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Happy Father’s Day to my Hero’s. The epitome of Men after God’s heart & gracious Kings. You make life beautiful. I have God’s best as my Father’s. I love you both endlessly 👑👑 Your very own, Phil

Going for a walk with my love on a beautiful Sunday evening. God is good ♥️

Dearest Charl. Today begins another glorious year for you, as you bear testimony of His love, grace and faithfulness in your life. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and for speedily helping others, even when it's adventurous to do so. The Lord bless you more and more to fulfill His purpose and calling. Happy birthday. Dad.

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Happy birthday to my amazing sister. May this year be your best year yet. You’re a go getter and unstoppable. I love you plenty Charl! God bless you 🎉❤️🎊

Happy birthday to the gracious Pastor Dupe! I love you Ma #PDIROCKS1005 #quintessentialpdi1005 #exceptionalpdi1005

Best Farther! #IEYC2019 #IEYCWithPastorChris

#ieyc2019 #ieycwithpastorchris #ranger We Lit! Glorious time at camp with my brothers

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#IEYCwithPastorChris #IEYC2019

#IEYCwithPastorChris #IEYC2019

Brothers #IEYCwithPastorChris #IEYC2019

Happy Mothers day to my indescribable Mother. I love you with a love that I could not easily put in words. Proverbs 31 personified, that’s who you are. I love you Mummy ❤️

Listening to the power message shared by Pastor Uche!! With Brother Phil, My Zonal Secretary Pastor Airen and FALA star prize winner Bro Ben Ndubuisi An Array of Giants listening to Swaggalicious Pastor Uche #TIEUK2019 #WezyoTie #BlwUkZoneA

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Mood : after you know you’ve been TIE’d #CMDinUK #TIEUK2019 #WezYoTie

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Another year; Another milestone. Many hearty shouts of love to the greatest mum. Thanks for all the amazing things you do; I love you most ever-increasingly. The Lord bless you more and more. Happy Birthday from all of us.

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CSO @csophil Ministering Live at the March Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris. #marchcommunionservice #loveworldnetworks #loveworldsat

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#wearevisionarypartners #ukvz4partner @carissasharon ❤️

British boy cruising the streets of Houston Texas on evangelism singing away the latest from Se Ok & IK, "BellyOfRivers"

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Happy Birthday to my Hero. I love love love love love you! You’re more than I could have asked for. Dad you are my superstar. Happy Birthday ❤️

Yesterday on our way to our Father’s birthday celebration. What a beautiful time! The direction for 2019 and beyond has been made clearer after last night. A move of the spirit with words to hold unto from the dearest Pastor Benny. Pastor we will follow you forever. We love you!❤️

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