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LIVE NOW: GRANDE FINALE - YOUR LOVEWORLD WITH PASTOR CHRIS (SEASON 2, PHASE 1) Tune in now to participate in the conclusive segment of the life-tranforming, enlightening and uplifting Your Loveworld Special with Pastor Chris, as he continues his teaching on the Mystery of Christ. Connect now on: Invite family and friends. God bless you!

LIVE NOW: YOUR LOVEWORLD SPECIAL WITH PASTOR CHRIS DAY 4 One Word from God can change your life forever! Tune in for another life transforming session of Your Loveworld with Pastor Chris. Connect now on: Invite family and friends. God bless you!

A FESTIVAL OF PRAYER IN LAGOS ZONE 3!!! It's been a prayer galore in the month of prayer for members of Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 3, as prayer outreaches sprung up in myriads of groups and sectors, across various nations of the world. From India, to South Korea, Cambodia and Nigeria, the prayer train moved full speed ahead, canvassing schools, market places, homes, offices, parks and every available public space! Engaging kids, teens, students, workers and even the elderly; no one was left out of the global prayer movement, and so many lives, cities and nations would never remain the same. Have you had your prayer outreach yet? Get 3-20 people to pray with you online or onsite and get them to follow the PastorChrislive prayer network on kingschat. Let your outreach be a part of this global prayer movement! #iamaprayerinfluencer #iamapriestinoffice #ispreadprayer #PCLprayathon2020 Watch the video below to see highlights:

FOURTH MAN DIARIES HOW ONE FLIER BROUGHT OVER 70 PEOPLE TO AN OUTREACH! Bro Ikenna Azutoru the leader of God's generals senior cell in Christ Embassy Uwanse, Calabar Ministry Centre has been about his Fourth Man responsibilities. His group recently organized an outreach program and printed several invitation flyers. On one occasion, while on evangelism and publicity towards the event, they came across a group of young men on the streets who they preached to. Several gave their hearts to Christ that day and about 30 agreed to come for the event though they collected only one flyer. On the day of the meeting however over 70 of them showed up; those they reached had brought several more! Have you been about your fourth Man roles? This is the time! The harvest is ripe! Remember Jesus said that He is with us confirming His word with signs following. Step out today and add more souls to the kingdom! If you have inspiring soul winning testimonies like Brother Ikenna, kindly share by sending an email to #soultracker #fourthmanonthego

YOUR LOVEWORLD SPECIAL WITH PASTOR CHRIS (DAY 3) Join Pastor Chris as he uncovers salient truths about the mystery of Christ in Day 3 of Your Loveworld Special. Tune in now on Invite friends and family. #soultracker #fourthmanonthego

As long as there is a God in Heaven to answer prayers, we will pray! Still on the prayer Influencer Campaigns.... The Campus Ministry is agog with prayer outreaches, spreading the Spirit of prayer and changing lives. From Lagos to Portharcourt, Kenya to South Africa, UK to South Pacific, the voice of young people from across the globe can be heard filling the atmosphere with faith-filled words to bring about alignment and a fruition of God's perfect will in all the earth. Don't let your voice go unheard in the ongoing Campaign, organize a prayer outreach today! #iamaprayerinfluencer #ispreadprayer #iamapriestinoffice *Watch the video clip below

YOUR LOVEWORLD WITH PASTOR CHRIS SEASON 2 (PHASE 1, DAY 2) Let your experience and understanding of the Word transcend to the next and higher level as you join Pastor Chris in tonight's session of Your Loveworld Special. Tune in now on: Invite family and friends! God bless you!

AND, WE ARE LIVE!!! YOUR LOVEWORLD WITH PASTOR CHRIS (SEASON 2, PHASE 1) "Christianity is not a religion. Jesus didn't come to setup one, and he didn't ask us to set up one." Learn more amazing truths from God's Word in the first phase of Season 2 of Your Loveworld Specials with Pastor Chris. Tune in now on:

ONGOING: GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER GRANDE FINALE!!! The Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris has come to a climax as we begin its conclusive segment. Tune in now on to participate. Invite family and friends. God Bless you!

Anticipation for the Grand Finale of the Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris has reached a climax at the conclusion of the penultimate segment. Anchored by esteemed member of the Central Executive Council, Pastor TT Edun, tremendous power for global change was made available through the prayers on saints, and Senior ministers of the Gospel brought forth God's Word, with prophetic utterances to inspire the global audience. The segment featured amazing words shared and a special prayer session led by highly esteemed member of the Central Executive Council, Rev. Tom Amenkhienan, where he highligted several salient thoughts shared with us previously by our man of God, Pastor Chris. Other ministrations came from far regions of the world including Hungary and Hyderabad, India. Ministers include: Pastor Joy Amenkhienan, Bishop Tamas Raki, and Pastor MV Thomas. Stay tuned on God bless you!

