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To my fathers you have raised us in the way of the lord.You have followed our Man of God with deep loyalty and commitment to this heavenly vision.Thank you for being living epistles written for us in this Generation especially in these times.May God reward your labours of love

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HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO THE HIGHLY ESTEEMED MEMBERS OF THE CENTRAL EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OF THE LOVEWORLD NATION! We celebrate your Greatness. Thank you Sirs for your exceptional and inspiring leadership. We love you Sirs.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ESTEEMED PASTOR CHIKA ONOSU Thank you for all you do in our nation and for being a vital participant in the vision of our man of God. We join the host of heaven to celebrate you. We love you dearly #Cemidwestzone

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CELEBRATING THE FATHER OF FATHERS! HAPPY FATHERS DAY SIR! We love you deeply Sir! #swz1 #swz2 #swz3 #swreg

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Happy Fathers Day Sir! Thank you for continually upgrading my life. I love you Sir.

Happy Fathers Day. We celebrate you specially. Thank you for what you represent in the kingdom. We love our fathers. Gloryyyyy!!! #nswz1 #swreg #fathersday.

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Happy Birthday Dear Sis. Onyinye. You are special and blessed. Thank you for all you do for the Lord. We appreciate you. Congratulations! #ceibadansouth #joyceB #nswz1

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Wow!! Another time of refreshing today praying on Pastorchrislive. Thank you Sir for this opportunity. #pclprayerthon2019 #prayingnow #swz1 #pastorchrislive #nigeria #southwestregion #prayingwithpastorchris

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Pray-A-Thon with CE South West Zone 1. #PrayingNow #PrayingwithPastorChris #pclprayathon #nswz1 #swreg #pastorchrislive

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Celebrating God’s love for me! Thank you Dear Lord for loving me so much! #Treasuredheavenrocks

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Glory ! 1Day To Go! ‘’..., Anything That’s Worth Doing; Is Worth Training For...’’ Pastor Chris: And The Name Of The Lord Is Glorified !

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Happy Birthday esteemed Pastor Claire I celebrate your love and passion for Ministry. Your life is truly an unending flow of the supernatural. Enjoy your new level of greatness. Keep winning & kinging I love you.


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Happy Birthday esteemed Pastor Edward! I celebrate your commitment, passion and love for the Master. Thank you for all you do in our Nation. You are indeed A Burning and A Shinning Light. Keep Winning & Shinning sir.

Happy 10th Year Wedding Anniversary esteemed Pastor Light & Pastor Shelly Morafa! We love you dearly. #ceibadannorth #swz1 #swreg

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Happy Birthday to the Esteemed Pastor Edward Dike. Today we celebrate commitment and Impact. Thank you for your work in CE IJEBU ODE & South West Zone 3. We love you dearly. #oasis #ceijebuode #ceabeokuta #swz3

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Happy Birthday dear Andrew. Happy birthday to my precious beloved son, Andrew. Andrew. I love you more each day. Thank you for everything that you are. I love your love and devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ. I love your passion for Ministry. I love your independence and adventurous spirit. Grow stronger in His grace. Happy birthday. Dad.

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CHILDREN AND PARENTING Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome DSc, DD. That attitude of giving child a tablet while service is on to be playing games so they don't disturb you is a time bomb! You are saying to them, its OK to not concentrate in church, you think you are trying to concentrate and don't want them to distract you but you are giving them a mindset. It will form an attitude towards trivializing spiritual things in the future and by then it may be too late to correct.. Don't ever think they do not understand what's going on while the service is on, these children play very complicated games better than adults! If they can understand that, they can understand what Paul calls "The Simplicity of the Gospel" The gaming can wait! Another thing I find ludicrous is Parents who give their children "loose change" for offering but spend heavily on their lunch just after the service is over.. There again you are saying, God doesn't deserve anything big. You see that's how you breed Atheists! That's how you raise Adults who think the Holy Ghost is a Gut Feeling! Who think tithing is making the pastor a big boy! Train up a child in the way he should go.. When he is old he will not depart from it I may never be able to subscribe to all the parenting modules my Parents used for us while growing up, but you see this love for God? They got it right! My Father made sure we never missed a single midweek service while growing up. No matter how tired we were from school, he insisted, he compelled! Today, look what that training has done to me! Isaiah 28 vs 10 says "For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little" Simple things are what form Character! God bless you.

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Thursday - June 13 PRAY ABOUT THE EVANGELICAL WORK OF CHURCHES AND MINISTRIES AROUND THE WORLD Psalm 67:2 T LB - Send us around the world with the news of your saving power and your eternal plan for all mankind.  Psalm 68:11 - The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it. Habakkuk 2:14 - For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.   At our scheduled prayer times today, we’ll pray mostly in tongues of the Spirit, and pray specially for the work of churches and ministries around the world. Pray that they fulfill their God given assignments, remain fervent and passionate about their work and calling, richly supplied with all they require; focused, fearless, bold and inspired for ever increasing impact of the gospel. Declare every opposition against them ineffective; that through their work, the kingdom of God expands exceedingly, and is established in the hearts of men, that the name of our Blessed Lord be glorified. Amen.

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Happy birthday Pastor Edward, you started early to follow precepts by precepts the way of the lord, therefore am confident of your future, that it's a glorious one. I love you

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