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HOW 'BOUT SOME GOOD NEWS??!!! Jewish Medical Practitioner, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, Records 100% Success After Treatment of Over 450 Covid-19 Patients with Hydroxychloroquine. In a exclusive interview with the former Mayor of New York, Dr. Zelenko confirmed that he only treats critical cases because the human immune system is strong enough to take out the virus unaided. #CovidIsDead #Africa4Africa

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Happening Today - The May Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris!!! "And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers" - Acts 2:42 In a few hours from now, our man of God, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome, will lead us in the breaking of bread and drinking of the cup, and share with us the Word of the Spirit for the month of May. Are you ready? The time is 4 pm GMT+1. Make sure you're in Church to partake of the blessings. God bless you.

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Watch this beautiful video - Part 1 😍 #CelebratingAGreatLight #InspiredByPastorDaba Happy Birthday Pastor, You are perfectly Beautiful 😍😘

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Come & see what the Lord has done.It's the global wedding of the season @farlonlyte @cliffmworldwide As they say yes to their blissful life together. We'll keep you posted as the gist unfolds. ••• !!!Congrats to the Mr. & Mrs. In the making. From us @lmdnmusicstreamofficial

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#YOURLoveWorld Day 3 - Evening Session Congratulations! You have received a miracle! Testimonies are already pouring in. Wherever you are participating from, now is the time to call and testify "....the only way to keep a miracle is to talk about it" Pastor Chris Call on KingsChat: Yourloveworld1 - 15 Call our Telephone Lines: +234 163 11806 +234 144 07316 SMS Only: +234 903 533 3905 Our lines will remain open after the close of the broadcast. Keep following this SuperUser for Updates.

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Glorious service. Profound truths shared by our Man of God. #faithproclamations #cesazone1

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Special thanks to the esteemed Pastor Freedom - Wealth Eriya and partners of Christ Embassy Southern Africa Zone 1 for your partnership towards the Healing School Autumn Session 2018!

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NEWS TANG!!! A Landmark Celebration of A Queen! What do you call an amazing woman who births a king destined to impact generations? An Extraordinary Queen! The 6th of March is a day eagerly anticipated every year to commemorate the birthday of Deaconess Angelina Oyakhilome. Deaconess A. Oyakhilome is the mother of the President of the Believers' LoveWorld Nation, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and other anointed ministers of the gospel.  Congratulatory messages have poured in from around the world! Kind, loving and compassionate are some of the words used to eulogize "Big Mummy" as she is fondly referred to.... "Happy 80th Birthday to Our Big Mother! Mummy, we love you dearly. You are our Sweet Mother.  @ceeasterneuroperegion "Happy Birthday Mummy. We love you dearly.  @ceeastafricazone3  Today Tuesday 6th March, all roads led to Benin-City, Nigeria for a grand celebration of her 80th Birthday. Happy Birthday to our beloved Mother, a Priceless gift from God! We love you and thank you for being an indomitable support to our man of God Pastor Chris. 80 Hearty Supernatural Cheers to our big Mummy! The celebration goes on, POST your Happy Birthday greetings on KingsChat NOW!!! #HBDSweetMummy #CelebratingSweetMummy

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A TRIBUTE TO OUR DEAREST BIG MUMMY OYAKHILOME Happy Birthday to our most beloved Big Mummy, Deaconess Angel Oyakhilome. Ma, It's a great pleasure and honour to be celebrating with you, 80years of a victorious and blossoming life. My heart is filled with much praise to God that I am a part of this day. Thank you so much, for touching our lives in so many ways and for being a mother to us all in the Believers LoveWorld Nation. We are forever grateful to God that through you our greatest hero, mentor, teacher and leader, Pastor Chris, was born. Thank you for giving us such gifts in each of your wonderful children - Pastor B, Pastor Mercy, Rev Ken, Evang Kathy, Pastor Linda and Sister Lovelina. You must have been specially chosen of the Lord for the responsibility of raising great men and women for the kingdom of God. Through them, your grandchildren and indeed all of us, your legacy of faith and devotion to the Lord endures. You are a very special gift to us and a blessing to our generation and generations to come. Thank you for your endless prayers that we grow up strong in the Lord. Thank you having a listening ear to those who have looked to you for comfort and guidance, and for speaking words of wisdom, calming and guiding the troubled one to the Word of God. Big Mummy, you are an epitome of dignity, prudence, diligence and honor. Thank you for the words of encouragement, prayers, blessings and prophecies you shower on me continually. You never too busy to stop to hug me and tell me I look beautiful; always asking after my family. Ma, I celebrate God's favor and blessings upon your life today, and with joy, I dance knowing that I will celebrate many more years with you. I love you dearly ma and I am honored to be one of your special daughters. Happy birthday Ma

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MUMMY YOU ARE AN EXTREME BLESSING Mummy Mummy I call her Mummy Oh Sweet Mummy Mother of Mothers Mother of my President  Mother of my Father Mother of my Prophet Mother of My Pastor Mother of my Life Coach Mother of my Husband Mother of my Children Mother of Pastors Mother of Leaders Mother of nations Mother of institutions  Mother of Love Oh Sweet Mother Mother to all Generations Extremely Godly Extremely Homely Extremely Helpful Always Very Warm Always Friendly  Always Embraces Always Praying Always Blessing  Always Giving  Always Sowing Always Teaching Always Loving Always Speaking Words of Blessings Always Praying and Blessing me Always grateful Always cheerful & happy Teacher of Teachers Beautiful Mummy Mummy no' mose  Fashionistic Mummy Superlicious Mummy Exciting Mummy Refreshing Mummy Mummy of Inestimable Value Indefatigable Mummy Soul Winner extraordinaire  Mother of Soul Winners Full of extraordinary Wisdom Full of extraordinary kindness Mummy you bring joy, gladness, peace,  love, warmth and glory. Thank you for making me smile all the time. You are full of glory. Thank you for all the time committed to counseling and building many. All you come in contact with have a similar testimony, mummy wants to help and is always concerned about your well being. Your life and home have always been a great haven from generation past. You have raised and helped generations. I want to let you know that all your words of Blessings for me always come to pass.  YOU ARE SURE A SPECIAL ANGEL FROM GOD Happy Birthday Mummy Enjoy your 80th Birthday Enjoy your Platinum Years The Lord Keep You Strong & Healthy The Lord Keep you Alive for me & us all Amen, Amen & Amen I Love You Ma Mwaaaaaah Mwaaaaaah Mwaaaaaah Your Omo' no' mose

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What a day to rejoice and celebrate with our Mum! Thank you Ma, for giving us a Pastor, Dad, Prophet, and Life Coach. Happy Birthday Ma.

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I can't tell it enough oh oh oh oh I shout it loud from the mountain top💃💃🔊🔊🗻😆Happy Birthday Pastor Sir! #PF0403 #PFREEDOM0403

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BIRTHDAY WISHES!! Still celebrating our Zonal Pastor 🎊 From Christ Embassy Rustenburg Group #PF4

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