen all those you tube videos about gas stations exploding? He eyes me and reluctantly puts the phone away. A few minutes later, he ambles to my side. “Dad, you know that is a dumb thing to believe right? You at least with all your science background should ask what the connection is between a phone call and exploding fuel stations.” “If there was a connection, trust me we wouldn’t have any fuel stations left. How come you just believed all those you tube videos without asking real questions? You were the one who trained us to ask questions but you seem to be dropping the ball here” He then went on a 14 minutes lecture about phones and fuel and finished it with a lecture on archaic and outdated american laws that have no meaning. At that point, I kinda turned darker from blushing. Yer he was right!! Chai!! How did I miss it? How many times have we blundered by not questioning. Pastor Chris these past two weeks challenged us to think and ask questions. To look beyond the fascia. To look for dots and connect them so as to arrive at a pattern. To understand deeper that what you see isn’t always what is. And boy!! There was a pushback. The fact there was such a huge pushback should tip us off to the fact that there is more than meets the eye. It was so alarming that much of the pushback was coming from within the church. We even had brethren shaking. One thing though is that Pastor Chris has opened our eyes and minds to something new. Many have learnt to question and seek answers. It would never be life as usual again. What about you? Is it Zuma rock or Zuma hill🤪? Sayonara

Perception: Covid:19 or Covik: 1-9? Part Two Continued from yesterday... I was suddenly woken from sweet sleep to hear these two guys having this rather serious heated argument. They were at it so seriously that I thought to myself “this matter must really be serious” So here I was thinking the argument was about the sovereignty of Nigeria. Maybe it was about which American President was the best. Even sef, I could take an argument about the safest African city. But no!! The argument was about .... a rock (duh!😒 🙄). Yup a rock. Two big grown up men were arguing about a rock!!! Zuma rock. Sooooooo, that sounds ridiculous right, wait till you hear the meat of the argument. Man 1: “Ahhhh!! That Zuma rock is very big I swear walahi!!” Man 2: “that kon kolo small rock? If you want to see rock, come to Olumo rock. You will know that this Zuma is only doing teaching practice.” Man 1: “it is because you have not seen it well well. If you stand under, you cannot see the top!!” Man 2: “that rock that we pass every time on this road. If I use one finger, I can block the thing sef.” And so went the argument back and forth. Since I hadn’t seen the rock, I was just one uninterested bystander. I was more irritated at having my sweet sleep disturbed than anything else. Anyways, soon, the other passengers plus the driver joined in. Some on one side and others on the other. I soon got lost gazing at the flora and fauna enjoying my site of Nigeria. “There it is!!! There it is” was the shout that suddenly rent the air. “There is what?” Went through my mind Zuma!! went the cry as if someone had read my mind. I turned round to see this rock that was causing so much dissonance. I was very disappointed to see this small edifice jutting out of the ground. Mtcheww!!!! I hissed just as man 2 went “I no tell you? See the small chokolo rock!!” Mehn!! The thing was so small. They should have just called it Zuma hill not rock. As we got nearer, the rock did seem bigger but nothing near what man 1 was describing. And then something happened. “It is because we are on this side of the road” said the driver. “Let me change the road and then take another one” So he changed the road, stopped the car and allowed us to walk towards the car. Wow!! As we went closer and closer, the rock swelled up in its majesty. By the time we even got still far from it, we all agreed that truly, it was a rock!! The whole issue was a matter of perspective. The filter we were using to view the whole thing. One was looking from a distance, the other from on top. He had full view but the rest of us didn’t. That however wasn’t the problem. The problem isn’t so much the issue of the angle or filter. The bigger problem is this which I am about to discuss right now. However, we will discuss that tomorrow. Yup!! You are home aren’t you? ***working from home tip Man is a creature of habits and routines. The habit and routine you develop during this period would be difficult to break. Don’t break your going to work habit. It took a while to develop that habit. If you break it, it could be tough going back into it. Everyday wake up at same time as when you go to work. Do exact same things you would do if you were going to work. Shower and fully dress up. Choose a part of your home as your work area. Go to your desk as in the office and work. Take the breaks as you would usually take. Leave the desk or office at the end of the day and “go home”

Perception: Covid:19 or Covik 1-9. Part one!! So I remember the first day I went to Abuja. It was a very interesting journey. I was 15 turning 16 We were living in Lagos, Nigeria. My Mum was out of the country and she needed to get a document to Abuja before a certain time. It happened that her staff who usually would take the document wasn’t around. So after looking upandan, the task fell to me. Actually, it wasn’t a choice. I was the only person around 🤓. So she gave me the instructions several times and released me to go. The plan was that her secretary (hmmmmm how come he wasn’t the one to go🧐) was to come give me money and then the driver would take me to the airport to catch a flight. Ahhhhhh!!! That...was...her...plan!! Teenagers always have a way of having their own plans. Lol lol 😂!! I was like wow!! Spend this money going by air? Never!! I started calculating all the schemes the extra cash would get me. I decided I would go by road. Now, that is bad enough but consider that up to that time, I had never been on public transport. I was your very very typical aje butter kid. Driver upandan. Anyways, I got up early in the morning. First so that I could evade the driver and our housekeeper. I gave the lady one cock and bull and took off. Ahhh I forgot to mention that I decided to leave a day earlier than the appointment. I knew it was a road journey so it would take more time. I had asked people I knew on how to get a vehicle. Those days, we didn’t have Uber and google. We had something called OYO (on your own). All I had were fellow Aje butter friends like me who didn’t know the way