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Happy glorious birthday sir @princechuk3510. Continue to shine ever so brightly. Enjoy your day sir.

I face each day with boldness–with full assurance that Christ is my advantage always and He makes me whole always. Hallelujah!

I enjoy my life because Christ's nature in me makes me unsusceptible to defeat, failure or any form of ill health, for greater is He that's in me than he that's in the world.

RHAPSODY OF REALITIES - PASTOR CHRIS: *ETERNAL LIFE: YOU HAVE IT ALREADY* THURSDAY AUGUST 22 #RoR #Beauty #Lights https://rin.rhapsodyofrealities.org/distr/?id=st_evans

Christ lives in me! His divine power has given me everything I require to live a godly and triumphant life, fulfilling my divine purpose in Him. I’m the God-man, full of the graces and glories of divinity. Hallelujah! #Beauty #Lights

People give based on: 1. Personal Opinion 2. Relative Truth 3. Absolute Truth #NoLimits #YourLoveworld

"Until you are lost in Him, you can't speak for Him." ~ Pastor Chris #NewLevel #YourLoveworld

RHAPSODY OF REALITIES - PASTOR CHRIS: *IT’S ABOUT YOUR LOVE FOR HIM* WEDNESDAY AUGUST 21 #RoR #Beauty #Lights https://rin.rhapsodyofrealities.org/distr/?id=st_evans

I enjoy the divine life and health that the Lord Jesus has given me. Therefore, I refuse to allow any form of darkness in my life. Hallelujah!

My union with Christ has brought me into a life of glory! I will never be brought down by diseases and infections because I am the glory of God. My life will always be an expression of God’s glory. I shine forth on every side! I am too beautiful to be sick!

Lord, my love for you is the great motivational force behind my overwhelming passion for the Gospel. I’m compelled by that love to preach the Gospel, and propagate it with speed and urgency, till the whole world knows of your love in Christ Jesus. Amen. #Beauty #Lights

Happy Wedding Anniversary @pstmiracle and Pastor Tony. More grace.

Make your Christianity real by living it.

RHAPSODY OF REALITIES - PASTOR CHRIS: *BUILD YOUR LIFE WITH THE WORD* TUESDAY AUGUST 20 #RoR #Beauty #Lights https://rin.rhapsodyofrealities.org/distr/?id=st_evans

I am fortified by the Word of God and strengthened with might by the Holy Ghost. I'm more than a conqueror, through the power of God's Spirit. Praise the Lord!

Disease has no place in me for I'm born of God! Christ dwells in me, and my body is the temple of the Holy Ghost, which is for God's glory.

I’m completely yielded to the ministry of the Word, in study and meditation; therefore, I walk in health, strength, and victory, peace and prosperity, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Dear Father, thank you for your gracious, enlightening, and inspiring Word, which continually builds me up and sets me on an upward course.

Happy birthday my boy. Through you many will come to the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. You are blessed. Upward and forward is the way you go. You are highly graced. You will be a great example of how a teenager should behave. I love you son. #Teenager

Happy glorious birthday to my dearly beloved Wisdom Francesco. As you begin this teenage years, God's wisdom will continually increase in your life. God's Word will influence all your actions. You are a burning and shining light. I love you son. #Teenager

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