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Patience means maintaining the right attitude while waiting for the manifestation of your expectations. #liftchallenge

The Word of God reveals your status to you; the word of men reveals your state! Choose which one to dwell on. #liftchallenge


Celebrating one of the meekest personalities on earth today! He is a quintessential pastor, an icon par excellence, an embodiment of humility, an indefatigable gallant soldier for Christ, the Most Rev. Tom Amekhinan. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR. #R815 #CelebratingRevTom #CEAMC


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If I Be A Man of God, By Archbishop Benson Idahosa. How God Used The Archbishop To Raise The Dead At The Age of 24. #leadership #boldness #courage #audacity #faith #dominion #supernatural

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This brother gave his life to Christ during our carnival like evangelism on Monday. He was just released from prison, after spending 4yrs without committing a crime as stated by him. Glorrrrry #CEAMC #TotalExperienceLugbe #TELwithPastorChrisOtabor

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Populating God's Kingdom with Total Experience Lugbe....These guys received Christ and were immediately filled with the Holy Spirit during TEL evangelical outreach. TEL is indeed a fresh move of the Spirit. #amctotalexperincelugbe

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Total Experience Lugbe, Abuja happens live on the 4th of May, 2019 @ 4:00pm. It's going to be awesome! #AMC #TotalExperienceLugbe

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And the responses are all positive, what a privilege to shine our Lights in this Year of Lights πŸ™πŸ™Œ.we are counting up........less than a week to Total Experience Lugbe #AMC #Totalexperiencelugbe

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It's TOTAL EXPERIENCE LUGBE! Happening big in Lugbe, Abuja and covering airport road and envirions. You can't miss this. May 4th is the D- Day. #totalexperiencelugbe #airportroadgroup #abujaministrycenter #celugbefha2

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It's time for #RHAPSODaily πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ Featuring the ENERGETIC Da Music April 13th - You have the fullness of God's blessings #LaughWorldTV #YourLaughWorld

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BOOM! Christ Embassy Airport Road Group has sponsored Bibles to New Converts at HLC Port Harcourt with Pastor Chris. 1 Million Bibles, 1 Million Lives, 1 Million Smiles… a reality with you.

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