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YOUR LOVEWORLD SPECIALS SEASON 3 PHASE 6 - IS ONLY 3 DAYS TO GO💃💃💃 Get ready for an undeniable supernatural experience of a life time, with God's word on Your Loveworld specials Season 3 Phase 6 with Pastor Chris, from Monday July 26th to Friday July 30th by 7pm GMT+1 daily. It would be broadcast live on all Loveworld Stations, CEFlix, designated ministry websites and various social media platforms. 📝Have you written down your expectations? 🙏Have you been praying about this program? 🤝Have you invited those in your world to participate? The time⌚ to do so is now. #Yourloveworld #Yourloveworldspecials #Season3Phase6 #Kingschatrecommends

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Pray-A-Thon 2021 - Mon July 19 In this Monday's Rhapsody, we're admonished to put the kingdom first, as we trust God with our lives and serve Him with a pure heart. Learn more in the full article and share the word with others. 1 Timothy 2:1-4 says,​ 'I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth'. At our prayer times today, we'll pray fervently in tongues of the Spirit, and in accordance with the verses of Scripture above, for all nations and their leaderships. Your Loveworld Specials Season 3 Phase 6 comes up from July 26th to 30th. Let's prepare for it, and help others participate; Showing on all Loveworld Networks, LiveTV mobile app, Ceflix and various social media platforms. You can watch the Healing Streams 'Festival of Miracles' featuring amazing testimonies from the July Healing Streams Live Healing Services. It's showing 4pm (GMT+1) daily, this week on and the LoveWorld networks. God bless you.

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Sweet and Esteemed Pastor of the BEST ways to describe you🥰. Thank you for the little-GREAT things you do, with so much joy and kindness💞. Thank you for the love you lavish on Sasha and Lucia ALWAYS! 10q 4 their first white jackets...n d list goes on!!!😘 May the Lord grant you, your heart desires and consistently distinguish you for and with greatness for all time! IT IS YOUR BEST YEAR YET!🙌 I love you n u know it!❣❣❣

Happy birthday, highly , dearest, Esteemed Ma. Thank you for all you do and represent in our Nation, especially in the staff community🥰💞 Thank you Ma for always having a beautiful smile every time I see you Ma.😚😚😚 Thank you for your love for Jesus, Pastor and his people, that you show without reservation. May the Lord cause more opened doors of opportunities for you in ministry as we see his return fast approaching! I love you pretty much Ma!❤

#Kingschatrecommends Pastor Chris speaks on the report showing that vaccinated people are transmitting the Covid-19 Virus. Credit: @lwnews Got great content? Hashtag KingschatRecommends to have your post considered for the next round of recommendations! 💫💃🏻🎉

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#Rhapsodyofrealities #PastorChrislive #joy! BE PLEASED ABOUT TODAY [And it is, indeed, a source of immense profit, for] godliness accompanied with contentment (that contentment which is a sense of inward sufficiency) is great and abundant gain (1 Timothy 6:6 AMPC). It’s so inspiring to know that as a child of God, you can win and have a glorious life, every day; a life that you can be happy about, every day. A key factor for enjoying your life is learning to enjoy the process of growth; learning to recognise and be satisfied with your present accomplishments as you aspire to greater heights. Some people are never satisfied with their lives. They carry an air of sadness and discontent all the time. This attitude worsens their situation, so they never really know what it means to be truly joyful. True joy is in fulfilling your God-given purpose—being in God’s place, at God’s time, for God’s purpose in God’s way. Nothing could be more fulfilling than that. Forget the missteps of yesterday. Don’t be bothered about tomorrow. Enjoy today. The regrets of yesterday and apprehensions about tomorrow are enemies of today’s happiness. If you aren’t satisfied about today, tomorrow’s dreams may never materialise. Being satisfied about today doesn’t mean shelving your dreams for a greater tomorrow; it just underscores your hopefulness, preparation, anticipation and excitement for a more rewarding future. Hallelujah! PRAYER Dear Father, I thank you for being my joy and fulfilment. I delight in who I am, and all you’ve accomplished in, and through me in Christ Jesus. I live victoriously today, conscious and thankful that you perfect all that concerns me; thus, I continually maintain a joyful spirit, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

