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We Reviewed our Book Title! Glory to God! Thank you Pastor! I love you so dearly!πŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ’₯βœπŸ“œ Watch out for the release of the Hard Back Copies in August! Ptadzworld Publishers

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JUBILEE BIRTHDAY GREETINGS!! Celebrating an unshakable city set on a hill that cannot be hidden, a glowing icon of the LoveWorld Exceptionalism, Expansionism and Perfectionism. Dear Pastor Ma, undoubtedly, you are God's voice to the peoples of the world! The unstoppable flow of Kings from across the world to the brightness of your rising witness to the brightness of your shining! With hearts filled with love, we deeply thank you for your audacity of Faith, inspiring Hope and irrevocable Love for God's people. Thank you ma for your immence dauntless productive and fruitful life of giving, service, devotion and loyalty to our Lord Jesus Christ, Man of God Pastor Chris and our Loveworld Nation. Thank you Ma for proclaiming the good news to us with joy, phronesis and sunesis in season and out of season! The Lord be praised who hath great pleasure in your increase, abundance, greatness and prosperity! We love you dearly Ma. #incomparableptad #ptadlightsgoldenjubilee #2000kidsbacktoschoolinnercitymissioncampaign

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Dear Sister. You've been so kind and hospitable, a sister in law with a difference. Your love for the master and your active participation in the ministry is wonderful. I love you.

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Celebrating the Highly Esteemed Pastor Kay Adesina! Happy Birthday Sir, thank you sir for being an examplary minister of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and your love for our man of God, Pastor Chris. Thank you sir, for you are Love epitomised! I love you sir! #PKA2211

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πŸŽ‰πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ On Sunday October 21st: Christ Embassy U.S.A Region 1, Christ Embassy Los Angeles presents: β€˜50 Days of Harvest Celebration!’ πŸŽ‰πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ With compassion for people in our world, we’ve set out in the last 50 days, winning souls, bringing solutions to people’s problems and answers to their questions! It’s time to celebrate our souls, to celebrate us, and to celebrate the lord! For the Lord sent us as laborers into his harvest, and the harvest has indeed been plentiful! πŸŽ‰β€οΈ #USAREGION1 #USAVZ1

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πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŽ‰ 50 Days of Harvest Celebration Reports: Super Sunday with Pastor Bunmi in Christ Embassy Baltimore was full of Praise & God’s Glory!πŸŽ‰β£οΈ From the exhilarating testimonies of soul winning exploits during 50 Days of Harvest, the glorious worship led by the spirit filled and beautiful choir, to the word on focusing on the pioneer & perfecter of our faith, Jesus- and bringing in the sheaves. Celebrating God! Celebrating our souls! Celebrating us! #USAREGION1 #USAVZ1 #USAVZ2 #50daysofharvestcelebration

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Have you heard? 7 New Churches pioneered in the Los Angeles Area in the year of the Supernatural! πŸ“Έ: Highlights of Total Experience in Los Angeles: The Talkshow where the principalities sent forth delivered their manifestos for their city! πŸ€£πŸŽ‰πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ We are unstoppable! Our spread to the cardinal points of the U.S. and the earth is unstoppable! Till all of the U.S.A is covered with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. Habakkuk 2:4 Spread the word! In addition to the existing churches out West, we now have: CE Anaheim, San Diego, San Jose, Santa Ana, Arizona, Long Beach, Hollywood! More to come! πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈπŸŽ‰πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #USAREGION1 #USAVZ1

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πŸ“Έ 50 Days of Harvest Outreach Highlights from an exciting Saturday at the Bowie International Festival where Christ Embassy Largo’s Brethren β€˜s feet were shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace, armed with the Rhapsody of Realities! πŸŽ‰πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Soul winning is a lifestyle! β€˜...and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? [15] And how shall they preach, except they be sent?...’ - Romans 10:14 How are you taking advantage of the 50 Days of Harvest? Be the reason someone receives salvation today! Tell someone about Jesus today! #USARegionOne50Days #USAREGION1 #USAVZ1

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πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŽ‰ 50 Days of Harvest Celebration Reports: A Celebration Service with Pastor Aloy in Christ Embassy, Largo was an atmosphere of joy and the distributions of God’s blessings! πŸŽ‰β£οΈ From the rapturous worship, to the revelations of the word through art and theatre- the presence of God filled the atmosphere, causing the people to worship the Lord Jesus with all their hearts. Brethren and invited guests gathered for exciting hours, under the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Weaving through scriptures, Pastor Aloy took us through 3 important values of the lord Jesus Christ, and the place of a Christian NOW. A time of refreshing, love and grace heaped upon grace, especially for the people that responded to the altar call. Celebrating God! Celebrating our souls! Celebrating us! #USAREGION1 #USAVZ1 #USAVZ2 #50daysofharvestcelebration

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A Day of Bliss on Sunday 28th October at the Christ Embassy Ahmaric service in Washington metro area with our Regional Pastor, Pastor Aloy Okei. Time of service is 10.00am. Be there if you are in the area.

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The Amharic Speaking Church in the DMV welcomed the Regional Pastor, Pastor Aloy Okei for the β€˜DAY OF BLISS’ service! πŸŽ‰πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ The meeting commenced with times of deep worship and praise in Amharic. The hunger, enthusiasm, and joy of the brethren filled the room! The atmosphere was delightful, charged with the power and presence of God as Pastor Aloy began to minister on how the lord builds his church and his people- Inviting all present into a higher life, a different way of thinking, different ways of the participation of our faith, and the miraculous! The impartations, the miracles and healings that took place, the celebrations of our faith in Amharic, the word, the diversity of language and the beauty of God’s people- it was truly a day of bliss. The lord is indeed building the Amharic church! We’re multiplying even more rapidly! Glory to GodπŸŽ‰πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŽ‰ Have you ever heard the BLW Anthem sang in Amharic? Here’s a video of your Regional Pastor, Pastor Aloy & Brethen of Christ Embassy DMV ( Amharic Speaking Church) singing the anthem. #HappySunday #USAREGION1 ❀️🎢

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We are: The Way Makers We are: the result of the promise We are: the light of the World !! What a revelation !! Thank you Pastor Sir!! New song loading !! #sinach #sponsoredbygrace #alwaysinfavor #anewlevel #theresanoverflow

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LoveworldUSA family celebrates the Highly Esteemed Director of Loveworld Networks, Pastor Ose Oyakhilome. Happy birthday Pastor! We love you dearly. #POSE1115

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Happy Birthday dear Pst !!! We thank God for your inspiring life of service and followership of our man of God. It's from glory to glory . We love you

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She is sweet, refreshing, inspiring, loving, gracious, audacious and full of passion for the Lord and his people. I love her any day! The highly esteemed Pastor Ose. Happy birthday ma.

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A Happy Supernatural Birthday to the Esteemed Brother Jonathan Lamptey Today we celebrate a Paragon of Excellence. Thank you for your selfless dedication towards the Supernatural spread of our message and ministry. We love you dearly! #CeAccraGhanaZone

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