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Brain Exercise .14 countries Represented here. Kindly Share and send your Answers

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'Light Your World' Conference in Leyte, Philippines. In line with the vision of the GYLF, to colonize the mindset of every young person on earth with the word of God, ambassador Jennifer Serneo organised an epochal conference in the city of Leyte, Philippines. The conference had over 500 youths in attendance from various part of the city and beyond. They had special times of prayer, worship and the word. Several ministry materials was freely distributed to the delegates in attendance. The penultimate of the meeting was the powerful ministration by ambassador Jennifer Serneo which moved several of the youths to tears as they came forward to give their lives to Jesus. Truly, just as our man of God has said 'There is a hunger in every man to know God'. The conference was highly successful and impactful and it was a day of encounter for all the youths in attendance as their lives will never be the same again. We are indeed making 2018 look like child's play. Glory to God! #GYLFPHILIPPINES #GYLF

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Happy birthday to my sweetie baby, the wife of my youth. Thank you so much for your support over the years. you are a true daughter of your father Pastor Chris, so calm, gentle and calculated, and yet so powerful and swift in action. The only thing I am yet to understand is how consistently for several years you get at the most 4hrs sleep in a day, and feels so refreshed as though you had 8hrs sleep. God dey!! My prayer for you is just to say Amen to every word your father Pastor Chris speaks into your life today and always. I love you.

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TOTAL EXPERIENCE COTONOU, 1st JUNE 2019. 6pm (GMT). Join us tonight LIVE for a time of Impartation with the Word and the Spirit. Watch LIVE on; CEFLIX-: ceflix.org CLOVEWORLD-: lwfrancophone.com #ewcaz2 #TECotonou #cebeninrep1 #cebeninrep2

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Thank you Lord for Total Experience Cotonou.. #CeBeninRepublic #Ewcaz2 #TexCot2019

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Updated his profile photo

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Happy birthday to Baby Excellence Deola Philips Mensah. You will grow in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and man. God bless you richly

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IT'S 15 DAYS TO 'THE GLORY OF HIS PRESENCE WITH REV TOM'. At the Glory of His Presence, a Spiritual cloud will envelope the whole arena and cause things to bud and blossom. Invite everyone you know for this program, start from your home; bring your siblings, your spouse, your colleagues, your boss, employees, neighbours, those in your estate. TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THE GLORY OF HIS PRESENCE. Be persuasive in your invitation; IT'S YOUR PROGRAM, PERSONALIZE THE INVITATION, It's time to compel them to come in. #AMCGOHP2019 #GOHP2019 #CEAMC2019

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Happy birthday dearest highly esteemed ma, one word is not enough to describe you. I love, I love, I love you so dearly ma😍💕😘 #celebratinganiconoflighfs #dauntlesspyk

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When our Man of God sends esteemed Ministers from our Nation to your City, every thing changes! Endless testimonies have started! Thank you Lord Jesus #CGI #CEBeninZone1 #UnstoppableChurchGrowth

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A usual conversation Me: Pastor Tony, our mother has given us a target. I must submit ... in 24 hrs You: How much do you want me to give? Me: everything You: OK. I will give you ... Me: Thank you Pastor but I need more from YOU. Ok, will add to it You made work easy.Happy bday

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My High School Sweetheart is now my Pastor, and will always be my best-friend! My heart overflows with joy! God has given me a man after His own heart. A gentle-gentleman whose heart is knit with Jesus Himself! Many don’t know that we went to the same school(s) (3 schools from teenage years to post-grad); we worked for the same organizations (3 to be precise); we received our salvation together; we were filled with the Holy Spirit together; we were water baptized together; we were ordained Pastors together; and we now serve God with one spirit and one mind, together! Oh what a beautiful life! We walk in pre-ordained steps! 22 years of absolute bliss and joy! It’s not our anniversary! We are just deeply in LOVE and so grateful to the Lord for the new and next stage in our life! No man can separate what God has joined together! Te quiero mucho, Mi Amor. Con todo mi corazon para siempre. ❤️

