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The Best Days of My Life. This song is the closest to an accurate description of my life. I received the prophecy at the end of the song by the man of God with my spirit. I'm living and walking in this Word. These, for real and indeed, are the best days of my life. #yearofperfection #myperfectlife #fruitsofmymouth

WISDOM & UNDERSTANDING I have had people ask me questions about the recent protests and subsequent lootings across our country, Nigeria. People asking why I've discouraged my brethren from supporting the protests covertly and overtly. They've asked "didn't our father prophesy judgement and protests against governments that used the debacle & fiasco COVID-19 against their people?" My response has been 2fold: 1. I am a man under authority. Pastor Chris is my prophet. He's my leader. In the OT, King David didn't make any move without consulting Prophet Nathan or Prophet Gad. Not every battle is my battle. Not every war is God's war. My Prophet, our Prophet, Pastor Chris didn't send us out to protest. He didn't send us to write for or sing for or chant for any protests. I will do only those things directed expressly by the Man of God. I will be led by the Holy Ghost through the Prophet. 2. In Matthew 18:7 & Luke 17:1, Jesus prophesied that offences MUST come BUT woe to him through whom they will come. Wasn't Judas also fulfilling prophecy in betraying our Lord? He was. But what a prophecy to fulfill. Certainly, it was a "woe-filled" prophecy. It's not every prophecy that I'm to fulfill. The man of, Pastor Chris, has taught me to walk in wisdom and understanding. I will gladly do so instead of being part of a bauble generation. I'm not a woke Christian. I'm an awakened Christian. #yearofperfection #myperfectlife #YourLoveworldSpecials

💃💃💃COMING SOON!!!! 🙌Anticipate IMCC2020(from 15th - 17th November)!!! "Let's push forth the end-time Gospel Agenda through digital activism on a whole new level!" Follow this Superuser for updates! #IMCC2020 #nowinits7thedition #happeningintheyearofperfection

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#imcc2020...the count up has begun ......it's the 7TH EDITION OF THE EPIC INTERNATIONAL MEDIA CONNECTORS' CONFERENCE 👌🕺💃happening in the year of Perfection...anticipate it 👍👌🤗👐😉

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Hello everyone. I received this video link and it's very credible. It was sent to me by Loveworld TV Head of News, Helen "the" King 😂😀 You might be busy but take time out to watch it. This video is very informative and very instructive.. This video is important on 5 levels: 1. It is proof of what the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has said since March 2020 on the COVID-19. The pandemic is a fraud. It's a debacle. 2. The COVID-19 testing is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on humanity. 3. This video shows the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Man of God of lawsuits. 4. This video is a manifestation that our prayers are working. Fiasco. Debacle. 5. The Man of God is the prophet to our last days generation. Listen to & hear Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Please do click on the link to watch. https://youtu.be/kr04gHbP5MQ It's a bit lengthy. Please watch it and share the link.

The Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, had always told us that the lockdown was a fraud and an evil perpetrated by WHO and unpatriotic national leaders. Behold, see below, the WHO has flipped their stance on the worldwide lockdown that they called for. What a debacle. Thank you esteemed Pastor sir, our prayers are working. #liars #fiasco #debacle

Have you started your Yookos account? Honestly? Yookos is a fantastic app. I've enjoyed using it. I use it to tell stories that inspire, that are funny, that are informative and thought provoking. It's a more informal space than KingsChat. Best of all, it's from Loveworld. Go and have great, educational, inspirational and commerce fun on Yookos. Yes, you should buy and sell on Yookos marketplace. Download the Yookos app from the app store. Google or apple. By the way, when you get on Yookos, do follow my 2 accounts: @ptt_incredible & @pttdotcom

See my previous post about the BRIDGE ON CHOLUTECA #yearofperfection #yookos #yookos #Yookosisback @pttdotcom @ptt_incredible

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Yookos is for Today. Start your account on Yookos ASAP. Follow my accounts on Yookos: @pttdotcom @ptt_incredible #yookos #yearofperfection

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Here we go 🙌🏿👐🏿👏🏿 I have a deep passion for giving people the proverbial "leg up" in life. This month, I'mlaunching my drive to provide 3 meals per day for 100 indigent children for 3 months. I'm appealing to you to help me achieve this project. Let this be your birthday gift to me. Everyday or as often as you can, from today till my birthday on October 26th, endeavor to sponsor one meal or more for the indigent child. It is $2.50 (ie N1,000) per meal. I encourage you to get your friends and colleagues who would love to be part of this initiative. I am doing this with the Inner City Mission for Children. This is a United Nations accredited NGO that provides education, accommodation and relief aid to orphans, widows, refugees and victims of natural disasters worldwide. To give to sponsor one or meals now, please click on the link below. All financial gifts go straight to the Inner City Mission for Children. Remember that one meal is N1,000 ie $2.50. Thank you and God bless you. Click below now. https://bit.ly/project30kmeals

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THE WORLD I CHOOSE TO LIVE IN One very important lesson I received from YOUR LOVEWORLD SPECIALS season 2 phase 3 is that The World is Ruled by Fools (Psalm 53:1). Therefore to live in a world shaped by a fool is to live in a fool's world. Even worse is to accept their promises of developing the world into a better place. That would be living in a fool's world and looking forward to living in a fool's paradise. I refuse to do either of them. I choose to live in a world of my own creation and creativity. A world restored to the glory of the mind and vision of God. I will live in God's aeons. Modeled by His Word in my mouth. #yearofperfection #myperfectlife #abkmc

