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The first way Jesus did it(won) was to love. Don't come to church if you aren't ready to love. #cebeninzone1 #3daysoffocus.

Our Esteemed zonal Pastor. Be careful what you tell a believer, no matter how small the believer is. #cebeninzone1 #3daysoffocus.

A giver don't give because he wants a harvest, he gives because he loves God. #cebeninzone1 #3daysoffocus

The one who give has is hands higher. #cebeninzone1 #3daysoffocus.

Day 2: Brethren testify of the efficacy of the Word from day 1. #cebeninzone1 #3daysoffocus

Day 2: ~Abound in giving. ~Raise the dyke. ~Connect to the latest grace. #cebeninzone1 #3daysoffocus

Day 2: 3 Days of Focus. Your Love for God should propel you to give. Every seed you sow doesn't leave you.. #cebeninzone1

Review of Day 2. Testifiers under 24 hours of the power of giving. #3daysoffocus. #cebeninzone1

DAY 2: THREE DAYS OF FOCUS. Giving is an opportunity for promotion. Surplus is the normal life of a Christian. #3daysoffocus.#cebeninzone1

Any worship to God without sacrifice is empty... Words being digested by members. #cebeninzone1 #3daysoffocus

There is no true worship without sacrifice. Exodus 10:24-26 TLB. #cebeninzone1

The God-kind of Faith: not saying what you see, but what you want to see. #cebeninzone1

The reason God blesses you is because He has an assignment for you. #cebeninzone1

Oh! How sweet it is to trust in Jesus.. just to take Him at His Word. #cebeninzone1

Members listen with rapt attention as Esteemed Zonal Pastor declares a season of SURPLUS. #cebeninzone1

Our sacrifices will always get God's attention. Our worship is empty without a sacrifice (Exo 10:24-26) #cebeninzone1

"My life is the story of God's grace". Esteemed Zonal Pastor introduces congregants to the Season of Surplus. #cebeninzone1

Esteemed Zonal Pastor ushers members of the zone to the season of Surplus #cebeninzone1

The reason God blesses you is because He has an assignment on earth. As a seed of Abraham - the Dew is with me. #cebeninzone1

3 days of focus kicks off with the Esteemed Pastor Moses Olayemi: We have entered into Surplus. #cebeninzone1

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