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A MIRACULOUS DELIVERANCE! Testimony from Sister Abiose Adams who participated in Last Week’s Online Wednesday Service Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I will like to share this testimony with you. Revelation 12:11 says, “And they overcome him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony;.” Last week- April 3rd, I connected to the Online Wednesday service and was really blessed by one of the testimonies of a brother who said “he had given what he wanted to give for ROR, but God told him he should give what God wanted him to give. And our Esteemed Pastor Yemisi gave a word saying“NOW YOU HAVE HEARD GOD.” When it was time to give my offering, I did a bank transfer, I typed N1000 to be transferred as my offering for the service and I gave thanks. But some minutes after, I received a debit alert that my transfer of N10,000 to Christ Embassy LVZ was successful. I opened my mouth shocked, because I had done what I didn’t plan to. How it happened I don’t really know, maybe I over-typed the zeros. However, I felt it because I wanted to do some other things with the money but I quickly gave thanks and I knew in my spirit that my money is always safe in God’s hand, and that no one gives too much to God and regrets it. And perhaps, I don’t know what God had saved me from or prepared for me by virtue of this unusual offering. Two days later on my way to work in the morning, I was driving behind a trailer carrying a heavy container. I noticed the lane wasn’t moving and by some means, in a twinkle of an eye, I just changed my lane (without thinking about it). The moment I passed by, I saw the trailer with the container moving backwards down the slope on Ojuelegba bridge by the Federal Fire Service.That was when I realized that the brake had just failed and all the cars that were immediately behind mine were crushed in an instant. The container continued moving until it was finally stopped by the kerb demarcating those moving toward Island (by Barracks/Ojuelegba) bustop. I parked on the bridge, alighted from the car, shaking and sweating, and thanking God for this narrow escape, but it wasn’t a narrow escape, it was a miraculous deliverance by God’s angels. The moment it happened, I immediately remembered what God told me about the unsual offering I gave (which I didn’t really intend to give), but God saved me, because he knew what was ahead. Thank God for His infinite mercies and His faithful watch over His word to perform it. Halleluyah! Don’t miss tomorrow’s Online Wednesday Service! It is going to be really special. Invite others to participate as well at www.celvz.org #CELVZ

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DID YOU KNOW /2 The combination of the legislature and the courts is the most insidious device of the adversary - satan. Let me explain. The legislature passes a law that looks, at 1st reading or a cursory glance, like a progressive statute that is beneficial for society. That law can sit unknown and benign for years until a judge gives an interpretation that is very legal but it wasn't what the general populace ever imagined that the law would do. But it is the law and it stands. As a student in the law faculty, I was taught a (amongst others) definition of law that became my favorite: The Law is nothing but what the court (ie the judge) says it is. This was the eminent jurist, Roscoe Pound's, definition. A law isn't what the textbooks say it is. It isn't what the legislature (that passed it) says it is. It isn't what the executive who ordered it says it is. IT IS WHAT A JUDGE (even though he graduated with a 3rd class degree) SAYS IT IS. IT IS HIS INTERPRETATION THAT IS THE LAW. This is why I'm never excited whenever a "seemingly" good law is passed. I know that one day, maybe in the near future or in the far future, a Pharoah who "knew not Joseph" will arise and give a "satanic" interpretation to that law. NIGERIA: WE MUST WORK THE WORKS OF HIM WHO SENT US NOW I have heard it said that Nigeria is a SECULAR country. That is it is a country with no specific religion. I always smile and nod with my head. But I know it might be so in practice now BUT it is NOT so on paper. It is NOT so in the most important document regulating Nigeria: our constitution. While the constitution claims that Nigeria is a SECULAR country, yet the same constitution recognises the legitimacy and practice of SHARIA law. Sharia is NOT the equivalent of customary law. It is a legal system based on a religion. There is no other religious law legitimised in Nigeria. SHARIA LAW IS THE ONLY RELIGIOUS LEGAL SYSTEM RECOGNISED BY THE (SEEMINGLY) SECULAR NIGERIAN CONSTITUTION. Sharia law is Islamic law. Islam is constitutionally backed. Christianity as a state backed practice is not. All other legal systems in Nigeria are based on the common law, statutory law and customary law. Church law/Christian law does not exist in Nigeria. Interestingly, did you know that the present #1 law official in Nigeria was a former Kadi (judge) of Sharia Court of Appeals. He was a former provost, College of Legal & Islamic Studies in Bauchi, Nigeria. We must do the Works of Him who sent us while it is day. For the night comes when no man can work. For now, bibles can still be distributed everywhere in Nigeria but not in everywhere in Africa or in Europe. Rhapsody of Realities and other Christian reading resources can be distributed. But for how long? We must use our opportunity now. This is why I am a partner with Pastor Chris. Through the opportunity of partnership, I am not limited to be an apologetic. I am an activist. I am a Gospel Activist. Partner today. Don't just do it with your mouth. Do it with your money. #iamluminary #yearoflights

