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Fact: God has no breaks on His love & blessings for U! He is not at all bothered or influenced by what others think U deserve or not. "For God’s gifts & His call can NEVER be withdrawn." Rom 11:29 | So live Ur life! Flaunt his grace! Be Urself boldly, the way HE made U #cecanada

Comforter❤, that's who U R to me, Comforter❤, a name that fits so perfectly, Peace that passes all understanding, Comforter❤, that's who U R to me Peace Giver | Life Changer | Joy River | Way Maker. There's just so much joy in my heart. Indescribable. #holyspirit #pastorchris

I love God❤ enough to see Him everywhere & enjoy His pleasures of life. I see Him in everyone. I'm His direct image. His Word overflows in me. I love everyone unconditionally. My love capacity increases everyday. I do not seek to "show" others. I'm an overflowing love river.

LOVE❤ Let all U do be motivated by love. Have no motives. Expect nothing in return. Love is patient, kind, does not envy, boast, is not proud. It honors others, not self-seeking, & keeps no record of wrongs. Love rejoices with truth. It always protects, trusts, hopes, perseveres.

LOVE❤ has no reason. If anyone can give U the reason they love U: they just canceled the love. | Reason must be sustained. Where there's REASON, there's CONDITION. Condition leads to expectation. God never gave us a reason why He loves us. He just does. Hallelujah! #mylesmunroe

Kingdoms have CITIZENS, who have RIGHTS. They place demands on the King knowing Citizenship is a privilege. They're NOT MEMBERS of the kingdom. They don't appease the King with things to get something from Him. I'm a citizen, when I pray God answers. It's my right. #cecanada

Auntie Gwene🌹 Everything about U is so unique. I'm speechless. God brought us together. U bring so much beauty to my life. Thanks for being Assistant Mommy, Auntie, Grandma, Big Sis, Nurse.😁 U spoil me do much! U R Love's image💛 So wise. Thank U for being U. #pastorchris

AUDREY🌺🌺 | When I think of U, I smile & tears fill me. U R Big Sis, Mama, my Personal Cheerleader, Bible partner | U encourage us & love us UNCONDITIONALLY as Jesus himself. U bring so much joy, care, no competition & no judgment. Ben & I luv U 4ever & 1 day🧡. #girlfriends

AHEADSHIP. - I always remember Uur works Lord: Surely I'll always remember Ur wonders of old. I meditate also of all ur work, and talk of ur doings. Ps 77:11‭-‬12 | What a glorious God U R! U fill my life with laughter🤣 | I'm full of love🧡, free to love. I'm free! #pastorchris

He came that we might have life to enjoy! Audrey, Claudia, Nush! You guys are Muah!!!👶🏾👶🏾👶🏾 Somebody can't wait to meet you auntie! 😍😍

A beautiful shower for a beautiful person! 💛💛💛LOVE TRULY LIVES HERE! 💛💛💛

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AHEADSHIP | My Life is FABULOUSLY AWESOME. I have: A TIMELESS Father | UNFALLIBLE Word | UNCONDITIONAL Love | ENDLESS Compassion | UNCHANGING Grace | DEEP affection | Marvelous things are said of me! Angels sing of God's beauty in & on me! I am HIS & HE is mine. My Jesus #PCO

AHEADSHIP | While serving the Master, remember to live! He came that we may have life to ENJOY! Live without apology. Live intentionally. My life is intense! I chose to live deliberately! Christ is my standard. I'm intense! I'm HIS. I'm His treasure. His Jewel💎 #pastorchris #PCO

AHEADSHIP | Don't let anyone make U feel like if they don't support U, U'll not be anything. Eeeeeh! God will raise strangers to make ur dreams come to pass!🙋🏾 To U they are strangers, to Him they are His children positioned for ur favor! Kabaye! Never alone! #pastorchris #PCO

AHEADSHIP | In God is my salvation & my glory: the ROCK of my strength. My refuge, is in God. I trust in HIM at all times; yes, I pour out my heart before Him: God is an awesome refuge for us. Psa 62:7‭-‬8 | What a God! What a lover❤ #pastorchris #PCO

AHEADSHIP | Let the fire burn🔥 for Jesus. Focus. Keep the mind stayed on Him. Drawn surrounding voices no matter who they are. Sink them. Hear only God. He is the only voice that matters. All other voices are opinions. For the sheep hear HIS voice & follow. #pastorchris #PCO

AHEADSHIP | The Lord reigns! The Lord reigns! Estelle rejoices! Estelle rejoices! My heart is glad! My Lord reigns! He reigns Sovereign! He reigns forever! From generation to generation! My heart rejoices! Jesus reigns! #cecanada #pastorchris #PCO

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, & profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction, instruction in righteousness: That Estelle may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto good works. 2 Tim 3:16‭-‬17 | Don't ever let ANYONE define U. Hold Ur bible & rock ur life!🙋🏾

I, Estelle know therefore that the Lord MY God is God, THE faithful God, who keeps covenant, promises & mercy with me🙋🏾 that love Him & keep his WORD [Logos & Rhema] to 1000 generations - Deu 7:9 | Chai! I'm AHEAD.🔝 Soo loved of God! #pastorchriskid #pastorchris #PCO #cecanada

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