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CE MIDWEST ZONE'S COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICE CONFERENCE #Happeningnow Our Inaugural communities of practice conference is underway with the first session for Pastors, Deaconry and staff members. #Cemidwestzone #LWCommunitiesofpractice #COPConference

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GLORY! GLORY!! GLORY!!! CHRIST EMBASSY WARRI MINISTRY CENTRE TAKES A GIANT LEAP IN THE STAR SPONSORSHIP OF THE 2019 HEALING SCHOOL SUMMER SESSION!!! Congratulations to the Esteemed Evangelist Eddy Owase and the distinguished Partners of Christ Embassy Warri Ministry Centre!!! Thank you so much for taking Healing to the Nations. #Summersession

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Dearly Beloved Reverend, happy birthday. I join the host of Heaven and the Loveworld nation to celebrate you today. Thank you for all that stand for and especially your unreserved commitment to our Man of God. Thank you for your love and interest in me and my family over the years. Thank you for being the big brother that your are to us in the CEC. We cherish it. What a man you are: ... a general extraordinaire ...a son of consolation ....audacious and fearless ...a formidable disciplinarian ...full of benevolence towards all ...humorous and delightful ...great hearted and bounteous I salute you. Of your increase, there shall be no end

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#WEC2019 DAY 1 Happening now: The Terminal Generation ~ Rev Tom Amenkhienan #WECwithPastorChris #PastorChris #UnitedKingdom #dspukzone3

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After many years of being told we look alike I'vefinally met her @pifeoma.c what a privilege love you ma ❤

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IT’S FINALLY HERE! The First day of the World Evangelism Conference with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny. Stay tuned for more updates.  #warriministrycentre  #WEC2019  #WorldEvangelismConference #WorldEvangelism

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👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻It’s 11 days to go 👌.... 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽Thank you esteemed Evang Dr Eddy Owase Sir for answering to the call to Gift Free copies of the Epic THE FOURTH MAN on PCDL to Ministers @ upcoming World Evangelism Conference 🇬🇧 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 You too can answer to the call today ...See info 👇👇👇to take action #giftafreecopyofTHE4THMANonPCDL #giftamessageinitiativeonpcdl #everyministera4thman@wecuk

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HAPPENING NOW #photospeak Special Impartation Service with the Highly Esteemed Evang Dr. Eddy Owase! ....More to come! #Warriministrycentre

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Happy Birthday of lights to the great Jewel Atibi-Brown, you are sealed of God and a thousand times greater. We love you dearly! #cebeninzone1 #ceglorychurch

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LIVE NOW: Healing School Online Prayer Conference! Prayer for the Sick and for Christians with health challenges, as led by the Highly Esteemed Evang (Dr.) Eddy Owase. Join the prayers now at #hspc#healingnow #nigeria #cephzone3

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Updates: T.I.E CONFERENCE UGANDA Getting Hotter! The midmorning session with the Esteemed Pastor Theo Owase was remarkable as he made clear the vision of our great Loveworld Nation to the delegates, teaching on the topic; RUNNING WITH THE VISION... . A clear understanding of the vision will increase your results, energize you, make you focused on what is really important. Our vision is our identity; it’s why we are the way we are, do what we do and think like we do. That’s why you can immediately identify someone from our LW nation anywhere in the world. • Vision gives you a sense of direction and purpose. • It inspires, drives and motivates. • It forms your conviction. • It gives you focus. • It gives you a mind-set, character and attitude. He also highlighted 3 important things in running with our vision; 1. Catch the vision 2. Localize/personalize the vision 3. Run with the vision (produce results with it ). With so much more flowing, the delegates received the teaching with eagerness and readiness to apply. Uganda to the rest of the world! #Happeningnow #TIEUganda #Fireinuganda #blwcampisministryrocks

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Celebrating a Royal wonder #e707 #imalive #warriministrycentre

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Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Pat. Thank You for being our chief Organizer. You are so inspiring, generous, accommodating and loving. Thank You for loving me the way you do. Happy Birthday with Love. #I’malive #E707

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Happy Birthday my precious Boss ma. You are extraordinary, special and unique. Thank you for teaching us excellence and how to be strategic. Thank you for being there for us. I love you ma.

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Happy birthday to my friend, my father and my pastor sir. I'm alive!!!!!!!

#HappeningNow The Highly Esteemed Evang. Dr Eddy Owase leads in a Prayer of Thanksgiving at the Grand Finale of "Your Loveworld" Pray-a-Thon with Pastor Chris. Our spirits has been inspired, inspired to see the future of the church. Prophesy by Evang Dr Eddy Owase "Our spirits are lifted to see results, we see future. Behold, the church has risen, the church is standing, the church is operating in the realm of endless possibilities. The church is advancing from the realm of perpetual victories, thank you Jesus. Yes it is a call to operate and walk with God at a higher level, for the earth be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God" Connect now via all Loveworld Networks to participate. #pclprayathon2019 #warriminiatrycentre #prayingnow #yourloveworld

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LOADING...... E707! IT'S 5 DAYS TO GO!!! #Warriministrycentre

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