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YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS 🕺🏼😂😄💥 #ROADTOIPPC S1E03 FIRST ENCOUNTERS When was the first time you saw the Man of God Pastor Chris? What was your first IPPC Experience like? Remember your First Encounters? Please share with us your first encounter experiences using the #myippcexperience as we enjoy this thrilling episode of #roadtoippc #ROADTOIPPC2019 Please Like, comment and share ! #celebrationoflights #IPPC2019

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GUESS WHO WAS IN BLW UNIVERSITY OF GHANA, LEGON FOR A SUPER GLORIOUS SUNDAY SERVICE ? 🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀🚀 THE HIGHLY ESTEEMED CMD AND THE CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER OF OUR LOVEWORLD NATION With a loud ovation and palpable excitement, the congregation welcomed the Highly Esteemed Campus Ministry Director, Pastor Chike Ume!!!! A glorious moment of fellowship and exaltation it was. It's indeed a new level! Glory to God! #blwghanazoneA #blwcampusministryrocks #CMDisFire

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It's joy, joy, joy unspeakable with #CMDOnMyCampus #CMDIsFire #CampusMinistryRocks #BLWGhanaZoneA

LEADERS FOR CHANGE CONFERENCE IN KUMASI, GHANA The Global Youth Leaders' Forum in collaboration with Ashanti Regional Students Representative Council held an impactful conference with school prefects,SRC executives, teachers and APEC members (which comprises politicians and business owners) in attendance. The conference had 120 schools represented with an attendance of over 1,400 people present for the conference. The conference commenced with an opening prayer and a special presentation by Hon.Augustine who spoke on ' The Role of Students Representative Council in the school' and this brought more lights to the students on the crucial role they play in every school administrative structure. Hon.Raphael Sarkodie, the Coordinator of the Ashanti Regional Students Representatives Council (SRC) also had a special presentation on the 'Effectiveness of Students Leaders in Maintaining Discipline'. Ambassador Wisdom Dominic the Coordinator of the GYLF Chapter in Ghana also eloquently shared the vision and mission of the forum and what we do. He also urged the youths to be positive agents of change and be vitally involved in doing something that will contribute to the good of their society. He seized the opportunity to inform the delegates about the upcoming GYLF Online Conference holding on the 2nd of November and 26 schools registered to be part of it. There were other presentations, dance ministration and representatives from Ultimate FM were present to cover the event. It was indeed a power packed and very inspiring conference. Glory to God! #GYLFGHANA #GYLF

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On my way to go invite people for the epoch making #OneNightOfBlessingsWithPastorChris, I met these kids from #Niger who speak only the Hausa language (I don't speak). Till today, I'm still wondering how I successfully ministered to them in Hausa. Chai #ONOB #Blwghanazonea

DEVIL: >>Stirs Xenophobic Attacks in south Africa<< (...grins) Highly esteemed CMD: >>Slaps him back with #MCC4C SOUTHAFRICA<< (...chuckles) Devil: Na wa oh... No be small play? Now I sure say at least 10k souls go born again that day (...scratches horn...) Us: YDK...YDKWIGO

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Yesterday I was reading Pastor’s Book “Healing from Heaven” on my way to Kuala Kurun, Indonesia where we were expecting Thousands of people to attend a crusade, Pastor said “when sickness or infirmity tries to bring you down, insist on the reality of God’s Word and say, “No, I refuse to be sick! Because Christ lives in me, He makes me well!” When I gave the call for salvation about a thousand persons came forward include a dear gentleman who had suffered a stroke and was restricted to a wheelchair, after leading them to Christ I heard myself saying those same words “Christ makes you well!” The man started moving in his wheelchair and one of my Pastors seeing his faith went to him and helped off that wheelchair and he stood and walked up the platform to meet me! Glory! Praise the Lord for His Matchless grace! Thank you Man of God Pastor Chris for teaching me the word! #liftchallenge #monthoflifting @pastorchrislive

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MEET OUR STARS!!! Thank you Esteemed; 1. Pastor Niyi Moyede 2. Pastor John Jubril 3. Pastor Sam Zakka 4. Pastor Oche Emmanuel for your partnerhsip with us, in the month of August, 2019! We love and appreciate you dearly! For more information on how to partner, kindly send us an Email @; OR call +2348146954026 #Blwcampusministryrocks #TIEconferences #MCC4C #Adatewithdestiny #TIEmidwestNigeria #TIEwesternNigeria

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DAY 4 - 21DAYS PRAYER AND FASTING THE POWER OF TONGUES BOOK REVIEW (CHAPTERS 5&6) "By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name. "Hebrews 13:15 KJV #blwghanazoneA

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This October! In Ghana! At the Black Star Square! #MyDadIsComingHome #ThisIsIt #BLWGhanaZoneA

#Highlights - Awesome moments of worship at Rogha Rhapathon September Edition Day 1. Praise God forevermore! You just can't miss a session. URL: #CeAccraGhanaZone #RoghaRhapathon2019

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HAPPENING NOW! GUESS WHO’s IN THE HOUSE @ TIE CONFERENCE ????? PASTOR JOY AMENKIENAN!!!!!!! A thunderous applause and ovation ushers in the Very Esteemed Pastor Joy Amenkhienan! Starting with a moment of worship and prophecy she prophesies into the lives of the leaders- “You’ll walk in the wisdom the spirit. You’ll walk in the leading of the Spirit. Your understanding is opened in the name of Jesus that you may know that what you know, no man can take from you...” Stick around for more! #TIENIGERIA #TIEConference2019 #FireinPH #Blwcampusministryrocks #CMDisFire

