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Not every humility is voluntary. It is easy to mistake a man who has been humbled by life for a man who lives a humble life. One is by force

Your success story would attract the right or the wrong fellows to you; just as the honeycomb attracts both flies and bees.

Make your passion your obsession and it will attract the attention which will fulfill your ambition and make you a sensation.

Dont save your good attitude for your boss and vent your grievances on your wife & kids. Those who'll bury you deserve better.

Grace means you are free from sin. It does not mean you can sin freely. It's like insurance. It doesn't cover intentional damage.

SAVE THE DATE: Sat.2nd Sept. 2017! Congrats my "PaDi"- Paul&Diane๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’™. Ingenious minds.... Fab IV! @diana43479 @deambassador #cebayelsa

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SPECIAL SUNDAY SERVICE WITH THE HIGHLY ESTEEMED PASTOR FELIX. The Esteemed Zonal Pastor led the brethren in a special prayer moment where tremendous power was made available as they prayed in the Holy Ghost. Vision 400 is a reality

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AUGUST GLOBAL COMMUNION SERVICE PASTORCHRIS LIVE SEGMENT There's grace for soul winning; The grace that is made available is for you, so take advantage of it. 1. What should I do to teach my mum out of her belief in witchcraft? 1. Intercession - praying for her 2. Get relevant teachings from Pastor Chris and listen to them with her; she may not receive the information from you as her child, but she will hear from Pastor. 2. Has someone who hasn't been baptised partake of the communion? Yes, but get baptised. Baptism is important and cannot be substituted. 3. In 2KINGS, Elisha asked, "Where is the God of Elijah?" Can one say the God of Pastor Chris, or of any other pastor or preacher today? God in the Old Testament said He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and that this is memorial forever, but Elisha still called Him the God of Elijah, and He wasn't wrong. Isaiah also called Him the God of David. If He's your God, you can call Him the God of John, James etc. In the New Testament, God identifies Himself with Jesus, and Jesus identifies Himself with the Church. God is the God of the Church of Jesus Christ. 4. Is it wrong to quote that 'God will make a way', according to the book of Isaiah? The message of a God who makes a way is a message for babes, reaching out and waiting for God to make a way for them. It's an Old Testament blessing, but in the New Testament, Jesus said I am the way. The way has come, and He's brought us to the Father through Himself, and then having come to the Father by Him, He made us the way, so we are the way in the Way, Jesus Christ. Never quote an Old Testament blessing without first reviewing it in the light of the New Testament, and if it doesn't conform to New Testament reality, then it doesn't apply to us today.

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August Global Communion Service AUGUST IS THE MONTH OF THE SHINING LIGHT MATTHEW 5:16 He didn't say He will make your light shine; He gives us the responsibility to shine our light. ISAIAH 60:1 Again, He shows us that It's our responsibility to shine. ROMANS 12:11 (KJV, AMPC, AMP) You're not going to pray to God to do this for you; it's up to you to do it. He's given you the power, ability and capacity to do it. AUGUST IS THE MONTH OF THE SHINING LIGHT This means that everyone of you that will be shining this month, there's something special for you. It's your month, and you declare it, "I am a shining light". Two things to take care of, So you will keep SHINING throughout: 1. By action - Jesus said, '...that they may see your good works'. You're doing something, and others can see what you're doing. Don't be quiet, preach the gospel, use the tool, Rhapsody of Realities. Fervent in spirit means to be enthusiastic. It's to be afire -it connotes a consistency. ROMANS 12:11(AMPC) - Never lag in zeal and in earnest endeavor; be aglow and burning with the Spirit, serving the Lord Declare, I'm aglow and burning with the Spirit. ROMANS 12:11(AMP) never lagging behind in diligence; aglow in the Spirit, enthusiastically serving the Lord; Put some enthusiasm into your life; serve the Lord with enthusiasm. Put excitement into the things of God. Sometimes people think that excitement and enthusiasm should be spontaneous, but God says to stir up the gift of God in you. In the Old Testament, the prophet said, "No man stirreth up himself to serve the Lord." You must stir up yourself. Stir yourself up to pray, stir yourself up to worship God. You don't wait for God to make you rejoice, you rejoice. He said, shout unto God with the voice of triumph; don't wait for circumstances to change, do the word - shout the shout of victory! Jesus gave us this example, and we are admonished in the New Testament to be filled with the Spirit always. LUKE 9:28-29 (29) - And as He was praying, the appearance of His countenance became altered (different), and His raiment became dazzling white [flashing with the brilliance of lightning]. As Jesus prayed, the glory of God from within radiated on the outside. In the New Testament, the Holy Spirit in you is the glory of God; so that glory is in you also, and can radiate on the outside. Peter, James and John were granted to see this, but men don't always have to see it. Every time you pray in the Holy Ghost, the glory of God radiates through your being; no man has to see it. So pray in tongues often, and you won't ever have to experience sickness in your body. This is your month, and God's glory will be revealed in your life.