Hello Family. Advice anyone listening to music from Beyoncé Knowles and her husband, Jay Z, to stop doing so. I don't listen to her music but I know that Beyoncé and Jay Z are like the biggest music acts ever in the history of the world. To achieve her dominance, she did the following: For 60 days - fasted; didn't use mirror; abstinence; levitated downwards 😳🥴; bowed at the waist to god (not God); self flagellated; asked for dominion; drank the blood (the blood not just blood); drank the wine (the wine not just wine). End result? Met the devil. Take this serious. Stop your kids and siblings from listening to Beyoncé and Jay Z. These are lyrics from her song "Denial". Thank you.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEST FRIEND AND MY WIFE - Pastor Ewaen Edun I met you for the first time in 1988. You were a fresher in the University at the time. I remember the day. I was on my way back from the "buka" and you were heeded there with your brother. At the time, I didn't know the impact you would be in my life. Here we are, 32 years on, walking in the plans and purposes of Christ for our lives. Ewaen, we're both so blessed and graced by the Lord. Look at us, chosen by The Master, to work with His servant and apostle, Rev Chris, up until these last days. Not only working with Pastor Chris, but also walking so closely with/to him like few people are. We are graced. We are blessed. We in God's perfect will and in the best place. Many fell off the way but we've stayed. God is good. Sweetheart, like your name, you're wise. Your prayer habit has been so impactful in me and your life and your work. The great change in your praying and fellowship with the Lord is so obvious in intensity. The fruits and results are real in evidence. I'm so happy and challenged. Ewaen. You've flavoured my life specially for 24 years of marriage. You're beautiful. You're spiritual. You're loyal. You're inspiring. You're my love. Happy birthday.

HAPPY FATHERS' DAY, MY WONDERFUL DAD Good morning dear esteemed Pastor sir, There are occasions when words are inadequate to convey thoughts, emotions and gratitude. Today is one such times. However this, I can say: Thank you, daddy, for everything. I am me today because of your presence and involvement with me. You are father like no other ever. I'm grateful with all in me. I love you. #yearofperfection #myperfectlife

GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER: 7 DAYS TO GO When God visits you, the first thing you'll discover is a strong desire for change. There is a promise of a higher realm of life for you regardless of where you are presently. God's Word is His promise to you, and it's a place of rest. When you let Him visit you ,He will carry you there. Do you want a change? Do you want the power of the kingdom of God to produce results for you ? Then your life must reach out; your heart must be bursting with a strong desire. Strong desire is necessary in life. A compelling desire for a change is the starting place. (culled from WHEN GOD VISITS YOU by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome). GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER is only 7 days away. It's a time of God's visitation. But you can make it more than a visitation. He can come in and eat with you and stay with you (Revelations 3:20). Heed my advice. Get and read WHEN GOD VISITS YOU prayerfully. You can get a copy from any Christ Embassy bookstore or anywhere excellent books are sold. You can also get a digital copy from Kindle, Rakuten Kobo, Google books etc. #globaldayofprayer #yearofperfection #myperfectlife

HEALINGSTREAMS.TV Because the power of God to heal goes across borders and boundaries... Because the Healing School is commissioned and ordained by God to take the healing power of God to the nations of the world... Because the Lord sent the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, to take healing to the nations... Introducing HEALINGSTREAMS.TV. The 24 hour television channel of the Healing School of Christ. HealingStreams.tv provides extraordinary content that is exclusive to the channel. The Healing School produces world famous content like "Enter the Healing School", "Healing to the Nations" etc. These content can be seen on different Loveworld stations worldwide. However on HealingStreams.TV, content never before seen on TV or any broadcast platform will be broadcast. Programs on healing lifestyle, healthy lifestyle, faith, faithlife etc can be watched. Exclusive to HealingStreams.Tv. What are you waiting for? Click here www.healingstreams.tv for faith inspiring, God glorifying, faith spreading TV programming. Something else you can do is spread the news this fantastic TV channel. Share the link to all your contacts to start watching. www.healingstreams.tv #yearofperfection #myperfectlife #healingschool

EXPOSÉ on PRAYER: Prevailing Prayers part 1 My prayers will cause God to do things that would, if not for my prayers, be inconsistent of Him to do. What a revelation!!! My Prayers, your prayers, really can make an indelible world of difference in someone's life. I can save, help or deliver someone who's undeserving of mercy, receive the grace of God in their time of dire need. Prevailing Prayers part 1 is absolutely free on PCDL.tv at no cost whatsoever during 21 days of EXPOSÉ on PRAYER. I watched it today personally. Have you? #exposéonprayer #watchonpcdltv #cemcabeokuta #yearofperfection

9 SLEEPS TO GO. One thing that the lockdown has helped us realise is the efficacy of Prayers. The Ministry is presently praying for 1 whole year in the 2020 PRAY-A-THON. Alongside that is the opportunity for 24 hours of intense, intensive Prayers. What a combination. I'm looking forward to this 24 hour Global Day of Prayer. I'm looking forward to the results and changes that will be effected by our prevailing prayers. Global Day of Prayer is 9 days away from 6pm GMT +1 on Friday June 26th - 6pm GMT +1 on Saturday June 27th. It's a date. #globaldayofprayer #yearofperfection #cemcabeokuta

EXPOSÉ ON PRAYER: CULTIVATING THE SPIRIT OF PRAYER I've watched and listened to this message 3ce today. Even more than listening, I've had 2 extra sessions of intercession in prayer aside from my pre-planned prayer schedule for today. This message will fuel your desire for prayer. It will stir up in you the spirit of prayer. A great blessing from this message is that it's so very practical and rich in scriptures. The language is very simple like only Pastor Chris would teach it. Enrich yourself by hearing this classic Word from God. #exposéonprayer #cemcabeokuta #watchpcdltv

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