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THE GRAND FINALE: FAMILY RHAPATHON CE ZAMBIA GROUP. Restoring Hope and Transforming Lives Through Rhapsody of Realities. #familyrhapathon #cezambia #CESAZONE3

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LETS DO THIS... #BLWGROUPK #BLWSAZONE #LOVEWORLDUPDATES #ICPLC2018 #icplcinspired2aspire #blwcampusministryrock

@Refreshing Times with Pastor Joy With my father, when he visited my fellowship in 1987, after over two years of my joining the ministry. And now two years ago after a yookos win #BLWCelebrates30years #CEgivingmylifeameaning #amgratefultomyfather

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What Pastor Taught Me About The Coat of Many Colours  I would like to begin to share with you on certain messages that significantly impacted me in the early years of the Ministry of our Man of God Pastor Chris. Of all the teachings of Pastor preached in those earlier years, one that really stands out to me is where Pastor taught on the coat of many colours. Pastor shared on the fact that as a ministry we have been given a coat of many colours. It’s one of the reasons for the multifaceted jewel that is the ministry of Believers Loveworld with multi purpose global outreach platforms and ministry arms focused on everything from bibles to television outreaches, to internet activities, church development and so much more. I learnt from Pastor that a coat of many colours meant the ability to execute multiple projects at the same time and also, that it would mean challenges such as Joseph faced. But as Pastor has taught and proven, challenges are fuel for the journey. From those meetings I imbibed several indelible lessons that I want to refer to here. First is the fact that I came to a deeper understanding of Philippians 1:7 which states  “Even as it is meet for me to think this of you all, because I have you in my heart; inasmuch as both in my bonds, and in the defence and confirmation of the gospel, ye all are partakers of my grace.” I came to realise that that verse is an apt description of the ministry of our Man of God Pastor Chris.  We truly have been made partakers of Pastor's grace as evidenced by the extraordinary results seen in the work of our ministry directors, pastors, leaders and brethren all over the world. I have come to understand that Pastor dispenses many graces. Pastor’s words inspire in and from your spirit the latent abilities placed there by God for the fulfilment of the work committed to you. Beyond that, I found that even if a person's heart was bereft of abilities, Pastors words could impart new destinies to people who were without hope and without a vision. So many amongst us now testify that they didn’t know they were anything till they heard Pastor and now they are making impact in every field from ministry to business, technology and so much more. For me, it was when Pastor spoke of a coat of many colours that I realised I did not need to be limited to my natural gifts, I saw from his message that whatever I saw him doing, I could reproduce as a partaker of his grace through fellowship and partnership.  I realised that he imparted these many graces through his words and it is one of the many reasons I always want to be around Pastor and those whom he raised and appointed because I always desire to receive something of the Spirit to move me forward in my walk with the Lord. Let me here give some examples. I came to know as I listened to Pastor that I could inspire people through the Gospel and make them disciples. That may not seem like much to some because it is so common place in our ministry, but I want to point out that there are many ministries and ministers who were unable to impact their communities, environments or nations till they came in touch with our Man of God. It behoves us to always appreciate those great things that Pastor has made common amongst us. I came to know that healing the sick and casting out devils was not a theoretical discourse or theological debate but a living breathing aspect of the new creation life as taught and demonstrated by Pastor and over the years I have seen so many healed and set free as I functioned in the grace of our Man of God. I had met ministers here in London who talked of winning one soul to Christ in 12 years due to what they believed was the hardness of the land but in the same city I have witnessed to and won so many to the Lord over the years because I saw the Man of God do it and I received the grace for it. I only realised I could be funny as I listened to Pastor, I received the ability to communicate the gospel where necessary with humour as do so many of our pastors and ministers. Yet, before many of us met Pastor, our best efforts were unlikely to have even made us laugh. As I listened to Three Kinds of Wisdom many years ago, I realised I could look at any subject and see multiple facets of its operation and that has enabled me do things I was never naturally educated or trained for. From Pastor, the grace and ability was imparted to me, just by reading his books and hearing him talk about them. I found I recieved the ability, whether to write a book or a film script or a project proposal. When Pastor spoke of filmmaking here in London several years ago, I received the grace for filmmaking and the people to do it with. I learnt to see, through the grace from Pastor, the value of the people God sends your way and not to despise the days of small beginnings. I came to understand so much of the form and functionality of buildings just listening to Pastor talk about architecture. Why? because Pastor imparts grace in his words to understand and reproduce what he is talking about as he speaks. Not just that, I came to understand that the pastors that our Man of God put over us from then to now imparted and impart to us from the many sided graces they received from our Man of God. From the highly esteemed Director of Church Ministry, Rev Tom Amekhienan, I learnt about vision, boldness and toughness, attention to doctrine, military bearing and laughter in the face of adversity. The credentials of a true Soldier of Christ.  From our highly esteemed Secretary General and my Regional Pastor, Pastor Kayode Adesina, I learnt and am privileged to still be learning, passion for ministry, attention to detail, compassion, relatability, integrity and self-sufficiency in all circumstances. You see, I realised that we can all listen for various reasons and think differently but wisdom is the ability to learn how God wants us to listen, to think and to speak. The statement of Jesus to Mary that Martha had chosen the better part perfectly encapsulates the teaching of our Man of God when he spoke of the difference between the thoughts of the woman with the issue of blood and the thoughts of all those around her. One train of thought led to a miracle. It’s important to realise that we don’t go to programs only to hear the latest message from our man of God or to just add to the tally of messages we have heard. We go to receive instruction, divine guidance, direction and most importantly, grace for the next stage of the work. The moral of the story. What ability was communicated to you in the last of Pastor’s meetings that you attended, did you catch it? What went you out for to see as Jesus asked of those who went to see the prophet John? Even more touching, did you miss the meeting because you didn’t know something mandatory for the fulfilment of your calling could be added to your life in one meeting? No meeting is like any other meeting because the one who inspires Pastor has many sided wisdom. I learnt to have an expectation of another side of God each time I am in a program because like the angels who constantly cry Holy Holy Holy before the Lord, they see a new side of him each moment. How can I begin a journey to a new land I have never been to and feel comfortable stopping at a certain point on the road because I believe every section of the road is the same. Stopping to rest on our laurels is tantamount to saying we will not complete the journey. Over the last 30 years, there has been a rich heritage of teachings from our Man of God that have been retaught, reemphasised and recommunicated through different media. They are our tools for life. As we celebrate this extraordinary 30 year journey of faith at the IPPC 2017, we will be reminded that there are yet more lands to conquer in the next several years if Jesus tarries and being hooked up to the grace on our Man of God for the times and for the journey is the surest and safest way to carry the trophy at the end. The attached picture is from Campmeeting 1992 as the Man of God arrived in Benin to begin the program. 📣 📣 📣 IF YOU ENJOYED THIS, PLEASE LIKE & RE-SHARE, AND FOLLOW OUR SUPER-USER ACCOUNT FOR MORE LIKE THIS #BLWCelebrates30Years #PastorChukaSpeaks #UKVZ1 📼💿📀What messages of Pastor's can you remember that made a significant impact on your life? Please share with the hashtag #BLWCelebrates30Years 