either. Finally I was told of one park to get vehicles to the north. So that morning, I jumped into one of the big yellow buses (molue) that came along and I sat at the back with absolutely no clue of where I was going. I was so so wide eyed at the thought of my adventure. No idea of danger or the import of my decision. It was just so much fun. Like Seriously 😒 ? Anyways, the conductor kept on calling bus stops. People kept on coming on and going off. The bus would fill up and empty ... and I just sat there smiling like a Cheshire Cat. I am pretty sure we went round in circles. I knew I didn’t know where I was going but my logic was that the bus had to stop somewhere finally. After about 2hrs, I was the only in the bus. the conductor came to me and asked me angrily where I was going. I didn’t know but gave him an idea. He laughed and told me they had passed by the place maybe 3/4 times. He was upset and kicked me out of the bus. It took me another hour of walking and asking questions to find the place. I didn’t even know where I was going. It wasn’t funny when after going in cycles, I found it was less than 10mins from where I started. The conductor wanted to pay me back by giving me wrong directions😢. Anyways, I soon got a taxi a 504 station wagon and found myself at the last two back seats. Wow!! I felt like Robinson Crusoe, nope more like Amerigo Vespucci, you might say like Christopher Columbus or Livingston’s or... (🤦🏽‍♂️ Tony, Tony, they get it!!. Oya continue the narration). Cough!! Cough!! But Choi!! It was wonderfully exciting. That is to me. I am pretty sure my sweet mom would have had a heart attack if she had any idea where her son was. I was wide eyed as we went through Nigeria. Then, the roads were smooth. I would sleep some, I would be awake. We would stop to refresh and move on. Somewhere around Nasarawa or so, was when the argument happened the incident that would change my life forever. Ok!! Ok!! That’s exaggeration!! Can we change it to “one of the incidents that changed my life view forever” ... to be continued tomorrow. Yes tomorrow (Friday 9/04/2020) ***so you are home right? Don’t waste this time. Yes you are working from home but there is extra time. March was the month of knowledge. Beyond knowing more about Covid -19, what else did you know. Listen to a message Origin, purpose and future from PCDL. Find it under Christian loving. Read a book. Praying the right way by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Prophecy by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Trust me, you will need these two books. The world has changed forever. Take a free course *** Covid-19 Playlist I overcame by Ada I testify by Ada Able God by Sophiya I rejoice by Chookar Sayonara!!! I am back tomorrow!!i

It dey work AKA like a flood... Hmmmmmmm, I am sure you were waiting for part 2 of “too much information” lol. I said “to be continued...” I didn’t state when. Anyways I am sure you can remember one of those services where your pastor so fires you up. During the service, you can’t wait to go grab the nearest mad man to cast out deeeveeels out of him. Well, let me share you my experience. I was quite a young pastor and we had finished what was then our early healing services with Pastor Chris. Those were fore runners to our present healing school. Boy!! I was so inspired. I couldn’t wait to rush out and start laying hands on cases. Hmmmmm, I didn’t have to wait long. The case came to me😂🤣😅. Choi I cringe as I remember. So I got to the office and I was told of this dear sister who was currently challenged. Once in a long while, she would go off the hook and would have to be bundled to a mental hospital for a while. They would treat her and then she would be okay. I was told that the trouble had started again. Choi!! See my opportunity!!!! Ahhhhh hospital ke!!! Bring her to meeeeee!!! I almost shouted. Infact I couldn’t wait to get to my office to start displaying my faith. So I got to my office. The first sight I saw brought an involuntary “Jesssossssss”!!! Out of my mouth. The deacon taking the sister to the hospital was chasing her around the church premises with a two-by-four. You see, while taking her to the hospital, the lady had stuck her neck out of the window shouting “Kidnappers!! kidnappers!! They had to turn back to prevent being lynched. On getting back to the church, she had grabbed the deacons hand and almost chewed off one his fingers. He eventually had to get it stitched. This was the sight waiting for me. A Deacon with a bloodied finger chasing a sister who was screaming and shouting, around my church premises. Na wah!! Who sent me🤦🏽‍♂️? I almost found myself doing the sign of the cross as I moved forward. “You this demon, I cast you out in the name of Jesus”!! Out!!! I shouted. I was in charge and this devil had to go!! “I cast you out too”!!! Was the unexpected response in a deep voice “Who said that”? 😳😳 Startled I opened my eyes. I was expecting to see the lady passed out. Instead what I saw was a wawu!! Here was this normally gentle sister facing me eye ball to eye ball like “I am ready for you” she looked like she was about to pounce on me. Ahhhh!!! I adjusted myself. At that point, I knew that this was it!!! “Out you foul spirit!! Out!! Out!! In the mighty name of Jesus!! “went my thunderous voice. “You too out!! Out!! Out!! Went the reply. Shuoooooo, they didn’t teach me this in bible school oh!! In all the LMC I had done, all the books I had read, all the ones I had seen Pastor do.... this one was different. I started thinking, “why must my own always be different? Why this difficult case?” I started to thank God, this wasn’t church service. I was now sweating a bit in those areas only you know. Sweating under the armpit, under my chin. I was like “hmmmmm Tony, who sent you? You should have just allowed them take this sister to hospital. What is all this showing yourself sef? Na by force?” Yes it is by force!! I assured myself. Undeterred I adjusted myself to release some more commands. As I opened my mouth.... next thing I heard was “Out!! Out!!! Pastor Tony, I cast you out!!” “Pastor Tony Ikeokwu out!!” Shuoooo!! The demon was now taking over my casting out!! We can’t let that happen. Now I was confused and didn’t know what to do next. The sweat started dripping on a cool evening. “Lord, what do I do next?” Went the thoughts in my mind. Frankly, like a rookie bible class student I had run out of ideas. I was a bit deflated. “This isn’t how it is supposed to work” went my thoughts. I flashed through all Pastor Chris had taught us. All the practical lessons we had seen. I gave up and was