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Celebrating world best Teacher

To All Our BLW Children Church Teachers. God bless you All and increase you in His wisdom, Grace, Patient and Love in Jesus Mighty name Amen.

Happy Teachers Day

Happy RON ITS DAY OF BLISS is the place to be for to receive more grace to function in the next and higher level in Christ to illuminate God's beauty and glory Hallelujah.

Happy Illuminating Birthday Sir.

Happy birthday to our highly Esteemed Reverend Sir. We love and appreciate you Sir!!! #revken918 #ceottawa #cecanada

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The kingdom of God is winning and I am winning and the gates of hell shall not prevail against me. Amen,Glory to God. Hallelujah.

Thank you so Much my Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for always sharing Gods thoughts with me. Whoa indeed the Revelations of God are Progressive. My Christian life is my light shining for Jesus Christ. Glory to God. Thank Pastor Sir for YourLoveworld platform. Am grateful.

Having a glorious time at the communities of practice PH 2019 #communitiesofpracticePH #christembassyphzone2

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I am an Activist for the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you Pastor Ma for this great privilege to be uplifted as a Professional in the kingdom bolding taking the Gospel of Christ to our communities. #Community of Practice PH #Community of Practice Zone2

REJOICE!!! IT'S YOUR MONTH OF #UPLIFTING - YOU ARE ROYALTY In royalty, you're taught authority and humility at the same time. You learn the importance of authority and how to use it, and you learn how to respond in humility, to control your emotions. God raises His children with royalty. He teaches us how to respond; never in anger, because anger destroys the beauty of royalty. God teaches us to choose our words carefully. Every truly great person is humble. God exalts the humble. (JAMES 4:6, 1PETER 5:5) Humility is the speed for life, the catalyst for ever-increasing greatness and unlimited progress. - ROR Sept. 2nd 2019 #CEAMC

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A Simple Confession #1declarenow

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Your LoveWorld With Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny: Pastor corrects some errors that have been professed among believers. "They call themselves 'the old time penticostal believers' which by the way, is a misnomer because the ones who received the Holy Ghost on that day were the only ones not celebrating penticost." #cephzone1 #yourloveworld

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YOUR LOVEWORLD WITH PASTOR CHRIS AND PASTOR BENNY "Until you know, until you"re conscious of eternal life, you can't live it out." #cephzone1

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Glory!!! It was an amazing time with Our Man of God and Pastor Benny on Your Loveworld this Morning.. Here are some excerpts.. When you discover who you are in Christ you will realize that we are associates of the God kind. 2peter1:1-4 we have been called to glory and excellence.. Top class.. All of the Old testament has been fulfilled and abolished. when you come in to Christ, all belongs yo you.. He doesn't need to do anything for You. now that you've received the Holy ghost, you're not living on a promise that he will be with you forever,you're one with Him now, inseparable with Him.. and He's brought you into timelessness. Every time you pray the word, the more you become like Him. -2 things you do to get transfigured * Praying in the Holy ghost. * Renewing your mind Eph4:22-24, 1jn3:9, Gal5:16,Rom8:9, Your natural life and environment is the Spirit. You're a Child of the Word, a manifestation of the Word. Anytime you study the Word, you glow and then you become a replica of the word. Trying to get your blessings the human way never works, if you walk in the Spirit, everything that you will ever need is in the street that God has made you to walk in. We are in an association of Gods. Romans 13:14.Col2:6 Consciously put on Christ, You have your own atmosphere.. You're in Christ. Practice using the name of Jesus.. it might not work for you just because you're calling it.. its a lifestyle. #Cephzone2