Matthew 16:18 "...and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Prayers were offered for the Church during the 7th segment of the on-going Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris. In a most refreshing segment, anchored by the esteemed CGI Director, Pastor Lanre Alabi, spirit lifting and soul stirring words were shared. This power-packed segment featured insightful and uplifting Word ministrations from highly esteemed Member of the Central Executive Council, Rev. Ray Okocha, Loveworld CEO, Pastor Deola Philips, as well as senior ministers: Pastor Karen Victor, Pastor Razvan Mihailescu and Pastor Roshan Wickermashinge. The prophetic words were striking, the prayers, fervent. Truly, the world will never remain the same. Stay tuned on God bless you!

An investment in Youth and Children is an investment in the future, and they were the subject of fervent prayers and intercession during the 6th segment of the Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris. Anchored by esteemed Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu, Director CELVZ, ROR, and LMPM, words of inspiration sprung forth during the word sessions, prophecies and prayers. Special ministrations also came from esteemed Ministers, including: Pastor Emeka Eze, Pastor Chike Ume, Pastor Ruth Musaruwa, Pastor Toni Martins and Pastor Bernadette Mutonduro. Stay tuned, as prayers continue!

The torch of prayer and fire of intercession moves across the world as we entered into the 5th segment of the Global Day of Prayer. Anchored by the esteemed Secretary General of Loveworld, Pastor Kay Adesina, ministers led prayers for the Government of countries and cities around the world. Inspiring word sessions and fervent prayers were led by ministers across the globe. #photospeaks: Pastor Kay Adesina. Pastor Obi Chiemeka, Pastor Obi Umasiegbu, and Pastor Sandrina Ratsimba The church marches on!

Segment 4 of the Global Day of Prayer was exrta special as Pastor Benny Hinn led saints around the world in prayers. Words of prophecy rang through, as ministers brought forth God's Word to God people. There were also special ministrations from Pastor Chidi Ezimako, Pastor Aloy Okei and Pastor John Samuel. Prayers were offered for Ministers of the Gospel in every nation. Indeed the earth is filled with God's glory, and saints lifted holy hands and voices in prayer and worship to the Lord. #Photospeaks Pastor Benny Hinn, Pastor Chidi Ezimako, Pastor Aloy Okei and Pastor John Samuel.

Segment 3 of the Global Day of Prayer steam-rolled along, as prayers were offered by saints across the nations. Anchored by Pastor Mike Wiggle, Zonal Pastor, Texas Zone 2, Ministers led fervent intercession from various parts of the world, including: Kenya, Egypt, USA, Canada and South Africa. Preview photos of Ministers from various ministries: Pastor Judah Kalinga, Global Light Ministries, Nairobi Kenya; Pastor Ramez Ghabbour Life Changing Truth Ministries, Egypt; Pastor Brian Ngwenya New Life Embassy Church, South Africa; Pastor Sabrina Evans

As prayers of saints across the world rise to heaven as an incense, change is certain, not only in cities and nations; situations and circumstances; but most importantly, in you as an individual. Words of prophecies continue to come forth from the Ministers, as they pass the torch across the nations, leading the global audience in fervent intercession. In the 2nd segment of the GDOP, prayer was made for the Restoration of True Faith amongst Christians and Ministers of the Gospel. #Photospeaks of some of the sessions featuring Evangelist Dora Santos Rodriguez, ICP Church, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Pastor Armando Osorio, Koinonia Christian Church, Los Angeles, California, USA This segement was anchored by esteemed Pastor Ifeoma Chiemeka, Director of Corporate Affairs participate live on:

"God's Word reveals truth because God is truth" - Pastor Chris The first segment of the Global Day of Prayer concludes gloriously, but prayers continue. Special words from our dear man of God, Pastor Chris, got us to a perfect start, and the program continues with special ministrations and prayer sessions led by Ministers from around the world #Photospeaks of succeeding sessions featuring Pastor Chuka Ibeachum, Zonal Pastor of Western Europe Z4; Pastor Henry Akasili, Zonal Secretary, BLW Zone J; Pastor Biodun Lawal, Zonal Director, Accra Ghana Zone. participate live on:

The Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris is Underway! "Prayer isn't man's idea but God's idea. He asked us to pray because He wants to answer. Prayer is our faith talking to God!" - Pastor Chris The time for Global change and transformation is here, and everyone should be a part of it. Don't miss out, tune in now on: Invite friends and family. God bless you

Big day today, as the much anticipated Global Day of Prayer begins 6pm GMT+1/ 1pm EST, showing on all Loveworld Networks, LiveTV mobile App, Ceflix, ministry websites, social media platforms and hundreds of television and radio stations. Inspirational exhortations on prayer & faith from over 40 ministers leading prayer sessions from around the world. Huge blessings for us all. See you soon. God bless you.

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...THE HOUR IS ALMOST HERE! It is less than 10 hours to the Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris. Get ready for 24 hours of non-stop inspiration, fellowship, intercession and transformation. Get set for complete and total transformation in your country, city, family, situations, circumstances, and most importantly, YOU. I pray, you pray, we pray, the world prays. Change has come! Invite all your contacts, no one should miss out on this special time of prayer, fellowship, change and worship. Tune in on God bless you!

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