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Thank you pastor chris for changing my life with the word!! #BLWCELEBRATES30YEARS #2006

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Our Heartfelt gratitude to the Highly Esteemed Rev. Ken Oyakhilome for Fire For Your Future #blwsafireforyourfuture17 #ffyfwithrko17 Brought to you by: LoveWorld Updates

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Still celebrating Pastor Sir Mighty...A Man sent from God. Happiest Birthday Pastor Sir. #PM21

Happy Birthday To my Father, My PASTOR..i love you So Much Pastor Sir Mighty

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TOUR UPDATE I think I had the most memorable leg of our world tour these past few days. I had the opportunity of performing a concert for prisoners. (T&T). I was deeply touched by their response to the Word of God and worship. The Holy Spirit swept through the place and their hearts in a special way. In every country including mine, the response is always the same . “So if the Son liberates you [makes you free men], then you are really and unquestionably free.” ‭‭John‬ ‭8:36‬ ‭AMPC‬‬ Special thanks to My husband @joe_egbu for this. #waymakertour2017 #sinach #waymaker #waymakeralbum #sponsoredbygrace

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Our Heartfelt gratitude to the Highly Esteemed Pastor Ose Oyakhilome for Fire For Your Future #blwsafireforyourfuture17 #ffyfwithrko17 Brought to you by: LoveWorld Updates

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And some He gave Pastors. Happy Birthday Pastor Sir Mighty. #PM21

Happy Birthday Pastor Sir Mighty 😀 I love you so much. #PM21

I am eternally grateful to my Man of God, my mentor, my Prophet Rev. Doctor Chris Oyakhilome for his love and training.

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How could one ever explain what really took place here! I'm made! I'm excited about the future!!! #ffyfwithrko #hlcbeninwithpastorchris

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Happy Birthday Dcn Armstrong Oyakhilome. Thank you for your influential leadership to all of us. We love you dearly!

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Happy Birthday Kristiana, you are growing in wisdom and knowledge. God bless you more and more. I love you dearly.

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Happy Birthday Krissy! Keep flourishing from glory to glory. I love you!

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HLC EXCERPTS: Everyday should be a happy day for you. Don't have any day given to the devil. The decision is mine. #hlcbenin

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