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And Father thank you for my Man of God..... kabayabaya ooooooH Glory to God braciteyeboyoooo hallelujah.... Glorrry Barakatabaya Hallelujah.....😊 thank you precious Father in Jesus name. Amen.

Father we that you.... We thank you for the answers we have received to our prayers. Father we thank you for every declaration our Man of God has made,we thank you blessed Father that we are now living in the realities of these declaration in Jesus name. Amen.🙏

We break the dominion of satan over their minds

We destroy their works #globaldayofprayer

This destruction will not happen

"There is some thing about the love of God that can not be communicated on the screen" #Globaldayofprayer

"The word of the Lord is exalted, the word of the lord is moving forward" #globaldayofprayer

This is the hour that the house of God is taking charge, there is no more fear. In the name of the Lord Jesus we cut them off Power is not leadership #globaldayofprayer

"It can't continue" #globaldayofprayer

They are about to be brought down they can not continue to use there wealth to destroy nation

Only Jesus can do that with Just a touch,When Jesus does it, yes... It is just like that. but give him all the Glory and serve him with your life

Healings are happening every where The Lord is Gracious and Kind Glory 💃💃💃💃💃💃 #healingstreamslive #healingservice

"A moment with Jesus changed everything" #healingstreamslive #healingservice

Yes that is the right words "He is a Man of God"

"The Power you need is present right where you are" #healingservice #healingstreamslive

God is the God that never change's "If he did it for Blessing certainly he will do it for you" #healingstreamslive #healingservice

Peter is healed Glorey....

"Your miracle is right where you are" #healingstreamslive #healingservice

Every where connected Jesus is doing Good


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