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GUESS WHO ELSE...??? THE PHENOM IS IN THE HOUSE!!! THE PHENOMENAL PASTOR AMAECHI UDEAKU!! This place is charged up! The Esteemed Pastor Amaechi got started with profound words- “I want to thank our Man of God Pastor Chris for the vision of Campus Ministry. It is what we do. It is the heart of LoveWorld. It is the secret of LoveWorld. It’s not in our past. It’s our present, it’s our future and I am committed to it”. The session is on. Stay glued for updates. #TIENIGERIA #TIEConference2019 #FireinPH #Blwcampusministryrocks #CMDisFire

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And it was wow! Wow!! Wow!!!THE BIG ONE!- TIE CONFERENCE SOUTH-SOUTH/SOUTH EAST NIGERIA Then came the BIG ONE! In a deeply enlightening, practical, step by step, point by point teaching on Personal Development of a Leader through Prayer and Study, the Highly Esteemed CMD stirred up the passion of the Campus leaders for prayer and study of the Word. DEVELOPMENT- the progressive advancement, evolution, growth of a person or thing from one state or stage to another; usually from a lesser, simpler state to a superior more complex state through the activation of established laws, processes or action. * As a leader, understand that Leadership is responsibility; responsibility for others. How do you lead if you’ve nothing to give? The burden of responsibility means that I must stay ahead, be sharpened, updated, fresh to provide the required direction and guidance. SS 1:6 Your responsibility is first to develop yourself. You cannot take people where you've not been. You cannot put in people what is not in you. You cannot give what you don’t have. As a Pastor you preach and teach, your first apprentice is you. The best thing you can do for your chapter, for those you lead, for the Ministry, for you, is to improve yourself. Your effectiveness in life & in the things of the Spirit, is directly proportional to your level of spiritual growth. If you’re not growing you’re not glowing. PRAYER- Primarily communication with God. Through prayer you build your spirit & increase your spiritual sphere of influence. The man that God will use is a man of prayer. * Now on Campus, practice the art & life of prayer. If you get it now, you have it made. Mark 1:32-35 (Luke 5:16, Matthew 14:23, Luke 9:18, 28) 1. The Time of Prayer 2. The Environment & place of prayer 3. The Solitude of/seclusion in Prayer * Prayer is the food drink/breakfast for current and future champions! * Prayer conditions your spirit for success. * Prayer de-weeds your spirit. You cannot truly pray & hold on to certain traits. * Prayer is a discipline, a fellowship, an instruction and an art because of the way we’re told to do it. * He that prayeth not, seeth not! Matthew 15:14 How Do You Get started?: 1. Create your prayer time block; set apart scheduled time for prayer daily. 2. Create additional blocks of prayer through the day. 3. Participate In the corporate prayer program in your chapter. 4. Participate in the Ministry’s Prayer programs- PastorChrislive Prayer weekly etc. 5. Enjoy the fellowship of prayer; talking to Him all the time and anywhere. 6. Do this for just two weeks, you’ll know you’re not the same. STUDY- Searching the scriptures to learn more; to discover more about God, His plans, purposes, about Life, about you, about the Kingdom and appropriate the lessons and truths in your life. It’s about a metamorphosis! * Life is a spiritual machine & the Bible is the manual. Don't presume! Study to know 2 Timothy 2:15 * The Word Of God is food for the spirit. * The Word can be eaten (Jeremiah 15:16) and digested through meditation for growth. * Make time for success- for prayer, study, meditation. In our world today, so many things competing for your time but you must fight to get that time for your spiritual development. 1 Timothy 4:7-8 In study; - Topical study - Character study - Book by book study - Word study - Follow your Rhapsody devotional (further study, Bible reading plan) - Consciously listening to messages, taking the notes & searching further. How to start; 1. Select a time & place when you can have no/less distractions. 2. Have a study plan and follow it- topical, character, ROR plan. 3. Mark or underline important verses that pull your spirit 4. Observe or be observant as you study through; note the tenses etc 5. Annotate/ make annotations in key verses- thoughts coming to you. 6. Ponder the thoughts- the meaning and life implications or application. 7. Have your note pad and take the notes 8. Memorize verses and keep them in mind through the day. 9. After study, don’t run off. Pray in tongues and then take a few minutes to mediate on the thoughts, ruminate on them. Even computers save files and close applications before shutting down. 10. Make declarations of what you learnt that relate with you. #TIENIGERIA #TIEConference2019 #FireinPH #Blwcampusministryrocks #CMDisFire

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#ThisIsIt Can't wait 🔥 #BLWGhanaZoneA

#ThiisIt anticipate #ceaccraghanazone

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One Day to go!!!!!!! South-South/South-East Nigeria, this is for you! 🇳🇬 T.I.E Conference is coming!!!!! Date: Thursday 29th, August - Sunday 1st September, 2019!!! Venue: Loveworld Center, Port-Harcourt, Nigeria. ...a time of Inspiration & empowerment.. #TIECONFERENCE #TIENIGERIA #CMDISFIRE #BLWCAMPUSMINISTRYROCKS

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2 Days to go!!! T.I.E Conference South-South/South-East Nigeria 🇳🇬!!!! You know it's going to be explosive!!!!! Are you ready?! ...Leave a comment that describes your excitement... #TIECONFERENCE #TIENIGERIA #CMDISFIRE #BLWCAMPUSMINISTRYROCKS

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