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The missionary vision that God intended for Abraham and his seed: They were to look beyond themselves to all nations, to all the families of the earth. He said it to me again this month, in you shall all the families of the earth be blessed: Thats why I do what I do. #Partnership

Happy Birthday 70th Birthday to my amazing Dad. I love you loads #agelessness

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BLW Ipswich - DERISO Music Concert. A glims at music in an atmosphere of miracles #blwukzone2 #DERISOMUSICCONCERT #blwipswich

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Healing school is going on at this month's communion service, tune in now.

@Loveworldfarnborough, communion with Service Pastor Chris has started.

Great things are happening #ceukzone3

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WOW last night was electric! The worship, art ministrations, WORD, undeniable presence of the Holy Spirit, the salvation of souls and addition to the kingdom. Thank you Pastor Sir for the opportunity to serve in ministry. #howIcarryoutministry #ministryinprogress #iaminoffice

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This is how it should be, don't go on holiday throwing sand and water because after special training meeting with our man of God, Pastor Chris in UK, It's all about BUILDING A STRONGER CONGREGATION IN FARNBOROUGH. #LoveworldFarnborough

Things are happening in my group. #farnborough

HBD to an amazing, beautiful, exceptional and extraordinary minister of the message, mandate and vision of our nation. Thank you for all that you have done for us making sure their is no deficiencies in our services to our MOG. You are highly appreciated and loved.

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Followership is good but you have to establish what you want. Seeing them following, He said unto them, “What do you seek?” [John 1:38-39]. Untill and unless you establish what you are looking for; your ministry will become wobbly, flaky based on eye service, #ministry

Happening Now in Accra Ghana!!! Happy birthday to the highly Esteemed Pastor TT Edun. We love you.

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