going to call them to bind her and take her away. I knew fully well that if I did, that was likely the end of my demon casting career. As I turned, I heard His voice “son, you have the victory, Jesus Christ won this battle years ago. This is but a manifestation of lying vanities” Immediately, like a flood, I felt the anointing surge through me. Choi!! I actually felt that fire surge through me!!! It was like Clark Kent putting on his Superman toga, like Shazam after shouting the words Shazam!!, like Batman with his bat suit, like... ( Tony! Tony!! Tony!!! I am sure that they have gotten the whole gist right now. Stop being a drama king and continue with the narrative🙄🤦🏽‍♂️). My eyes blazing (yer you gorrit, those blazing eyes), I turned back to the sister. To cut a long story short, after I finished, I left the sister kneeling down with her hands raised up for 30mins. I mean how dare she/them/it. She was just too glad later when we got her a car to take her to the hospital. By herself, she walked into the car, sat down gently and obeyed. I followed her to the car rubbing my hands, glee in my eyes. I was like, “just start manifesting here, you would do angle 90 by force!!” Yer. We have the victory. We always win. Never be afraid. Just have the assurance of the word. When the enemy shall come in, like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him. Isaiah 59:19

Too much information (Part 1 of 2 parts) Some years back, I found myself during a certain period watching a lot of news. It was during the height of ISIS. The world was concerned, there was a lot of concern about terrorist activity. So much information flowed about terrorism, their activity, lifestyle, etc. . To cut a long story short, I was well informed. About that period, I found myself boarding a flight from Amsterdam to Paris. It was a small regional flight. As usual with me, I got into my window seat and positioned myself to sleep. “Yea I was going to have a great sleep” I said to myself. Half sleepy, I noticed this guy enter the plane. Suddenly all sleep disappeared. Choi!! The guy ticked all the boxes of a classic terrorist. Heavily bearded, black mark on forehead from frequent prayer, he had this “angry” look and was carrying the tasbih ( Muslim rosary ) wrapped around his hand. “Father God, no weapon!!!” Came involuntarily from my mouth. “How can they allow this man on this flight? Did they check him properly?” Were my thoughts. To make matters worse, he was wearing very dark and loose clothing. “Hmmm he could be carrying a suicide belt!” Now all my CNN knowledge was coming forth! Ahhhh I didn’t know the matter was just warming up. As he walked past my seat, I heaved a sigh of relief!! “At least he wouldn’t be my Neighbour!” I wish! Before I knew it, he had retraced his steps, and sat down besides me. Chaiiiiii!!!! I shouted in Iranian! Now I knew God was watching me in 4D!! Shey, Instead of me praying for souls, I was watching CNN!? Kontinu!! I seemed to hear angel Gabriel and Michael combine to mock me. I am not so sure but it seemed like that angel of Daniel that had to be rescued by another angel was sticking his tongue out at me. See, I had referred to him as baby angel for needing rescue. Anyways back to my “terrorist” neighbor. “God is it like this!!! Not this way” I said to myself. My mind started to run riot as I imagined a bomb going off besides me. I imagined a hole appearing on the plane fuselage and me being sucked out of the plane, shouting No!! No!!! No!!! (gosh, I must make a mental note to stop watching those Mission: impossible movies 🤦🏽‍♂️) I tried to say hi to the “uncle terrorist”. Maybe I could start a conversation that would lead him to christ. Even me self, I could barely hear the squeaky “hi” that came out of my mouth. The uncle ( best pronounced onculu) just glared at me like “hey keep your lane” 😠😤 “Oh Gawd, how did they let this man on this flight” 😱? I started looking around to change my seat, Choi!! The flight was full. No free seat. My fate was sealed!! The faces of the other passengers looked like they pitied me. It didn’t help that I was the only dark skinned person on the flight!!! “Did this guy choose me out? I hope no one is thinking we are together ?” ... to be continued 🤪🤓😎 *** 3 things, nay 4!! So I have been discussing the 3 things Pastor Chris said I needed to put in my life to be successful. Administration, discipline and consistency. While praying over them, I realized a 4th one. Accountability. “accountability is answerability, blameworthiness, liability, and the expectation of account-giving” For me, it means been held to certain established standards. The scriptures say that the word of a king has power. This is because once he has spoken, it is expected to not be retractable even when said in jest. Accountability is on several levels. The first and most important is personal accountability. Who you are when nobody is looking. You can give people believable excuses and get away with it, but you know the truth. Practice personal accountability. When you set a goal, be accountable to yourself to make it happen. If you are accountable to yourself, you would be accountable to your boss. Secondly, don’t engage in self deceit. Get someone that can tell you truths. Someone you can report to and practice stickability. ROR is in its 20th year. Not one month has it come late or not been available. Not one month have we had an article reprinted. That is 7,305 articles (yer I added the 5 leap years in between). That in itself is an inspiration. It is accountability in its highest form. Pastor Chris knows the world is counting on him and he delivers. What about you? This is the year of perfection!! Go for it. **** buzz word PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder A disorder characterised by failure to recover after experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event. The condition may last months or years, with triggers that can bring back memories of the trauma accompanied by intense emotional and physical reactions. My childhood friend at 50+ can’t stand 7up. Uptill in her 20’s she will shudder and shake at the sight of a 7up bottle. She once unknowingly drank 7up in a cup and enjoyed it. Then started throwing up and almost passed out when she discovered it was 7up. I found out that day why. When she was a child, her dad held a 7up bottle and threatened to smash her head with it. An ordeal lasting almost an hour with her wailing and screaming. He was trying to get the poor child to learn something she was not ready for (African parents sha 🙄). What PTSD have you not allowed the word of God