A 6years old boy brought back to life in CE ABEOKUTA. Our God is gracious and kind, He is Holy,and only potentate! Watch the video for the full Testimony.. #SWZ3 #CEABEOKUTA

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Isaiah 43 The Message When You’re Between a Rock and a Hard Place 43 1-4 But now, God’s Message,     the God who made you in the first place, Jacob,     the One who got you started, Israel: “Don’t be afraid, I’ve redeemed you.     I’ve called your name. You’re mine. When you’re in over your head, I’ll be there with you.     When you’re in rough waters, you will not go down. When you’re between a rock and a hard place,     it won’t be a dead end— Because I am God, your personal God,     The Holy of Israel, your Savior. I paid a huge price for you:     all of Egypt, with rich Cush and Seba thrown in! That’s how much you mean to me!     That’s how much I love you! I’d sell off the whole world to get you back,     trade the creation just for you. 5-7 “So don’t be afraid: I’m with you.     I’ll round up all your scattered children,     pull them in from east and west. I’ll send orders north and south:     ‘Send them back. Return my sons from distant lands,     my daughters from faraway places. I want them back, every last one who bears my name,     every man, woman, and child Whom I created for my glory,     yes, personally formed and made each one.’” * * * 8-13 Get the blind and deaf out here and ready—     the blind (though there’s nothing wrong with their eyes)     and the deaf (though there’s nothing wrong with their ears). Then get the other nations out here and ready.     Let’s see what they have to say about this,     how they account for what’s happened. Let them present their expert witnesses     and make their case;     let them try to convince us what they say is true. “But you are my witnesses.” God’s Decree.     “You’re my handpicked servant So that you’ll come to know and trust me,     understand both that I am and who I am. Previous to me there was no such thing as a god,     nor will there be after me. I, yes I, am God.     I’m the only Savior there is. I spoke, I saved, I told you what existed     long before these upstart gods appeared on the scene. And you know it, you’re my witnesses,     you’re the evidence.” God’s Decree. “Yes, I am God.     I’ve always been God     and I always will be God. No one can take anything from me.     I make; who can unmake it?” You Didn’t Even Do the Minimum 14-15 God, your Redeemer,     The Holy of Israel, says: “Just for you, I will march on Babylon.     I’ll turn the tables on the Babylonians. Instead of whooping it up,     they’ll be wailing. I am God, your Holy One,     Creator of Israel, your King.” 16-21 This is what God says,     the God who builds a road right through the ocean,     who carves a path through pounding waves, The God who summons horses and chariots and armies—     they lie down and then can’t get up;     they’re snuffed out like so many candles: “Forget about what’s happened;     don’t keep going over old history. Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new.     It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it? There it is! I’m making a road through the desert,     rivers in the badlands. Wild animals will say ‘Thank you!’     —the coyotes and the buzzards— Because I provided water in the desert,     rivers through the sunbaked earth, Drinking water for the people I chose,     the people I made especially for myself,     a people custom-made to praise me. 22-24 “But you didn’t pay a bit of attention to me, Jacob.     You so quickly tired of me, Israel. You wouldn’t even bring sheep for offerings in worship.     You couldn’t be bothered with sacrifices. It wasn’t that I asked that much from you.     I didn’t expect expensive presents. But you didn’t even do the minimum—     so stingy with me, so closefisted. Yet you haven’t been stingy with your sins.     You’ve been plenty generous with them—and I’m fed up. 25 “But I, yes I, am the one     who takes care of your sins—that’s what I do.     I don’t keep a list of your sins. ❤❤❤

Dearest Pastor Omoh, Happy birthday to an AMAZING YOU!🥰. Thank you for your love for children and People... so tangible! I celebrate your audacity of faith on all given assignment. I celebrate your beautiful life! I celebrate the increased GRACE for a GREATER TOMORROW! I celebrate YOU🥰 I love you dearly!💞


Happy wedding anniversary to my beautiful glorious gift from God and my man of God. Our union was ordained from the foundation of the world. I am most grateful to God that we are bigger than we used to be and we are moving upward and forward only. I love you dearly sweetheart.

