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HAPPY FATHERS' DAY, MY WONDERFUL DAD Good morning dear esteemed Pastor sir, There are occasions when words are inadequate to convey thoughts, emotions and gratitude. Today is one such times. However this, I can say: Thank you, daddy, for everything. I am me today because of your presence and involvement with me. You are father like no other ever. I'm grateful with all in me. I love you. #yearofperfection #myperfectlife

GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER: 7 DAYS TO GO When God visits you, the first thing you'll discover is a strong desire for change. There is a promise of a higher realm of life for you regardless of where you are presently. God's Word is His promise to you, and it's a place of rest. When you let Him visit you ,He will carry you there. Do you want a change? Do you want the power of the kingdom of God to produce results for you ? Then your life must reach out; your heart must be bursting with a strong desire. Strong desire is necessary in life. A compelling desire for a change is the starting place. (culled from WHEN GOD VISITS YOU by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome). GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER is only 7 days away. It's a time of God's visitation. But you can make it more than a visitation. He can come in and eat with you and stay with you (Revelations 3:20). Heed my advice. Get and read WHEN GOD VISITS YOU prayerfully. You can get a copy from any Christ Embassy bookstore or anywhere excellent books are sold. You can also get a digital copy from Kindle, Rakuten Kobo, Google books etc. #globaldayofprayer #yearofperfection #myperfectlife

HEALINGSTREAMS.TV Because the power of God to heal goes across borders and boundaries... Because the Healing School is commissioned and ordained by God to take the healing power of God to the nations of the world... Because the Lord sent the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, to take healing to the nations... Introducing HEALINGSTREAMS.TV. The 24 hour television channel of the Healing School of Christ. HealingStreams.tv provides extraordinary content that is exclusive to the channel. The Healing School produces world famous content like "Enter the Healing School", "Healing to the Nations" etc. These content can be seen on different Loveworld stations worldwide. However on HealingStreams.TV, content never before seen on TV or any broadcast platform will be broadcast. Programs on healing lifestyle, healthy lifestyle, faith, faithlife etc can be watched. Exclusive to HealingStreams.Tv. What are you waiting for? Click here www.healingstreams.tv for faith inspiring, God glorifying, faith spreading TV programming. Something else you can do is spread the news this fantastic TV channel. Share the link to all your contacts to start watching. www.healingstreams.tv #yearofperfection #myperfectlife #healingschool

EXPOSÉ on PRAYER: Prevailing Prayers part 1 My prayers will cause God to do things that would, if not for my prayers, be inconsistent of Him to do. What a revelation!!! My Prayers, your prayers, really can make an indelible world of difference in someone's life. I can save, help or deliver someone who's undeserving of mercy, receive the grace of God in their time of dire need. Prevailing Prayers part 1 is absolutely free on PCDL.tv at no cost whatsoever during 21 days of EXPOSÉ on PRAYER. I watched it today personally. Have you? #exposéonprayer #watchonpcdltv #cemcabeokuta #yearofperfection

9 SLEEPS TO GO. One thing that the lockdown has helped us realise is the efficacy of Prayers. The Ministry is presently praying for 1 whole year in the 2020 PRAY-A-THON. Alongside that is the opportunity for 24 hours of intense, intensive Prayers. What a combination. I'm looking forward to this 24 hour Global Day of Prayer. I'm looking forward to the results and changes that will be effected by our prevailing prayers. Global Day of Prayer is 9 days away from 6pm GMT +1 on Friday June 26th - 6pm GMT +1 on Saturday June 27th. It's a date. #globaldayofprayer #yearofperfection #cemcabeokuta

EXPOSÉ ON PRAYER: CULTIVATING THE SPIRIT OF PRAYER I've watched and listened to this message 3ce today. Even more than listening, I've had 2 extra sessions of intercession in prayer aside from my pre-planned prayer schedule for today. This message will fuel your desire for prayer. It will stir up in you the spirit of prayer. A great blessing from this message is that it's so very practical and rich in scriptures. The language is very simple like only Pastor Chris would teach it. Enrich yourself by hearing this classic Word from God. #exposéonprayer #cemcabeokuta #watchpcdltv

GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER with PASTOR CHRIS It's only 10 days away. And it's for 24 hours. 24 hours of provoking changes; releasing angels; casting out devils; establishing Righteousness, Peace, Justice; making tremendous power available, dynamic in its working. I'm ready. Very ready. Are you? #globaldayofprayer #yearofperfection

AUTHORITY IN THE NAME OF JESUS I've watched and listened to today's message on EXPOSÉ ON PRAYER Day 2 on PCDL.TV. Have you? #exposéonprayer #watchpcdltv #cemcabk

