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PRAYER GUIDE FOR UPCOMING PROGRAMS #CEPHZONE1 Impact Of The Program In Our City · Declare that through this program we are Christianizing our city. That the word of God is growing mightily in our city and prevailing just as the waters cover the sea. · Pray against wickedness and corruption in our city. Declare that the influence of our message through this program is turning many from occultism. Kidnapping, armed robbery, assassinations and all kinds of evil vices. · Declare that this program will change the spiritual, socio-economic and political course of Rivers State; and its impact will spread round the entire Region (south-south region and the entire city in Nigeria) cutting across every strata of society. (Mt 28:19-20). · Declare that the purpose of God for this program will be exhaustively achieved, for this is the season; the set time in the calendar of God to bless and impart the brethren and inhabitants of Rivers State. (Psa 102: 13). #cephzone1 #TheHappyChurch #NOBPHZ1 #GFMC2019 #TotalExperienceOyigbo

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STILL CELEBRATING AN ICON OF PEACE The radiance of your heart of gold, your comforting smile, your words of wisdom, your instructions in righteousness, your gentle touch... your unique personality in its totality has endeared you to us all. We are so blessed not just to know you but to have you as our Mum. Words can't express how much you mean to us but... We love you so dearly Ma. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! #cephzone1 #TheHappyChurch

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Happy birthday to a mother of life. A champion and an award winning cell leader.... I celebrate you today and wish that a your heart desires comes to pass speedily as u enjoy the sweetest ride in the Holy ghost this year. I love you so much ma. Happy birthday

ICLC IN YOUR CITY DAY 2 Esteemed Pastor Amaechi teaches: INTERCEDING WITH TEARS ● To intercede is to stand in the gap in prayer between 2 parties. ● Intercession has to be emotional; it must be heartfelt, it must be earnest. ● God is always looking out for a man, an intercessor. ● To effectively intercede, you must fully comprehend the state of the lost. #CEPHZONE1 #IPPCINYOURCITY2018

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Happy Father's Day sir. I love you and thank you for the opportunities you give me in ministry.

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HIGHLIGHT OF #3DORAP WITH PASTOR AMAECHI UDEAKU @ WOJI GROUP DAY 1 The first day of the special program- 3 Days of Revelation and Power has kicked off at Woji today. The brethren came hungry for the word and they were filled as they took advantage of every activity characterised by the Holy Spirit. "Christ is God’s answer and for this fact I say "Amen". That’s why the Christian life is a life of declaration. A life where you say where you are, what you have, whose you are." Pastor Amaechi teaches. Col 2:17 Before the Sun came up, there was the light that God created which predated the sun. Jesus is called the Sun of righteousness. Significance of numbers : 1 Signifies unity 2 Signifies witness 3 Signifies Trinity 4 Signifies the Earth 5 Signifies Grace 6 Perfect evil, Fallen man 7 Perfection 8 Signifies new beginning. ETC Gen 44: 17 "Don’t be surprised that when you get to heaven certain things will be familiar because we carried heaven all along." "God always sees through the eyes of grace. He sees the end from the beginning... Jesus was the lamb that was slain before the foundation of the earth. Jesus is not your idea but God’s idea... It's God loving you. " The Esteemed Zonal Pastor opened the eyes of the church to the life of Jesus and His resurrection in the account of creationin Genesis. Also from the date of the passover in Egypt he establishes the reality in the timing of Easter. Brethren in Woji were literally at the edge of their seats paying rapt attention to these exposé from the Man of God, And with their spirits stirred up tonight, they look forward to Day 2 with much expectation. #CEPHZONE1 #THEHAPPYCHURCH

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Happy marriage anniversary to my beloved Pastor &Father. My mentor &life coach. Thank you for all you do I'm the ministry, I love you sir..

Port Harcourt can never remain d same agn. Thank u Pastor Sir 4 organizing the program & yielding to the Spirit. I luv u sir. #NOBCEPHZONE1

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#NOBCEPHZONE1 From the depths of my heart, I’m grateful to you You’ve done so much for me I’ve searched all around There’s no 1 like u

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HBD Pastor Freedom. Thank you for all that you do in Ministry. You are a gift from God to our MOG and all of us in Ministry. I love you.

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I declare that I'm an unending stream of the miraculous, living the supernatural everyday of my life.a son of consolation #Mydeclarations

I declare I'm fruitful&productive in every good work,a sponsor of the Gospel in multi-trillions.A financial pillar. #Mydeclaration

I declare that I,my family,Pastors,cell,dept,friends&all in my world live in divine health forever, walking in Love. #Mydeclarations

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