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Happy birthday dearest PLA😚 It is another year to celebrate you and all the GREATNESS you exude... Your faith, hope and love unfeign.. Thank you for all you represent Thank you for your love for God's people Thank you for ALWAYS caring and loving Thank you for your friendship and sisterhood through the years. 'Still more lands to conquer and we are strengthened to ensure ALL the Lord wants done, is done through us😘 I love you dearly! It is your BEST YEAR YET!!🥰

# awordinseason #RecordbreakingPYK #PYKthechampionmaker #Championmaker #GracedandfavouredPYK #Ladyofgrace 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃❤❤❤

GOD gave us the ABILITY TO IMAGINE as a SPECIAL GIFT to help US CREATE the world we want to live in🤔. If you don't like the life you're living,you can change it!😚.God has given you the tool(YOUR MIND) and the ability to make THE CHANGE!💃💃💃 This ability is naturally God-given❤. With your mind, you can choose what you want to see. Seeing only what exists in the physical is living at the lower plane of life, and sadly, that's where many are🤔🤔. But if you're born again, you have the God-nature and God wants you to lift your vision and SEE THE UNSEEN😍😍😍🙌

#RecordbreakingPYK #PYKthechampionmaker #GraceisaLady💞 #GracedandfavouredPYK #Ladyofgrace So.... as I begin to write.... I am truly grateful, happy, thankful .....full of all the good things there are😚☺️😂😍💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃🎷🤩🤗😙😘😘😘 Ma, for the lack of a better word... your life is as beautiful as the works of your hands... which are? Innumerable.....💞💞💞🙌🙌🙌 You are THE FORCE to reckon with. Yes you are! Who else birth winners and keep birthing.... who else does all these great works and keep looking for more lands to conquer...???🤔🤔🤔 You are many things to many people but to me, You are a SAFE PLACE😍 The Esteemed Director that gives TRUE DIRECTION☝️🥰❤ You are a MOTHER of mothers, a big sister and the boss of bosses... You are a Christian with a difference!😚 You are AUDACITY!😎😎😎 You are FAITH unfeign!✌ You are the voice of God to billions!🤗 You are the voice of billions!!🤗🤗 You are more than we can write... You called me many years answer the call of God and work in the BLW nation... it's being over 2 decades now...and it is till the rapture of the church @ the catching up alive.😍😍😍 I love to love you Ma.❤❤❤ You mean soooooo much to me and my family and the body of Christ. I thank God and Pastor for giving us such a gift. YOU ARE OUR GIFT 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 Sasha and Lucia's video is right👇❤

Join The 1Million March Today. #1millionoutreaches #kingschatrecommends

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Happy birthday to my flawless beautiful wife. I love you dearly. You sure are getting greater and greater. For you it will be from glory to glory, from grace to grace. No Limitation for you.

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Happy birthday love🥰 You are simply the BEST!....d BEST of d BESTs..💏 I am so grateful to God and Pastor for bringing me to you and ensuring the actualization of this union.💞 It is your birthday and a time to celebrate YOU, your greatness,kindness and love. Waoh! What a wonder you are!😍 You are a tower of STRENGTH, HOPE and LOVE. I am thankful for your resilient spirit and your LOVE...which is ALWAYS in its purest state❤❤❤😘 Thank you for STANDING BY ME when I needed that so much!🙌🙌🙌 You are many things MOG... I honestly think 1st Corinthians describes you 4 all time😊😊😊 U are PATIENT😚 U are KIND😚 U do not envy or boast😚 U are not arrogant or rude😘 U do not insist on your way🤗 U are not irritable or resentful ☺️ U do not rejoice at wrongdoing🤗🤗 U rejoice with the truth😋 U bear all things, believe all things, hope all things.😙 U endure all things...💃💃💃 U LAST!😍 I love you FOR ALL TIME!😍😍😍 Happy birthday Sugar!😍

#PastorChris #Thanksgiving #Prayathonreloaded #CESAZONE1 #LOVETOONS #LUCIA&SASHA What a glorious year this has been. Oh! such effulgence of glory! 💃💃💃 Blessed be God! 💞 Thank you Pastor for a most remarkable year! 🙏🙏🙏 We love you Sir!!!😍😍💖💖

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