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🤠 Today on "WHAT TO DO" PART 2 What do you do when someone acts in a way that's not so pleasant to you? How do you stay without offense? Kindly Listen as Pastor teaches WHAT TO DO. Remember to follow the BLW Zone J SuperUser for Part 3 #whattodo #whattodoseries #blwzonej

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TIMELESS WORDS FROM OUR DEAR MAN OF GOD, PASTOR CHRIS AT THE DECEMBER GLOBAL COMMUNION SERVICE! 🔸Serving Jesus Christ begins by understanding why He came. What was Jesus looking for and why? Jesus thought that we were important to God so He came to save us. He came to deliver us and give us life. Most of all, the purpose is to bring us into fellowship with God 🔹 The greatest thing a human being could ever know is to be in fellowship with God, to be in oneness with Him; where you can relate with God as one that you know and who knows you. 🔸Until and unless you discover your purpose for life, you haven’t truly lived. 🔹The Holy Spirit is a person.  You can’t describe the Holy Spirit outside the Word, you’ll be so wrong. Never try to use your mind to describe the Holy Spirit. He is way bigger than your mind. Stay glued for more updates... #CEAMC

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I am ready💃💃

MOMENTS FROM THE TOP PARTNERING CHURCH ZONES & CAMPUS ZONES AWARDS @ THE IPPC 2019. Thank you dear Partners for a most glorious 2019!!!!! ... Stay glued! #Blwcampusministryrocks #IPPC2019 #LWPA2019

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✨💥Congratulations to BLW Zone J!!! 🎉2nd Position- LTM Thank You Pastor Sir for leading us continuously on Glorious victory parades!!! Glory!!!! #ippc2019 #blwzonej #blwzonejawards

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#Newshowalert #ROADTOIPPC Once every year Lights from around the world gather at the feet of the Man of God Pastor Chris to receive words that will cause them to go shine even more brightly; this is the journey of 20 glorious Lights! STAY TUNED!

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Happy Birthday Pst Charles😃😃😃 It’s the time of the year where we all have the opportunity to not just celebrate with you, but to also let you know how special and cherished you are. You indeed have the heart of Gold. Thank you so much for all you do for the Gospel. God bless you

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✨Happy Birthday To Our Highly Esteemed CEO, Pastor Deola Philips Ma Thank You Ma for being an ever glorious Example of Excellence, Loyalty and Success to Us. We love You Ma. #blwzonej #magnumlumen

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✨✨Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Charles Azikiwe Thank You for always being a massive blessing and for the glorious work you do in the Zone. Indeed the Lord has blessed you and made you a blessing. We love You so so dearly. #blwzonej

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Kingschat should know what's on my mind now! It's my Mum's Birthday.. Thank You Ma for your Liquid Love,guidance and teachings.. #PB07 #blwzonej #exceptionalmum07

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✨🎉Celebrating Our Incredible Mum🎉 Ma, Every move You make births an innovation and us being on the same Team with You ma has helped us increase in greatness and Excellence. We Love You so dearly Ma. Happy Birthday Pastor Ma!!! #PB07 #blwzonej #exceptionalmum07

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I’m privileged to be a daughter of an exceptional mum💕...Happy birthday mum🌹 #blwzonej #PB07 #exceptionalmum07

Happy lights birthday exceptional mum💕 #blwzonej #PB07 #exceptionalmum07

Happy birthday mum💕...thank you so much Ma for leading us in the right path and thank you so much Ma for being an exceptional mum to us,especially me!... I love you so much Ma🌹 #blwzonej #PB07 #exceptionalmum07

Happy birthday Mum💕...I love you plenty Ma🌹 #blwzonej #PB07 #exceptionalmum07

You’re an inspiration to me Ma, I love you big Ma🌹 #blwzonej #PB07 #exceptionalmum07

Mum with a difference🥰...Happy birthday mum🌹 #blwzonej #PB07 #exceptionalmum07

Don’t you wish your Mama is as cute as mine?🥰...Happy birthday mum🌹#blwzonej #PB07 #exceptionalmum

✨Celebrating Our Exceptional Mum🎉 Happy Birthday Dearest Pastor Ma, Thank You ma for being a massive blessing to us and a clear symbol of excellence in Ministry. Thank You ma for teaching us humility and prudence, for teaching us the life of joy and enjoyment. Happy Birthday Sweetest Mum!!! #PB07 #blwzonej #exceptionalmum07

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