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Christ Embassy Pretoria Agape Cell in collaboration with the Inner-City Mission reaches out to the desolate children in the Inner Cities of Tshwane Pretoria Agape Cell in conjunction with Inner-City mission (ICM) Christ Embassy Pretoria Church took cognizance of the above scripture and went about to visit the fatherless at Bethlehem Tshepo ya Bana and Tshwaragang Community Development for Orphans in Hamaanskraal, Pretoria on 17 June 2019. The IMC Partners gave their susbtance to ensure that these Children are provided with physical food supplies and spiritual food supplies - Ministry Materials namely Rhapsody of Reality Daily Devotional and TeeVo, Let's Pray, Recreating your world for the adults as we are still celebrating the World's Number One Author our dear Man of God, Reverend Dr. Chris Oyakhilome DSc DD. Agape Cell members further participated in the Fun Day with the children. There were over 100 children which were attending the Fun Day and 18 care givers. We are thankful to our dear man of God, Reverend Dr. Chris Oyakhilome for teaching us to impact our world with the investment of the Word of God in us! #cesazone2

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ICLC EXHIBITION 2019 Photohighlights from today's Exhibition! #Cemidwestzone #Iclc2019 #Iclcexhibition #Iclcexhibition2019

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#ICLC2019 LOVEWORLD AWARDS - TOP 50 SOUL WINNING CHURCHES. 4th Position - CE Accra Avenor (Pastor Biodun Lawal) #CeAccraGhanaZone

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LIVE FROM ICLC 2019 LOVEWORLD AWARDS Mega thumbs up to all our Award Winners from Warri Ministry Centre. Top 100 Cell Leaders Worldwide in the 2018/2019 Cell Ministry Year 95th Position Sister Princess Egbogha, CE Upper Erejuwa 83rd Position Brother Samuel Pedro, CE Tsalach Arena 73rd Position Brother Moses Onoriode, CE Tsalach Arena 67th Position Brother Osas Osamuede Central Church 1 54th Position Brother Wale Adetula, CE Tsalach Arena 47th Position Sister Tina Scott CE Megethos 44th Position Brother Godwin Oro, CE Charis Teens Church. 41th Position Brother Okus Onokurefe, CE Total Teens Church Glory!!!!Congratulations to all our Awards Winners from Warri Ministry Centre!!! #Warriministrycentre #ICLC2019

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#ICLC2019 PRESIDENTIAL AWARDS Fastest Growing Church - Category 7 1st Position  Pastor Siji Dara (CE Nairobi 1) Hearty Congratulations!!! #CekenyaZone

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LIVE FROM ICLC 2019 LOVEWORLD AWARDS I'M ALIVE!!!!!!! Church of the Year Awards (Top 10 Zonal Churches/Ministry Centres) 5th Position - Warri Ministry Centre - Evang Dr. Eddy Owase!!!!! Congratulations Pastor Sir on your prestigious Award! It is indeed something to shout about!!!!!!!!! Glorrrrrrrrrry! #Warriministrycentre #ICLC2019

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Still Celebrating Our Award Winning Zonal Director - ZONAL CHURCH OF THE YEAR. Gloryyyy!!!!! #CeAccraGhanaZone #ICLC2019

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HAPPENING NOW! ICLC 2019 Presidential Awards Behold Celebrated top 100 Soul Winners, LoveWorld Nation More to come on LoveWorld News. Stay Connected!

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HAPPENING NOW! ICLC 2019 LoveWorld Presidential Awards Testimony Jaga Stirs the Atmosphere with Electrifying Gospel Fuji Performance Remain glued to LoveWorld News for more sizzling UPDATES!

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HAPPENING NOW! ICLC 2019 LoveWorld Presidential Awards Award Recipients; Top Soul Winning Churches Category Stay tuned for More UPDATES exclusive to LoveWorld News.

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VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Reliving the moments of the ICLC 2019 Loveworld Exhibition grand opening ceremony. #iclc #lwe2019 #loveworldexhibition

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God doesn't tell us after we are grown, he doesn't tell us, "Stand and See"...-Pastor Chris. Find out more in this insightful teaching as Pastor Chris expounds on scriptures. Showing now on Loveworld Plus! #loveworldplusshines #pastorchristeaching #pastorchris

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Remember, We're Doing This For The Master - Pastor Chris In concluding his message on the various mysteries recorded in the Bible, Pastor Chris reminded the delegates the reason we do what we do. "Take this word inside you. I'm a vessel. I'm a good place for the sowing of the word. I've got a listening ear and an understanding mind". Pastor explained that the eyes is the light of the body and that light is that which makes manifest. He noted that Jesus Christ is the Sun of Righteousness and dived into an expose on the two great lights, the sun and the moon citing relevant scriptures. Genesis 1:15‭-‬16  And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so.  And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also. Psalms 136:7‭-‬9 To him that made great lights: for his mercy endureth for ever:  The sun to rule by day: for his mercy endureth for ever:  The moon and stars to rule by night: for his mercy endureth for ever. "When the Sun of Righteousness shall come, these two lights will cease to give light. Jesus shall be the light. Behold He cometh with the stars, that will be the soul winners, the shining stars. He's coming. Our work will soon be done. We're moving faster and faster". In an emotion laden voice, Pastor Chris reminded the leaders to "remember we're doing this for a reason - our love for the Master. He's the One that has given us everything that we require. Everything. If you're not experiencing this, stop struggling. Change your way of thinking. Relax. Let the struggle stop". Pastor continued "introduce to yourself a carefree mind. No consciousness of need. Like a child. I can see the world of needs and wants, but, I don't give them chance, I repel them. I don't have a need. I refuse to think about not having money to do what I need to. Worry thoughts are not part of me. Jesus told me not to think like men. I've got it". It is getting better with every session with our dear Man of God,  Pastor Chris. Glory to God! For more updates on ICLC 2019, follow this Superuser and visit The ICLC TV channel on Ceflix and cLoveWorld app which can be downloaded from PlayStore and Applestore is also available for your viewing pleasure. #iclcdaily #loveworldpress

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You Are Sealed By God – Pastor Chris The Christian is sealed by God Himself through the Holy Spirit. This declaration was made by the Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome as he continued to unveil Great Mysteries of the Kingdom of God to delegates at the ongoing ICLC 2019. Great truths from the word of God on the realities of the divine life of a Christian. Pastor Chris took the thousands of delegates to a higher spiritual awareness as he quoted copiously from the Bible to emphasize that the Christian who has been filled with the Holy Ghost is actually sealed by God. This, according to him is just like Jesus was sealed at His baptism by John Baptist, when the voice of God spoke from Heaven confirming His authority. He further reminded the delegates that “as Jesus spoke to all of nature and they responded to His instructions after the seal, no Christian should be a victim of the world’s failing systems.”  According to him “We should not run in fear. We reign in life and our lives should not be limited by worldly systems”.  Speaking on the boundless, inexhaustible, incalculable riches of Christ, Pastor Chris’ teaching was interrupted by rapturous ovation and visible excitement from the delegates. Pastor Chris said: “The reason many are struggling and are broke is because they are struggling to be a part of a failed system”. He encouraged the participants to be conscious of the seal of God on them. He said because of this, “The world should not lock you into a box. Because you have the seal, you can stand before anything. Don’t mix fear with your faith. Give no room to fear because you are sealed”. It was indeed a glorious session that was packed with higher realms of revelation. For more updates on ICLC 2019, follow this Superuser and visit #iclcdaily #loveworldpress

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