deal with? For some, you would need to add counseling. The drugs don’t work. Trust me. Having suffered from severe PTSD, I know that the only heal is the word, pastoral counseling and time. *** #12in3challenge Takeaway scripture from New Years message. Meditate on this scripture for the week. “Matthew 5:48 King James Version (KJV) Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect” So truly, is it true that “no man can be perfect?” I thought you said “If Jesus says yes, nobody can say no” why then is this so difficult to believe this. Pastor Chris says “practice righteousness” **Book challenge “recreating your world” **Goals:- who are you accountable to for your goals. This is February. The word MUST work for you. **Rhapsody one million outreaches campaign. Do you have your copies? I have taken my first 100, I have prayed, God has directed me. Story loading... ***What message am I listening to “3 kinds of wisdom” takeaway nugget “you are a failure when your boss cannot depend on you!!” “you are a failure when your colleagues find they can do without you” chai!!!!! *** Playlist Ada Ehi “Settled” Sophiya “Able God” Sylvia “Christ is the place” Okayoh!! I believe you have enough for the week. Have a beautiful week. Sayonara.

Take charge Usually when I get into a plane, I sleep off. Before, it used to be the only place no one could reach you until the invention of Wi-Fi on planes 🙄. My thoughts usually are focused on Ps. 127:1. I mean God is watching, my angels are on full duty, why should I do watch night with them? Mtcheww!! I hiss in Japanese! Then there was this flight. We were coming from Kano into Lagos. The flight had already been delayed severally due to bad weather. As we entered the plane, it looked like the devil had started to play those ominous movie music. Those ones they play when something evil is about to happen. Na wah!! Anyways I settled into my window seat and in no time was asleep even before the plane took off. Next thing I knew, someone had gripped my hand like they had equal rights with me to it. I opened my eyes to see we were in a storm and the plane was being tossed to and fro. My neighbor was besides herself. I could see fear all over her. She wasn’t the only one. First, people were murmuring under their lips. As the flight grew worse, people threw off all pretense. “Allahu akbar,!! La ilaha illallah” went the chants “Ebenezer! Ebenezer! Ebenezer!! Hosanna”(best enjoyed in an Ibadan accent) “We cover this plane with the blood. The blood, the blood. All demonic forces we bind...” Went the initial chants. Then we had the “God, I don’t want to die!! I don’t want to die!!” I looked around calmly, wondering where the crew was. Hmmmm... there they were strapped into their seats, worried looks on their faces yet trying to be professional. Next thing before I knew it, some drama queen had jumped out of her seat and started rolling on the floor seemingly praying. “All my village people, you shall not win. I will live and not die. Mama Risikat, not today. Iya Olode, I bind you!! All coffin spirits, marine, air spirits... in Jesus name!! I was surprised when even the person that was shouting “Allahu Akbar” went amen!!! 😳🧐🙄 I looked at him in shock and he took his eyes away, looking like ehen?!! I seemed to be the only sane person at that moment. I told my neighbor to calm down and that we would be fine. I held her hands and said a loud prayer. I calmed the storm and took charge and declared peace. As I finished, I heard more amens than I could see. My other two neighbors and the people at the back had joined in. Almost immediately after I finished praying, the storm disappeared. Everywhere went calm. It was like there was nothing before. Praise God!!! Praise God!! was all we could hear even from our Muslim folks. Now I couldn’t sleep again. “Which church are you....” Mt 6:26-27 “can anyone of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” (NIV) Relax, God’s got your back. The outcome is always favorable. *** Consistency How did the snail get into the ark? It got there by doing the right thing every day. Consistence is steadfastness. It is the ability to establish a routine and stick to it. Consistency is dependability and reliability. The Bible refers to it as faithfulness and we are told that God rewards faithfulness Mt. 25:21. It is better for your body to walk 15mins every day for 5 days than to do a 1hr walk every 2 weeks. Most people never prosper because they are always looking for a big break. This big opportunity to make it. “Nope, I can’t give $25, God has called me to do big things. I am waiting to give my $1m”. Good enough but it is now 25 years and you haven’t moved forward. People forget that the small opportunities make way for the big one. The $25 makes room to give the $1m. Same way, just start that thing that has been on your mind since. Start!!! Stop the analysis, paralysis!!!! Study Mt 25:21. The servant was promoted for consistency. His faithfulness in little things brought him promotion. Learn stickability. Finish one project well and take on another. Don’t start and then abandon the project. Don’t allow excuses get in your way. Life is a relay. Your input is needed to give someone else access( ROR, Jan. 21st 2020). Where you fail, someone has missed out. Interestingly, to be consistent, you need administration and discipline. Count for something, be consistent in your victories. *** buzz word Artificial intelligence:- the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. Bottom line, man has finally created a system that learns and thinks like a human. It is either our greatest opportunity or our greatest threat. #12in3challenge Yup, I have finished the power of your mind. Now I am going to read it again. It was like I hadn’t read it before. Take aways from the book “God had changed the man’s name to Abraham to reflect his new identity and align with the vision for his life, and as far as He was concerned, it was a foregone conclusion. God didn’t need to do anything more to make it happen. It was Abraham who needed to discover and align his mind with God’s idea and plan for his life” Power of your mind page 134 “the extent of your vision is the boundary of your blessing!” Pg 168 ***Playlist Rita Soul As we pray *** quote of the week *** meme of the week *** hangout picture of the week *** wedding picture of the week *** bonus picture of the week. *** first words, last words. Your first fruit. Totally un-negotiable. You give your first and your best. There are several first fruits. It should be from everywhere you have received an income. Well, that’s it. Till next week, sayonara.

