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Thank you sir for raising me

A big THANK YOU to my Esteemed Director for the opportunity to serve... I love you ma.

We are ready! "A night of Blessings"


Happy Birthday to my Esteemed Group Pastor Ma. A mother to all, friend to all and most importantly, thank you Ma for always putting up a smile. I love you dearly Ma.

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Happy Birthday Highly Esteemed Ma. You are truly dynamic, inspirational and full of love. Your passion for souls I love you dearly ma @thisispsy You Rock Ma. #DynamicPSY

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THE NEW COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY. Last week, Microsoft executive Julia White demonstrated how it now possible: 1. To create an incredible life-hologram of herself. 2. To make this hologram speak another language in her own voice. This demo has a combined two technologies: mixed reality and neutral text-to-speech. It opens the door to whole new generation of communication technologies. Imagine a world-class professor giving a lecture that anyone could attend and understand- without leaving their homes and without learning their teacher's language. Credit: Pascal BORNET #innovate #inspire #ideate

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And the power of the Lord was present to heal! “He sent his word, and healed them...”. The reality of the living Christ was demonstrated to the young people as so many received healings of diverse kinds in their bodies as the Spirit of God filled the arena; Breast lumps dematerialized, partial paralysis, spinal problems, heart conditions, depression, bone conditions & diverse ailments were healed! The Esteemed CMD then led the crowd in prayers for young people in the schools, state, country and the world, concluding by pronouncing blessing on the crowd and the people said AMEN! Watch out for video Highlights of this remarkable MCC4C #MCC4C #MegaCampusCrusades #AN2RR #AN2RRedefined #Blwcampusministryrocks #911generationxyz

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It was truly a NIGHT TO REMEMBER REDEFINED!!!! The word of God WORKS!!!! .#MCC4C #MegaCampusCrusades #AN2RR #AN2RRedefined #Blwcampusministryrocks #911generationxyz

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HOLY GHOST IS CHAMPION!!!! Thousands of young people defy strong winds & a continued heavy downpour to experience a NIGHT TO REMEMBER!. The rains couldn't hold us! A Night to Remember Redefined at the University Of Calabar issa GOAL; young people are being turned to righteousness with urgency!!! The University of Calabar was agog for Jesus as thousands of students were impacted by the word of God amidst the heavy & windy downpour, dancing and rejoicing in the Holyghost right there in the rain with so many gloriously born again! The energy was too much; the atmosphere was charged & the excitement palpable- young people love the Lord! The Highly Esteemed CMD in a stirring message expounded on the Life Of God and capped the meeting with an exhortation to the young people to discover and live God’s purpose for their lives. The gifts of the Spirit were operational as he called out various cases and prayed for the sick. We witnessed extraordinary miracles of healing! The MCC4C is sweeping through tertiary institutions around the world. Next Stop??👌 #MCC4C #MegaCampusCrusades #AN2RR #AN2RRedefined #Blwcampusministryrocks #911generationxyz

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HOW 5G WILL CHANGE THE FARMING INDUSTRY. Next-generation 5G networks can be 100 times faster than 4G, making communication between devices and servers much quicker. 5G can also carry much more data than other networks. That makes the technology ideal for transmitting information from remote sensors and drones, key tools that are being tested by farmers. 5G is also helping to automate farming processes. Drones that use 5G are helping to improve potato production in the Netherlands. And in Japan, 5G sensors are used to monitor the water temperature and salt concentration of oyster farms. 5G collars UK initiative 5G RuralFirst launched a smartphone app in March called Me+Moo, which lets farmers track a "connected" cow and receive daily updates on the animal's health and behavior. The system, which is being tested on cows at the Agri-Epi Center in Somerset, England, is funded in part by a UK government grant and supported by the tech company Cisco (CSCO). Cows are equipped with 5G-connected collars that monitor their health and habits The cows wear 5G-connected collars that send data to the app on everything from what they're eating to how they're sleeping. Farmers can see the info instantly, and pass it on to veterinarians or nutritionists. "This provides peace of mind that the cows are happy, healthy and behaving normally, as well as early warning if they are getting sick, are pregnant or need to be checked," said project manager Duncan Forbes. 5G evangelists argue that because farms cover large areas that are difficult to monitor, the agriculture sector is well placed to benefit from remote data collection. The technology could help irrigation systems to turn on at the optimal time of day, or cattle to be grazed on areas that provide the best nutrition. By improving efficiency, it will be possible to produce more food. Yet to make a difference, 5G will first need to be installed in rural areas. Automation matters The UN Food and Agriculture Organization predicts that in order to provide for the world's rapidly rising population, the planet will need to grow 70% more food in 2050 than it did in 2009. "To respond to those demands, farmers will need new technologies to produce more from less land, with fewer hands," reads one report from the organization. That's where automation comes in. In 2017, another 5G RuralFirst project became the first in the world to successfully plant, tend and harvest a crop without a single human stepping foot in the field. Autonomous tractors sowed the seeds, drones with sensors monitored the crops, and smaller machines took samples to assess what fertilizers and pesticides to apply and where. The project, called Hands-Free Hectare, reported another successful harvest in 2018. It's now going even further by using 5G technology to increase precision and efficiency in crop spraying. "This will help not only sustain farming, but also make it easier and less demanding for those doing it," Jonathan Gill, a researcher at Harper Adams University, said of the innovations. #innovate #inspire #ideate

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INGENUITY OF AN ENGINEER The Doctor said he needed to cut the finger to remove the ring. The Goldsmith said he needed to cut the ring to remove it. WATCH what the ENGINEER, comment and share. #innovate #inspire #ideate.

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DIVIDENDS OF SALVATION - 5 "There's no hopeless situation with God. There's no case that can get God confused." Congregants receive insights on the the dividends of the gospel; "The gospel is the gospel of hope" #nobgarrick #cebeninzone1

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Connect the dots between the sound of the tennis & the sleeping man? 😂😂

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Dynamo cell medical outreach Energy group

Dynamo cell medical outreach Energy group

Dynamo cell medical outreach Energy group

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