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BLESSINGS🍑🌿 | The words coming out of Ur mouth are the REAL image of who U truly are. Ur language gives a CLEAR picture of who U are. It doesn't matter who U are, how old U are and what Ur title is before men. #monthofblessings #GodDNA #babyboyofmine #mommysboyfriend #mjnwaiwu

BLESSINGS🌿 | You are the light that lights my world. The greatest blessing in my life! You make my heart leap! You are everything that matters. My Mechayiah-Jaydhen❤💙❤💙❤💙. My ChuChu🥰 My Sunshine.🌞 My world🌎 #mjnwaiwu #babyboyofmine #mommysboyfriend #monthofblessings

ChuChu!!🤩😍 My Sunshine🌞 My heartbeat💙💚 My world🌎 You are overflowing with life! You change everything and make everything so beautiful! Thank you Lord Jesus for giving us ChuChu & showing us another angle of your grace! #monthofministry #mjnwaiwu #babyboyofmine

As a soul winner, I'm always on God's plan.🌎 He changes & updates the plans everyday for my good.🙋🏾 I enjoy tremendous grace. My angels are always activated, with their activities always directed towards me.🤩 #sistersinlaw #servicewithpastorchris #monthofministry #cecanada

Run from anything giving U evil thoughts that youth often have, but stay close to anything making U want to do right. Have faith & love💛💜. Enjoy the companionship of those who love the Lord & have pure hearts🙋🏾. 2 Tim 2:23 - We start early! #servicewithpastorchris #mjnwaiwu

I help others joyfully & selflessly! There's grace for abundance for me! I'm self sufficient! Loaded & requiring no help! God gives me grace to have and to reach out!🙋🏾 #pastortabapeña #revrayokocha - giving is a grace #rechargewednesday #pastorchrisstudent #monthofministry

I have more grace on the basis of my love💛 and humility! I have it in me. Grace for ministry!🙋🏾 Grace for increase!🙋🏾 For excellence! For exceptionalism!🙋🏾 For Growth🙋🏾 Grace! Grace!🙋🏾 Grace! 🙋🏾 #pastortabapeña #rechargewednesday #pastorchrisstudent #monthofministry

I've grace! I never belittle my assignment! I was born for this! I've grace to function from the place of abundance! I've very DESERVING grace to carry out ministry! Legabaye! Part Chris is in my house! 🙋🏾 #pastortabapeña #rechargewednesday #pastorchrisstudent #monthofministry

God gives me more grace on the basis of my association for partnership in the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I am in business with God! Unlimited face is working for me! God partner!🥳 #pastortabapeña #rechargewednesday #pastorchrisstudent #monthodministry

Hallelujah! I am a new type of man! I deserve grace! God gave me gave His spirit! i deserve it all and i take all of it! I am born for grace and I take full advantage of it!🌺 #pastortabapeña #rechargewednesday #pastorchrisstudent #monthofministry

Grace is divine influence on my heart, that is then reflected in my life! I live the life of grace! Unstoppable & fully deserved grace!🌺 It takes grace to do ministry! Glory! #pastortabapeña #rechargewednesday #pastorchrisstudent #monthofministry

MINISTRY📖📚 | From a child, Mechayiah learns God's Word & knows P.) Chris' voice only. His Super Dad & I only have Pastor Chris as Our teacher! We're PCDL members & listen to messages daily, to be taught by the Man of God. #MMTChallenge #thankyoupastorchris #MMTCelebration

NECHAYIAH-JAYDHEN GOES TO CHURCH👶🏾 - Nothing like family! The Nwaiwus & the Gu-Konus! #mjnwaiwu #babyboyofmine #mommysboyfriend

MECHAYIAH GOES TO CHURCH - Ruben Gu-Konu a.k.a Uncle Rubes😎 & his little sister Estelle Nwaiwu (née Gu-Konu) a.k.a Hot Mama!🌺 Thank you for being Mechayiah-Jaydhen's favorite Uncle! #siblings #theGuKonus #family

HBD Jennel 🥳 U R larger than life in our family. U were with me every second of labor till Mechayiah-Jaydhen was born.🍼 U've been there ever since. Mechayiah's favorite Auntie. U R Beauty & Grace🌺 |U R Love❤ U demonstrate God. Thank U 4 being more than family. I love U ❤🧡💛

🎂🥳 Happy Birthday Rev. Ken Sir! 🥳🎂 It is Ur day Sir! We celebrate God's grace on Ur life & rejoice. Tnk U for teaching us the Word as U do, loving us with Christ's love shed abroad in Ur heart. It's A privilege to know U & see God's grandeur with & in Ur life. We love U!🎁💙

Challenge Accepted 😎 Celebrating my Super Dad! #RevKen918 It’s on! I challenge: Pastor Brianna Pastor Elaine Aunty Nicole Pastor Lebo Pastor Esther Pastor Becky Pastor Cynthia Pastor Carl Sis. Hlakaniphile Thank you Sir!

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UPLIFTED 🙋🏾| Yes we have JESUS. Thus, we have everlasting life! Indestructible, Unstoppable, Incorruptible, Achieving, Thriving, Flourishing & Winning Life. We stand as the cedar of Lebanon🌳 We are in our own league! #mjnwaiwu #babyboyofmine #mommysboyfriend #pastorchriskid

UPLIFTED🌺 | Mechayiah-Jaydhen is an heritage of the Lord & his reward to us. As arrows R in the hand of a mighty man; so is Mechayiah-Jaydhen of our youth. - Psalms 127:3‭-‬4 | Lil' boy: U R 30 yrs ahead of ur peers!⏳📚 My pride & joy! #babyboyofmine #mommysboyfriend #mjnwaiwu

The Lord my God in the Nwaiwus midst, The Mighty One, saves;🙋🏾 He rejoices over us with gladness!🥳 He quiets us with His love 🤩 & rejoices over us with singing.🎶 Zephaniah 3:17 #mjnwaiwu #babyboyofmine #mommysboyfriend

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