EXPOSÉ ON PRAYER on PCDL.TV: AUTHORITY IN THE NAME OF JESUS Anyone who participated in the 7 Phases of YOUR LOVEWORLD with Pastor Chris MUST watch/listen to this message by the Man of God. It is a classic on spiritual warfare. It is really, truly an exposé. An exposé, not only on prayers, but on gaining and using and maintaining the upper hand over our adversary - satan and his cohorts of evil. I listened to the message early this and my eyes of understanding were enlightened. I'm conscious that I represent heaven. I'm aware that there's a difference between "praying with understanding" and "praying with my understanding" and the importance of the difference. I can go on and on but this isn't a review of the message. Rather this post is an alert and announcement to you of the tremendous resource available to you in this message. Finally, use this great opportunity provided by PCDL to develop and establish a daily Word hearing culture/habit and a daily prayer culture/habit for yourself. It would be the best thing you will do for yourself in your lifetime. #yearofperfection #myperfectlife pcdl #exposéonprayer #lwxtra #cemcabk

GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER WITH PASTOR CHRIS The countdown has begun. 11 days to go. I'm looking forward and prepping for this upcoming Global Day of Prayer. The last one was immense for me. My understanding was opened in a tremendous way. I received keys to the Kingdom. Through the application of the wisdom I received, my life has gone so far forward in a very short time. The testimonies will be shared at IPPC. Great testimonies because of Global Day of Prayer. I don't know what the Lord has in store for me at this Global Day of Prayer but I know it is both glorious and glorifying. Hallelujah!!! #globaldayofprayer #yearofperfection

June is the MONTH OF PRAYER. In compliance with this instruction from the Holy Spirit, Christ Embassy Ministry Centre Abeokuta will be praying together from 6am to 7am on the 2 Sundays (June 14th and 28th) Tomorrow is the 1st of these 2 Sundays in June. Let's make tremendous power available. We're using this Kings Conference meeting link for the Prayer meeting: https://conf.kingsch.at/c/ceabkmc/55106 #AbeokutaMC #MonthOfPrayer

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June 12 is a historic day in Nigeria. But for me, June 12 means only 1 thing and 1 thing only. Today is the birthday of my lovely, loving, wonderful son - ANDREW OSAYUKI EDUN. Today's birthday is very significant and important. Today is Yuki's transition from teenage to adulthood. Congratulations Andrew and glory to God for this. Happy birthday son. #yearofperfection #myperfectlife

Happy birthday to 3 very unique and very special individuals in my life 1. To my personal assistant - Pastor Charity Adebayo - thank you for the love, devotion, care and work you are in and for me. 2. To my 1st child and my heart - Sophie Ola-Ariba - I'm so very proud of everything you are and that you have achieved, baby. 3. To my niece and the youngest granddaughter of my parents - Tumi, the daughter of my baby sister, Tosan - Tumi, I love you you so very much. You're the best of God. So to all 3 birth celebrants, let's rock and roll. Krrrrrrrrrrrrrr gbèsè 😎😂 #yearofperfection #myperfectlife

WORDFEST 2020 I've watched today's message on WordFest. It's 7 FACTORS FOR MAKING SPIRITUAL ADVANCEMENT. Pastor teaches us that before I can make advancement in my life, I must have done so spiritually first. So this message is actually providing the recipe for making progress in my life. Do go and watch it for yourself and position yourself for a successful 2020. #WordFest2020 #yearofperfection #cemcabeokuta

#WordFest2020 Day 14 Have you watched today's message on WordFest? It's BENEDICTIONS and it's a truly faith building Word from God. Watch this Introduction given by the Esteemed Pastor Karen Victor and enjoy this timeless classic. Truly, one word from God will change your life forever. #WordFest2020 #yearofperfection

#WordFest2020 The ongoing WordFest by PCDL has never been done anywhere in the world prior to now. It is a timely festival of the Word that will give you hope and faith. I recommend not only watching the daily video, but also watching the video again on a latter day. Remember that repetition is the law for deep and lasting impressions. This short video is for Day 11. The message is HEIRS OF BONDAGE and it's on the PCDL app. This message explains the fact of generational behaviors and the solution. #WordFest2020 #yearofperfection

The Angel of the church at Smyrna (dancing) and the Angel of the church at Laodicea (with backpack) after they read their letters from John. Smyrna: Though I'm poor, na 1st flight... Laodicea: If I sound you ehn... Smyrna: pepper dem geng... #bookofrevelation

The Highly Esteemed Pastor TT Edun has done and completed his study for today ✅✅💯💯 What about you??? #wordfest2020 #wordatwork #AbeokutaMinistryCentre

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Happy birthday esteemed Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu This is a special Video to honor a tremendous personality. Pastor Yemisi is the prototypical model of the Church staff produced by our man of God. She is the first of a breed. Never before seen in the administrative staff of any ministry worldwide. Wise, spiritual, intellectual, intelligent, wealthy, contemporary, excellent, beautiful etc. She made working in church fulfilling, exciting, attractive to many worldwide. I honor you, esteemed Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu. Congratulations on your birthday.

The #WordFest has begun. Feast on today's offering from PCDL - Sin, Forgiveness and Righteousness by Pastor Chris It's free from PCDL and our beloved man of God. Glorrryyyyy. #yearofperfection #myperfectlife #abkmc #iamluminary

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