Who’s got your back? One day , I decided to go with the kids on one of those adventure coaster rides. “What have I not seen before”? Were the bored thoughts that ran through my mind. While waiting for the ride to come in, I yawned as I heard people screaming afar off. Some looked like they had even puked on themselves as the ride came to an end. “Oya let’s go was the thought in my mind, bring it on!!!” Hmmmmmm... someone should have warned me that this wasn’t Dubai desert safari. We divided ourselves into two groups as the ride could only seat in pairs. Jason hung out with me in the hope that he was with big, strong and fearless daddy. As the thing took off, I got a taste of what I had gotten myself into. Jason beside me had already started to scream. “Nope, I am the man!! I am the father. I can’t be shouting besides this boy. Ahh ahhh!!! Were the thoughts running through my mind. “Jesooooooos!!!” Went the first involuntary scream. “Yayyyyyyyyyy, ahhhhhhhh, noooooooooooo” followed as I temporarily forgot who I was. Shuooo, who sent me? Uncle, trust me, when those rides start, you can temporary forget that you are working in power and miracles 😂😅🤣. Chai!! See me competing with Jason for screaming. I am sure self if not for the seatbelt, maybe I would have jumped into the boys’ lap. At that point, all the macho daddy somethings disappeared. I was like “what the world did I sign up for?” “Breathe!! Tony breathe !!!, it is only a ride”!! “Ahhhhhh yes ke!! It is only a ride” now my mindset kicked in. It forgot , the screaming, shouting person that was disgracing us 😂🤣( and those rides sure have a way of taking pictures at the worst moments 🙄) As I said those words to myself, I calmed down. Suddenly everything seemed to slow down. I closed my eyes and envisioned myself in control, I remembered it has an end point. This is what it was designed to do, scare me. At, the end, nothing more. At that point, I became bored again. Now I could enjoy the ride, in control. What can life throw at you to throw you off, haven’t you heard? the script is already written, we are past conquering!!!! Pastor Chris said in rhapsody of Sunday the 19th of January 2020, “your future is history to God... He’s seen everything and knows there is nothing capable of defeating and destroying you” chooooi, I dance in Spanish 🕺🏻!! I chew bullets for breakfast. I garnish them with my tea. Oya what’s next? Swimming with sharks? bring it on🔥💥🥋🥊🪂🧗🏽 *** buzz words for the week. Kakorrhaphiophobia is a hyped form of Atychiphobia. Yup, the two words sure exist. Kakorrhaphiophobia is an abnormal, persistent, irrational fear of failure. In clinical cases, it's debilitating: the fear of even the most subtle failure or defeat is so intense that it restricts a person from doing anything at all. *** discipline part 2 Discipline is working towards your goals in spite of your feelings. It doesn’t matter wether it is raining, snowing, wether you feel like it or not... Once the goal is set, achieve it!!! No excuses allowed!!! Rolls Royce vehicles are some of the most expensive cars in the world. They would drive on the roads of Haiti (one of the poorest countries in the world). This is because a Rolls Royce has an internal combustion engine. It is motivated from inside. Put in fuel and it would run despite the environment. To be disciplined, you must find internal motivation. A reason to wake up everyday and go. A reason to want to achieve that goal. Motivation comes from conviction. Receive a conviction about this year. A conviction on why you must stay healthy, why you must prosper, why you must be a soul winner and a partner for example. Once the conviction is there, you would have a motivation to wake up and go. That motivation would provide you the discipline. Ask an athlete why he still continues in-spite of all the pain and he will tell you it comes from motivation and conviction. This is the year of perfection, are you convinced this is true for you? It starts from there. *** #3in12challenge I am on chapter 10 of power of the mind. Where are you. I challenge you to read a chapter a day. Today is the 15th time I am listening to the new year message. I challenge you to listen daily. It is just 45 minutes. *** New year message alert 🚨 !!! Pastor Chris said that God expects, no, He demands perfection of us!! He used the illustration of the body organs and asked, at what point are they expected to fail? Pastor Chris said, if you don’t believe in perfection, you cannot see and you cannot walk in perfection. So train yourself to see perfection!!! Get the new year message. It contains the source code for our success. *** playlist of the week Rozey Perfection Eniola Sovereign God Ayo Vincent Nara Ekele Free gift... sign unto loveworld worship and get one month free *** place to go Church on Sunday and Wednesday 😂🤣😅🤪 before nko? Mtchewwwwww!!!!!!! *** quote of the week *** wedding picture of the week *** hangout picture of the week *** challenge of the week. Walk 50k steps 5 out of seven days. Post the picture from your watch, phone, Fitbit or whatever you use. First words, last words! Wow!! Rhapathon has been... 💥🔥🎯. If you haven’t been watching live, there are repeats. So much to watch, so much inspiration. You can’t afford to miss this. Phew!!! And that is all folks👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. See ya all , same day next week.

