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DISCLAIMER: IMPERSONATION AND FRAUDULENT ACTIVITIES WITH KINGSCHAT ACCOUNTS CREATED IN THE NAME, 'REV. TOM AMENKHIENAN' Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is to bring to your attention, the discovery of diverse accounts opened recently on KingsChat in the name of the Highly Esteemed Rev. Tom Amenkhienan. Observation of the activities of the operators of these accounts reveals that they are fraudulently soliciting for donations in the guide of raising funds to assist a member who is hospitalised. The @-usernames of the accounts so far discovered are as follows: @revtom_amen, @rev.tom_amen2, @rev.tom_amen001, @revv.tom_amen1 and @revtomamen2. Possibly, other accounts exist, or may be yet created for the same fraudulent purpsoe. You are therefore by this notice, kindly informed that the Highly Esteemed Rev. Tom does not operate a KingsChat account in any of these names, and certainly WILL NEVER send a broadcast or a direct message to anyone to request for financial donations of any sort. Please do not be deceived by the language or urgency of the communication under any circumstances. EVERY such message or request is the work of fraudsters and scammers, seeking to take advantage of our brethren. Furthermore, if you have responded to any such request and parted with funds, please urgently contact the following KingsChat user: @amcoftp, for guidance. Please be watchful, and take advantage of the 'report user' and 'block user' options on KingsChat to call the attention of KingsChat Admin to accounts that send you suspicious and spam messages. Thank you and God bless you.

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Are you not tired wearing those pyjama sittng infront of the TV/computer at home? Let’s meet in Farnborough for actual OnSite Mid-Week Church service. #UKZONE2  #StMichael

Hello Friend, Please do not damage Church Policies and Tradition by not attending church; I am sure you prayed when we wanted church open and now it is open so Join us this morning for actual OnSite church service as we restore hope in the body of Christ.  #UKZONE2  #StMichael

Glorious day ...reaching out with Rhapsody of Realities .

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Ministry work is about partnership and Church growth. #UKZONE2 #PTA

If you are to busy and struggling to attend church services, meetings, win souls, Jesus said you are workers of iniquities. I didnt say so, Jesus said so. #UKZONE2 #DTP #PTA

Yesterday we learnt that when you find yourself not being able to submit to authority or to one another it means pride has gotten into the way. Tonight’s there is more. The Uk Zone 2 DTP has started, log on to participate. #PTA

We now know the outwards expression of the inner thoughts reveals your character but one thing we may never know is your Motive. What are the motives behind those actions taken by you? Your motives can either help shape your character or destroy your character. #PTA

Character makes a person distinctive from others and puts him in a different class. Your character is seen in your actions. True Character resides in the heart; therefore Christian Character is your faith demonstrated in the Gospel Jesus Christ. [MATHEW 5: 46-48]. #PTA

Love is a requirement when building a Christian Character. Understand that the disagreement you have with someone should not take away your love for them as individual. The moment love is taken out of anything that you do for God, that thing becomes empty. #PTA

The trained man can endure much than the passionate man. Subject your passionate self under training for a more sustainable and effective result. Training is required in order to be the best of what God has called you to do. Never undermine it's importance. Culled from #RevTom

When US Army official dies in war, his body is carried home and he is honoured as American hero, his family is told he died fighting for his country: while there may be Pastors who have died fighting COVID-19 deception, ”Death is not the End”. Join us for OnSite church service.

Dear Sister Favour, More grace and increased ability multiplied unto you for the work God has called you to do. The light of this glorious Gosple of our Lord Jesus Christ will continue to shine in Guildford to the rest of the world as a result of your work. Happy Birthday.

It was a joyful moment & a time of celebration as God's beautiful people graduated from Foundation School earlier today with our Esteemed Zonal & Church Pastor, Pastor Kemi Adesina, alongside other Esteemed Pastors & Leaders of the Zone. Congratulations! #CELoveChurchBarking❤ profile on KingsChat Web

Don’t wait on the government to say it’s now SAFE to come out of your house. That may never happen. You are SAFETY! The world is safe in your hands so come out this Sunday for actual OnSite church service in Farnborough. We have prepared for you. #UKZONE2  #StMichael

Let us not forget Dr. Stella is a Pastor. If your are Pastor in medicine 💊 and still hiding for fear of losing your Job, we don't know you! So start speaking up my friend. #StMichael

It's our Wedding Anniversary... 11 Yesrs Later. Thank you Jesus for paying such a high price for me. Thank you Pastor Sir for unveiling to my Spirit that Christ In Me is the Hope of My Everything, Yes Everything!! Deaconess Sazi oya o let's continue in the name of Jesus

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Happy birthday to my son Peter ...who is now 21 God bless you richly Peter

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We are praying with Pastor Chris. #prayathon2020 #pclprayathon2020 #ukzone2

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Dear Brother Eze, Thank you for your strong support for us in Tooting Broadway and different part of the world. Happy Birthday sir. Yours Dcn. Mike

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