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Celebrating Our Most Precious and Highly Esteemed Pastor Elizabeth Akinwolemiwa! Full of Love, Swag and The HolyGhost! She’s the Ace! Love you Ma 🥰 #PEA0304 #CEDartford #UKR2Z3 #Lovezone

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👇👇 Happening this Friday 5th April 2019 Watch it live: https://ceflix.org/videos/watch/1848757

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"I saw you look for Proverbs in the New Testament"😂😂😂 #Funnydom #YourLaughWorld

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ℹ INSIGHT with Pastor Uyi Weeks ago, I shared the testimony of the attempted bombing of Christ Embassy Suleja in what I titled "WHEN THE CHURCH PRAYS." Amazingly, it went viral with over 60k views, over 250 likes, over 200 reshares, and over 120 comments. I am deeply humbled and very grateful for all your comments, likes and reshares. Thank you. I really do appreciate. Alas! There remains one more twist to the story...👇 GOD HONOURS FAITH About one year after the attempted bombing in Christ Embassy Suleja, I received a call from a brother who I'll call Brother M. At this time, I was pastoring Christ Embassy Garki, Abuja, and had been Brother M's Pastor in Christ Embassy Suleja. I recall that he had relocated with his family to another city. Thus, I had not seen or communicated with him for three years until that morning. Before I share the content of his call, which is the core of this write-up, let me give you the circumstances prevailing at that time: It was the year 2013, and at this time I was living in one State and pastoring in another. I required funds to take care of certain things. Also, I was being pressured on the other end by some of my business partners to do something unethical with company funds, though not illegal. Since I would not bulge, my partners (being joint signatories) refused to sign the release of funds from the company for any other thing. Thus, we were all in a fix and funds were scarce. This stalemate had been going on for six months. To make matters more interesting, I had a deadline in six days to pay N600k (equivalent of $4,000 at the time because the prevailing rate was N150 naira to $1) for something so crucial, and failure to pay would be catastrophic! My business partners were aware of this deadline. They were sure that I would cave into their demands. One of them even said, "in about 6 days, we will know.." But all these while, I was talking in tongues in and out of season. AND THEN 3 DAYS TO DEADLINE, I got that call from Brother M. I picked up his call and he greeted me very warmly and we both exchanged pleasantries. After all, it had been 3 years. Then Brother M said, "Pastor, I heard about the attempted Boko Haram's bomb blast in Suleja last year in the News. Then, the Holy Ghost told me that was a demonstration of extraordinary grace, for such to happen and not a single member of Church was hurt or harmed." I listened without saying a word. Then, Brother M continued, "Sir, the Holy Ghost told me at that time to connect to that grace by giving N1 million naira to you. I was not ready then, but I am now. So Sir, please send me your account number. I am also sending an additional N500k to you in connection to something I want to speak to you about later. Thank you, Sir." Glory to God! You guessed right. I immediately sent my account details to him, and 40 minutes later I was N1.5 million (about $10,000) richer. I took time to praise God, to laugh at the devil and the situation that had looked insurmountable 45 minutes before. GOD HAD DONE IT AGAIN. I had far more than I required to resolve all pending matters. So, when scriptures say that the Lord is "able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us" (Ephesians 3:20), it is true; I am a living proof. Thus, it doesn't matter what the circumstance or situation around you is, it's still Your Month of Possession. Keep talking in tongues. Victory is yours. God bless. #KINGINGwithPastorUyi FOLLOW THIS SUPERUSER ACCOUNT

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