Ahhhhhh yes!! We are one day late. Please forgive me. I did do the post but it disappeared between loading it and KC. I didn’t save it anywhere else and had to start from scratch. Tough when you are re-doing a post that takes 2 hrs and perspiration!! Anyways..... WHAT’S ON YOUR INSIDE? Many, many, years ago, my younger sister came to visit us with her two young kids Gabby and Gaddy. Gaddy was about 3 or 4 years old so he wasn’t quite tall yet. He was also quite fair and slightly stocky. For some reasons I can’t quite pull out now, we called him “chinko” ( 🤔 hmmmm he did look quite chinese then though 🤭). Anyways, one day I got home very very tired and crashed unto a small mattress on the floor of my bedroom . Somewhere later on in my sleep, I sensed the door in my room open. Partially awake but mostly asleep, I finally forced one of my eyes open. Mehnn!!, The sight that beheld me could have taken a lesser man straight into heaven. First of all my room was very very dark. No light at all, any light had to come from outside. Also, I wasn’t wearing my glasses so I couldn’t see that well. My door was slightly open and light was pouring in from the passage way behind it. Everything looked surreal like my door was a portal into some sort of alternate universe. Then perched in between the door was this short yellow creature!!! Chai, mo gbe!! Seemed to be the first expression in my heart. In that second of the encounter I froze. Just me and this creature gazing at each other eyeball to eyeball. I could hear my heart beats in that second. And then came the explosion 💥!! “I rebuke you demon!!” came the shout from my mouth. “Out you demon, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!” Came my bold rebukes. I was in charge, no fear. Hmmmmm, the “demon” meanwhile was frozen. It looked like he was now confused, not knowing wether to go back to hell or come into my room. Next thing I knew, I had jumped up from my bed in one karate leap. I was taking the fight to this demon!! No turning back!! “Out!! Out!! I started to scream my hands outstretched just as I had seen pastor do several times. Now I was face to face with this “demon”. I raised my hands to slap this demon on the head as a final bye bye to launch it back into hell. As my hand was just about to strike the demon, I saw Chinko’s innocent white eyes looking at me in wonderment at all the hullabaloo. I am sure the thoughts going through his mind must have been “hmmmmm what a weird uncle this sure is” When the pressure comes on the outside, what you are on the inside rises to the occasion. You cannot give what you don’t have neither can you be what you aren’t. Spend time to build yourself internally. Feed on the word so that when the storms of life come, you would be like the house of Mat. 7:25. ***This week, we study discipline. Discipline refers to self control. It is the ability to subjugate yourself to your stated goals and objectives. Paul in 1Cor. 9:27a says “I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should...” The components of discipline include focus, prioritizing, time management and ruthless devotion amongst others. I was interviewing a PG ( IYKYK 😉🤪) about his travels with Pastor Chris. His response went like this. “There is so much to learn from Pastor Chris but one of the key things for me is his self discipline” He paused and continued “Pastor has a time to sleep, a time to pray, a time to counsel, a time to study. When that time reaches, he stops every other thing to give attention to that time”. Yeah that is it. Allotting your time appropriately and ensuring that you follow your routine. Canceling all excuses and getting it done when it needs to be done. Putting your body and emotions under so as to get the job done!!! Your body was designed as a creature of habits. It likes a rhythm. Create one and it would flow. So why not create the rhythm of success? Let’s stop here this week. We will continue on discipline next week. So much to talk about. *** big shout out to @simsim Go gurl!!! You did it. 🎯🏆🥇🏅🎊. Please DM to get details on how to get your award of a magnetic Bluetooth ear bud with 7hrs battery life. Yes ke!!! That’s how we roll with the giveaways. Keep following and you might just win a Bentayga. Btw, it was 50k steps not 50km oh!! Hehehehehehe. @billionaire OMG 🤦🏽‍♂️ no one noticed!!! Yer it actually should be a #12in3challenge @excellent_max thanks for the playlist. I have added them to mine. *** quote of the week *** wedding picture of the week *** hangout pictures of the week. *** playlist of the week Rozey Perfection 2019 ... ahhh this is just lit🔥. I first heard it during the special service with Pastor Chris. I hunted it down and it is a wawu!!! Get the lyrics. Thanks to @eniolamusic for the heads up Sam jamz Alive 2019 @mrsamjamz Testimony Jaga featuring Pst Israel I have moved 2019 @israelstrong *** place to visit Yo!! If you are in Lagos, take a trip to Eko Atlantic City. Ahhhhh lovely place. Let’s you know that Nigeria indeed has a future. *** recipe for the week Seriously you expected one 🙄🤪 *** discovery of the week A music streaming platform and app, hosting music from our LMAM stars. Some you haven’t heard before. Get the best of Loveworld worship here. The best of our LMAM Artists here. Next week you should get a voucher that gives you free listening time. Shout out to @evangelist98182 ***#12in3challenge Where are you in reading your “power of the mind”? We are reading one page a day. New year message alert!!! Pastor Chris said that man builds devices that are perfect eg. Our phones; or generators that run for hours. We expect perfection when we are flying on the plane. Why then can’t we expect that our lives should be perfect? DEEP!! Seriously Deep!!! Get your copy today. Remember we are listening to the message every day of this quarter. First words, last words:- We have done half of January 🎊👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. Where are you in the #12in3challenge? Pastor Chris said the key is to start early. Start now!!! Now is the time!!! Phew!!! And I am done for this week (as regards the post Ohhh). Now is the time for Parte after Parte!! Sayonara!! Over and out!!

