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It's my birthday tomorrow my friends and I am so grateful for so many people that God has graced me with. Thank you my spiritual father, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome! We call him, the king maker because when you come in contact with him you will be changed by force!! He cheers me on behind the scene. He showed me the love of God and the power of an unlimited mind through the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. I salute you Sir!! #gratefulSinach

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God gave Solomon unusual wisdom and insight, and knowledge too great to be measured 1 Kings 4:29 (GNT) #mymonthofinsight

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Happy birthday dear Mummy. Thank you Ma for all your prayers and words of blessings and encouragement to me. Thank you for giving us Pastor.

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Thank you all for celebrating my wife's birthday in a very special way. I bought her a brand new 2017 Rhapsody Bible as her birthday gift bcos God's word is what women need. God will cause people to always celebrate with you. God bless you all.

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One in a lifetime💖.

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#NOBAbuja A race for their LIVES...A call for SALVATION Though on a race track, this was not a 100 metre dash. It was a call for salvation and the souls were hungry. It was the set time for their salvation as thousands raced to the front of the stage after the altar call. With ready hearts they received Jesus and confessed Him Lord over their Lives. Everyone received a package that contained the Rhapsody Bible, Rhapsody of realities, and the book, Now That You Are Born Again. What a glorious rejoicing in heaven. It was a sight to behold. #NOBAbuja #NOBAbuja #ceabujazone

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Not For The Faint Of Heart: Pastor Femi's Story Will Stir You Up

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Glory hallelujah...this is not the service it's the first timers and new convert welcome session @ #ceshomolu #celagoszone3

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#ThoughtForToday This clip says it all..... Stay locked on to this SuperUser for inspiring updates! #THOUGHTOFTODAY #CEABAKALIKI

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Glorious time of d word,worship & d miraculous!10q PASTOR!10q CEO 4 taking me wit U!See where 4lo-follow has brought me!I go dey 4lo dey go!

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She died and came back to life. Watch this amazing testimony.

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2017, 'The Year of Flourishing'. Get the full message from the PCDL from tomorrow.

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Welcome to 2017 the year of "Flourishing" Psalms 92:1-15 #NewYearService with Pastor Chris #global3stdecservice #RevChris31 Stay Connected To The LoveWorldSAT SuperUser For Live Updates.

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INTERNATIONAL DAY OF SERVICE During the BLW Day of Service, staff members of Christ Embassy Port Harcourt Zone 3 provided free car wash services for the cars. This selfless act of service is one of many community projects rendered in commemoration of the birthday celebration of our man of God, Reverend Dr Chris Oyakhilome. The staff members also ministered the gospel to those benefitting from the service, distributing free ministry materials to them. Beneficiaries of the selfless service commended the efforts of the staff members and were grateful to our dear man of God, Reverend Dr Chris Oyakhilome for the BLW Day of Service. The manager of the car wash, inspired by this selfless act of service to humanity, asserted that he would begin to attend Christ Embassy Church and become a member #CelebratingOurFather

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