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Fourteenth year anniversary with my Zonal pastor of Christembassy Accra Ghana zone. I love you pastor sir.

Fourteenth year anniversary with our Zonal pastor. I love you pastor sir.




Christianity is a life of results. Results are expected in the life of a Christian. We aren't hiding under Christianity. Its not an escape route. We are not Christians because we've tried every other thing and they didn't work. In pursuing this result, we encounter things but it's not to bring us down.. they are not stumbling blocks but stepping stones. Jesus , to some, He was a hindrance, while to others He's the Messiah. As a Christian there are times you'll be chastised (punish , rebuked, cautioned, criticized). Criticism is meant to make the best out of you. Chastisement is a necessary thing to happen to a Christian. To be rebuked does no mean you're not treated well. Speak the truth regardless of the person's reaction. Accept criticisms when it comes. "Freedom can be a death sentence"... Even the Holy Spirit controls us. He guides us ... A child left to themselves amounts to nothing... The Holy Spirit takes away from you, excesses... He brings you to maturity, puts sanity in you, help you to live well. Whom the father loves, he chastises . The Holy Spirit is like a check. Late coming is a vagabond life. Heb 12:3- 5 & 6-11. Correction is for your good. If not, how will you improve? Every correction has its benefit, that you are not rebuked, means that you are not accepted. Nobody is above rebuke. Accept corrections in sincerity. "The worst thing is for God to sack a person while they're still in office, due to pride." Rebuke is necessary, when it comes, receive it with joy and be glad. That I'm rebuked means I'm a son in the house, and not a bastard. Cheerfully submit, it makes you get better, it brings improvement and result. It doesn't matter how you were rebuked, set aside the sentiment... You must submit and endure corrections. All corrections are for your good. God knows what he wants your life to become. Give yourself to training and correction. #ceabakaliki1 #ceabakaliki #yof #midweekservice #hlcbenin #hlcbeninzone1 #hlcerediauwa #PastorEuniceteaching #vision400 #eac

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Glorious time with the Holy Ghost- Day 5 #EAC

Another level of Grace. Walking in surpluses. #EAC

Gloryyyyyyyy #EAC


Rakatatabayyyy @EAC2017

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