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Discipleship training. #Talkshow #Zone 2 #CE Kensington

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VALUE SPIRITUAL THINGS BY REV. (DR.) CHRIS OYAKHILOME. And Esau said, Behold, I am at the point to die: and what profit shall this birthright do to me? (Genesis 25:32). Obadiah 1:21 tells us something striking; it says, “And saviours shall come up on mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau....” Esau represents the godless, the profane or body-ruled; those who don’t have value for spiritual things. Such people, the Bible says, are in the flesh and therefore can’t please God (Romans 8:8). Esau was the older brother of Jacob, and because of his profanity, he sold his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of food. The spiritual implication of his action didn’t quite dawn on him at the time. It wasn’t about the food he ate; it was about his disdain for spiritual things. The birthright was spiritual. It had a special blessing, yet Esau forfeited it to his younger brother, because of food. What he wanted was for physical gratification: what he could touch, taste, or feel at that moment. And he got it. He made a carnal choice over that which was spiritual. Jacob, on the other hand, was smart. He wanted the blessing, and he got it. The blessing is an unseen elixir. The senses can’t perceive the blessing. What you can see about the blessing are the results of the blessing. It’s like the anointing of God’s Spirit; you can’t see or touch the anointing, but it’s real, and it’s supernatural. There’re some today who have no value for spiritual things; they’re like Esau. They’ll rather sit at home to watch a sports event at the time they ought to be in church. They’d rather accommodate social engagements when they ought to be praying. These are carnal Christians. What life are you living? What are the things that are important to you? What do you set your affections on? Does the blood of Jesus that was shed for you on the cross mean something to you? Do you meditate often on His vicarious sacrifice on your behalf? Have you sat down to contemplate and comprehend the love of God demonstrated towards you? Does He have the rulership in your life every day? Let Christ, and the reign of His glorious Kingdom be all that truly matters to you. Let your passion for spiritual things, and love for the Master, be evident in all you do. PRAYER Gracious and loving Father, thank you for your love for me, and your glory that’s evident in my life. Thank you for your Lordship and leadership over my life, and for your wisdom that guides me always in your perfect will. My life is for your glory, now and always, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. Please do download more life changing messages below:  Like, Comment and Share. God bless you. #TheYearOfFlourishing #AffirmationTrain #LuxuriantGrowth #SignificantAttainment #PersistentProductivity #RhapsodyOfRealities

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Perfect time!!!!

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BLW citizens to be immersed in the New Year Message via '8 Days of Meditation', beginning tomorrow. Download Study Outline >> Read More >>

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Loveworld music worship concert. I am there live being blessed, refreshed,energized,encouraged ready to flourish and soar higher.

Are you watching the LoveWorld Music Worship Concert? Share with us your experience, by commenting below. Happening Now on LoveWorldSAT: LoveWorld Music Worship Concert. Stay Connected To Our LoveWorldSAT SuperUser For Live Updates. Follow the LoveWorldSAT SuperUser by clicking "FOLLOW" on the top right of the app. Watch LoveWorldSAT anytime, anywhere ON THE GO, at or download the #LoveWorldSAT App Now on the Google Play, AppStore or Windows App Store.

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Reaching out to the less previlledged kids in @ Friday heartley shelter on Christimas eve.

Reaching out to less privileged children on Christimas eve @ Shalom house

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No:3 Partner for Rhapsody of Realities misssions our dear man of God , Pastor Lawrence Ajiboye More blessings , more awards 🎷📯🎥 #PtaZone2

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Congratulations on the Regional awards and thank you for being an inspiration!!!!

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NEW YEAR'S EVE SERVICE @ ORLANDO STADIUM. There's No other place you'd rather be...

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Tonight oh, it's on the winning team #TeamSuper #TeamSuper #MartinPK #FlameB #dec7 #RevChris31 #TeamSuper #TeamSuper #TeamSuper

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So ready for the celebrity chef cook off #TeamSuper #TeamSuper #MartinPK #FlameB #dec7 #RevChris31 #RevChris31 #TeamSuper #TeamSuper

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