Yup, I post once a week!! Catch me every Thursday. But fret not, I give you enough content to last one week. So this morning I had to go drop off first son aka Christian( interestingly, we never call him chris at home 🤔). He had a visa interview in Abuja and we had to catch a 6am flight. So here I am waking up the boy at 4am, getting into the car by 4:30am so we could get to the airport by 5am. “Did you brush your hair? Check! Are your documents complete? Check! Did you...“ “I have called your aunt, she would pick you up at the airport” “I can’t come with you, we have a training meeting with pastor for the next 2 days”. Yup, I had planned to follow the fully grown man to go for his interview which he has done so many times on his own. Not just go with him but I was going to carry second son aka Jason along. “You know, we haven’t had a holiday in a while, let’s just go keep him company” I replied to the quizzing looks in Jason’s eyes. Ahhhhh... so if you think that was extreme, I was just warming up. I found out that an old classmate was on the same flight so I sent her money to buy his ticket so he could go with her. I then woke up the lady at 4am, ensured she was at the airport and promptly delivered him to her. After my 2nd call to the boy, she called me “Pastor Tony, your son is safe. He is with me” lol 😂. I still made 2 more calls and sent messages. “Oya let’s pray” “I have sent you money” Choi!! See my life!! Then I started peppering his aunt with calls. When she didn’t answer, I called my younger brother to call her. I then started to look for someone in Abuja to call to pick up a 21 year old who has travelled half the world severally on his own🤦🏻‍♂️. Anyways in all this, it hit me again. PTI, you have entered into mummy mode!! Yup, I was in full blown mummy mode!! It wasn’t always like this. I only started doing mummy full blown 5 years ago. I however took it to another level 3 years ago 😂. Before then, it went like this... “Who is Mr Ogunsakin” I would ask like the umpteenth time? Then their mother would explain “Mr Ogunsakin is Jason’s current English teacher. He was Christian’s class teacher 5 years ago when he was in year 7. He became Jason’s class teacher 3 years ago when Jason was in year 7. Now he is Jason’s English teacher” “was that not Mrs Obi I would ask sheepishly” “Tony go and have your bathe, let’s sha go for the boy’s tea party!!” she would say in exasperation. Then I would say in my mind “wow, this woman is a genius. I, that can barely remember birthdays how can she know all that?” I am even sure that I have mixed up all the names and classes as I write. 😂🤣😅 Yo!! Mummy’s are a special breed. They know who the kids class teachers are, who their friends are, their friends birthdays and all kinds of minutiae details even if they have 8 kids. The scriptures lets us know that God is both mummy and daddy (Gen. 17:1). Like a mummy He fusses over you down to your every detail. Didn’t you hear that if a hair from you head falls, he will know? Relax, He’s got you covered. He said to Abraham in Gen 17:1 walk before me and be perfect. Infact my mummy mode overdo is nothing compared to how God fusses over us. ** #3in12challenge loading. Administration. The difference between a goal and an idea is administration. Administration is the planning that you put in to make the goal a reality. Goals are measurable and have accountability. Without administration, the goal is DOA. So let’s take a simple goal, e.g, I want to lose weight. We have to build administration around that goal. Some questions to ask? 1. How much weight are we taking off 2. What procedures do we need to put in place to ensure the goal is met. 3. When is the start point and end point of each procedures 4. Who needs to be informed or held accountable on the goal. A goal is achieved via procedures. As each of these procedures are carried out, the goal is achieved. For example Idea: I need to take a walk every day as part of my fitness therapy. Administration: I need to take a 30 mins walk at 7pm 5 days in the week as part of my fitness therapy Now we can expand it further I need to take a 30mins walk at 7pm every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Even further I need to take a fast 30mins walk at 7pm every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. In the walk, I must burn 250 calories. I would record it in my journal and check if it is consistent with my goal. So I must set a prayer time, a study time, a book reading time. We are indeed creatures of habits. Once you do stuff consistently, it becomes a habit and controls you. It is a good thing if you know how to apply it to achieve excellence. Once I get an idea, I first write it down then I develop it. I share it with a friend or two so that they can help me develop it further via the questions they would ask me. Then I quickly find who would help me actualise that idea. In doing this, I get someone to own it alongside with me. Then I do the above and it becomes a goal. If you don’t apply administration to a goal, you cannot apply discipline neither can you apply consistency. ** buzz word for the week “Deepfake” Deepfakes are media that take a person in an existing image or video and replace them with someone else's likeness using artificial neural networks. They often combine and superimpose existing media onto source media using machine learning techniques known as autoencoders and generative adversarial