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Happening NOW is the GLOBAL IMPACT OUTREACH (GIO). Pictures from some of our Viewing Centres. We currently have several hundreds of centres across our Zone who are participating. We are in for an extraordinary time of IMPACT. #GIO #GLOBALIMPACTOUTREACH #TLB #CEBAYELSA #thelandofgrace #NSSZONE1

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The Highly Esteemed Pastor Obi Umeasiegbu speaks on why you should be involved in the Global Impact Outreach coming up on the 12th Sept, begin by clicking on the link below to register #GIO2020 #pastorchris #pcdl #soulwinner #soultracker #pcdltv

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@tlb Your heart is full of love. You are grace personified. Thank you sir for being a leader by action. Directing us in line with the vision of our man of God Pastor Chris.Thank you for bringing class to the gospel and colour to its spread.and thank you for loving me specially.πŸ’œ

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Still celebrating the man, the message, TLB. HE taught me how to worship. I learnt to cry in worship just watching my Pastor. I learnt to kneel and lie prostrate watching my Pastor. Thank you so much Sir. I'm eternally grateful. Happy birthday! #TLBA27 #celebratingTLB #greatness

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This on my mindπŸ‘‡

Today i celebrate you specially Sir. Am so grateful to God I met you over 20 years ago during my NYSC in Maiduguri (so.much to say THANK YOU for). I testify that you are truly a Man sent from God. It's a new dimension of Grace for you Sir. I love and appreciate you so much😍

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My Dad taught me well! He taught me never to spend on myself what I had not given to God first. Radicalism 101. Today I celebrate my Dad for his courage and discipline in kingdom financing. I love you Sir, Happy Birthday...the light of Bayelsa. #celebratingTLB #A272020 #Oganaga

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Part 3.....I've always known you to be a giver. You give and give and give. You are a great man and today I say, may God continually bless and increase you. You will never lack anything good. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS!!!! Happy Birthday dearest Pastor Obi

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Part 2......I remember those holiday fellowships while the campuses were on strike. It was never difficult for U to gather people & teach them the Word of God. The crusades U have had in different cities are just hallmarks of what ur heart has always longed for;.........

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Part 1....HBD dearest Big's a joy to join the hosts of heaven to celebrate you. I cannot forget the impact Ur salvation had on me & my siblings. U have been sooo passionate about the kingdom. U have always done exploits for God......

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Still celebrating The light of Bayelsa... 10 yrs ago Pastor Obi chose the sister that would eventually be my wife. I am still reaping dividends from that wise counsel. I salute you Pastor Sir. Happy Birthday,we love you dearly. Maiduguri loves you dearly. #TLB #A272020 #grateful

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It all began 20 years ago! You told me things no one ever told me. 1. You told me to pray in tongues for 1 Hr b4 every Service. 2. You said Don't play with your tithe or your finances will be tight. I am deeply grateful Sir. Happy birthday to the light of Bayelsa, (TLB). #TLBA27

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πŸ†TLB SOULWINNING CHALLENGE - Count up to AUGUST 27TH!! 🀸🀸🀸Huge Harvests of souls at Christ Embassy Sapele Group of churches, NSS Zone 1 as many first timers were brought to Church in the 1st batch of BRINGING IN THE SHEAVES, commemorating the upcoming Birthday of our Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor, The Light of Bayelsa (#TLB)!! Glory to God. Have you won your own soul TODAY?? Join this chariot now. #TLB #TLB2708 #TLBSOULWINNINGCHALLENGE #CEBAYELSA #CEUGHELLI #CESAPELE #NSSZONE1

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Celebrating a Man sent from God. Happy Birthday Highly Esteemed Pastor Marcel Obode. Thank you Sir for your unflinching commitment and passion to the vision of our Man of God, and for your invaluable contributions to the Loveword PDNTP Faculty. We love and celebrate you greatly . #PM14 #AUGUST14TH #PastorMarcelObode #PDNTP

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.... for he is profitable to me for the ministry.(2Tim4:11) That’s my testimony of you. Happy birthday dear Deacon Seun Komolafe #TLB #auxanowithpastorobi

This recording was done sometime in 1956, some 64 years ago. Pay attention to the last 37 seconds for some surprise😯. Pastor has been right all the time. Follow who know road. Who no like wetin Pastor dey talk, high tension poles dey everywhere around, hug one. Mtcheww!! End of discussion! 😝 #ilovepastorchris

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New Zonal Church Venue!

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Highlight's of our service today!!! Ministering grace to Service Department members.... It's a new level for us... hallelujah! #pda #cegiwabarracks #cemaidugurigroup #servicedepartmentday #Nnwz2 #NNR

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