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"Loyalty is proven by conflict. Whenever there is a choice between God and man, choose God! If you choose man, you have chosen unwisely" - Pastor Lanre

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Happy Easter Everyone

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"They cry and now I hear their cry because His love has filled my heart. Don't cry, don't cry, tell them now, don't cry because His love has filled their hearts. Jesus, Jesus, Lord your love has filled my heart."

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Peace undiluted, peace unspotted, peace unhindered.

“Christianity is for the tough minded” - Pastor Chris “World, be informed, I am tough minded! I am tough” - Pst Femi Olumurewa #IPPC 2017

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"The journey is LONG. Feed on the WORD. Stock up on the WORD so that you don't miss your way" - Pastor Chris “I have set the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.”Psalms 16:8

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February Global Communion service with Pst Chris #cenorseman #cecanada

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Happy Birthday Pastor Denis. I celebrate the investment of the spirit and our Man of God in you today. You are such a delightful personality. I love you dearly. Keep shining brightly.

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Let NO ONE put the weight of condemnation on you. Don’t be discouraged by lies and accusations that strive to STEAL your joy & cause you to lose heart. Our Father is a God of all compassion. Jesus‘ Love for you is perfect! There is NO condemnation for those who are in His Love.

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A SPECIAL FEATURE: OUR CINDERELLA STORY CONCLUDING LONG PART!! ( FOR SAGACIOUS AND AVID READERS ONLY)✍😊 FAST FORWARD TO THE FUTURE: January 19th 2019  was going to be the most life revolutionalizing experience I would ever have. My life would be turned right side up in the twinkling of an eye. Suddenly! Suddenly miracle like a thunderous bolt out of the blues .... In my journey of the past few years, there were so many pivotal values I cultured my heart to practice. Amongst was my life in the Word of God and my constant worship, ministering to the Lord in total abandonment in my closet. I held true, believed and trusted the word of God's Man to me. I chose to consistently demonstrate God's love in my heart for others. I listen, meditated and feasted on the word and worship like it natural food not because I wanted God to do something for me but because this was my life source. Our ministry worship music were a constant and harmonious reminder of God's reckless love for me and I took great advantage of the brilliant ministers of worship we have been so greatly blessed, gifted and enriched by God in our Loveworld. Trust me when your prayers become deep groaning sighs that cannot be uttered with human words and the Spirit takes over your soul, that's when true and transcendental worship begins!! Halleluyah! This was my regular experience with Him in my audience of one. Late December 2018: I almost lost my home because I couldn't even afford to pay my rent. In my to do list, my commitment to others always came first; my participation in my local assembly, my Mom and as always my needs were inconsequential and took a back seat. I  had gone many days without food, but yet I was in church with joy and sang "Overflow" the 31st night of January with joy. My strength could only have come from the Lord. My not eating wasn't because I was fasting, I just had no food! But I went back home and cried nights and nights, not from defeat but because i knew in the depths of my heart that God just had to come through for me and I trusted in His love. His tangible presence was so overwhelming. I was determined to practise the things i had taught others in foundation school; telling my students that in difficulty it's okay to scream and cry in prayers because of the pain whether physical or emotional but NEVER EVER GIVE UP OR LET GO. In my school tuition account I had a balance of 5000 dollars in addition I was required to pay which was not covered by my scholarship. I have this balance every semester twice a year. And i have held on in unwavering Faith and positive outcomes from different grants to pay this always. Then suddenly they were not going to give me any more grants. I already got into one of the most expensive schools and my sponsors had given me so much money for my tuition. But God had a plan. I reached out to my Pastor and he told me I would find favor and to remember the prophecies. He prayed for me. I received those words. I want to cease this opportunity to thank God for my Pastors. They are the invaluable blocks upon which my story was consumated, conceived and birthed. If they hadn't said yes to the Holy Spirit, I probably wouldn't be where I am today. I am eternally and immensely grateful to God for their continual investments in my life. We should pray a lot for our Pastors. Pastors do a lot, they care for our souls, go the extra mile to pray with and for us. Pastors go above and beyond to not only guide and direct us but also to help us in the ways they can; connect us to God's ushers of destiny who selflessly nudge, prod and support us into our preordained glorious paths. I dare say, I do love, honor and highly esteem my Pastors.They have through their detailed and consistent teaching of God's infallible Word and their working Faith, made my life beautiful and because of them I keep making the lives of others beautiful. WAR WITH THE PROPHECY GIVEN YOU: Now, just because you had a prophecy doesn't mean it would happen. I kept listening to my Pastor's Teaching titled "Anything Is Possible." I would wake up night in tears and speaking in tongues. I had a deadline for Tuesday. Now, I had been praying for this balance in the last five months and declaring the word. It was an emergency prayer. The clouds were gathering. Since