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Reliving special moments of the World Evangelism Conference. We moved ~It's indeed a new level. Glory!! #WECwithPastorChris #WEC2019 #dspukzone3

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Rhapathon live program starts in less than 3 hours. My heart indicts a good matter. #dspukzone3 #dspukz3rhapathon

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#CEUKZone3 #CROYDON #BIRTHDAY Gov Ophelia , we Celebrate an Icon of Grace , Standard Setter , Woman of Great Faith , an Exemplary Giver , Exemplary Follower of our Highly Esteemed MOG and Zonal Pastor. Thank You for your Love for the saints. You have Moved to HIGHER GRACE. LOVE U

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#CEUKZone3 #CROYDON #HAPPYBDY Celebrate an Extraordinary , Excellent , Exceptional and inspiring Soul Winner. Gov Ophellia , your love for God , passion for souls , giving grace and support for our MOG & Esteemed Zonal Pastor 's Vision for His Church is matchless. Love you lots

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Prayer at 12noon and 10pm (Local/GMT) - Mon Aug 12 Our 3 day Epochal World Evangelism Conference in the United Kingdom, concluded yesterday, and it was all encompassingly glorious. We're thankful to the Lord for the glorious gospel committed to our trust. In attendance were ministers of the gospel and many others from 177 countries. See highlights of the program on Loveworld News at In both 15min prayer sessions at 12noon and 10pm, we'll pray fervently in tongues of the Spirit, thanking the Lord for the Conference and its anticipated results. God bless you.

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A4A Youth Initiative well represented at the United Nations Headquaters (Africa) in Nairobi, Kenya for a special Conference to deliberate on The Intersection Between Education and Global Opportunities in commemoration of the International Youth Day. ...maximising Africa's resources.. #A4AIYD #Africa4Africa #A4AYouth

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOVERNOR OPHELIA SAKA!A soldier in every way.Sold out for the gospel.Thank you for inspiring & challenging us to be the best & to give the best of ourselves.God has increased your capacity & your sphere of influence by His grace.!I Love you #CEUKZONE3 #CECROYDON


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8th August - 31 Days 7 Times Daily Dear Lord, I serve You in truth with all my heart, for You’ve been great in my life! I remain steadfast and unmovable. I am fervent in spirit, serving You with joy, and bringing glory to Your precious Name. Thank You for making me eternally triumphant. Thank You for the extraordinary attributes You’ve put in me. As the salt of the earth, I preserve the lives of men and women through prayer and the ministry of the Word; and as the light of the world, I show them the way, by leadership and example. I show the light of the glorious Gospel everywhere I go, in Jesus’ Name.  I affirm that I have a higher calling in Christ; thus, the grace of God in my life will never be in vain! I am the light of the world; a city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Through me, the light of the glorious Gospel of Christ is spreading to millions around the world. I am anointed for such a time as this; therefore, the wisdom of God is available to guide and lead me in the right paths to fulfil the dreams and visions which the Father has placed in my spirit. I refuse to walk in confusion; for the wisdom of God is at work in me. I have wisdom for ministry, for my job, my business, finances, health, education, and family! My life is improved and upgraded by the power of Holy Ghost and I function today, and always, in divine wisdom, manifesting the glory and virtues of divinity deposited within my spirit. Hallelujah! I am an embodiment of Christ; all authority in heaven and on earth, and even beneath the earth has been given unto me. Whatever I do or say here on earth is backed up by heaven! Even as I speak now, angels are dispatch on my behalf to ensure none of my words fall to the ground without results. I am in charge, for the Name of Jesus has been given unto me to live by, and that Name is working mightily for me. It’s producing results in everything area of my life and causing every circumstance to conform to the Father’s will for me. Glory to God. Hallelujah! #dspukzone3 #talkingsessions #31days

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Celebrating July Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Dear Pastor Obi, Thank you for your exploits of faith and labor of love. It’s your season of beauty in the year of lights! You'll shine ever so brightly with increased intensity and impact a 1000 times greater, as you take up more territories for the gospel. I love you💖

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Wow.. this is awesome I tell you!! #WEC2019 #worldevangelismwithPastorChris #ceonitshazone #ceozceos #ceozonalchurch

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Gloryyyyy #WEC2019 #worldevangelismwithPastorChris #ceonitshazone #ceozceos #ceozonalchurch

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This is going to be Supernatural. #WEC2019 #worldevangelismwithPastorChris #ceonitshazone #ceozceos #ceozonalchurch

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Your Salvation is very key, never take it for granted #mmogspeaks #pastorchrisspeaks #wow #wordsofwisdom #celagoszone2 #zone2 #ceakinmateola

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HURRAY!!! IT'S HAVEN CONVENTION 2019!!! Lay aside every weight and come fix ur eyes on the undiluted word, that will make you a success, from our Highly Esteemed Father. I WILL BE THERE! DON'T MISS OUT. #TheHavenConventionWithPstChris #THC2019 #TheHavenNation #TheHavenZB2

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What a Night! Rogha Rhapathon Day 3 was extraordinary by all standards. Testimonies are indeed abounding in Our Month of Beauty. Catch us live tomorrow for yet another enthralling session. Don't miss out!! #CeAccraGhanaZone #RoghaRhapathon2019

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