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YOUR LOVEWORLD WITH PASTOR CHRIS AND PASTOR BENNY HINN FULL DAY 1 NOTES. ✨Except and unless you know what the Word is, you won't know what to expect from it or what to use it for. ✨You can't have a general concept of the Word. ✨You can't afford to live on assumptions; most people live on assumptions because they were brought up to think in a general way. *What is the Word?* ✨The Word is that message from God that reveals or communicates His works, will, thoughts, plans purposes and pursuits, to bring men into, or promote fellowship with Him in love. ✨It's His message of truth with the content and power to build His image into the life of the hearers; its content is the embodiment of Christ's revelations, provisions, perfections and instructions. ✨It is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction and training in righteousness.  ✨ There was nothing normal about Jesus; why should we as Christians accept the normalcy of imperfection and uncertainty? A normal life is one without a purpose - a journey to nowhere. ✨ What does the Word say? You must first know what the Word is, so that you can measure up what you hear with the Word, if it's inconsistent, you drop it! ✨If you don't think right about Christianity, you'd be superimposing your life on others unconsciously. ✨Find out for yourself what the Word says about everything. What did Jesus come to do? Did He accomplish it? ✨Christianity is a loving thing, and when you know what it is, you'd be full of joy unspeakable (indescribable), and full of glory. That's the life He gave us. ✨The ignorance of this is the same reason Christians go through what they're not meant to go through - sickness, afflictions etc., and seek human solutions. *Who is Jesus, what has He done, and what have I become because of Him?* ✨We call Jesus the Son of God, and that simply means God in human flesh - the embodiment of God. ✨So then, who am I who believe in Jesus? What is it to be born again? What was the result of my believing in Jesus? ✨The Word will be transported by the Spirit throughout the world and they will get to hear it. *When I believed in Jesus, what did I receive?* JOHN 3:16 - ...WHOSOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM SHOULD HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE - ETERNAL LIFE. ✨If you don't get this in your consciousness, you cannot live the Christian life. You'd live something that limits the Christian life. ✨There's an inheritance in Christ. 1JOHN 5:11-13 - He's telling us that we've received what was promised. ✨There's a difference between those who have eternal life and those who don't; they may be in the same circumstances, but living a different life. ✨...that you may know that you have eternal life... - if you don't know it, you can't live it. You'll live a human life. ✨God already knew and planned ahead for the different groups that will receive his Word and the level at which they would respond to it. Until and unless you are conscious that you are not human, you can't live above the human life. ✨Now that you are in Christ, with the life and nature of God, you cease to be human, and until and unless the Church understands and lives in this, we will have religious people. ✨2CORINTHIANS 5:17 - If anyone be in Christ, he is a new creature; the human life he came with from his parents is supplanted, replaced. ✨Having become a Christian, you have another life inside you, different from that with which you were born of your parents. ✨JAMES 1:18 - Born by God of His own will through the Word. ✨If you don't then believe that you're a new creature, what then did you believe? What is Christianity and why did Jesus come? 2CORINTHIANS 5:17 is telling us what has already happened. ✨Realise that the Word is Himself God, and when He speaks to you, you become what He says to you. God's Word names you, and when He names you, you become exactly He says you are. Whatever God says is! ✨BEHOLD - See, all things have become new. It's not passive; you must behold, see and lay hold on your reality. Work out your own salvation - make your Christianity real by living it out. ✨When you discover who you are in Christ and realise that we are associates of the God kind, everything changes. ✨2PETER 1:1 - God has called you to glory and excellence; don't settle for less. You're top class! ✨There are no promises in the Scriptures for the Christian. All of the Old Testament has been fulfilled and abrogated. ✨In Christ, we have received everything; nothing left to ask for. ✨Two things we do that get us transfigured in God's presence: 1. Praying in the Holy Ghost; JUDE 1:20 - Every time you pray the Word, you glow. The more accurate you are in praying the Word, the more you stay in that glory, the more you carry it along with you. 2. Be ye transfigured, metamorphosed by the renewal of your mind - Exchanging your thoughts for His. Your mind is the doorway to and from your spirit. That you may prove; check and disallow anything that is inconsistent with God's will. *Who are you? What life are you supposed to be living?* ✨EPHESIANS 4:21-24 - Now that you're in Christ, cut off the old man; think differently. ✨Put on the new man which is created in the image of God in righteousness and perfect holiness. ✨1JOHN 3:9 - Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God. ✨GALATIANS 5:19 - This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh. ✨The challenge with some is that they left the Spirit to go into the flesh. You are in the Spirit; your natural environment is in the Spirit and not in the flesh, but because they weren't taught, they think otherwise. ✨You're a child of the Spirit and not of the world - a child of the Word. ✨All things are yours; these are not mere words. Think right in line with who you are. ✨You can't be struggling to pay your bills; you're royalty, so live the life God has given you. A prince doesn't know about the bills; they are taken care of without His knowledge of it. ✨"TRYING TO GET YOUR BLESSINGS IN A HUMAN WAY NEVER WORKS; IT MAKES YOU TURN AROUND LIKE THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL DID. WALK IN THE SPIRIT!"✨ ✨Walk in the Spirit, and you'd be amazed; everything you'd ever need is in the street that God gave you to walk in. ✨Everything you'd ever need for what God has called you to do was prepared a long time ago. So what do you do? Just move! ✨Studying the Word, learning it and having a desire for it is very important, because as you do, you will find that you're walking in increasing grace. ✨Every one of us was born for a purpose; your life has a purpose, and you discover it through the Word. ✨As you study the Word, your spirit is enlightened.  ✨Be ever conscious that the Word of God is God, and as you study in it, He shows you something for your life today. You find that you are walking in greater wisdom. ✨This is why Christians must go to Church and participate, not just as a religion. In Church, there's a greater chance of your spirit being enlightened in the Word of God. You can't stay home studying the Bible; you have to be a member of a Church because God deals with families, and each Church is a Family of God. ✨2PETER 1:3 ...that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature...We've been brought into the association of gods. 1PETER 1:23, 1JOHN 4:17, ROMANS 13:14, COLOSSIANS 2:6  ✨Practise using the name of Jesus - it's a lifestyle. Use it for your health, your finances and everything. Whatsoever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. #CEAMC

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#WEC2019 #worldevangelismwithPastorChris #ceonitshazone #ceozceos #ceozonalchurch

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IYD continues... The teens in Port Harcourt Ministry Center had an amazing time yesterday during their Music and Creative Art Concert. It was totally outlandish!!!

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Happy Birthday to God's General, the No.1 follow follow of Our Man of God. Passionate and loving. I celebraye you Sir

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