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🇺🇸 USA REGION 1’s Alignment Project : February 2020 Edition. Welcome to The Month of Songs! As we sing through the month, we‘ll also be studying the following materials selected by our Esteemed Regional Pastor: 📚 Book: Join this Chariot by Rev. Chris. 🎧 Message: Sound, Matter, Faith by Rev. Chris. We are committed to growing in grace and in the knowledge of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, increasing in faith and effectiveness this year. Hallelujah! God bless you. #USAREGION1 #USAZ1 #USAZ2

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“Keep it Simple” Prayer is not in the multiplicity of words or how loud you are, but it’s your faith in the Lord and His Word ~ your confidence in the One to whom you pray

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#StillPraying #Day30 (pt 1) "Prayer helps to season our spirits as a dependable receptacle for God's Spirit and power. Then we can connect to His ideas, vision and leadings more easily in order to change the world." - Pastor Chris, 'Praying the Right Way' Hallelujah, it's #Day30! And as we continue to pray round-the-clock, in the boldness and confident authority of the Name of Jesus, we set in motion definite, lasting transformations in the lives of many! Stay tuned for more amazing testimonies of the ongoing impact of our prayers! ⬅️ #Photospeaks - highlights from inspiring prayer sessions led by leaders from CE Texas Zone 1, CE Canada, CE Dallas and CE USA Region 1 (Zone 2). #prayingnow #prayathon2020 #PCLprayathon2020 #iamapriestinoffice

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We may come in small, we may come in young, we may come in like we don’t count, but we’ll do what we have to do so well that we will not be ignored. #USA1VZ2 #PacificGroup #CEAlaska #ShiningBrightly

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🌺❤️💡CE Hawaii & Practical, Liquid Love: This week in Hawaii was a reminder of the true and practical love of God: a love that’s selfless, liquid, and unfeigned; love that can be seen, felt, and touched. A love that is expressed towards God’s people who are the objects of his devotion. As you celebrate 10 years, you are a clear example to all believers & all men. Congratulations, once again to Pastor Leafe & Pastor Florence and the mighty love army brethren of CE Hawaii! Thank you for hosting our Esteemed Regional Pastor, Pastor Aloy & Esteemed Virtual Zonal Pastor of USAVZ2, Pastor Femi. God bless you! To another 10 glorious years of leadership, illumination, empowerment, and setting signs and seasons! We love you. Mahalo 🎉🌺❤️❤️ #USAREGION1 #CEHAWAII #USAVZ2

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Happy-10-Years to our dearest & best friends! As I reminisce on your 1st church service back in February 2009, I can only give God praise! Its an honour to celebrate every beginning & every milestone with you. The Lord has knit our hearts for HIS purpose. @pstleafe @pstfloamosa

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🎉🇺🇸💡YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS. The Regional Prayer & Fasting Meeting Begins Tomorrow! Throughout the next 3 days, you can expect that every delegate will be inundated with the special unction of the Holy Spirit as we pray and plan. The sessions will be vibrant, intensive, and fervent. It will be a time of prayer, strategy, prophecy, upliftment, refreshing, and enlightenment.The tone, direction, and level of work for this new ministry year will be communicated at the meeting. Our times of prayer will bring about visible manifestations of the presence of the Holy Spirit with prophetic utterances. Are you ready to win your world for Jesus? Are you expectant? PLAN TO BE THERE! ❤️ #USAREGION1 #USAVZ1 #USAVZ2

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Happy Birthday Pastor Florence Amosa. We love and appreciate you dearly ma! #usarg1vz2

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🎉🇺🇸Celebrating a passionate soul winner, a very sweet spirit, an ardent follower of our Man of God, a leader of many, and a mother to all- Pastor Florence Amosa of CE Hawaii also known as ‘Pastor-Mom.’ You are an inspiration to us in U.S. A Region 1 & all across our LoveWorld Nation. 🎉 Happy Birthday, Pastor Flo! Have a supernatural year. We love you so dearly! ❤️ #USAREGION1 #USAVZ2

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Happy birthday Pastor Flo Amosa. One so passionate for God, a great helper in the work, a follower of our man of God, a huge asset in usa region 1. I love you so dearly.

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This excerpt will bless you tremendously. Global Prayer and Fasting Week Day 2. You can purchase your PCDL subscription instantly and online by clicking on this link https://tinyurl.com/y9sqaabd

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[📹VIDEO] CE Hawaii accepts the dance challenge in honor of our man of God! #dec7 #dancechallenge0712 #cehawaii #usarg1vz2

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BIRTHDAY GREETINGS FROM ISM MINISTERS AROUND THE WORLD! “My life and the lives of my brethren have been transformed because of the teaching of Pastor Chris.” Be blessed as you watch this inspiring birthday salutation video of Pastor Tuli Amosa of Message of Peace Ministries, Hawaii, as he expressed his heartfelt and profound gratitude to our man of God, Rev Chris Oyakhilome DSc., D.D. #dec7 #PastorChris #ism

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[📹VIDEO] CE Hawaii distributes food & clothes to over 200 adults and children in honor of our dear man of God! #usarg1vz2 #LWDayofService2018 #ServiceInProgress #CEHawaiiGroup

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My sister, my friend,my phone buddy,my ride along buddy,my battle buddy in prayer,my going 2 follow-up w/brethren buddy,my programs coordntr buddy,my flyin buddy,my laughing w/buddy N MORE! Dependable,loyal N ALWAYS knows how 2 make me SMILE N LAUGH I love you @god-sent #PstMercy

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Happy Birthday Pastor Leafe! We met about 10 years ago & made an instant connection. You have been a great friend to me this last decade, as we “Strive together for the faith of the Gospel”! I love you dearly & look forward to doing greater things together for our Lord. Aloha🙂

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