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From another thread..... "WE DIDN'T GO TO SCHOOL TO LEARN FOOLISHNESS" PCO....🤷‍♂️ ME: CDC, should I get poke if I already had Covid? CDC: “Yes, you should be poked regardless of whether you already had COVID-19. That’s because experts do not yet know how long you are protected from getting sick again after recovering from COVID-19.” ME: Oh, okay, we don’t know how long natural immunity lasts. Got it. So, how long does poke-induced immunity last? CDC: “There is still a lot we are learning about COVID-19 pokes and CDC is constantly reviewing evidence and updating guidance. We don’t know how long protection lasts for those who are poked.” ME: Okay … but wait a second. I thought you said the reason I need the poke was because we don’t know how long my natural immunity lasts, but it seems like you’re saying we ALSO don’t know how long poke immunity lasts either. So, how exactly is the poke immunity better than my natural immunity? CDC: … ME: Uh … alright. But, haven’t there been a bunch of studies suggesting that natural immunity could last for years or decades? CDC: Yes. NEWYORKTIMES: “Years, maybe even decades, according to a new study.” ME: Ah. So natural immunity might last longer than poke immunity? CDC: Possibly. You never know. ME: Okay. If I get the poke, does that mean I won’t get sick? BRITAIN: Nope. We are just now entering a seasonal spike and about half of our infections and hospital admissions are poked people. ME: CDC, is this true? Are there a lot of people in the U.S. catching Covid after getting the poke? CDC: We stopped tracking breakthrough cases. We accept voluntary reports of breakthroughs but aren’t out there looking for them. ME: Does that mean that if someone comes in the hospital with Covid, you don’t track them because they’ve been poked? You only track the UN-poked Covid cases? CDC: That’s right. ME: Oh, okay. Hmm. Well, if I can still get sick after I get the poke, how is it helping me? CDC: We never said you wouldn’t get sick. We said it would reduce your chances of serious illness or death. ME: Oh, sorry. Alright, exactly how much does it reduce my chance of serious illness or death. CDC: We don’t know “exactly.” ME: Oh. Then what’s your best estimate for how much risk reduction there is? CDC: We don’t know, okay? Next question. ME: Um, if I’m healthy and don’t want the poke, is there any reason I should get it? CDC: Yes, for the collective. ME: How does the collective benefit from me getting poked? CDC: Because you could spread the virus to someone else who might get sick and die. ME: Can a poked person spread the virus to someone else? CDC: Yes. ME: So if I get poked, I could still spread the virus to someone else? CDC: Yes. ME: But I thought you just said, the REASON I should get poked was to prevent me spreading the virus? How does that make sense if I can still catch Covid and spread it after getting the poke? CDC: Never mind that. The other thing is, if you stay unpoked, there’s a chance the virus could possibly mutate into a strain that escapes the pokes protection, putting all poked people at risk. ME: So the poke stops the virus from mutating? CDC: No. ME: So it can still mutate in poked people? CDC: Yes. ME: This seems confusing. If the poke doesn’t stop mutations, and it doesn’t stop infections, then how does me getting poked help prevent a more deadly strain from evolving to escape the poke? CDC: You aren’t listening, okay? The bottom line is: as long as you are unpoked, you pose a threat to poked people. ME: But what KIND of threat?? CDC: The threat that they could get a serious case of Covid and possibly die. ME: My brain hurts. Didn’t you JUST say that the poke doesn’t keep people from catching Covid, but prevents a serious case or dying? Now it seems like you’re saying poked people can still easily die from Covid even after they got the poke just by running into an unpoked person! Which is it?? CDC: That’s it, we’re hanging up now. ME: Wait! I just want to make sure I understand all this. So, even if I ALREADY had Covid, I should STILL get poked, because we don’t know how long natural immunity lasts, and we also don’t know how long poke immunity lasts. And I should get the poke to keep a poked person from catching Covid from me, but even if I get the poke, I can give it to the poked person anyways. And, the other poked person can still easily catch a serious case of Covid from me and die. Do I have all that right? … ME: Um, hello? Is anyone there? #kingschatrecommends #healthpluswithpastoranthony #healthplus #ceekpanreal #lxp #LoveworldXP

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✨✨HEALING STREAMS TESTIMONIES AT YOUR LOVEWORLD GRAND FINALE🎉⭐💫 Isaiah died while he was at the Healing Streams viewing center. But glory to God, by the power of the Holy Ghost he's alive. Watch this inspiring testimony to hear more.

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"When you stand before Jesus what are you going to tell him? that your dreams came true or that you lived for him" - Pastor Chris! Thank you for Participating on yourloveworld specials season 3, Phase 6, God bless you, see you next time! 📺 📺 #kingschatrecommends #yourloveworld #yourloveworldspecials #yourloveworldwithpastorchris #PastorChrisTeaching #LoveworldNetworks #pastorchrislive #prayingnow #pastorchris #monthofprayer #PCLprayathon2021 #prayathon2021  #photospeaks #globaldayofprayer #gdop #stillpraying #iamapriestinoffice #wordfest3 #wordfest #wordfest2021 #WordFest3Extravaganza #watchonpcdltv #Wordatwork #ropc2021 #ropc21 #ropc #rhapsody #illumination #healingstreams #livehealingstreamswithpastorchris #hspc #cgi #pcdl #yearofpreparation #megaonlinecrusade #soulwinnersbootcamp #imcc2020xpanded #globalimpactoutreach2020 #watchliveonpcdltv #pcdlusc2020 #watchliveonpcdl #ICLC #ICLC2021 #iclcwithpastorchris #mbtc #mbtc2021 #LXP