the beginning of January till friday 18th January I had worked the night shift non- stop. I came back in the morning on January 19th. I remember clearly sitting in my car, in the parking lot of my house I was crying again speaking in tongues for over thirty minutes. I wasn't saying God this or that must happen....I just prayed in tongues. Finally all I said was, "God you have loved me with an everlasting love. I am your love child and you didn't bring me this far to leave me. I need a 24 hour miracle God. I need a 24 hour miracle." I sent a chat message to my Pastor who I call mother and these were the words she spoke over me ," Carolyn, God is faithful and He'll surely come through for you as He did for me. Trust Him with all your heart He never fails". These were to be powerful Words that would facilitate my trajectory into the most beautiful life God's heart had clearly planned for me. My trust in God is and has always been in his faithfulness and love for me. Our works mean little or nothing; for it's by faith and grace not by our works.. THE MIRACLE !! I got into my house, turned off my phone and fell asleep. And woke up two hours later and saw an upsurge of emails and text mesages. Some people at the organisation that awarded me my scholarship had been trying to reach me. Now my scholarship is in remembrance of a particular lady. Her husband and custodian of the scholarship institute was calling me and had sent me a text. I had never met him . I said,  "Lord what is going on?" I called immediately and started apologizing for not picking he asked how I was. Then he said "Carolyn you know your thoughts came to me this early morning for some reason I knew everything you were going through but didn't really care that much for some reason. But I woke up today and started reading  again your emails to us and I woke my wife up and told her I think Jesus wants us to help Carolyn and immediately my wife agreed and we started calling you. We always wanted to adopt a child so we said we are gonna adopt you too. So we woke up the boys and told them we are adopting.The boys were shocked and said, "Dad are we getting a pet. We said no, you will met her". And that was when the call was placed through to me. He said, where do you live? We want to come get you but before then could you call your apartment and tell them to break your lease and how much it will cost we will pay for it? 😭😭😭 We need you to come live with us. It is just five minutes from your university. Of course I had cried my whole heart out. He said, "Carolyn we are adopting you" And in 30 minutes it looked like a dream I asked God for 24 hours this was within 2 hours. I asked God for only 5000 dollars but he gave me an inheritance for life. Pastor Chris said what happened in 2018 will be like a child's play! I knew it was happening! In a moment, I was in their family home and they told me we are going to see the grandparents for a shakepare play downtown and having a family dinner. I was showed my room by the pool side. Thereafter my new Dad said, "We need you to resign from your job effective immediately.You are never going to work again except you want to. We need you to just go to school, study and do whatever else you want...." Mind you, since 11 years this would be the first time in my life I am officially not going to be working or thinking about work or one need or the other. Later he said, "I am your dad now, and here you are a child now not an adult. He added, we should get you one of the cars on Tuesday". I already had a car, now I was going to own two cars! By the way, this is my third car in three years and a new one in less than a year.  Meanwhile, my new Dad said, "Get some of your things you would need for class on Tuesday (January 21st) to the house. We can get your stuffs to storage or you can do whatever you want with them". And "Hey the boys want to go fishing with you at the lake house on Saturday". I have been in my new family home in the last 48 hours. My new Dad said I needed to tell you this Carolyn, "You think we are doing something for you , but you are the one doing something for us." Your heart is so pure and there is a strong presence you carry; the spirit of God is so mighty with you. The boys have never been this happy in a long time. I remember trying to get out of the car in the night of January 19th while Dad was trying to drop me off and dad said, "Boys get down so I can drop your sister at home" and one of my brothers Bryan said "No, this is her her home, you are just taking her to a temporary house." Oh and the outstanding amount of 5000 dollars was electronically paid instantly and I have since registered for classes. Some one tell me, what just happened to me? God turned my life around 360 degrees in a moment, sending my head reeling and spinning with more thanksgiving and praise. This is me. This is my life now!! I pray God does even far more for you who's reading this piece. I know Jesus had given me rest and my new journey in Him has only just begun still.....😭😭😭 And I hear my Man of God Pastor Chris voice saying to me, "God can create for you another or new destiny!" That's what He did for me so lavishly, blatantly and speedily. I pray the same and more for you too, no matter your present circumstances. On Sunday after church, I was picked up and when we came back as we watched tv. My new Dad came and kissed my forehead and that of my brother, saying, "I love you". I cried at night because growing up I watched and wished I could have and experience love like I saw from other children around me. I never had the time to be a child. I grew up with responsibilities  and always trying to fix everyone and do everything for everyone. Now the Spirit of God said to me, "I have given you, your childhood back and more". This is my Cinderella story, and it is only just the beginning.....This is my gospel. 1 Corinthians 13:13KJV "And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity". Very hot tea served today! Sip☕ slowly! Be blessed! Love has won! LOVE FAILETH NOT!✍❤🔥💥🙌🙏☕