networks. Bottom line, using deep learning which is a subset of artificial intelligence, it is possible to scan millions of pictures, videos and voice recordings to create a video that suggests an individual is doing or saying something they never did or said. So many videos on the internet are deepfake but they are so good, you think they are real. Big problem is that it is difficult to spot them. **Fitness exercise for the week. Achieve a walking goal of 50k steps in 7 days and paste here. You are not allowed to walk all 50k in one day. It must be across a minimum of 3 days. You can threadmill it, walk it, crawl it, sha DO IT. Paste your results here and you get a gift😉 ** what am I reading? The Power of your mind by Chris Oyakhilome D.Sc., D.D. If you have read it, read it again. There are 13 chapters. Can you read one chapter daily? Can you also summarize some points you learnt from each chapter. I challenge you to read a chapter a day. I am on chapter 3 so far. **Playlist of the week. So this week, I am Featuring Se OK!! Pastor Semi Oketunji. An extraordinary personality. One day you would get to know him more when I interview him live!!! This is his playlist for me. Every artiste here is a boys to men 😂. Sons and daughters born in the ministry. The list covers several genres from trap, rap, Afro beat, pop. So if you are old school or new school, you should find something. Tell me what you think and also submit me music you would love for my next week’s playlist. Yup, next week’s playlist would be made up of songs you voted plus mine added 😉🤪 King Brandon Wavy WLLYM Sauce Marizu Looku looku Osayuki 777 Se Ok ft. King Brandon & Osayuki Y.C.K.M.V Precious Pearl Jewel Debbie I Am Symparthegod Dance Like David Carltone Life Forever Naffymar Dawn **my quote for the week is “I am, two of the most powerful words. For what you put after them shapes your reality”. I have the picture here. Please go ahead and fap it for your DP. No stress. **wedding picture for the week 😅😂🤣 ** best hangout picture for the week. Please post your own pictures let’s appreciate people’s ingenuity. **rant of the week. Hmmmmm all those drivers that would be in your front and would be driving as if they are in a sauna. How come they always seem to appear when you are in a hurry. They appear most especially in a traffic jam and leave so much space in their front. You would be fumming 😤behind them glaring at them, even honking and they would be looking so oblivious. mtchewww!!😠😤🥵 People would be entering into their front and they would be so casual like they have the whole time in the world. Suddenly when you want to speed past them, they would accelerate like if they just remembered something only to slow down once you slow down. Like, seriously? 🙄😠 Anyways, I quieten down and tell myself “Tony, calm down. God is training you. You too, you should have left home early. Don’t allow traffic demons ruin your day” I calm down oh, but hmmmmm sometimes it looks like those people were sent just especially to torture you. 🤪🤣😅😂 **Last words! First words! Please get the new year message and listen to it every day of this quarter. It is just 45 mins. Set a time every day for it. Trust me, it would propel you. Right now, you can get it on PCDL. Choi I try 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. See as I am even hailing myself. Okay oh!! ( yup that is my handle ), I am done for the week. See ya all next week. Till then sayonara!!

Yayyyyyyy!!! It is a newwwww year!!! Welcome to 2020 our year of perfection. Hmmmmm... let me see🤔. January is the month of resolutions. The usual suspect :- I want to lose weight this year!! I must lose 20kg by end of January. Then we get to June and we find that we are 20kg heavier. Or, I want to pray more, study more, listen more!!! then you find yourself 6 months later knowing more about the Tottenham fc players, coaching team and board members than about the new year message. “Did Pastor Chris really say that!!” You shout when you hear someone sharing a testimony on how they used that word to prosper. Nugget alert!! Pastor Chris said that by March, our achievements of three months would look to us like a whole year. My interpretation:- I will accomplish all of my existing 2020 goals by March. Meaning that I have to raise my bar and dream higher. I found a long time ago that anything God allows me to dream about, I can achieve. The fact my mind can comprehend it, means that I can achieve it. Question most times is how. One day, Pastor Chris called me and put me out of my misery regarding that question. He said “Tony 3 things you need: Administration, Discipline and Consistency” 3 things I need to achieve my dreams. I throw to you today, the #3in12challenge. Hitting your 12 month goals in 3 months. In my next post, we start with administration. So this is PTI Live!! My KC Superuser page. Thank you dear Pastor Rita for my new year gift. ( I am still experimenting with the page title sha, so if you wake up and the name has changed, still follow ) Follow me for my random thoughts; my rantings; my interviews (yup, I intend to do interviews 🤓); my selected memes ( hmmmmm... so you thought all Father Christmas were Christians abi?); my quotes for the moment and my playlists. My playlist:- Song:- All over me Artist:- Joepraize Album:- Most high 2015 Song:- All over the world Artist:- Joepraize Album:- Most high 2015 See ya

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