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Happy Birthday Esteemed Bro David Prince Lawal We love you dearly #lovefeast #accraghana #RASS #LWAsia

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💥 #HAPPENINGNOW - YOUR LOVEWORLD SPECIALS SEASON 3 PHASE 6!💥 “The wearing of masks is a symbol of subjugation!” - #PastorChris Tune in as the we watch an excerpt from ‘Chronicles of Prophecy’, revealing the truth about the COVID-19 vaccines. You can participate on our website: God bless you! #YourLoveworldSpecials #PastorChris #CECanada

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Previously on Your LoveWorld Specials Season 3 Phase 6 Grand Finale! Exposing the COVID-19 Hoax "All researchers on both sides have come to agree that covid-19 has a survival rate of 90% for the elderly and 99.9% for young people. If this is true, why are you calling it a pandemic?" - Pastor Chris The President of LoveWorld, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome, continues to expose the lies being spread by the enemies concerning the virus in the Grand finale of "Your LoveWorld Specials Season 3 Phase 6." He counters the legitimacy of the information going viral daily across the world and the reliability of those responsible for spreading this false news. He leaves us with a question to ponder... "How then did you arrive at a vaccine for a virus that you claim is yet to be understood?" More truths to be revealed tonight! Tune in now to participate live at the "Your LoveWorld Specials Season 3 Phase 6." Watch on CeFlix, LiveTV, or on PCDL TV #PastorChris #PastorChrisOyakhilome #YourLoveWorldSpecials #LoveWorld #CeFlix #LiveTV #PCDLTV #LoveWorldNews #LWNews

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Only in the Office of the CEO...Call it Mega Feasting 🥰💃💃 We feast today and we detox come August 1st!! Whatever the instruction from the Spirit through our dear Man of God, you can trust us in the Office of CEO to be compliant. We do the word!! #OCEO #Monthofjoy #Megafeasting

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This is definitely the Lords doing and it is marvellous in our sight. A thundering thank you to my Man of God Pastor Chris for this awesome gift. I am so delighted. Thanks a million Pastor sir. I love you always I am very grateful

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🔥🔥Get ready for Fresh, Inspiring and Truly Captivating Programs just for you THIS WEEKEND ON LOVETAP TV. ✅ WE WILL BE LIVE BY 1PM GMT You can't miss a moment. Spread the Word!!! 🗒️ Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 📌 1pm to 4pm GMT 🌍 #LoveTapTV #LWTeensMinistry

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#photohighlights of MIDWEEK LOVEFEAST SERVICE AT CE EKPAN REAL TEENS CHURCH: It was a glorious LoveFeast at the CE Ekpan Real Teens Church! #ceekpanreal #cemidwestzone #MountainOfAbundance #lovefeast #MonthOfJoy #cgi #WaterBaptismWeek #lwfoundationschool #soulseverywhere #cellministry #lwteensministry #ceerteenschurch #blwteensministry #midweekservice #midyearthanksgiving #lwcellministry #changingLevels #movinglevels

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#photohighlights of CELL CELEBRATION/LOVEFEAST SUNDAY (1st & 2nd) SERVICE WITH PASTOR ANTHONY OSEGHALE: Joyful Feast with invited LTM Viewers and LW Radio listeners. #ceekpanreal #ltm #ltmnetworks #cemidwestzone #lovefeast #MonthOfJoy #cellministry #lwradio #lwcellministry

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#photohighlights of MIDWEEK LOVEFEAST SERVICE AT CE EKPAN REAL: It was a glorious LoveFeast today! Final Midweek Service for the Month of Joy! Special thanks to our dear of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome DSc,DD! #ceekpanreal #cemidwestzone #MountainOfAbundance #lovefeast #MonthOfJoy #cgi #WaterBaptismWeek #lwfoundationschool #soulseverywhere #cellministry #midweekservice #midyearthanksgiving #lwcellministry #changingLevels #movinglevels

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#photohighlights of MIDWEEK LOVEFEAST SERVICE AT CE EKPAN REAL: Fired up to accomplish more! Ready for the Global Prayer and Fasting Service! #ceekpanreal #cemidwestzone #MountainOfAbundance #lovefeast #MonthOfJoy #cgi #WaterBaptismWeek #lwfoundationschool #soulseverywhere #cellministry #midweekservice #midyearthanksgiving #lwcellministry #changingLevels #movinglevels

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“Let no one deceive you, the rapture is imminent according to Bible chronology.” — Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Get the full story on LoveWorld News at #yourloveworldspecialswithpastorchris #yourloveworld #yourloveworldspecials #ceekpanreal #cemidwestzone

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We are live!!!!! Glorrryyyyyy! #yourloveworldspecials #yourloveworld #yourloveworldspecialswithpastorchris #ceekpanreal #cemidwestzone

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📸 A Joyous Celebration of Our Beloved David-Prince Lawal ✨✨💢💢💢. #CeAccraGhanaZone #BundleOfJoyDPL #DPL2807

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This is LoveWorld News UPDATE! 'YOUR LOVEWORLD SPECIALS' (SEASON 3, PHASE 6, Day 3) LIVE! The esteemed Pastor T.T Temisan welcomes the global congregation to today's session and leads in prayers. Tune in to any LoveWorld TV station or log on to, now to participate live. You can also watch via the LoveWorld News SuperUser story on KingsChat. Spread the word! Stay tuned for more UPDATES. |Like| |Comment| |Share| #YourLoveWorldwithPastorChris #YourLoveworld #LoveWorldNews

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