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What type of leader are you? Do you know that a leader cannot follow those they lead? #lpc2019 #ukvz1 #cecatford #pastortayoojo #pastortayo

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"You have to be ruthlessly intolerant of the distractions in your life." - Pastor Tayo Ojo #ukvz1 #cecatford #lpc2019

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Cheer Up. "I have told you all this so that you will have peace of heart and mind. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows; but cheer up, for I have overcome the world." Many times, we see and hear of many people that go through difficult times. Even we, ourselves, experience some challenging times, and we think" oh why does life have to be like this?“. Jesus didn't mince words when He said that "... on earth YOU WILL HAVE MANY TRIALS AND SORROWS..." But He didn't end His statement on a downside. He says "CHEER UP 😊😀👍🏻" because He has overcome for us. Not that we will overcome some day in the bye and bye. Not that we will overcome when we get to heaven. But He has (past tense. Done deal) overcome. So your response? 🕺🕺CHEER UP 💃💃 To get you to CHEER UP, Jesus says that the things He said will give us peace of mind. These are the things we speak of in church. That is why I come to church: To know what Jesus said that gives peace of mind in the midst of trials and sorrows (which are a part of life). I want you to be cheerful with peace of mind. Come on, Cheer up 😀😇😘🤗🕺💃😁😌😉☺️

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We love you our dear man of God,Pastor Akin Abrahams & Sister Yimika Abrahams You are ready for the task ahead. #CEOAKVILLE We Welcome our man of God Pastor Denis Okware to #CEBE We are fired up 🔥 It’s a NEW DIMENSION!! #CEBE #CEBRAMPTON #CEtoronto #CECANADA #upwardever

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We love you our dear man of God,Pastor Akin Abrahams & Sister Yimika Abrahams You are ready for the task ahead. #CEOAKVILLE We Welcome our man of God Pastor Denis Okware to #CEBE We are fired up 🔥 It’s a NEW DIMENSION!! #CEBE #CEBRAMPTON #CEtoronto #CECANADA #upwardever

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THE ORIGIN OF OUR SPECIE An American hails from America A South African hails from South Africa A Ghanaian hails from Ghana A Brazilian hails from Brazil A Canadian hails from Canada A Nigerian hails from Nigeria So how on earth did they get to say Christian means Christ like? A Christian hails from Christ. Our origin is Christ. We don't look like Christ. We are not Christ followers. We are of God. We hail from God. There's a place called Christ. There's a nation called Christ. We were born there. His DNA is in us and it has a name: Zoé. We have His Spirit. That same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is the same Spirit that lives in us. Not an identical Spirit. Not a "brotherhood" Spirit. Not a kindred Spirit. The same Spirit. One and the same. We, Christians, hail from Christ. He's our country. #totalexperienceasaba #YearOfSpreading

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I've come to one conclusion... challenges are normal... they will always come and I will always win. #ceaccraghanazone #pcf4

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"Even when you are not speaking, your life is communicating a message" - PMW

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