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SPECIAL SUNDAY SERVICE WITH THE HIGHLY ESTEEMED PASTOR FELIX. It was with a rapt attention that the congregant received the engrafted Word of God from the Zonal Pastor full of insight. ...It is your responsibility to believe the Word of God, and it is God's responsibility to perform it (Luke 1:45) Your prosperity is connected to your prophet, that why we believe, cherish and celebrate our prophet (1 Chor 20:20) #ceabazone

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#AFFIRMATIONTRAIN 7TH AUGUST. I affirm that the body of Jesus was broken for me and His blood was shed for the remission of my sins. Jesus died in my place, thereby paying the full penalty for my sins. I rejoice, knowing that His sacrifice for sin was the ultimate sacrifice by which I now stand justified in God's presence. I've been ushered into a new life of righteousness, where I now reign and rule with Christ forever. Hallelujah! Now my body will never again be broken and sin will never have dominion over me. Jesus was wounded for my transgressions and bruised for my iniquities, the punishment for my sins was laid upon Him, and by His stripes, I was healed! All that was necessary for me to have a glorious life here on earth and beyond, was consummated by the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus! I am alive unto God, the life that I now live in the flesh, I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me. I am in Christ, and my light is shining everywhere! I've been brought into an inseparable oneness with the Father. I walk each day with the consciousness of who I am in Christ, and what has been accomplished for me. Glory to God. Hallelujah! #ceabazone #follow@PastorChris #monthoftheshininglight

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When you hear someone's success story, don't get jealous. Instead, get zealous about creating your own success story. Envy is cancerous.

I'm so tankful to all those who said NO to me, because of them I did big things myself in 2016.....

#ComingUpShortly #CelebrityLounge #1130GMT Compliments of the Season! This week on Celebrity Lounge, we present our Special Christmas Package designed specially for you. In Gist of the Day, Sam Jamz drops new album; also we will be reviewing some events that trended in the year 2016. In lifestyle, we will be taking a look at how to avoid weight gain this season. In events, we bring to you fun moments from the LoveWorldPlus Staff awards Red Carpet. And our Celebrity Profile guests are Uzzi and Razak of UR FLAMES. Get ready to be informed, inspired and entertained. www.loveworldplus.org/watch Time - 12:30PM Nigerian Time. #LoveworldPlusSpreading #BLWTVStationOfTheYear2016

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#ComplimentsOfTheSeason Merry Christmas to you from all of us at Loveworld Plus! Wishing you Joy, Peace, Love and all that the Season brings! We love You! Compliments of the Season! Donโ€™t forget you are the reason for the Season, Christ has made your Life Beautiful!! #BLWTVStationOfTheYear2016

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Papa,Heaven celebrates U with resounding joy as U alter lives thru the InnerCity missions in Aba, Abia state.U're the only U ministry-wide!

Inarguably 2016 was pretty eventful for me. All thanks to those who spiced up my year in divergent ways, knowingly & unbeknownst God bless U


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That scintillating moment when God gives you a deserving reward... He gives you peace such that your joy may be full.

When I thot dt he had done too much, oh oh oh, Jesus did it again. Congrats to Pst Felix & Pst Ejeme on d arrival of their twin boy and girl

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