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If you are in a place where you are being harassed then please watch this and make informed choice. DR. MICHAEL YEADON is talking substance.

Hello Champions, How well do you know our Pastor? Not many people are aware and even thought of it but as we we celebrate our Pastor throughout this month, let us not forget that behind those lovely suit that he puts on is a heart of a "servant". Our Zonal Pastor is a Servant; So passionate about the people and community he dedicated his life to serve so well . He love to be out there in the community to greet the people and to see how they are doing. He very hands on, always in the field and serves God and serves the people. Happy Birthday sir, Yours Michael

Whistleblower claims WHO tried to force him to change report about Italy's pandemic protocols Prosecutors in Italy are urging the World Health Organisation to assist them in their investigations into Italy's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Friends, Listen to this deposition to the end: I agree with the Doctor when he says sickness are caused by your thoughts and life style and habit and most importantly what he said about Systematic poisoning right at the end of the deposition.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON..BRIAN !!! like you said you are now 'double digit' 10yrs old. You light up your world , you are a blessing from God, super intelligent , caring, determined and a God lover..u shine even brighter in these next years...You are just a wonder , we love you dealy

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Happy birthday my Jessy baby, it's from glory to glory! Your passion for the Word of God is amazing, your commitment to God and ministry is out of this world. It's exciting to watch you grow into this excellent and amazing personality you are, and that's just the beginning of more glorious years ahead. Happy birthday!!

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Happy Birthday Jess! 2021 is a whole new level. New Territories, New Frontiers and as always you will excel as guided by the Holy Spirit. I love this photo so I am sharing it on your birthday😀From mummy with lots of love💕💕💕

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Hello Champions, Every opportunity to hear from our Zonal Pastor is something to look forward to. We have a special service with Our Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor tomorrow. It will start at 9am sharp, sharp. Don't be late and bring a special offering with you. Yours, Dcn. Mike

Hello Champions, This Sunday is special for us in Farnborough. Prepare to hear from our Zonal Pastor, the service will start at 9am sharp. Don’t be late. #StMichael

Hello Champions, This Sunday is special for us in Farnborough. Prepare to hear from our Zonal Pastor, the service will start at 9am sharp. Don’t be late.  #stmichael

Hello Champions, This Sunday is special for us in Farnborough. Prepare to hear from our Zonal Pastor, the service will start at 9am sharp. Don't be late. #StMichael

THIS IS WHY WE WANT YOU TO COME TO LOVEWORLD CHURCH MILTON KEYNES. Come and experience This Life for yourself!!! LoveWorld Church Milton Keynes, UK ZONE 2 #loveworldmiltonkeynes #ukzone2

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”Pilate said to Him, “What is truth?”: Pilate’s cynical question showed he thought Jesus claim to be Truth was foolish. For Pilate, soldiers and armies were truth, Rome was truth, Caesar was truth, and political power was truth. [JOHN 18: 37-38] Joined me in Farnborough as we expound on this month message: Truth.

Look here, if we don't come out for church services onsite they will push us out of our communites and use the community centre for vaccination Centre. Establishing God's truth and his will in Farnborough. We will do it again!

Calgary church pastor’s video confronting police goes viral The pastor of a church in Calgary uploaded a video of his encounter with police and other officials from the city there to ensure that the church was following COVID-19 guidelines, and the interaction went viral.

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💥No matter the challenging circumstances you face in life, pray with the consciousness of the death, burial and ressurection of Jesus Christ💥 💥You are a victor in Christ Jesus💥 #UKZone2 #NorwoodGroup #Norwoodchurch



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The people came out and we superimpose the will of God in Farnborough at the Special Easter service Farnborough #StMichael

This Easter, the future of the church in united Kingdom is being established. My Zonal Pastor along with our Group Pastors in UK ZONE 2 has strong convictions. No government laws can determine what happens to the church in England. #UKZONE2, #StMichael

Something big is happening in my zone, a special Easter Sunday service. England is blessed to have my Pastors. #UKZONE2, #StMichael

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